Sam Dehne

There is a dire need for "impact studies" to put a stop to the numskull-negative cancerous growth that is permeating Reno (and most of northern Nevada) like a horde of venomous snakes.
Is ANYBODY in control?

Does ANYBODY know what is going on?
Is EVERY politician and bureaucrat on the casino and developer dole?
Here are just a few questions that HAVE to be answered prior to any more rubberstamping of stupid projects:
1. What will be the negative impacts to the already overcrowded Reno Airport that is already guilty of polluting the Truckee Meadows and causing severe noise, danger, and blight to thousands of Washoe County citizens?
2. What are the negative impacts throughout the area relative to the polluting of the air caused by the traffic generated by dozens and dozens of new developments and industrial complexes?
3. Who will pay for the need for additional schools generated by thousands and thousands of new children?
4. What will be done to offset noise and blight of thousands and thousands of additional cars, big-rig trucks, and extra subsidized buses driving to and from projects, casinos, and shopping malls throughout the area?
5. Who will pay for additional police and fire protection requirements?
6. Who will (really) provide water from an already strained source?
7. Who will pay for the already disgraceful roads and streets?

These are only a very few of the myriad of negative impacts to the community that MUST be addressed and solved before housing projects, casinos, and industrial complexes are approved.
It is absolutely critical to involve all citizens throughout the area... and not just listen to local Citizen Advisory Boards that are mostly comprised of the same old appointees who are subservient to people who have vested interests in pushing cancerous growth projects past their cronies.
It is the duty of elected officials to make sure that northern Nevada is a good, healthy, and safe place for all citizen to live in.
Until common sense and judgment return to local government, citizens have no recourse but... to wish a pox on developers and casino barons and construction industry moguls... who are only interested in filling their greedy bloated pockets.
These fat cats sit in their posh homes up on the Reno hills... and watch the citizen-proletariat grovel in the blight down below.

Reno city hall is the worst... on a scale of magnitude... paying homage to their special interest button-pushers.
It does not pass the smell test... in more ways than one!
Proposal: Truckee Meadows Prosperity Authority (TMPA)
The mission of the Truckee Meadows Prosperity Authority (TMPA) is to encourage the continued bloating of the coffers of the elitist special interests... at all costs.
Membership shall be only open to business and community "leaders" who agree with and support the mission of the TMPA.
Funding for administration of the TMPA shall be by membership fees and tax funding from the City of Reno, and other government entities. (These "taxes" will not be called "taxes". They will be called "grants"... in order to try to circumvent the spirit of the Nevada Open Meeting Law.)
In spite of receiving public funds, the TMPA shall be a private corporation not subject to governmental controls nor to observance of the Open Meeting Law.
The TMPA shall be a power unto itself... such power used to serve the special interests of its members, especially its elitist ruling clique.
The TMPA shall encourage local elected officials to (a) serve in positions of TMPA leadership to the end that the political influence of such officials may be employed to further the interests of TMPA members, especially its elitist ruling clique, and (b) invite the false public perception that the TMPA is an agency of government with all powers and mystique pertaining thereto.
The TMPA shall make efforts to:
* serve and protect those elitist special interests that now control the Truckee Meadows,
* maintain the positions of power now held by political lackeys of special interests,
* divert public funds for the promotion of special interest profits, and
* propagandize citizens and voters into thinking the TMPA is concerned with the common good.

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