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(Watchdog: A person who successfully arouses apathetic citizens from complacency.)..

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Sam's Monkey Business Hat - "Surely You Jest, Sam"
Jest: To act or speak playfully. To make witty remarks. To tease, fool,
jeer, jest, joke, josh, kid, mock, razz, rib, ridicule, satirize, taunt. Yup!
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Mostly Smelly Stuff Below

What Price Freedom? Sam Dehne was kidnapped at/by the Reno airport. Sam was illegally abducted for doing what every citizen has the right, AND DUTY, to do... standing up against outlandish tactics by the illegitimate potentates at the scandal-plagued Reno airport. This will backfire and they will regret the day they had a citizen illegally shackled and hauled off to jail.
Even DA and Reno city attorney agree there is no evidence of wrongdoing! Duh!(Click to read)

Now the scandal-plagued Reno airport is whining about the FAA closing their control tower from midnight to 5 AM. It sounds like a pretty good idea.
There are only 2 scheduled flights during that period. The rest are noisy cargo. If the cargo planes want to fly, let them (and senator Reid) pay for the FAA coverage. After all, the airport has already subsidized air cargo by building $$$millions and $$$millions of dollars worth of ramps, and runways, and equipment for them... with our (FAA) tax dollars!
If the citizens had any iota of an idea of the massive amount of $$$tax dollars that are spent on the Reno Airport, they would puke. This grotesque subsidization is the epitome of Corporate Welfare!
PS - Don't write your congressmen/women on this one. They are the problem.

Does any sane American really think the Iraq elections were real... that they weren't rigged? They were such a fraudulent farce that even Dean, the Nevada Secretary of Disgrace, Heller would be jealous. Any chance of the good guys winning with the manipulations taking place over there... were about as close to reality as Sam Dehne winning the Reno city council election... even though sane citizens know that the vast majority of Renoites wanted Sam on the Reno city council. They call it the "Dean Heller fixing" factor.
Some citizens call dearly-departed Sparks Mayor Tony Armstrong the "Peoples' Mayor". Sam Dehne is the "Peoples' Watchdog".

Sam Dehne says BAM!
If you are looking for the Sam SHAD of back East... look no further than Tim Russert. Both are living examples of the milquetoast "designated hitters" installed by the fat cats who are scared to death to have somebody with fortitude, tenacity... or capability of articulation... bring the real Truth to the apathetic citizens. Living proof you can't make a man out of a mouse.
Don't ever expect the shameless "powers" to enlist a real Patriot to inform the people of America about an iota of what is really happening. Shame on the Schmoes.
It's called the dumbing down of America.

The Reno Gazette's new look is pretty. But adding a new look to a newspaper does not mean the content will suddenly start being honest.
Citizens would prefer the RGJ spend more money on reporting the Truth... than trying to put lipstick on pigs.
Folks keep looking for Dean (masquerading as Nevada Secretary of State) Heller to be counting the votes over in Iraq. There are already enough questions about the authenticity of what is going on there. So if we get Heller over there... won't we know for sure that the elections are a joke? If they can get away with it right here in Reno... why not in far away Iraq? And somebody should make sure Heller solicits those Iraqi Campaign Expense Reports... and they better not be late. (click here to read more about Heller's pervertedness)
Nevada Senator Harry Reid is lucky to come from the state that has Sam Dehne. He has obviously been watching Sam and has gained courage and tenacity that he didn't display heretofore. He is acting as if he has been OD-ing on "Sam Dehne Pills". Kudos!
Knowledgeable citizens say that Sam Dehne is one of the 10 best things that has ever happened to Northern Nevada. He displays savior faire, sophistication, class, charm, and fortitude that Reno has very rarely seen. And despite his greatness... he is humble. Instead of recognizing and appreciating his talents, the RGJ Regurgitator "newspaper" and the rest of the local media are outrageously jealous of Dehne and fear him intensely. They are a tacky and tawdry insult to the business of journalism.
Reno City Council Wants Pay Raises. Hurray!
I say they are short-changing themselves.
I say they should make at least as much as the
critters who gave them their campaign bribes to
buy the billboards and TV ads to get into office in
the first place. No less than $150,000!
Nothing but the best for the some of the community's
lowest common denominators.
And besides they need to be able to live commensurate
with their lavish taxpayer-funded quarters... where they hide on
the 15th floor of the new Black Kingdom city hall.
And don't forget Dean, the secretary of Disgrace, Heller...
who runs the crooked voting system (click) that really
got them their jobs.
More RGJ Regurgitation - Scolding Voyles
The biggest problem in Reno... even worse that the "elected" critters... continues to be the "media". Fer instance, here is another of their big fat lies... meant to demean The Watchdog. RGJ's Volyles perpetrates that Sparks assemblycritter Anderson scolded Sam Dehne.
Contrary to the prevarication, it was Sam who "scolded" this assemblyman critter who mealy-mouthedly said he thought Sam used too many Request to Speak forms.
Sam told him in a firm and loud voice that he just proved that he was "dumber than a door knob". And this is the best Sparks can get to represent them... along with the RGJ Regurgitator-Liars.
Sam should be the RGJ's Hero... protecting Free Speech like virtually nobody else... sometimes at his own peril.
Instead, the mouthpiece-for-the-fat-cats "media" critters are so jealous and afraid of Sam, that all they can do is lie and distort the Truth... or totally omit it.
Every elected or appointed government bureaucrat should have to wear a name tag that tells the citizens how big their bloated salary is. The newspaper should have to put that salary in parenthesis after these folks' names whenever they are mentioned. The TV Q-Card readers should have to do the same thing whenever referring to a bureaucrat who is being paid by the taxpayers.
Sam Speaks - City Hall Listens Reno was hoping they could fit 10 new cops in the budget. Sam went to the podium and said, Baloney... Reno needs 25 new cops. They found room for 18 new cops! But don't expect them to get over their fear and jealousy of Sam... and give him any credit for his proposal... even though he convinced them to add 8 more cops to the force.
Council Members Want To Set New Public-Comment Limits
RGJ Regurgitator
"Sam Dehne, who calls himself the “Encyclopedia of Reno government” often takes more time addressing the councils than some of the members, addressing the bodies five or six times a meeting. (THAT'S BECAUSE SAM HAS MORE TRUTH TO OFFER THAN MOST OF THE REST OF "THEM" COMBINED... HAVING SAVED 100'S OF MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS... NOT TO MENTION FORCING "THEM" TO BE A LITTLE LESS DISHONEST THAN THEY WOULD BE IN HIS ABSENCE.)
Sometimes he brings his guitar and sings songs at the podium, calling the council meetings the “Sam Dehne Show.” And he’ll repeat those songs meeting after meeting. (SHE IS REFERRING TO THE 20 SECOND RIGHT-ON-THE-MARK SONGS... SUCH AS THE "BALLAD OF THE RENO NEWS REGURGITATORS" - INCLUDING HER.)
In the back of commission chambers in January, Assemblyman Bernie Anderson, D-Sparks, scolded Dehne for abusing the privilege by speaking so many times. (THIS IS A BLATANT LIE. IT WAS SAM WHO SCOLDED THIS CRITTER.)
At Wednesday’s meeting, Dehne said he objected strenuously to the one-minute rule. After a discussion on courthouse construction costs, he objected that he was put on one-minute timer while a contractor was not. “The one-minute rule will never work. It’s illegal, and it’s not fair,” he said." (THIS IS THE ONLY PART OF VOYLE'S STORY THAT EVEN APPROACHES THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE TRUTH.)
Here's the watered down RGJ report (click)

This reporter should have been severely reprimanded long ago... she is nothing but a mouthpiece for the hideous folks who pay her salary... Reno city hall.
On the other hand, maybe she didn't even write this garbage at all.
Note: After much criticism from Watchdog Sam... Reno city hall came to a few of its senses and cancelled this ludicrous scheme to defraud the citizens of Sam's Truth.


