What's Going On At the Reno Airport?
by Sam Dehne
The scandal-plagued Reno Airport Board of aviation amateurs continues to be guilty of prostituted double-dealings galore... that never seem to end:
Kidnapping of citizens at Airport Public meetings. Recently I was abducted and hauled off to jail by 2 of the 3 armed guards who are stationed at these meetings. They are at all of the meetings... because this 155 pound 60 year old citizen is considered a threat. What did I do that was wrong? I stood up for the Constitution. I refused to follow a bone-headed order to "sit down"... while others in the room were standing. (If any court agrees that it is a crime to resist the Nazi tactics, the tyranny, and the debasement of the Constitution that is perpetrated by the Reno Airport... then the court, itself, is a part of that rotten evil.)
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Money Laundering continues. The Airport aviation amateur are in cahoots with the FAA, and massive amounts of $$$Federal taxes are funneled to the airport in what has become a perpetual money-laundering scheme. When a citizen speaks out against these crimes, he is thrown in jail. And the cowardly Reno Gazette reporter refuses to write the truth about the atrocity... and instead lies to coverup and whitewash the airport's outlandish actions.
Phase I of Rewana Farms ethnic cleansing complete. Dozens of citizens have been driven off of their land and out of their homes under the guise of "Noise". None of those citizens ever complained about noise. 14 of them died while their lives were being devastated. The citizens left behind in the surrounding neighborhoods will now have their enjoyment of life mutilated by the additional noise, danger, and blight that the airport has planned for them.
Prostituted scheme to "Go Postal" continues. Airport scalawags continue to lie and to court bankrupt Kitty Hawk Airlines to fly old, dangerous, noisy jets over dozens of 1000s of citizens homes in the middle of the night.
Griffin's illegal kickback contract still in place. The Airport brass continue in cahoots with the man masquerading-as-a-mayor, Jeff Griffin, and his cronies. The scheme to "Go Cargo"... with citizens paying the $$$bill continues almost unchecked. At last count Griffin had illegally solicited over 7,000 acres of exclusive control of Foreign Trade Zone land at the Reno Airports. The laws of government forbid such blatant nest-feathering.
Airport Board remains as a counterfeit bunch of cowardly hoodlums. These APPOINTED bureaucrats do not have a legally selected leader. The aviation amateur charlatan posing as the chair has broken the laws of Nevada on numerous occasions and has no legal authority to be in his position of omnipotent power.
Evil can be the only result... when the yellow-bellied airport crooks are deeply in cahoots with most of the other self-serving bureaucrats in northern Nevada; which include the likes of Reno city hall, RSCVA, EDAWN, One Region One Vision, Reno Planning Commission, and Regional Governing Board. These sound important. But they are just different names for the same old "usual suspects".
Sam Dehne is a retired Air Force Lt Colonel who graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1962. His Mission has been to almost single-handedly take on the corruption that permeates northern Nevada.
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