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Is Sam A Blowhard or A Watchdog? by Sam Dehne
The recent Sparks Tribune feature Sunday editorial castigated me, called me a blowhard, and accused me of trying to "KILL" Reno and "KILL" the RSCVA. Along with a cartoon - Sam Dehne versus the Reno Rhino and the RSCVA Chicken.

A Novel Idea Hit Northern Nevada Government When It wasn't Looking - Democracy!Staff Report
"If I had only had my guitar with me, I would have sung that old song, 'I (they) Saw the Light'." Sam Dehne
Unfortunately, the county commission "circumceeded" the voters... paying over $12 million for a small lot... before the vote!
Reno Southeast NAB "Turns Tail" and Rubberstamps Massive Dangerous Public Works Project...
Ensuring More Road Kill
by Sam Dehne
The Southeast Reno board of city hall appointee surrogates put their stamp of approval on the RSCVA scheme to devastate Reno neighborhoods with a massive...
Is the RSCVA Responsible for the Reno Bus Strike? Sam Dehné
The huge amount of taxes that were wasted in the most glutinous of ways on an extravagant party for the elitists... would go a long way toward covering the raises that the Bus Drivers are asking for... (click)
Reno Agrees to Settle Suit After False Arrest by Sam Dehné
Will Griffin finally be thrown in jail?
The Evil Rotten Reno Airport is going Postal AND Cargo... and Taking Reno Down With It by Sam Dehne
What's Going On At the Reno Airport? (click)by Sam Dehne
The scandal-plagued Reno Airport aviation amateurs continue to be guilty of prostituted double-dealings galore... (click)
Blockbuster News About More Dangerous Reno Airport Blunders (AP)
Reno Airport Postal Service Company goes Bankrupt. How much more dangerous will Reno Airport be with old noisy cargo jets flown by a bankrupt company? Very Dangerous! How do you spell "insane"?
They Wanna Blame Sam - Again - This Time for Elimination of American Flights by Sam Dehné
So... with one simple letter I was able to divert that huge convention to Anaheim. Apparently I have the power to bring that group of mostly appointed RSCVA amateurs to its knees. Now it's the Reno Airport that's crying...

Nevada Laws (NRS's) Demand that Griffin Should be in Jail by Sam Dehné
Dear Madam Attorney General: This letter regards a criminal misdemeanor violation of Nevada's Open Meeting Law by Jeff Griffin, mayor of Reno... Griffin wrongfully had a senior citizen thrown in jail for speaking at Public Comment at a Public Open Meeting...

One down and two to go. Phil Keene of the Reno Sparks Contaminating Authority (RSCVA) was "fired" today for charging huge amounts of personal goodies on the RSCVA credit card...

Reno City Hall Vote Endangers Reno's Little School Children by Sam Dehné
One little girl dead... how many to go?
For some bizarre reason, Reno's "leaders" have decided to turn Reno into a warehousing Mecca. (Could it be because the person acting as "mayor" is in the trucking business?!?) And on 13 April, 1999, the Reno city council unanimously voted to turn a plethora of Reno's streets into Primary Truck Routes. Big rigs are now marauding willy-nilly through school and...

Reno News & Review Speaks Out... from Several Sides of Mouthby Sam Dehne
If RN&R editor Jimmy Boegle had lived in the 1700s, he would have likely denounced Patrick Henry...

Why Are Local Govt Bodies Allowed to Break the Law? by Sam Dehné
Dear Nevada Attorney General, The Washoe County Commission is guilty of...
The Truth About Reno City Manager's Bloated Bonus Sam Dehne
At the window-dressing city council meeting to consider possible salary adjustment for the Reno city manager, it was only Sam Dehne who objected. Council critter Rigdon's objection consisted of a tepid request...

Ethics Panel Reprimands Reno Mayor - But WHITEWASHES Rest of Lies by Sam Dehne
Citizen Sam Dehne (once again) had to take on the Nevada Ethics Commission... as it tried (once again) to run interference for the person illegitimately masquerading as Reno's mayor (hereafter called "mayor?"). On 17 February, 2000, Sam put on his watchdog hat and went toe to toe with what predictably turned out to be a pre-orchestrated plot...
SENATOR BRYAN says "No" To Any More Corporate Welfare Fraud for Reno Airport by Sam Dehne
Dear Senator Bryan; 1. All freedom loving Nevadans applaud your efforts to use America's taxes to pay down the debt.