America's voting system is broken. It is time to obliterate the voting system. Period!
It must become every citizen's duty to be required to perform public service. Every citizen's name
must be placed in the hopper and names drawn randomly to determine who will serve as
selected officials.
These citizens will be paid the average salary plus 25% for 2 years service.
Any of these officials who is found to have received money beyond the stated compensation
during this period will be guilty of a capital offense.
Everyone public servant should have to walk around with a big sign around their necks that exposes their salaries... so the hard working stiffs... who are stuck with paying them... know the Truth.
The big question is... will the Iraqis really believe that Sadam is gone forever. They know that America was behind his rise to power. Who is to say that the administration won't put him back in power... as the quid pro quo for another scheme (deal)???????
Nobody seems to want to mention that. This sort of thing has happened many times before.
Enemies make strange bedfellows.
As an Iraqi... I would be more in fear of Sadam now that he has been captured alive!
If Reno's beloved taxpayer-funded Artown concoction is really so great... why do 100's of thousands of $$$$dollars of our taxes need to be wasted advertising this self-serving silliness? Day after day... page after page of huge expensive ads in the newspapers... TV ads galore... radio and talk shows wasting words and money... expensive glossy schedules thrown around like they were free... all promoting what is nothing more than a con game. Besides groupies... maybe 37 people came to Reno to see Artown.
KNOWINGITALL: Government bureaucrats hate a KnowItAll. Sam Dehne is a known KnowItAll... and he lets everybody know he knows it all. And all of these bureaucrats know Sam is a KnowItAll. That's what really hurts (them).
Great Entertainment? In Reno? Reno's own Too Wild Yankees Band (click) is every bit as entertaining as the Birishnikov fellow... that citizens' $$$$TAXES$$$$ are subsidizing to bring to Reno. Give Reno's own singing sensation that's sweeping the nation a try. The Too Wild Geezers Band plays Good Old Americanna Music at many senior citizens venues throughout northern Nevada for charity. They are legends in their own minds. With The Too Wild Geezers Band you not only get QUALITY, but you also get QUANTITY. Look at the songs on their huge list and see if you can't find at least TEN of your all-time favorites!
The Reno News & Review asked,
"Why don't Nevada people vote?"
The answer is simple:
1. The smart ones know that the Nevada voting
system far too corrupted for them to waste their time.
See: The Reno Citizen (click)
2. And the stupid ones are too apathetic to waste
their time.
These 2 groups add up to about 70% of the Nevada voters.
As Stalin said:
"Voters decide nothing.
Vote counters decide everything."
Ego? Some people say there are only 2 things bigger than The Encyclopedia's ego. His brain... and his mouth... oh and his heart. The ultimate classic proof of The Encyclopedia's successful Crusading... is the blatant fear and jealousy of him poignantly portrayed by the Media Regurgitators.
Kayaking - Something Good In Reno
Sam has been the only citizen at the govt Public Comment podiums (month after month) promoting the building of a Kayak course in downtown Reno. Now there is something to be excited about... as opposed to that ear-shattering fiasco with the Harley Davidsons known as Street Vibrations.
The Kayaking course in downtown Reno is just another great idea that Sam has come up with and promoted. He wishes some other citizens would join him at the podium in support of this grand idea.
The various govt agencies have agreed to fund it... in spite of Sam's promotion of the concept.
Note: On the weekend of 14 May, 2004 the Kayak course opened with grand hoopla and was well-attended. Reno should replace Street Vibrations with more citizen-friendly events like this.
"Encyclopedia Sam Dehne Volunteers to be Reno's Poster Boy for Toilets" is a much better headline

Your "Toilet plan gets better" story today was a bunch of boring leave-out-the-important-stuff mush. And maybe 1 out of 10 readers might have read it. Citizens don't want to hear about volumes and gallons of water. They want to know what The Encyclopedia says about these toilets. Are they a good deal or are they a bad deal? And once again Sam gave a RGJ reporter 3 minutes of wisdom at the Public Govt Podium to choose from. And once again the readers are left in the dark about the Truth. Nothing new there from the RGJ-Regurgitator "newspaper". Or were you asleep when Sam publicly volunteered his stylish services as the poster boy for toilets? When he even offered to write the Ballad of Reno's Toilets... to try and bring attention to this water-saving project?
The absence of Sam's brilliant "voice" in your stories says more about the RGJ-Regurgitator's fear and jealousy of this venerate Crusader... than if it was there. Because as you well know The Encyclopedia is virtually the only voice for the citizens when it comes to protection from politicians in this community.
With The Encyclopedia's properly-promoted endorsement of this Toilet Project... its success is only about 5 times more likely. But as usual the shooting of this feared messenger is more important than the message.
Our hearts tell us that you might be capable of doing better. But your bosses at the RGJ-Regurgitator are squeezing those Sam Dehne muzzle-style handcuffs too darn tight.
The outrageous fear and jealousy of Sam Dehne perpetrated itself again the very next day (see report directly below) when Reno city council rubberstamped mayor Cashell's cronyistic appointment of 2 more aviation amateurs to the scandal-plagued Reno airport board. If Cashell is as popular as his bought and paid for media claims, why was he afraid to make the right decision? Heck he even had to chances to be courageous. And he flunked twice. Sam is becoming the most feared (and powerful) person in the history of Reno. Why else would northern Nevada government embarrass itself so wantonly... over and over and over?
Local Govts' blatant fear and jealousy of Sam Dehne reared its ugly head again this week. Both Sparks and Washoe County officials continued their policy of not choosing the most qualified person for the Reno airport board. Heck, "lottery pick" Dehne didn't even make the final cut. Dehne has more knowledge and background in the aviation/Reno airport arena than all the other "contestants" combined. In fact Air Force Academy graduate, fighter/bomber pilot, and airline pilot Dehne has attended, and lectured at, more meetings than the other contestants combined and has also saved the airport countless $$millions of dollars... as a private citizen. Jealousy and fear are nasty... so is hypocrisy.
What a shame it is that local govt gurus are so blinded by their fear and jealousy of Sam Dehne that they don't recognize the wonderful things he has done for the community... and the far-reaching capabilities he has displayed. He is arguably one of the best things that has ever happened to Reno... a veritable Mana from Heaven. Isn't the fear perpetuated throughout the Reno political and media community the ultimate proof of that fact?
Open Letter to Nevada Attorney General Brian Sandoval:

Dear Brian, 5/08/03
1. How can you "stand" to sit by and permit your office to be duped
by the Nevada Sec-State's vendetta-perpetrated charade (click)?
Your office is stepping on pee-ants while the real elephants
of corruption are running rampant.
Which begs the question:
Who is more powerful, the Sec-State or Atty Gen?
2. Please ask your friend former Nevada Wolfpack star pugilist Joey
Gilbert if he thinks the punishment meets the transgression... when
there were no elements of a transgression in the first place...
no premeditation, no victim, and no gain.
Heck ask your son.
3. A $2,500 fine is beyond ludicrous. All that was done was to
merely forget to file what amounted to a cockamamie report...
a report that would have been filed immediately if Sec-State
Heller hadn't "sat on it" and concealed it for 30 days!!!
The Sec-State is the person who should be investigated by your office. (click)
Heck, even DUI's only pay about $750!
4. Do you really want this farce as part of your legacy?
5. How do you put this routine paperwork in context with Heller's gross failure
properly oversee the taxpayer-funded $2,300,000 Election System Computer?
What is his fine going to be.
6. What about Heller's illegal concealing of my "need to know" public
documents... that caused this bogus fine to escalate to this ridiculous amount?
What is his punishment going to be? That is a felony you know.

Have a great day,
Nevada has always prided itself on being the real west,
where men were men, and they didn't hide behind the judges' skirts.
Ask Joey what he thinks of Heller and me getting in the ring
to settle this. Mano y Senior Citizen. Tell him Goliath is 40
pounds bigger than me and 20 years younger.
Ask Joey if he would rather see that showdown... or some
flapdoodle in court.
Oh, and tell him that I have even promised Heller that I
won't hurt him.

Brief report of Sam's Truth from Reno News & Review (click)
Deidre Pike (reporter)
Between the (Burning Man) Burners, Sam Dehne took the podium. He claimed to be "stupefied" that the commission balks at Burning Man yet fawns all over such heinously noisy events as Street Vibrations.
"Thousands of motorcycles take our town hostage," he said. "They mutilate our community, and our commission wouldn't do one thing about it."
Dehne said he was surprised at the number of people who'd turned out for "the Sam Dehne show."
"I'd have brought my guitar," he said. "It never ceases to amaze me what interests people. There are more people here for this little Burning Man business than turned out for the whole city of Sparks election last week."Excellent point, Sam.
Pro or Con on the war? Few things bug The Encyclopedia more than the those pathetic panty
waistes masquarading as tough guy talk show hosts. Most of them have never served in the military
and would run before they would fight. They are an indictment of all that is bad about America's cowardly
bought & paid for talk radio "system".
Freedom of Speech is still in vogue. So whatever your stance is feel free to express it... vociferously.

Harleys Need To Clean Up Their Act
It was refreshing to see that Reno councilman Dave Aiazzi gaining resolve from Sam Dehne's courageous and ongoing exposés. It shows gumption on the part of anybody who will "take on" the Harley crowd.
The Harley biker gangs do need to be curtailed... and ordered to obey the law. And it's not just Street Vibrations... it's all of the Harleys who are breaking the law with their ear-shattering noise. Much of the citizenry despises the loutishness
perpetrated by many of the Harley crowd... but they are afraid to speak out.
It continues to be nothing less than miraculous to watch the Reno Gazette Regurgitators continue to try to
get away with ignoring the 5 ton elephant that everybody else... watching The Sam Dehne Show on SNCAT... can plainly see.
Dave, the citizens thank you for following Sam's lead on this one.
What a nice town this might be if we could just find an honest media... but then around here... that's an oxymoron.
Those Poor bikers. They have no money to ride in a car and certainly have no money to buy a muffler and Sam wants to now pick on the poor critters. Most have no money to even shave their faces and must wear beards. Many can't afford real clothes and must wear drab black leather. Many have no jobs and must steal for a living, use drugs, and fill our jails. They have a tough life and only want to take over Reno for 1-week per year. That's all they want, just a week. You can have 51 weeks. Isn't 51 weeks enough to satisfy your greed? Give the biker one little week to raise the dickens and pollute the city with noise. Who knows, you may enjoy it (if you wear ear plugs). That's my 1/2 cent opinion. My other 1/2 cent is this: The Big Casinos love it and the politicians do not hear the noise as they scurry away to their little mansions in perfect peace and bliss. They don't even hear Sam's pleadings, or they hear but do not listen? I have run out of opinions for today.
Sam Threatens to Criticize Bus Driver Lockout... Lockout Ended
No sooner did Sam Dehne "threaten" to speak out against the bus driver lockout
at the RTC meeting... and the very next day RTC cancelled the lockout.
Now THAT is what can be labeled as efficacious.
Sam plans on saying a few things at Friday's RTC meeting anyway.
"The reward is in the doing."

