An Open Letter to Terry McCann ----------------------------------------------28 Dec, 1997
Community Relations Director (aka Director of Reno Propaganda)
Reno City Hall
Subject: Is it Too Late for Honorable Government in Reno, Nevada?
Dear Mr McCann,
I found your recent candid phone call to be very interesting. And in the meantime, I have given more thought to the conversation... considering in reflection the purpose for your call.
Yes, Mr McCann, I am a Reno team player. I want only good things to happen to the citizens of this wonderful city. However, as I told you, the majority of Reno citizens are not prepared to overlook corruption and incompetence at numerous levels of government. I want the Mayors Conference to "succeed"... but only under honorable conditions... which means, among other things, no kickback contracts that feather the financial nests of Reno city council political-campaign cronies.
In an effort to come to terms with what you professed to desire, I present this proposal:
.....1. City hall is to create, and appoint me to oversee, a commission that will keep an eye on city government from a citizen's perspective for a period of 6 months to 1 year.
.....2. I am to have the authority to select 3 of the members of this commission. People whom I expect to be honorable and able citizens... with as few ties to city hall and the clique of Special Interests as possible.
.....3. Any additional members of this committee are NOT TO BE THE "USUAL SUSPECTS" that are found on most of Reno's other boards, commissions, and committees.
.....4. As a director of this committee, I will monitor the machinations of Reno government personnel and attempt to aid them in overcoming a propensity toward Taminy Hall type cronyism.
.....5. I will make every effort, as always, to continue to report the truth about Reno government in The Reno Citizen internet magazine... in an objective and honest manner... keeping in mind your goal of a successful meeting of the Conference of Mayors in Reno.
Of course my time and expertise are valuable, and a salary of adequate recompense must be negotiated. Considering my already proven record of having saved the citizens of Reno many $$$millions of dollars in taxes... and having exposed more incompetence and corruption at city hall than your Propaganda staff and the Reno Gazette combined, I start with a proposal of $15,000 per month plus expenses. Cheap at half the price... when compared to the ongoing tax-waste at city hall.
The initial ground rule will be that I will continue due diligence by monitoring and offering corrective advice at city council, RSCVA, Reno Airport, and other meetings... as I have in the past.
This proposal will be the catalyst for what is necessary in Reno... accountability in government. You told me that you moved to Reno because it seemed to be such a great area. With proper guidance from this committee, city hall mismanagement might be brought to a standstill, and your dreams might come true. You have a one-time chance to divorce yourself from the "business as usual" cronyism and actually make Reno into what you thought it was before you moved here in July of this year. You must choose. What will it be? Do you want to start standing for honesty in local government?
I am prepared to meet with you to discuss this proposal to create an honorable city hall... and see if the Mayors Conference can still be held in Reno.
Sam Dehné, a Concerned Citizen
Reno, Nevada
By the way, if it wasn't for a few citizens like me challenging corruption in city hall government, you and your staff would be out of work.
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