2. All freedom loving Nevadans want
America's government to stop funneling our precious taxes to the Reno Airport aviation amateurs... (click for more)
RSCVA Tries To Sneak $10,000,000 Illegal Parking Lot Scheme Past The Citizens by Sam Dehne
This Is Small Potatoes Compared To Last Year's $105,000,000 Scheme... But Pretty Soon We Will Be Talking About Some Big Numbers! (Even Reno Gazette reporter, John Stearns, portrayed concern.)
Citizens Do Not Want a U. S. Postal Service Hub in Reno, Nevada... Sacramento Is Starting One Up and Doing Just Fine!
The Reno Airport is misappropriating FAA "Noise" money in a plot to confiscate land from innocent citizens under the guise of eminent domain. The scandal-plagued airport is then going to make that ill-gotten land available to private Air Cargo Companies... as poignantly portrayed on the attached schematic that shows 35 giant cargo jets parked (See Airport Picture)...
"RSCVA Official Considers Legal Action Against Activist" (Sam Dehne) from Sparks Tribune
In a bizarre twist of logic a local bureaucracy wants to dictate the content of a citizen's letters. This congregation of the "usual suspects" is "lorded over" by... guess who? The person posing as mayor of Reno. (click to read more)
The Save the Mapes group appears to have been reading The Reno Citizen Internet Magazine... and listening to Watchdog Sam Dehne at Reno city council meetings. Sam has urged them to not kowtow to city hall...
Reno City Hall Defiles the Constitution... Jails Innocent Citizen for Speaking at Public Meeting
by Sam Dehné
Jeff Griffin, the man posing as mayor, with the help of the city manager and Reno city council ordered the Reno police to remove an innocent Senior Citizen from the podium in the middle of his Public Comment in city hall chambers.
Citizen Guy Felton got into a heated exchange with Griffin after he (Griffin) butt in on Felton while he (Felton) was explaining some of the problems at city hall. When the police arrived at Felton's side, he left agreeably and amiably... after leaving a few more parting words of wisdom for the council Here is where it gets really "rottener". (Click for more and Press Release)
Reno Airport Loses One of its Last "Pioneers"... Airport Assistant Czar Returns to Greece by Sam Dehné

The last member of the triumvirate that invaded the Reno Airport some 15 years ago has now departed. But not before their regime severely damaged the communities of Reno and Sparks Nevada.
This small group of bureaucrats initiated and/or participated in airport policies that (click):
Reno Watchdog Sam Dehne exposes dangers and Reno city hall "Red Tags" repulsive RSCVA Parking Lot schemeStaff
RSCVA owes Sam $100,000. Thanks to Sam Dehne those massive triple-trailer 18 wheelers should no longer be traveling up and down one of the densest children-intense neighborhoods in Reno wasting your taxes...

Reno City Hall Fails Smell Test Again... Of What "Stuff" Are Recalls Made? by Sam Dehne
Reno Gazette Journal mouthpiece "newspaper" for the fat cats recently used its brainwashing Editorial to try to convince readers that Reno is better off than it was 6 years ago. It was a pusillanimous attempt to prop up..

Quiet Warrior Departs (Click here)
Colonel Edward "Doc" Dehne, Husband, Father, Teacher, Humanitarian, Physician, Soldier, Author, Diplomat passed away..
Judge Orders City Hall to Answer for their crimes.
Reno City Hall Guilty of Violations of Public Law and Policy. Again!by Sam Dehne
Read Sam's Very Readable Writ of Mandamus filed in District Court. But Will the Judges and City Lawyers Understand It?
Reno City Hall Goes on Warpath Against Indian Colony by Sam Dehne
Fact: The Reno Airport is grabbing homes in Rewana Farms from dozens of innocent Reno citizens.
Fact: Reno city hall is about to condemn land away from its citizens as it plods away at its plan to build a railroad trench through the middle of town. Reno city council has voted to devastate the lives of some 450 Native American women, men, and children...
I recently called a local radio talk show to challenge the sequence of lies and/or distortions of the truth that the man posing as Reno mayor and his host had been orchestrating for some 45 minutes.
Another View of Citizen Sam Dehne and What He is Doing to Protect Reno by Brendan Trainor
Sam Dehne is perhaps a modern Reno Nevada version of William Blake. He is a visionary, sometimes sloppy in his conceptions as are all great artists, but a man whose concept of limited government burns with the intensity of a romantic's vision.