The Reno Gazette calculates "front runner" in political campaigns
as the person who has the most campaign $$$billboards and $$$signs.
In actuality there should be a handicapping of the blightful
billboards and signs:
* 47 votes should be subtracted for each billboard.
* 8 votes should be subtracted for each large sign.
* 4 votes should be subtracted for each small sign.
Remember that those signs usually represent campaign "bribes" that
have to be repaid... one way or the other.
Sam Predicts Bus Driver Pay Raise
(Morning Report from The Reno Citizen magazine)
After helping end the RTC Reno Citifare bus driver lockout on
Thursday, Sam Dehne now feels confident in predicting a
(much deserved) pay raise for the hard working drivers.
The RTC board and their highly paid bureaucrats were
confronted one after the other by Sam, the irascible Andy
Barbano, the ACLU, and numerous staunch bus drivers at
the monthly meeting on the morning of 23 August.
And after careful consultation with his ubiquitous crystal ball,
Sam The Soothsayer can now see a pay raise in the near future.
Sam says that it feels good to be efficaciously effective.
The crystal ball said that it was Sam's resounding rendition
of "Sixteen Tons... whadaya get... another day older and
deeper in debt", that turned the tide.

Bloated RSCVA Needs More Bloating?
The Reno Convention Center claims it is understaffed.
Boo Hoo!
1. This is more blatant alibiing for the Fairgrounds and Recreation
Board by the mouthpiece... for the "visitor-dependant" RSCVA...
that calls itself a newspaper.
1a. We can see the giant teardrops running down the cheeks of the
hard-working Reno citizens who feel so sorry that the corporate
welfare-funded RSCVA can't find enough workers for its already
bloated staff.
To work at a Convention Box that is only about 25% filled up!!!!
2. The Reno Gazette is "promoting" the hiring of a bigger staff for a bureaucracy
that is at least 3 times bigger than it ever should have been allowed to
bloat itself to.
3. It's the Encyclopedia of Reno Govt that is understaffed. Reno needs
more of these patriots... to offset the preposterous propaganda blitzes
from the RGJ.
4. We hope everybody enjoys tonight's grand pooh bah opening of that "Costco South".
5. Citizens can postulate that the RGJ newspaper "bosses" could join the RSCVA
"bosses" in the middle of an isolated desert... and within 30 days they would be
understaffed. It's called bureaucratic paralysis of habit... a disease that
infests Reno's govt bureaucrats.
6. Speaking of "bloated" things... if the top brass at the "visitor-dependant"
RSCVA would shave their bloated salaries... there would be lots of money
to hire more people to hang around the empty "Costco South" Convention Box.
Reno Gazette and RSCVA Brag About Reno's "Art"
1. If art is so "very strong" (stronger than Las Vegas according to RGJ!) around here... why has Artown's taxpayer-funded budget bloated to $750,000?
Why can't it pay its way? Why does it keep getting financially worse every year?
1a. And to make matters even "worser" Artown wastes our taxes... and pays their cronies far too much in the way of mostly useless and redundant advertising.
1b. Artown is doing what the RSCVA ("FAIRGROUNDS AND RECREATION BOARD") was originally created to do... provide local citizens with fun and entertainment.
1c. Artown should be disbanded... or totally reorganized and led by someone who will treat our precious taxes as if it was his/her own money.
2. Of course this is just one of dozens of perversions in the Reno community that needs to be corrected... and there's only Sam to Watchdog to do the protecting. How much of your money would you spend on "art"?
2a. Why is it that virtually all the money spent around here is either from grants or taxes... "grants" being basically just another word for taxes anyway.
3. What ever happened to capitalism? Can anybody name a privately funded Reno "situation"?
4. Long live rock 'n roll... and country western... and oldies... and good 'ol Sunday Go To Meeting music.
At least the RGJ printed some of those RSCVA salaries... how do you spell "bloat".
Frank Owes It All To Sam. Who's The Next Reno Politico To Go?
Retired West Point general, Frank Partlow
, with his massive Public and Private $$$Resources, has battled Reno Watchdog Sam Dehne for over 5 years. Now this "Northern Nevada Network" kingpin is moving on to greener ($$$$) pastures. Frank is being pushed upstairs to D. C. where he will likely receive an even bigger bloated salary (maybe to join soon-to-be-former Reno mayoral masquerader, Jeff Griffin?).
And, folks, he owes it all to Sam Dehne.
There is virtually no other entity in Reno politics that justifies the existence of Frank's NNN Business. In other words... without Sam's ubiquitous never-ending watchdogging over Frank's "people"... there would have been no chance (nor need) for Frank to be able to showcase his unique propaganda "talents".
Frank Partlow and his Junta have been battling Sam Dehne (who has used only his brain, his tenacity, his mouth... and his guitar) to a Stalemate over the last 5 years. Now Frank is declaring "victory" and moving up to collect his rewards.
Watchdog Sam Dehne is currently calculating the size of the "Services Rendered" Bill to send to Frank Partlow. In the meantime, "Thanks" are being accepted.
It was Sam Dehne who made "Impassioned Plea" To Not Move to the Black Kremlin building.
Was the RGJ sleeping at the 5/14 Reno council meeting... again?
The RGJ knows darn well the "impassioned pleas" were by Sam Dehne... as usual.
Sam said more... to explain why Reno should not spend dozens of $$millions of taxes to move from its current relatively citizen-friendly location (in his meazly 3 minutes of Public Comment)... than all the rest of the speakers combined.
The evil boneheaded scheme reaks of more hanky panky and payola... and preposterous stupidity.
But not a peep by Reno's only "newspaper". Just more whitewashing of city hall's citizen-molestation.
On the other hand, moving city hall to the Black Kremlin building fits in with all the rest of the Reno city hall corruption that the RGJ covers up for.
How are those handcuffs feeling at the RGJ?
It could give a person a feeling of power... to see first-hand just how afraid the RGJ is of him... and the TRUTH.
Sam Dehne points out enough mendacities and perversions at any given city council meeting to get a good reporter a Pulitzer Prize.
Instead of exposing the truth that Sam points out day after day after day... like a good "newspaper would/should do... the RGJ reveals its never-ending fear of Sam's words... and continues to regurgitate the baloney that city hall feeds it.
Reno Needs a "Noise Officer" to Take Action to Stop the Dangerous Polluting Noise That Permeates Reno
1. There is enough illegal noise in this town to increase city hall's revenue stream (via $$$citations) dramatically.
* Loud/missing car mufflers,
* Illegal Harley Davidson mufflers (see below),
* Noisy 18 Wheelers meandering through neighborhoods,
* Car/truck stereo boomboxes,
* Etc, etc etc...
2. This new "Noise Cop" should be prepared to justify that $$$salary. Because citizens don't want their money wasted on a bunch of fluff... like they got from that hoax of a Reno airport noise "coordinator".
What Do Reno Citizens Deserve?
10,000 citizens sit in the hot sun watching people chase after horses and cows at the Rodeo.
20,000 citizens sit in the hot sun watching grown men chase after a funny looking ball at football games.
5,000 citizens sit in a noisy smoky auditorium listening to loud music.
But only ONE citizen will sit in Reno city hall meetings... monitoring and exposing the local (evil)
government... Sam Dehne week after week after week.
What's that old saying?
"You get what you deserve." And in Reno's case... government that is mostly the lowest
common denominator that can be bought and paid for... is exactly what apathetic and lazy
citizenry deserves.

Bankrupt National Air Joins Bankrupt Allegiant Air In Reno
National Air to fly Reno/Las Vegas route?
Southwest Air must really love that!!!
National Air is hiding behind benefits of bankruptcy...
while SW has to play by the regular rules.
Smells like more of the regular hanky panky.
If there was a need for seats, SW would add flights.
Southwest has to be INCENSED with Bart and the Reno
airport prostitutes kissing up to National Air with no shame.
Nothing new there though... as the scandal-plagued Reno airport
continues to be (mis)run by aviation amateurs and a real estate saleslady.
If the Reno Gazette wants to print an honest Reno about the airport...
it has to talk to Sam Dehne.
Maybe they should rename it RenoVegas Air... or just plain Reid Air...
since it was massive amounts of our taxes provided by senior senator Pork Barrel
that is "saving" this Nevada airline.
Reno city council vote to remove themselves even further away from public scrutiny.
Berserk decision made to spend dozens of $$$$millions of tax dollars to move city hall to lavish quarters.

