by Sam Dehne 30 March, '00
One down and two to go. Phil Keene of the Reno Sparks Contaminating Authority (RSCVA) was "fired" today for charging huge amounts of personal goodies on the RSCVA credit card... things like wine, candy, and who knows what else. Mayoral-masquerader Griffin met secretly with Keene yesterday to try and work out a way for these 2 swindlers to get off the hook from their double-dealings. The RG-Jester quoted Griffin with various conjured up platitudes trying to alibi for Keene.
Now that Keene is gone, it is time for RG-Jester reporter, John Stearns, to prove his true mettle and report the truth about Reno's really rotten cheese... documented liar Jeff Griffin and his crony Krys Bart, the Phil Keene of the rotten Reno Airport. These 2 charlatans are guilty of grotesque government to the degree that they make Keene's chicanery look like panty-waist perversion. They are also guilty of the "Phil Keene Syndrome".

Quoting Griffin about credit card fraud scheme is akin to fraud on the part of RG-Jester.
"Hey Mr. Fox, how are the little chickies doing?". He is a double-dealing nest featherer and is just as sleazy as Keene. And he is deeply intrenched in this and dozens of other rotten schemes. Every time Griffin's name is mentioned there should be a disclaimer stating that Griffin is guilty of:

Illegal kick back contracts.
Breaking City and State Laws
Money laundering.
Ethics violations galore.
Back room politics.
Documented liar.
Ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms.
And various other etceteras.

The only thing missing is that this didn't happen on April Fools Day... in honor of the fools that these repulsive "Repulicans" have played Reno citizens to be...

Sam Dehne

RSCVA Continues To Be A Farce
Dear Commissioner Pete, 6/2
1. I support you. Elimination of the Marketing/Communications Dept [ostensibly one of the main reasons the RSCVA ("Fair and Recreation Board") was created in the first place] HAS to be a Board decision.
2. The Open Meeting Law does NOT allow Board members to meet in less than a quorum and discuss business and make decisions (as they just did with Thompson).
3. When I think that the Board even discussed an agenda item relating to FAX machines.. and left out such a huge decision as this... it incenses me no end.
4. Lewis seems to be one of a few people on RSCVA staff who appeared to be honorable... not that I know him that well.
5. What a farce this scandal-plagued RSCVA continues to be ... and will be as long as griffin is a member!
6. And never forget the despicable fact that the Glenns are close cronies and huge campaign contributors of griffin... they even held Griffin's initial contribution party at their home last go-round... soliciting over $30,000 in campaign bribes.
6a. Who is Glenn anyway to even be acting as an expert for the RSCVA relative to Board decisions and the like?!?
7. This whole mess wreaks to high heaven... making Keene look like a saint. So what's new?
7a. Never forget that Thompson was guilty of some of the same offenses that Keene committed.
8. With the dire conditions of the entire RSCVA, the Board should be seriously considering cancelation of the ridiculous expansion scheme.
9. It just gets better and better... everyday those idiots make me look more and more like a genius.
Lewis, Brady, and Infranca apparently didn't even get a week's notice. I just called RSCVA and was told "they are no longer with the organization"... and no way to contact them.
Wait until you see my next move...
Hi Sam-
The fun at the RSCVA just never ends does it. Interestingly enough, last weekend I had a chat with a buddy of mine who works at the Eldorado. He told me that there were two people behind the the "Keene Mutany" and the ring leader was Tim Smith along with one other person (I can't remember their name). Low and behold, Keene goes, Thompson gets Griffin's endorsement to assume the job without a job search, Griffin gets no scrutiny on his use on expense accounts and vacations with Keene and the wives, Smith gets a huge influx of power and Rose Glenn gets ALL the marketing work after being big fundraisers for Griffin....and what's really neat is how all of this was done AFTER the board approved the new budget and it was all accomplished by only 5 of 12 board members meeting with the coup planners in secret. STINKY STINKY STINKY. It's like I said at the board meeting, the reason that nobody told Keene was because nobody liked him.
An anonymous citizen sent us this not-far-off-the mark scenario about what probably took place behind the greasy doors with Griffin and Keene:


Griffin: Nice going brain damage. I've rubber stamped every darn outrageous payraise and bonus... and you STILL go ahead and float loans as well as try to get freebies for your family.

Keene: Listen up, Griffin. I'm sorry to tell you this, but if I go down, I'm taking you with me. I learned everything I know from watching you in action, pal. In case you forgot, we traveled to London together. We tried to work that whole first class airfare thing together. You never once saw an increase in benefits for me that you didn't like, even though I haven't done diddley for this area AND you're the guy who's supposed to review my expenses anyway.
Griffin: Did I hear you right? Did I hear you say "I'm sorry".

Keene: Well I guess. Kinda. But not in a regret kinda way.
Griffin: Well ok then. That's good enough for me. It's good to see you're contrite and apologetic, Phil.
Keene: Well I am truly sorry I got us caught ripping off the citizens.
Griffin: Easy, Big Fella. No need to go overboard on this sorry stuff. I've got enough sorry from you to BS the RG-J.
Keene: By the way, we're already scheduled for a closed door session with the board on Friday about my scams and lack of competence. Why are you and I meeting privately today? Isn't the question of my leadership abilities best decided by the board and the community?

Griffin: That's a great line. Mind if I plagiarize it and give it to the Journal. They love that hogwash.
Keene: Sure.
Griffin: Well, the main reason is to get our stories straight so that I can go to the board members one-by-one and test our story to see if they'll bite on it. It really helps me put together the best sales pitch for the meeting on Friday. Don't worry. I'll dig both our butts out of this. If the public didn't storm the bowling stadium with torches and pitchforks after all the raises, the trips, and the lack of performance, they're certainly not going to bother demanding your resignation. As long as I sucker the board we should be ok.
Keene: Don't you think that the gamers on the board are getting frustrated at the consistent drop in tourism numbers?

Griffin: Maybe, but we'll just promise to funnel these new tax dollars to their individual pet projects and they'll calm down quickly enough.
Keene: What if I get asked to resign my cushy high paying job?
Griffin: That's not an expectation. I expect Phil Keene will do what's best for the Convention Authority and the community.
Keene: What in God's name does that mean? You don't expect that I'll resign. But I'm supposed to do what's best for the Authority and the community? We KNOW the best thing would be for me to resign. You really are getting good at this politician doublespeak garbage aren't you, Jeff.

Griffin: Thanks, Phil. Josh has been working with me. How do you think I managed to side step the scrutiny you're getting. I was the Buffoon reviewing your expenses, I'm chairman of the board that oversees your agency and it never occurred to me that charging personal expense on an agency card was against agency policy, I was the guy going on some of the vacations....er...business trips with you and our wives, and I was even the cheerleader for all your outrageous pay raises and bonuses. I even exposed my ignorance to the press and only YOU are on the hot seat! Man, I'm getting good at this stuff. Ok. We're done here, Phil. Keep your mouth shut and I'll handle the board and the RG-J.
Keene: Remember, I'm not going down alone. I still have the black book.

(We all know by now that Keene resigned. But what is coming next? Will Keene in fact take Griffin with him? Will he spill the beans about Griffin's guilt in this credit card fraud scam?)


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