Sam Dehné

The Reno Citizen internet magazine hereby awards Reno, Nevada with the trophy for having moved into first place as the Corporate Welfare Capital of America.
A few examples are; EDAWN, RSCVA, Reno Airport, Casinos, City Bus Company, Construction Industry, Convention Center, Bowling Stadium, Reno city hall...
These fat cats are subsidized with citizens' taxes... often without the citizens even knowing about it. The top brass are usually paid bloated salaries... as their policies add to the blight, pollution, danger, and sprawl of what used to be a wonderful community.
For instance, EDAWN (a taxpayer-funded government agency) that breaks the Open Meeting law by having secret meetings that only elitists are allowed to attend. They are responsible for the wasting of your taxes to lure companies to the area... companies that rarely "pay their way".
For instance, the casinos and other low wage industries that use citizens' taxes (often called bonds) to build schools for their workers' children.
For instance, the RSCVA (a taxpayer-funded government agency) that wastes citizens' taxes by building things like convention centers and bowling stadiums that don't pay for themselves... and which only mainly benefit the regular clique of the same old fat cats.
For instance, the Reno Airport that uses tax funded Corporate Welfare grants to pay for most of its projects... like the extra runway and the landgrab of homes away from innocent citizens.
For instance, the Reno city hall Propaganda Machine... that wastes your taxes trying to brainwash you into thinking that all of these sleazy "deals" are for your good.

These schemes never come close to off-setting the blight and terrible negative $$$ impacts they have on the community. Only the fat cats benefit... as in... Corporate Welfare.

"Let Them Eat Cat Food."
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