Let's declare another "victory" for Sam Dehne... as Reno council once again acknowledges
its cowardly fear of Sam's words... circling the wagons with their govt Kronies in the
Black Kremlin... also called the Cal-Neva Building... or just plain The Bunker.
They are isolating themselves ever further away from the peon citizens who elected them.
Even the disconjerkutigulated RSCVA passed on that bogus deal.
This move to a citizen UNFRIENDLY fortress... allows Reno city council to
make it even easier than ever to conspire in Secret Meetings.
Secret Meetings are against the law. Duh!
And let's be honest folks.
Reno Icon and city Watchdog, Sam Dehne, is the one of the best
things that ever happened to Bob Cashell.
It must be obvious by now to anybody who follows local politics that...
conservatively speaking... Cashell owes Sam at least $100,000.
That is the minimum amount Cashell is saving in Campaign Expenses...
thanks to Sam's having gotten rid of mayoral imposter Jeff Griffin.
Heck, one could easily say he owes Sam even more. If Sam had not showed up
on the scene 8 years ago... Griffin would be an obvious shoo-in for re-election.
There has been virtually nobody else willing and able to expose Griffin's mendacities
week after week year after year. Heck, Cashell wouldn't even really have a viable
opportunity to run for mayor if it wasn't for Sam.
Most folks are not honest enough to admit this obvious fact...
but everybody who IS honest knows it.
Reno mayor Jeff Griffin has finally had enough of Sam Dehne.
He resigning from his 8 year "mayorship".
Citizens shouldn't give Sam Dehne ALL the credit for Griffin's
capitulation... only about 80% of the credit.
Sam says he thinks he is actually gonna miss Griffin.
Anyway... One down! And about 75 to go!
The really scary thing is the thought that he is getting out while the
getting is good... before Enronitous hits Reno!

Those otherwise lovely Harley Davidson motorcycles are the equivalent of "Audio Graffiti".
The owners who insist on adding illegal mufflers are crying for attention... at about 200 decibels.
A citizen-friendly mayor, would have the police initiate a crackdown on their law-breaking, ear-splitting, hideously loud mufflers. Until they correct this intolerable affront to good taste... they are a disgrace to Reno residents... and to themselves. The noise is not only obtrusive and loutish... it is dangerous.
How many times have you had a pack of them blast by YOU or blast by your HOME... rumbling your stomach and shattering your eardrums?
Most other motorcycles are respectful of the rights of other citizens.
Reno police should be ordered to warn... and then ticket these violators.
They should have to obey the law... just like other citizens.
A simple muffler replacement must be demanded. "Let's take back our city!"
How do you spell "lack of couth"... or "lout"?
A recent Reno poll proves that citizens do not care for noisy Harleys. On
4/28/02 an overwhelming 91% said they are afraid a gun battle type gang war will break
out during this years Harley Street Vibrations.

Here is more proof that the RGJ is guilty of boycotting the truth.
Reno Gazette BROWN Journal:

"The dispute (that led to Dehne's arrest) stemmed from (airport
charlatan chairman) Hill's creation of a formal public comment policy
that asks people who address the board during meetings to show respect and
dignity toward others."

Dehne is as respectful as the situation warrants... and he is almost always dignified.
What incensed Dehne was the new Hitler-like policy that said the airport board

could pick and choose who they would allow to speak at a Public Meeting.
Quote from the new policy
Public Comments will be heard at the discretion of the Chairman
[Folks, this is blatant yellow... NO, BROWN
JOURNALISM... and a big fat lie.]

"Click" to read the entire (bogus) report.
What should be done with this RR Trench Scheme? The money is now dedicated to the trench... 1000's of jobs are already lined up. If this Trench Scheme is canceled, then city hall will have $$100's of $$millions of dollars of our taxes to dedicate to who knows what kind of other skullduggery.
The big question is: Where were all the protesters back in the beginning... 4 years ago? Only Sam Dehne consistently appeared at the govt Podium and demanded "Let the citizens vote!".
Reno Airport aviation amateur trustee John Farahi (a local casino mogul who knows virtually nothing about airplanes... along with most of his fellow trustees) hit the nail on the head at the latest airport budget meeting of 1/31/02. He asked how the airport was able to "juggle" certain figures to come up with certain results.
Other board members chastised him for using that term... although considering the machinations that take place down there on a regular basis... that term is absolutely appropriate. Shall citizens start calling him Johnny "the Juggler" Farahi? He also works for that other gaggle of jugglers, the RSCVA.
In a startling revelation Reno city hall claims that the taxpayer funded Riverside Theater is doing better. Considering how terrible that boondoggle's performance has been... that's not hard to do.
A group is passing out a petition demanding that citizens be allowed to vote on whether they want a RR Trench built through the middle of Reno. They are spending their own money in the effort. City hall is spending a massive amount of citizens' taxes in a county-wide propaganda assault. And if history is any guide, the apathetic citizens will fall for the brainwashing. (See RR Scheme report above)
Citizens are often confused about how many Court Systems there are in the Reno area. There are (in no order of importance); the Washoe County Court System, the Federal Court System, the District Court System, the Reno Court System, the Family Court System... and of course the Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ) System.
It was reported that over 3000 people took the day off to watch a (Olympic) torch being carried through downtown Reno. How many Reno citizens took the time to show up and monitor their mendacious city government the next week? One!
Walmartization? Masses of citizens have been victims of "Walmartization". Over and over again this monolith (and others like it) prevails in its expansion schemes... often through heavy-handed coercion. There is really only one solution. Boycott! But greed overcomes this strategy.
Walmartization sometimes results in lower prices. It also results in gridlock, road rage, noise, blight, pollution, and other undesirable consequences to the neighborhoods.
Virtually all of the casinos are having their property values (TAXES) reduced drastically. One of many examples is the Sparks Nugget that was reduced from a valuation of about $200 million down to $150 million. Do you think the average citizen will have her/his property tax obligations reduced? Not! Maybe when pigs are flying around Reno.
Do we have our own little Enron boiling down at the Reno airport? The shady deals involving your taxes take place so fast that it is virtually impossible to keep up with them. Fer instance! A couple of years ago when the Reno airport (being mis-run by a real estate agent and other critters of questionable aviation backgrounds) was improperly courting Post Office cargo flights... they built a "beefed up" cargo ramp specifically at the Post Office's request. It was a one-of-a-kind deal that no other cargo airline needed or asked for. The airport board of aviation amateurs slam-dunked approval of $4,000,000 (your taxes) for the ill-conceived and likely illegal ramp... a la Enron trickery.
If there ever is a proper investigation of that scandal-plagued operation, just about everyone down there will have to be "taking the 5th".
How much more similar illegal skullduggery would there be if Sam wasn't Watchdogging those "Enronites"?
People sometimes refer to corrupt and incompetent government that caters to fat cats as "dictatorship by an oligarchy". Hear in Reno we have "dictatorship by the lowest common denominator".
The Enronization of Nevada. Can citizens only ponder the day when all those appointed critters (mostly amateurs)... down in Las Vegas and up in Reno... including Airport, RSCVA, RTC, etc, etc... are paraded before the "authorities"... and have to "Plead the 5th"?!?
Willie Puchert keeps his "eyeball(s)" on Reno (click) Willie is the one the very few rare reporters working for the mainstream media... who can usually be depended upon to stand out as a voice for honesty. His handcuffs are not nearly as tight as those of the vast majority of local reporters... for newspaper, TV, and radio... most of whom are mere mouthpieces for the fat cat Special Interests. Keep up the good work, Willie!
Maybe the issue of oversight of local government corruption does not seem that important all of a sudden.
But it is! Now more than ever!
All patriotic Americans must grieve in their own way for the staggeringly horrible events of 9/11/01.
Additionally, corruption and stupidity in local government must continue to be confronted, exposed, and challenged.
This is still America! (click)
Promoting ARSON in Reno:

Mister Griffin (masquerading as Reno's mayor), with the rest of city hall in silent acquiescence, talked about burning down the Comstock hotel at a Public Meeting on 8/20/01.
Griffin: "How's the Comstock doing?"
Griffin: "Well, if it burned down, it would be doing better."
The rest of Reno city council went along with him...
by not saying one word in opposition to his bizarre, brazen, arrogant statement.
At the next council meeting he reiterated that he stands by those words. Again the council said nothing in opposition!
(It is interesting to note that 200 Polish nationals are living in the Comstock. Talk about a threat of a holocaust! It
must make them feel real good.)
This outrage is on video.
Poor Bus Riders Take it in Shorts with Privacy
Up here in Reno they are putting 5 cameras on RTC buses.
As it appears now, some weirdo in RTC headquarters will have
free reign to monitor anything that is recorded by those ubiquitous cameras.
Is that what citizens want?
Is that what the signers of the Constitution wanted?
Now "Big Brother" can watch what a citizen is doing... where he's going...
where he's been... what he's reading... what he's carrying... what he's saying...
what he's wearing... who he's with.

