Is the RSCVA Responsible for the Reno Bus Strike?
Sam Dehne, The Gleefully Pugnacious Encyclopedia of Reno Govt
The Reno Gazette recently reported that the Fairground and Recreation Board (now calling themselves the RSCVA) Grand Opening party held on 2 August could cost the taxpayer $225,000. Pardon us for being the only ones to see the light, but think about it folks.
That grand pooh bah extravaganza... to which many of the "usual suspect" local elitists were invited for free... cost the taxpayers of Reno enough money to pay the blue collar proletariat Reno Bus Drivers much of the salary increases they are asking for. These are Bus Drivers who have more difficult jobs, and who are more important than the extravagantly overpaid RSCVA critters because of the work they do.
The huge amount of taxes that were wasted in the most glutinous of ways... would go a long way toward covering the raises that the Bus Drivers are asking for... for at least the next 18 months. Here it is so that an IQ over room temperature can understand:
* Bus Drivers make approximately $2400/month.
* They are asking for a 5% pay raise.
* 5% of $2400 is equal to $120.
* There are about 100 Bus Drivers.
* The total amount of pay increase requested equals approximately $12,000/month.
* 18 months at a $12,000/month salary increase equals $216,000... or just about the amount of money the RSCVA wasted on their "upper-class only" party Friday night.
So while the downtrodden bus drivers spent Friday night agonizing over the biggest decision of their lives... a decision that might threaten to even cost them their careers... the RSCVA elitists and their cohorts were busily feeding off the government trough. They were cavorting to the tune of enough money to pay much of the (justified) salary increases the Bus Drivers are requesting.
Why is it that The Encyclopedia of Reno Govt is the only person who can see through and expose this type of never-ending blundering? Why is the Reno Gazette is always covering for these critters?
If there were a leader at the RSCVA, he would have said something like; "Ladies and gentlemen, we are canceling the party. Taxes are taxes. This community has a predicament, and we are going dedicate the $$$1/4 of a million tax dollars to the welfare of the citizens, prevent the bus strike, and end the transportation turmoil. Instead of the outlandish gala we will have a walking tour of the new Convention box with a glass of wine in hand."
If only the "leaders" of the RSCVA cared about the citizens of Reno instead of themselves... if only the "leaders" of the RSCVA had some originality and foresight... if only they would listen to The Encyclopedia of Reno Govt... the strike that is causing bedlam in the Reno/Sparks community would never have had to happen.
Unfortunately it is too late to disband the RSCVA. But shouldn't those highly paid critters have to make themselves accountable to the citizens... who pay their over-bloated salaries?
So, could they have helped prevent the bus strike? With just a little innovative thinking... the answer is a definite "Yes".
But instead it's; "Pass the caviar and champagne please... BURP!"
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