2000 Version of Reno City Manager's Pay Raises (nothing much changed from 1999... except to
get worse):
The Truth About Reno City Manager's Bloated Bonus
Sam Dehne
At the window-dressing city council meeting to consider possible salary adjustment for the Reno city manager, it was only Sam Dehne who objected. Council critter Rigdon's objection consisted of a tepid request that the undeserved bonus be reduced from a ridiculous 10% to a ridiculous 8%. What a joke. And how did the RG-Jester reporter even know this? He was not there. Was he merely plagiarizing a Press Release that was pre-prepared by the taxpayer-funded city hall brainwashing machine?
Sam spent his measly 3 minutes of Public Comment listing many reasons why the city manager was lucky to even keep his job. He (and city council) have participated in nefarious schemes that justify their summary removal... not any bonuses. The farce that calls itself city hall deserves no bonuses or pay raises. But they give them to themselves anyway... against the will of the people.
The city manager might seem like a nice person. But his 5 Year Plans are ruining Reno! And of course the blame for this lies directly on the shoulders of this useless bunch of Neanderthals mis-running what used to be our fine city. Their main reason for approving these bloated and undeserved increases in remuneration... is to validate their own witlessness. They give the city manager these bonuses and payraises... hoping citizens will then think, heck, he and city hall must be doing things right. Not!
And to top it off, the council continued with the pathological lying that it is learning from mayoral-masquerader Griffin. They gave the city manager a 4% payraise and said this was the same as the regular city workers' pay raises. Not! Workers received their (deserved) 4% raise over the entire period of a contract. The city manager receives the bogus raise every year (see link below). Rotten government continues to be alive and well in Reno.
I compared a short list of current problems to what they were like 5 years ago and even 1 year ago... in no order of importance (see link below for more).
Under this double-dealing regime:
Traffic, gridlock, road rage have escalated exponentially - wreaking danger, pollution, havoc, blight upon innocent Reno citizens.
Illegal Secret Meetings have become the norm.
Citizens have been eliminated from THEIR government more and more.
Annexation schemes continue - against the will of the people.
The diabolical theft of homes from citizens in Rewana Farms, Reno continues.
Redevelopment agency continues to squander public taxes - soliciting and subsidizing bogus projects that benefit only fat cat cronies.
Foreign Trade Zone concept continues - despite the violation of numerous laws and despite the terrible Conflicts of Interest by the mayoral-masquerader. Private greed is admired by this city hall.
The moronic schemes to "Go Postal" and "Go AirCargo" continue to threaten the city... to the boneheaded benefit of only the elitist fat cats.
The Mapes was blown up.
Here's the MUST-READ internet link to our story about last year's bloated bonus and payraise... and the year before... same old crap... yada-yada-yada.
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