(Pretty soon they will find a way to find what he is thinking.)
You can bet big bucks they wouldn't get away with this if fat cats rode
the bus... which they don't.
And our noodlebrained excuse for a newspaper makes a joke of this mutilation of the
Constitution with comical headlines, "Bus riders need to smile; they're on candid video"
And of course the huge cost of this Ayatollah-activity is being paid for
by (more) FREE federal government money.
This evil monitoring system will likely create at least
5 new jobs that will continue to have to be funded.
And those new taxpayer-funded Peeping Toms will have to
find "stuff" on the videos to justify their own existence.
Maybe they will even end up replaying the "shows" on SNCAT.
Isn't a boycott of RTC management demanded?
This evil rotten "Big Brotherism" has got to be stopped.

Nevada magazine conducted its 2001 survey to
determine the "Friendliest City in Nevada".
700 people responded. A"wopping" 64 (only sixty four) picked Reno.
BUT 636
(91%) DID NOT pick Reno as "Friendly"!
Bottom line, the majority of people do not think there are any
friendly cities in Nevada.

How could anybody consider a city "friendly"... when the primary
goal is to fleece citizens of their hard-earned money?!?
Former Reno city councilperson, Judy Pruett Herman, has reappeared on the scene with a damning exposé of northern Nevada perfidiousness. In this case it deals with the massive overexpansion of those ubiquitous business complexes; that are hoping against hope the area will become a "high-tech" Mecca. Her excellent report, that could more than justify a fully-expanded feature story, can be read in the Reno News & Review (click).
Richard Hill, who has been masquerading as the chairman of the
scandal-plagued Reno airport (AAWC), was ignominiously
removed from the board by Reno city council. This was the first time
this was ever done.
They won't admit it, but isn't it obvious to anybody with an IQ that this
firing was a direct result of Hill's initiation of the kidnapping of an innocent
senior citizen from an airport Board Meeting on 14 Sept, 2000?
They are trying to mitigate the punitive damages.
The barn door is already open, and it is way too late to close it!
They are guilty of kidnapping Sam Dehne. Period

In its typically incestuous manner... city council then appointed
former council member and aviation amateur, Bill Newberg to the airport
Councilperson Hogan once again showed her true colors when she
bypassed obviously far more qualified people and nominated
Newberg who lives in a gerrymandered section of her ward... but actually
lives in southWEST Reno... far away from the airport.
Jeff Griffin, who has been masquerading as a mayor, illegally participated in
this windowdressing charade and once again violated the Nevada Ethics
Commission Decree of Feb 17, 2000.
That Commission REPRIMANDED Griffin and (among other chastisements):
Ordered Griffin to "... disclose the full nature and
extent of his company's contract with the Airport Authority
whenever the Reno City Council is considering any matter pertaining
to the Airport Authority, including appointment of trustees... ".
Further demanded, "These disclosure requirements are affirmative
responsibilities of Mayor Griffin, and any subsequent violations
by Mayor Griffin may be treated as successive violations by the
Commission and punished as permitted by law."
Mister Griffin has never obeyed these orders by the EthComm.
Good Luck! Reno has "bribed" little Vanguard Airlines with
$1,000,000 in incentives to fly to Reno... from Kansas City.
Sam the Soothsayer's Prediction: They will pull out within 6 months.
(Report of 7/28/01):
True to Sam's prediction Vanguard pulled out
of the deal... but even before they started flying. What an awful
indictment of Reno... and its scandal-plagued airport!

Carson City "Rag-Brains" rubberstamp another Raggio Bill. As predicted, the "Sam Dehne Bill" (SB-299 created to thwart Sam's never-ending attempts to expose evilness at the scandal-plagued Reno airport) passed overwhelmingly.
*Airport is now accountable to NOBODY! It can mishandle $$$millions of our federal taxes. Nothing new there though.
*Airport has a 9th double-dealing member. 8 of those aviation amateurs could not handle the TRUTH from Sam and his small cadre of citizens who care.
*Airport can continue stealing land from innocent citizens... similar to the Rewana Farms ethnic cleansing technique.
The governor vetoed very few Bills. One of the few that he vetoed was the Boombox Attack bill. It would have made physical noise attacks on citizens by loud car "music" illegal. Apparently, along with being noodlehead, he is also hard of hearing.
The RSCVA (Fairs and Recreation Board) is up to its usual no good. This time those appointed self-servers are going to steal (they call it "condemn") land from the owners of the Supply One lot. Appointed people condemning land away from innocent citizens... just like at the scandal-plagued Reno airport. That is really approaching being as bad as it gets. And that is saying a lot around here. The ethical stink alone makes honest citizens puke.
AND it turns out the landowners' attorney is the same attorney who honchoed the ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms for the airport. Watch out Supply One, you are about to be "Chapmaned"!
Can't citizens trust anybody?
It was very disappointing to hear supposedly citizen-oriented Reno city council member Jessie Hogan repulsively reigning gratuitous, undeserved, and outlandish praise upon the scandal-plagued Reno airport board of fat cat mouthpieces. The grotesque kissing-up to these phony aviation amateurs took place at the airport meeting of 12 April, 2001.
Has she forgotten that this is the same gang of fat cat mouthpieces who kidnapped a citizen for committing the "crime" of attending an airport meeting (click)? The same gang that ethnically cleansed Rewana Farms, Reno (click)?
It is interesting to note that this was virtually Hogan's first appearance at the Reno airport ever.
What was she thinking? She should be focusing on the crime and corruption at the airport... and not honoring those thugs. Was she already trolling for future campaign bribe funding from the Reno airport and its cronies?
It appears she is rapidly becoming "one of them".
And when is she going to ask for an accounting of the Demand for an EIS she supposedly honchoed? Or was that just more windowdressing too?
This gratuitousness is all the more dumbfounding because this new council member does appear to have the citizens and the communities interest at heart in numerous other areas of local government boneheadedness. Why is she siding with the evil rotten Reno airport? Why?
More Soothsaying by Sam
That Meadowood Mall expansion that Sam presented an impassioned Appeal against last year (filing fee cost him $55)... has gone semi-belly up.... leaving a giant ugly 4 acre mining-pit type scar at the corner of Virginia and McCarren.
Sam predicted this exact type of catastrophe during his Appeal presentation. He was ignored by the city hall ignoramuses. Surprise!
That ugly blight upon the community will remain there for months... maybe years!
What once was a nice grassy field is now a huge sunken dust bowl... with a lovely chainlink fence around it and an ugly bunch of building paraphernalia dotting the sprawling area.
Shades of future Reno!And "Hooray!" for the morons and idiots (mis)running Reno.
Will the citizens ever come out of their multi-year hibernation?
Sam tried to help them see the light...
If there is any good news... it is that this will postpone roadkill and roadrage for at least a little while. That already grotesquely gridlocked corner could not possibly have properly handled the massive additional gridlock a (successful) project would have generated.
Where Are the Brains? Not at Reno City Hall or at the Reno Airport
And Las Vegas is being smart. They are building a massive DEDICATED cargo airport some 20 miles south of Las Vegas! Cargo hubbing (the dream of the scandal-plagued Reno airport and mayoral-masquerader Griffin and his gang of citizen-molesters) in the middle of Reno is corrupt, perfidious, deceptive, evil, rotten, wrong... and just plain stupid!
State Senator Raggio wants to help out his campaign bribers with Senate Bill 299 that would give citizen-molesting God-like power to yet another fat cat mouthpiece charlatan. Here's what Citizen Watchdog says:
As a Reno Citizen, Sam Dehne has attended and lectured at every single Reno airport meeting of APPOINTED aviation amateurs for the past 6 years.... exposing corruption, embezzlement, and the funneling of dozens of millions of $$$$federal dollars to prostituted projects.
Sam watched their perfidiousness permeate northern Nevada until the stench smells like a million rotten eggs. For the state to add yet another Special Interest mouthpiece to the scandal-plagued Reno airport would be tantamount to treason against the citizens of Reno.
Those airport idiots have mutilated the community... with ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms, noise, danger, pollution, blight... and kidnapping to the degree that they should be brought before a tribunal.
Sam adamantly agrees with Jackie Decker's well-researched and articulate challenge to the grotesque Reno airport.
Sam dares you to contact him with questions or comments. (775 825-1398)

