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Reno City Hall Vote Endangers Reno's Little School Children
[Note: read about subsequent near tragic accident below.]
[Note: read report on unnecessary death of little girl below.]

What is it going to take to get our boneheaded "leaders" to come
to any semblance of sanity? How long can greed and stupidity be allowed
to go unreported and unpunished? Does ANYBODY care out there?
The tragic death of a little girl near Neil Road on Friday was a forgone
conclusion... poignantly predicted at Reno city hall one year ago (see below).
It was not a question of "if"... but "when".
(It is critical to note that continuous non-sensible attacks by the
RG-Jester and its buttafookoe-kissing bi-weekly mouthpiece, Frank Partlow,
exacerbate the danger that all Reno citizens (not just the little children) face.
If these supposed defenders of Free Speech would reduce their
attacks on the few citizens who are willing to challenge city hall corruption...
the playing field might come back to at least a 60 degree negative tilt...
and Reno citizens could sleep and play a little more safely.)
The story below was originally reported almost one year ago and is
another terrible reminder of Reno city hall's gross negligence.
To this day there is not one warning for the little children, their parents...
or even warnings for the vehicles speeding through this heavily congested
neighborhood/park area.
* No 25 MPH Speed Limit signs
* No Children at Play signs
* No speed bumps
* No No Trucks Allowed signs
***It is further critical to note that the impending illegal attempt to build
up the Reno Convention Center will greatly exacerbate the potential for
more and more deaths and maiming of innocent citizens... with the
boneheaded plot to build a massive Parking Lot on the wrong side of
one of the most heavily traveled neighborhood streets in Reno...
with a stupid concept of having citizens wandering willy-nilly back
and forth across the congested street with cars and trucks zooming by.
("Imbecility" truly continues to reign in the kingdom of Reno mis-government.)

For some bizarre reason, Reno's "leaders" have decided to turn Reno into a warehousing Mecca. (Could it be because the person acting as "mayor" is in the trucking business?!?) And on 13 April, 1999, the Reno city council unanimously voted to turn a plethora of Reno's streets into Primary Truck Routes.

A major problem with the warehousing concept, is that now big rig trucks are marauding willy-nilly through school and residential areas in violation of the city laws. For those who don't know it (of which city hall seems to be one), the Reno city charter specifically designates several Primary Truck Routes that are to be used by all big rigs. There are specifically designated Secondary Truck Routes that should (by any sense of logic) be used only for local deliveries and when Primary Routes are not useable.

The Resolution below was presented to Reno city hall... both staff and council. But instead of adopting it and making big rigs obey the law and use the Primary Truck Routes, the council voted unanimously to change a perfectly good law. They have now turned virtually all of Reno's streets into dangerous, noisy, and polluting Primary Truck Routes. Some of these "new" big rig routes go directly through school areas... as well as residential areas. They include school and residential streets such as Lakeside, Plumas, Peckham, and some 40 others that are now Primary Truck Routes.
The major difference between Primary and Secondary Routes had been that the Primary Routes are in Industrial and Commercial areas... whereas the Secondary (backup) Routes are in school and residential areas.
These Routes do not belong in school and residential areas.


(Note: This is not an anti-trucking resolution. It is merely designed to protect the safety and welfare of citizens. Who wants big rigs driving up and down their streets... going to and from other states?)
Whereas citizens of Reno have a right to live in safe, unpolluted, and quiet neighborhoods,
Whereas children have a right to go to and from school safely and free from danger,
Whereas Reno is a huge distribution center served by an ever-increasing armada of big rig trucks,
Whereas there are specifically designated Primary big rig truck routes historically defined by Section 6.14.160 of the Reno city charter,
Whereas there is a City of Reno Directive that says construction heavy equipment is to use routes that have the "least impact on surrounding neighbors",
Whereas big rigs have been observed wandering around and also parking in residential neighborhoods,
Whereas many of the streets being currently traversed by big rigs are not proven to be safely engineered,
Whereas most big rigs are of diesel type and thus exempt from having to follow anti-pollution and anti-noise regulations,
Therefore, be it resolved that all big rig trucks will abide by HISTORICAL Reno city law and good common rules of safety and decency and refrain from driving through residential neighborhoods.
Be it further resolved that signs are to be posted in residential and school areas reminding big rig trucks to use proper truck routes.
Be it further resolved that this Resolution is not intended to prevent deliveries that can be proven to be of a "local" nature.