Reno City Hall Refuses to Save Soccer League - Sparks Mayor Armstrong Offers Assistance by Sam Dehné
On 18 October, 1999, Reno city hall summarily shut down the Northern Nevada Soccer League... (more)
Reno Gazette Talks to Wrong Aviation "Experts"... Again by Sam Dehné
The Reno Gazette "did" a full page Sunday (8/29/9) report on the contaminated conflacutigulations going on down at the Reno Airport. Once again they contacted the wrong people in a peculiar attempt...

Nevada Law demands that citizens be allowed to monitor the critters who run the scandal-plagued Reno Airport... to make sure they don't do stupid things. Monitoring this mess is a full-time and very difficult job...
It is Illegal for the Reno Airport to Build Taxpayer-Funded Cargo Ramps for Private Companies by Sam Dehné
The Reno Airport's ill-concocted boneheaded scheme to Go Postal is falling apart - thanks to the courageous citizens of Reno...
Postal Hub Blight Does Not Attract Tourists by Sam Dehné
The Reno Airport is "at a crossroads" because it is being run by aviation amateurs and carpetbaggers who have made themselves subservient to...
It Isn't Sam Dehne Who's Harassing Our Community... It's Bureaucrats Like This Ethics Commission by Sam Dehné
The Nevada Ethics Commission was created to protect citizens from (corrupt) public officials. The current EthComm is doing just the opposite.
Czar Bart, the Reno Airport's brand new executive director, has taken the ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms to a new level. Airport Fat Cats are out to Devastate Your Lifestyle, Your Safety, and Your Bank Account... with Frightful Freight Flights...
Nevada's (Un)Ethics Commission Whitewashes Reno "Mayor's" Shady Dealings... Again by Sam Dehné
On 16 April, 1999, several mouthpieces for the fat cats, posing as a Nevada ethics commission, slapped integrity and honor in the face once again. They ignored the preponderance of evidence...
Nevada Ethics Commission Prostitutes Itself. Fines the Victim $5,000. by Sam Dehné
Regarding the Ethics Commission's announcement that I am to be fined for exercising my rights and obligations as an active
American citizen, this letter has been submitted to Nevada governor Guinn ("click" above to read)
Nevada's Ethics Commission Gives Griffin the Cookie Jar by Sam Dehné
Have you ever known that you are right about something... "dead-on" right?
Well, such was the case when I filed lack-of-ethics charges against Jeff Griffin (posing as a Reno mayor) and Krys Bart
(posing as a Reno Airport czar).
Just Say No to More Reno City Hall Downtown Rip Off "Visions" by Sam Dehné
As you work your way toward keeping your heads above water playing by the rules, your esteemed so-called Reno city
government... and an entourage of Special Interests, assorted lackeys, media mouthpieces, and "community leaders"... is
jaunting off...
True Lies Shouldn't Fly at Reno's Airport by Sam Dehné, unelected mayor of Reno
Once again the Reno Airport taxpayer funded Propaganda machine has deviated from the truth... this time it's the preposterous
Postal "proposal". But first, note... there is no Contract and...
Reno Airport Officials Do the Wrong Thing... Again... But, Heck, It's Only Your Money by Jackie Decker

Washoe County commissioners, at their 5-25-99 meeting, received information from the inmates who are guarding the asylum
down at the Reno Airport...
Reno Airport Puts the Cart in Front of Its High Horse by Sam Dehné, unelected mayor of Reno

The Reno Airport, headed by its brand new carpetbagger czar, is adding its own twist to the ubiquitous plots that are devastating
Reno. They want to create a preposterous polluting postal hub...