A little bit more about SB-299:
* Those 2 state senators (who have never even been to a PUBLIC Reno airport meeting) want another Special Interest mouthpiece on the scandal-plagued Reno airport authority board... and they want him to be from the scandal-plagued RSCVA. Guess what! The RSCVA already has a representative on the airport board; John Farahi a casino mogul nice-guy, who wears the other hat of being the appointee to the RSCVA from the airport board. It is confusing... but John sits and votes on both boards. Those senators (and their cronies who will be rubberstamping this bogus scheme) don't even know this. (Or maybe they do!) So now, folks, the RSCVA will have as many members on the Reno airport board as the entire city of Sparks and the entire county of Washoe!
* The worst thing about SB-299, though, is that it will remove any and all control of these non-elected appointees... away from the appointing bodies (Reno, Sparks, and Washoe... and soon-to-be new "boss" RSCVA). The term, "serve at the pleasure of" will be removed from the Law. And these appointed airport fat cat mouthpiece critters will be free to run (further) helter skelter all over the citizenry. Do you know that these citizen-molesters have the right to steal land away from innocent families under the phony guise of emanent domain... as they proved over and over during their ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms, Reno?!? Truly more astounding government run amok in northern Nevada! When are the people going to say enough... is too much?
* The "S" in SB-299 must stand for stupid... and supercilious... and swindle.
Sam dares you to contact him with questions or comments. (775 825-1398)
The Saga of the Fillers and Then the Diggers
1. Several months ago the RSCVA hauled some 1,000 or more truckloads (double and triple tractor trailers) of dirt onto the Convention Center parking lot... from 10 -12 miles away. (A person couldn't miss those massive green trucks and their gridlock... permeating the community with noise and pollution and danger.)
2. Now, just a few months later, the RSCVA is hauling some 1,000 truckloads of dirt away from the same Convention Center site... that is right across the street!
The logical way to have done this should be obvious to even a non-rocket scientist. Haul the dirt FROM the Convention Center site TO the parking lot... right across the street. But then, this is the exact type of waste that citizens have come to expect (and unfortunately accept)... when $$$$tax dollars are funding a Public Works project.
We can't wait to see what they do with the new RailRoad Trench Public Works Project scheme!
Jeff Griffin (the person masquerading as Reno's mayor) continues with his never-ending mutilation of the law... as if he had total impunity. At a recent Reno city council meeting he refused to leave the chambers when a critical discussion took place concerning the Reno Airport's scheme to Go Postal and Go Cargo at Rewana Farms, Reno. This convoluted corporate-welfare scheme to Go Postal and Go Cargo involves valuable Foreign Trade Zone contracts that Griffin's company, NFTS, has with EDAWN and the Reno Airport. These illegal contracts could well make Griffin a millionaire at the government trough... and at the grief of Reno's citizens.
Folks, among a multitude of reasons why this Airport/FAA/Cargo Airline plot to Go Postal and Cargo should be terminated, it is a flat outright violation of the Laws for Griffin to have contracts with the government, directly OR indirectly!
At the meeting, Griffin even went on to speak vehemently against (and vote against) having any Environmental Impact Study because it would severely jeopardize the massive illegal kickback contracts he has with his cronies at the Reno Airport!
Note: Even if the rumors are true that come clandestine deal has been cut wherein Griffin has supposedly "sold" his companies, that does not change anything. (When a thief steals the diamonds, he is not exonerated by giving the diamonds away to cronies.) Laws have been broken from day one. And the broken laws continue to be broken as long as that illegal kickback contract exists.
Lousy Reno Businesses proliferate in Nevada. Sure Reno is a top place to start a business. No corporate or personal income tax. And no inventory tax. That it why most of the new businesses that start up here are lousy businesses for the economy. They involve mostly low-paying warehousing and distribution type employment, and they are a terrible drain on the tax base. They pollute, make noise, generate massive grid lock and road rage and are very dangerous to the transportation problems of the community. Property taxes (that are mostly paid by innocent citizens) have been going up over 15% every year to pay for the for the shortfall of these new businesses.
Nevada is rated almost dead last in quality of life for its lower class citizen-workers. There is a definite correlation.
Oh, it is important to note that Reno is also a top place to go out of business. (Click for EDAWN corruption)
Eminent Domain is supposed to be the taking of private property for public good. The aviation amateurs at the Reno Airport, and there treacherous bosses at city hall have stolen land from innocent private citizens. And now they are letting giant private companies like FedEx, UPS, and the Post Office have that land for their own private greedy purposes. And for the greedy good of the greedy griffin cargo gang. It does not get much worse than this. How can this be happening? One word - apathy by the American citizens.
Not only does this nazi-style diabolical plot devastate the lives of the dozens of citizens who were ethnically cleansed... it will mutilate the rest of the community with hundreds and hundreds of cargo flights all day and all night long every day. And the danger, pollution, gridlock, road rage created by the ground traffic will
There is not one economic benefit from this evil rotten scheme for the community... not one thing. Only the greedy griffin cargo gang will benefit... and of course the Reno Airport and their elitist friends at FedEx, UPS, and the Post Office.
How do you spell "theft", "embezzlement", "racketeering", "kickback contracts"?
Should Reno judges be given 6 year terms? Before this is allowed they must agree to obey these new rules:
a. judges must spend as much time with the defendants and their attorneys as they do with the city attorney and the prosecutors. A citizen is still supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
b. judges should make sure that the news media headlines are just as big when a citizen is found not guilty... as the headlines that accused him or her in the first place. Absolution should not be relegated to page 6-D.
c. one of the judges should have to attend all Reno city council meetings... so they can see crime first hand.
The Reno Gazette received first and second place awards for best story and editorial of the year. Both of their reports were on the same subject; Secret Meetings by Reno City Hall. Guess who was the person who initially investigated and exposed those secret meetings... both at the Public Meeting podiums and in The Reno Citizen magazine? It was Sam Dehne.
Does the Reno Gazette say "Thanks" to Sam? Heck no! Instead it continues its cowardly slandarization and demonization of this citizen watchdog by blatantly distorting stories about him... and telling outright lies.
The latest story from the world of the scandal-plagued Reno airport. Just when you thought it was safe to breathe again... those perverts come up with another knuckleheaded scheme. Now they are having special meetings to figure out how to further beef up security (to go along with the 3 armed guards they currently have at their all their meetings) to "protect" them from 155 pound senior citizen Sam Dehne. The real evidence is overwhelming! Sam has never been arrested in his first 60 years of life. Sam has never made a threatening statement or gesture in 6 continuous years of attending and lecturing at their meetings. What a wonderful place this would be with an honest newspaper to challenge the mouthpiece for the airport fat cats Reno Gazette... a newspaper that would at least attempt to level the playing field of dishonor at the Reno Airport. (Among a plethora of lies in their "report" of 9/19/00 they claim that Sam "continued to scuffle with officers as they drove him to the county jail". SAM WAS IN THE BACK SEAT SEPARATED FROM THE FRONT BY PROTECTIVE BARS... AND HIS HANDS WERE CUFFED BEHIND HIS BACK! SCUFFLED?!?)
Sam is one of the very few citizens willing to fight and expose the embezzlement, landgrabbing, and other sundry citizen-molesting perversions at the Reno Airport.
They think they need employee training and escape routes for airport personnel... in case the 3 armed guards aren't enough to handle Sam's oratory!!!
Next the cowards will want to put this 155 pound "gorrilla" in a steel cage at the meetings. Maybe then the airport criminals will feel safe?!?
- Not!
Reno city hall once again snubbed the citizens... and good government. Citizen activist Jackie Decker has been very concerned about problems at the scandal-plagued Reno Airport. Decker is one of the top watchdogs when it comes to oversight of the chicanery perpetrated by the Reno Airport. Recently she submitted a Request to be on the Airport Noise Panel (for the third time) and was summarily rebuffed by city hall.
Decker has attended virtually every regular Reno Airport meeting.
Decker has challenged Airport corruption at every turn.
Decker also attends the Noise Panel meetings... speaking out continuously against the ear-mutilating noise generated by the airport... as well as the fact the Reno Airport is misspending $$$millions of FAA dollars funneled to it for a massive landgrab scheme at Rewana Farms.
Folks, Decker has displayed her concern for the community over and over again, year after year. Has anybody ever heard of the 2 shills who lameduck council critter Bill Newberg nominated and the council rubber-stamped???
It doesn't really matter though... since that "Do-Nothing" Noise Panel never does anything but talk about the noise, ignore 1000s of citizens' complaints, help funnel money to landgrab operations, and generally prostitute itself to/for the evil rotten Reno Airport aviation amateurs.
Judy Snell, another pro-active citizen who applied, was also rebuffed by city hall.
Reno lost one of its top watchdogs when Miguel Sepulveda passed away recently. As the founder and leader of Ahora Newspaper, Miguel was a true journalistic pioneer for the Reno area. He spent a lot of time standing up against the Special Interests while protecting the rights of the Hispanic community. Today the entire community is better off because of many of his actions. I did not always see eye-to-eye on some of the issues Miguel supported, but I certainly respected his zeal in espousing his feelings. He will be sorely missed and quite possibly impossible to replace. One of the real "good guys"!
SNCAT Television (chans 13 & 17) is a TAXPAYER-FUNDED $$$ operation. It was created solely to televise Reno area Government Meetings so that citizens who cannot attend the meetings could monitor THEIR government.
A startling revelation now finds local government crooks trying to coerce SNCAT Television into wrongful censorship of local government meetings.
1. Critical parts of Public Meetings have been cut; such as the "mysterious" 10 minute gap during public criticism of the Judges' Courts Complex issue that was being discussed at a Washoe County Meeting. And there is the now infamous "missing 60 seconds" of SNCAT video tape... when Sam Dehne was being manhandled out of a Public Meeting for refusing to obey Reno Airport's repulsive order to "sit down" and shut up.
2. SNCAT has even refused to air some recorded Public Government Meetings. Period.
3. These are very disturbing manipulations on the part of local (bad) government.
4. A look at the schedule these days reveals far too much pre-orchestrated propaganda fluff put on by the taxpayer-funded $million dollar city hall brainwashing machine.
5. What is also especially egregious and downright cowardly... is for these scandal-plagued government bureaucrats to be coercing the SNCAT rank and file workers into having to follow their perverted orders.
6. The evidence is overwhelming.
7. Censorship is one of the most dastardly forms of un-American double-dealing. Citizens are paying to watch their government... the good, the bad, and the ugly. They do not want to be hoodwinked.
8. Is it time for a Federal investigation into these deceptive practices?
I am as patriotic as the next guy. And I think the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are things of beauty to watch. But it is flat outright wrong when they bring all those expensive planes to Reno and fly around day after day. This is being done for the financial betterment of a PRIVATE function; the Reno Air Races. Citizens are charged large sums of money.
The very least that must be done is for the Reno Airport to replace the costs of the Blue Angel's operations back into the tax coffers... all of the costs.
The Special Interests want to call Reno's Harley Davidson brouhaha the "Rodeo Drive" for the Harley crowd. Isn't it more like "Mustang Ranch"... as Reno prostitutes itself to this ear-mutilating noise? I have nothing else against those noisy machines... that may be beautiful (and expensive). But if a typical citizen drove his car around making noise like that he would be ticketed the first time... and then arrested.
What ever happened to muffler laws?
There used to be a time when it rained in Reno the rain would clean a person's car. Now the car gets dirtier because of all the filth in the air. And remember... you are breathing that air.
Judge Kosach must be watching a lot of Reno city council replays. In a page right out of Sam Dehne's crusades at city hall, the Reno airport, RSCVA, and various other assorted local government bodies, judge Kosach stepped down from his bench during a trial and told the criminal in front of him that he was fed up. Although Sam's decorum has almost always been impeccable, his challenges to local government perversions appear to be of the Kosach vein... or is it vice versa?
The Reno Gazette jumped into judge Kosach's corner on this one. "Go get 'em judge." Hey Gazette... how about taking a similar "fair" stance with Sam... instead of all those lies and distortions of the truth? He's only doing what your hero is doing... challenging "evil" and "rotten" stuff. Heck you even used some of Sam's favorite words.