One of the primary examples of where government oversight is now missing is along Peckham Lane; where there are hundreds of children who are often oblivious to the danger of the big rigs speeding toward them as they cross the street on their way to and from schools. This street should have "Danger, School Zone" and "Local Truck Delivery Only" signs posted.
Respectfully submitted by Sam Dehne. 825-1398
[A sample polling of Reno citizens adamantly supports this Resolution. There were some 100 petition/polls taken... and virtually every citizen agreed with the resolution.]
Instead of adopting this perfectly logical Resolution, council voted unanimously to change a myriad of Secondary Routes into Primary Truck Routes... endangering more children and citizens... and further denigrating life in Reno, Nevada.
On 10 May, 1999 a tragedy was miraculously averted... just barely.
Reno city hall has been derelict in not posting signs alerting the terribly congested traffic along Peckham Lane to the fact that virtually the entire Peckham Lane/Neil Road vicinity is a dense school area.
City hall has been derelict in not constructing warning signs and diverting big rigs away from this densely populated school and residential area.
City hall has been derelict in its duty to protect citizens and especially little children... PERIOD.
Almost directly due to this lack of proper action and supervision by city hall, a little boy was hit by a car while riding his bike in the heavily congested Peckham Lane school area. This was not the boy's fault. It was not the vehicle's fault. The fault lies directly at the front steps of city hall. Even after a Citizen's Initiative and Petitions were formally presented to city council, they continue to ignore warning after warning and continue to drag their feet.
When will they wake up? Will it take a death of one of these little children? If there is a death or terrible injury, it won't be negligence by city hall... it will be criminal... because they have been warned time and again of the danger they are permitting... and perpetrating.
Big rigs do not belong in school areas. School areas must have proper warning devices. School areas must have proper supervision. Mothers and fathers of these little children should be (properly) incensed.
On 10 May, 1999, a little boy was injured when hit by a vehicle in a densely populated school/residential area that has not been intelligently engineered for safety. An email report was immediately sent out to concerned citizens and the media. That report re-reminded them of the part Reno city hall's negligence played in this near tragedy. On Tuesday radio talk show host, Pat Thomas, read only a small part of that report, left critical information out, and grossly changed the context of that report.
lRather than pointing out that the full report explained how city hall had been warned over and over about the danger of the proliferation of big rigs and general traffic congestion in the school area, he put the blame on the little boy... who was barely 9 years old.
lRather than reading the full report, he put the majority of the blame on the little boy... who was barely 9 years old
lRather than having empathy for the little boy... and justified anger toward dereliction by city hall, he blamed the little boy.
lRather than reporting that just 3 weeks earlier a Citizens Initiative Petition and Resolution was formally presented delineating ways to correct the terrible city-hall generated problem, he blamed the little boy.
lRather than pointing out that the report said that city hall was ignoring yet another problem, he blamed the little boy.
lRather than reporting that a specific internet site was dedicated to explaining solutions to the problems (solutions city hall has premeditatedly ignored), he blamed the little boy.
What kind of journalism is this? Bad journalism... that's what. (One radio caller said that Sam Dehne must be "desperate" for issues. Wrong! Sam Dehne is "desperately" trying to save these little children from death and maiming. The talk show host should have known that.)
The bottom line is that there has been an incredible increase in big rig truck traffic in a school/residential... that was historically supposed to be a secondary (backup) truck route. Reno city hall's refusal to address a known dangerous problem with... "No Truck" signs, speed reduction signs and lights, police supervision, etc... makes them derelict in their duties. This part of the email report was not broadcast.
lReno City Hall - 99%
lLittle Boy - 1%
This talk show host and the Reno city hall critters he "mouthpieces" for should all apologize to the little school children in Reno... and their parents.
This talk show host should be ordered to give Sam Dehne equal time on the show... to tell the truth about mendaciousness in local a local government that is hell-bent on devastating the community... and endangering little children.
Sam Dehné (email)
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