Reno's Rewana Farms Concentration Camp Remains Under Attack. Sam Dehne Saves Reno Airport... for now by Sam Dehné
Thanks to the determined dedication of a small cadre of citizens, the Reno Airport has been forced to cancel its noodleheaded scheme to build a huge military complex in the middle of Reno... but noodleheads continue to perpetuate their perverted plot...

On 10 May, 1999 a tragedy was miraculously averted... just barely.
Reno city hall has been derelict in not posting signs alerting vehicles to the terribly congested school zone traffic.

The Things Left Out, or... Whooze Fooling Whom? (Click)
Reno Government Agency, EDAWN, Operates Secretly... to Make Fat Cats Richer by Sam Dehné
EDAWN IS a Public Body and must abide by the Open Meeting Law. Its numskull secret decsions are destroying northern Nevada...

The Reno Citizen internet magazine hereby awards Reno, Nevada with the trophy for having moved into first place as the Corporate Welfare Capital of America. A few examples are; EDAWN, RSCVA, Reno Airport, Casinos, Construction Industry... (click)
AIRPORTGATE NORTH - Reno Airport Schemes with Mayor by Sam Dehné
The Reno Airport's Response to Citizen's Questions is flawed, misses the point, obfuscates... and is unacceptable. This is gross misconduct to citizenry; justifying removal of the interim Airport Director..
Reno's Banana Republic elections - All Citizens Must Be Allowed to Vote! by Sam Dehné
If you don't know where or when to vote, you can't vote. That's illegal. Why were over 4,653 (known) citizens left out of the legal voting process... including the entire Libertarian Party? Could this have changed the outcomes of several local races? You bet! Read the official Complaint... (Click)
Reno's "Golden Goose" is on life support... and someday the (federal, state, and local) corporate welfare plugs will be pulled...
Who Says Reno City Manager Does Not Deserve More Huge Bonuses? by Sam Dehné

Reno's Rubber-Stamp city council gave the 3-year city manager another huge $26,000 pay-raise and bonus... engorging the total package to...
Downtown Reno Gambling Halls Vote to Subsidize Arch-Rival Atlantis by Sam Dehné
The innocent citizens of South Reno received another jolt from the fat-cat infested government bureaucracy known as...
Reno Regurgitations... Who Determines What "Rejected Views" Are?by Sam Dehné
Every other Sunday the Reno Gazette newspaper allows a retired Army one-star spokesman for elitist Special Interests...

Stop Reno's Cancerous Growth! Local Government Stinks! by Sam Dehné
There is a dire need for "impact studies" to put some controls on the negative cancerous growth that is permeating Reno, Nevada like a horde of venomous snakes.

Should Lame Duck Washoe County Commissars be Allowed to Raise Taxes on Hundreds of Thousands of Citizens... to Benefit Fat Cats? Sam Dehné

RSCVA Tries to Dupe the Public by Sam Dehné

The latest RSCVA scheme has these special interest mouthpieces trying to sell golf courses that Reno and Washoe citizens already own... back to the citizens... who already own them. And the government "leaders"are "buying" into this swindle. (click)
Resolution To Expose Reno City Hall Arrogance and Demand "A Say" in the Rail Road Ditch Scheme by Sam Dehné

Reno city hall (once again) has portrayed its mendacious audaciousness by trying to totally eliminate the citizens of Washoe County from its ever-more common process of squandering citizens taxes....
Sam Dehne Applies for Reno Airport Board of Trustees - County Commission Opts for Aviation Amateur by Sam Dehné
Washoe's Special Interest Commission proved once again that it is an orchestrated Kangaroo Court when it re-appointed an aviation amateur from faraway Lake Tahoe to the RENO Airport Board. They broke rules of good govenment when... (click above)
Reno's Taxpayer-funded Propaganda Machine must find somebody who will tell the truth Sam Dehné
"I found your recent candid phone call to be very interesting. And in the meantime, I have given more thought to the conversation... considering in reflection the purpose for your call. Yes I am a Reno teamplayer. I want only good things to happen to the citizens of this wonderful city. However..." (more)
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