Sam's Loyal Followers Come Through! Today's (9/5/00) bizarre election results are more proof that the Reno/Washoe voting system is prostituted. Just look at the numbers concocted by the "machine"... especially Ward 3. Enough said.
On the other hand, this represents overwhelming support for Sam because his top campaign priority was to order his loyal followers to NOT VOTE. And more than 81% of them obeyed Sam. (He was the only person preaching this Platform; so there is no question he is the leader of the Don't Vote Party.) Sam's Don't Vote Party is by far the largest in the Reno/Washoe area. This is more proof that citizens would rather have Sam continue to be their Watchdog... instead of intermingled with the crooks at Reno city hall. While he was striving for a somewhat larger percentage, Sam is still very proud of these loyal followers. (Incidentally, if there had been a "Non of the Above" on the ballots, Sam might have recommended that option.) Why did Sam tell citizens to not vote, and why did citizens listen? Here's one of many reasons why: (Click here)
More never-ending evil at the Reno-Firestone International Airport continues unabated. Previously when the airport stole land from citizens, it ordered the people out of their homes and left them with about $150,000 per acre. More recently the price has escalated at an astronomical rate... to $1,200,000 per acre. Which can only mean that somebody "knows" somebody... or somebody has "something" on somebody.
Those airport aviation amateurs finally found a "willing seller"... by giving a landlord 10 times more money... than the previous innocent citizens... who were robbed.
And along with this latest scheme goes an average $50,000 moving allowance for Each of the renters on the land. That's one heck of an eviction "notice". But then, heck, it's not the airport's money... it's YOUR money!
("Firestone" has been added to the airport name in "honor" of the airport board's dedication to double-dealing cover-ups... causing deaths and mutilation of citizens' lives.)
- Not!
And while we are reporting on the crimes at the airport, here's one that even tops the last one. It is a fact that the Reno airport, itself, drastically exacerbated the flood of 1997 with its 100s of acres of concrete and virtual control of the huge drainage ditches. 1000s of citizens to the east had their homes flooded thanks to the massive (unnatural) diversion of water from the airport to their properties. Those poor citizens got about 10 CENTS on the dollar for their damage. The airport is getting over 10 DOLLARS on the dollar!
The previously dilapidated east-west (perpendicular) runway was "damaged". But thus far the federal government has funneled over $28,000,000 of our tax dollars to "repair" that runway. What they are actually doing with our tax dollars is completely rebuilding that dilapidated old runway. Corporate Welfare and Pork Barrel schemes take on a whole new meaning... when talking about the laundering of federal funds by the evil ayatollahs at the Reno airport and their conniving comrades at the FAA. Pork Barrel funding from senators Reid and Bryan add to the perfidiousness.
This citizen-molestation and other perversions will never end as long as people continue to be apathetic.
More from the weirder and more unbelievable: At the Washoe county commission meeting on 7 Sept, 2000, two concerned citizens spoke adamantly against the judges' plans for a massive taxpayer-funded courts complex. Guess what! Taxpayer-funded SNCAT TV (who in the past has done a yeoman's job... and who is responsible for televising the truth about government meetings) wrongfully edited and cut those 2 "anti-court complex" presentations so that citizens could not see the truth. All of the 2 hours of presentations in favor of the "$189,000,000" taxpayer-funded courts project made the "cut"; whereby citizens could see most of the commissioners literally peeing their pants to appease the judges. Surprise!
There are many laws pertaining to good government that were broken here... not the least of which is the demand that citizens be told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
The voting "situation" in Reno continues to be a sham. Everybody who follows government and cares about the community KNOWS that Sam Dehne is by far the best person to be mayor of Reno. But the perverted voting "system"... from the vote-counting charade to the billboard bribes... makes a mockery of local government. The well-oiled "machine" is staged, rigged, contaminated, orchestrated, and prostituted. In other words, it cannot be trusted.
Furthermore, all of the other candidates combined have not done as much to protect Reno citizens from their evil government as Sam... second place isn't even close. Sam knows more, fights more, tries more, writes more, and says more. What has Sam done lately? Click here
However, do not be surprised if Sam is not elected.
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The more the flights are cut back at the Reno Airport... the more money the Reno-Washoe gambling saloons make. It has been that way almost from the very day the airport traffic started plummeting about 2 years ago. There seems to be a direct corollary. What would the gambling profits look like if we shut the airport down and road the aviation amateur scalawag carpetbaggers (mis)running that corporate welfare pork-barrel scam out of town? Profits would possibly skyrocket even more! The very least that should be done... is move the airport out of downtown Reno.
- Not!
Another indictment of the local justice system will be on display on 22 September at 10AM... when a brutal murderer will appear in court and be given a "plea bargained" life sentence after committing one of the most heinous premeditated crimes in Nevada history (and THAT is saying a lot!). The murderer will be appearing before judge Janet Berry who is "scheduled'" to let this grotesque person off with a life sentence and supposedly the only thing left to conjecture is whether there is that good old "without possibility of parole".
Doing away with this scumbag under the normal death penalty technique is too good for him. He should have to feel the severe pain and fear that his victim suffered.
Instead, folks, taxpayers will waste well over $2,000,000 to feed, clothe, and protect him for however many years he gets away with. He should be executed and that money should be given to the victim's family... and it should come from this murderer's pockets.
By the way in case you weren't looking, this cowardly pervert raped, murdered, and then stuffed the poor little girl's body in a sleeping bag, set it on fire and threw it in a garbage can. Oh Lordy me... what an exposé of the Reno-Washoe "justice" system.
Which would you rather have next door to you? A gambling saloon or an adult book store? Tough question. One tries to distort your morals... the other relieves you of your money. You try to guess which is which...

These monstrous trucks driving up and down through our neighborhoods and school zones are like the Firestone/Ford fiasco. Anybody with an IQ, or an ounce of common sense, knows lives are in severe danger. But the authorities will not listen to reason... until some kid dies. This is also true with the ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms by the aviation amateur citizen molesters at the Reno Airport. Evil is taking place but without an honest TV, radio, and newspaper media, nobody knows... so nobody cares... until a catastrophe occurs. (The media likes catastrophes; they makes exciting news.)
The latest judicial atrocity has the "court" trying to throw the ACLU out... as a participant in Sam Dehne's Complaint against the Nevada Ethics Commission (those WHITEWASHING mouthpieces for fat cats). Sam filed a Complaint in federal court last November challenging the Ethics Commission's authority to fine a private citizen $5,000 for doing his civic duty. Although the preponderance of evidence demands a finding in Sam's favor, the stacked-deck system wants to eliminate the ACLU on the bogus technicality that maybe the attorney used the singular term plaintiff instead of plural plaintiffs... even though it was plainly explained that the ACLU was firmly involved and supported the charges against the evil ehtcomm. (Click here for the full story about these evil Public Officials.)


The 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) and the 14th Amendment (Equal Treatment under the Law) were created for Watchdogs... not Fanny Kissers. The Reno area media purports to identify certain Fanny Kissers as activists... when in fact they are charlatans... and the media knows it. The local media ignores or tries to castigate the true verifiable Watchdogs. Does anybody wonder why? It's because the repulsive fat cats fund the media!
At a recent meeting of the Reno Airport, one of Reno media's anointed activists officially called for a "mandating of civility" during Public Meetings. How far would the founding fathers have gotten if King George III had gotten away with "mandating civility" in the colonies?!?
I have reiterated over and over at Govt Meeting Public Comments... that America's proletariat citizens were given the 1st (freedom of speech) and 14th (equal treatment under the law) Amends to counterbalance and protect themselves against the massive power and abuses of government.
THEN our founding fathers gave us the 2nd Amend in case these other 2 failed.
We must protect our God-given right to possess arms!
Sam Dehne has been instrumental in making Granite Construction (and RSCVA) obey the law... as to where their trucks are NOT allowed to travel during the construction of the Convention Center and the Parking Lot. Granite and RSCVA may not like that they have to drive an extra mile to get back to their dirt. Too bad. Citizens have rights! And so do children.
What are they doing driving those monstrous triple trailer trucks up and down neighborhoods and school zones anyway?!? They WERE NOT designed for that! Next we will have the airlines trying to land 747s on our school playgrounds. Despite all the warnings, as of this report (8/28/00) the trucks are still marauding throughout Reno's neighborhoods... breaking the law.
By the way, Sam has this entire saga (names, companies, and dates) thoroughly documented and annotated in his safety deposit boxes... for the authorities.
Reno's Watchdog, Sam Dehne, exposes dangers, and Reno city hall "Red Tags" repulsive RSCVA parking lot scheme. Thanks to Sam Dehne those massive triple-trailer 18 wheelers should not be traveling up and down one of the densest children-intense neighborhoods in Reno... as the RSCVA tries to build a ridiculous convention center parking lot. Amazingly the dirt haulers were driving an extra 2 miles down Peckham Lane and Neil Road to get back to the freeway doing it the WRONG way... rather than simply "backtracking" less than 1/2 mile on Moana Lane. The noodleheaded scheme has been thwarted for now... saving wear and tear on streets and reducing neighborhood blight, noise and danger to the little children who cross Peckham Lane every day playing and going to and from schools. This is just another of dozens of reasons why Sam's Appeals of the Convention Center Project demand a Hearing. Let's hope judge Brent Adams will listen to reason. (click here)

The Reno Traffic division listened to Sam and listened to reason. Even though the Expansion Project itself is an insult to good government, the least that can be done is to make them keep the trucks out of city Neighborhoods and in commercial-industrial areas. Kudos!

RSCVA Owes Sam (at least) $100,000.
SUBJECT: Wasted Money on Wrong Truck Routes
Dear Sirs,
1. Please excuse my imperativeness, but this my invoice for $100,000 to be paid directly to me.
2. This represents approximately 20% of what I have saved your company by pointing out that the routes that were being used by your massive triple-trailer trucks here in Reno, Nevada were a very poor logistical setup.
3. Please see the attached rough drawing of the routes. Your trucks were delivering goods to the RSCVA Convention Center Parking Expansion Site by leaving the freeway and going directly to the site.
3a. However, rather than returning by the same (very short) route, they were driving an extra 2 miles in a long circuitous route through dense neighborhoods saturated with homes, schools, and children.
4. I pointed this blunder out to numerous Reno city hall and Granite Construction personnel, and told them that the job was being done wrong. As of today, thanks to my warnings, Reno city personnel have the project on hold while the situation is being corrected.
5. The only logical solution is the one I suggested; which is for the trucks to return to the freeway via the same (very short) route they came. This saves Granite a large amount of money AND makes Granite a more citizen-friendly company. (see attach)
6. A rough calculation of the of money I have saved Granite Construction (not to mention the reduction in noise, pollution, and chance for injury and death to children and citizens) can be accomplished:
a. 100's and 100's of huge trucks driving 2 extra miles during each of 100's and 100's of trips
b. multiplied by the amount of fuel wasted
c. and multiplied by the extra pay for the workers for each of those 100's and 100's of extra long trips
d. equates to many $$$hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for Granite Construction.
7. Please send the $100,000 check to the address below made out to: Sam D. Dehne
Your rapid attention to this matter is appreciated.
The RSCVA (Reno Sparks "Contaminating" Authority) is wasting some $250,000,000 of citizens tax bond money to expand its convention center 3 miles from the casinos. Thus far they have found only one convention that needs the expanded space... Safari Club that kills rare animals so they can hang their carcasses on the wall. Are there any other big conventions on the horizon? When asked this question over and over, the response is blank stares.
In the meantime the taxpayer-funded RSCVA has moved its 70 employees to the lavish downtown Black Kremlin (aka CalNeva building)... where they can hobnob with other taxpayer-funded organizations living high off the government trough. Who else is thumbing their noses at the public? Thus far we have found The Regional Governing Board and the Chamber of Commerce. Who knows who else is hiding in there?
The RSCVA could have saved citizens' taxes by renting some mobile homes and moving them to the RSCVA grounds. But what the heck, it's not THEIR money they are wasting... again!
When you see all the campaign sign blight (duh, you can't miss it!)... always remember that those signs almost always represent campaign bribes... and that whomever is elected will eventually have to pay back for those bribes. This also includes the TV and radio and mail propaganda you will soon be blitzed with. Have you ever seen any of those critters who are on the signs down at city hall protecting Reno citizens from their government? No! Or, at best verrry rarely. Should you vote for anybody who endangers the community with sign blight? No! Most importantly, DO NOT vote for anybody on the Reno Planning Commission who is running for ANY office. They have already proven themselves to be cronyistic surrogates of the mendacious fat cats who appointed them to the Planning Commission.
Consider joining the Don't Vote Party. 70% of the local citizens already belong ("click" here).
The Reno Airport aviation amateurs have joined in cahoots with Reno city hall as they ethnically cleansed Rewana Farms, Reno... and stole homes from dozens of innocent citizens. They lied and said it was too noisy for the citizens; even though not one citizen ever complained about the noise. Under the guise of "Noise", the Airport embezzled massive sums of federal taxes and condemned the land. This is being done primarily for the benefit of the Greedy Griffin Gang that is led by Mister Griffin who has the illegal kickback $$$$$contract to run an illegal Foreign Trade Zone out of the stolen properties after they finish leveling the homes.
Anecdote: Now that the first phase of ethnic cleansing is complete, the Airport wants to abandon the streets that used to take the innocent citizens to and from their homes. However city hall wants to be compensated for the roads. And what we now have folks, is 2 bandits fighting over the stolen contraband. A real donnybrook. The Reno Airport aviation amateurs, always true to their stupidity and perversions, voted to abandon the streets with no compensation. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this terribly sordid affair.
Will the EDAWN (Economic Devastating Authority of Western Nevada) "darlings" survive the dotcom shakeout? This illegally operated tax-funded government organization is relying heavily on companies such as Amazondotcom and IGodotcom... touting them as 21st century topnotch job-creating businesses... that will save Reno. Take a look at the critters involved in EDAWN and you will see there is not enough savior faire and business knowledge to keep a good garbage company running for long (pardon us for maligning the garbage industry). This would all be their own problem... except there are lots of citizens' taxes involved and if these companies go boobies-up, the taxpayers will be handicapped with even more burdens.
Anecdote: Why wouldn't a company want to move to Reno (or Nevada for that matter)? The corporate welfare benefits for businesses are the best (worst for the taxpayer) in the nation. There is no state corporation tax and no state inventory tax. So now you can stop wondering why every other vehicle you see on the street is a massive 18 wheeler diesel truck. This is not meant to denigrate the trucking industry. But huge trucking and warehousing operations should not be intermingled with homes and schools... like they are in Reno. And they definitely should not be solicited and subsidized... like they are in Reno... for the greedy good of the Griffin Gang.
Note: When in Reno... Don't breathe the Air!
For those who missed it, on 1 August, 2000, Reno city hall in a 2 1/2 minute Public Hearing (with no staff report or discussion whatsoever) and with no allowance for Public input rubberstamped a $90,000,000 bond scheme for the first part of the Railroad trench. There was no discussion by council members and it was all done so quickly that citizens in the audience were dumbfounded. They were dumbfounded because city hall didn't even try to hide the fact that this outlandish "decision" was obviously made in secret behind closed doors away from the public. Folks, your citizen-molesting government continues to be alive and well in Reno. By the way that $90,000,000 translates into some $250,000,000 in citizens' taxes by the time it is paid off. Oh and the audio system was "conveniently" inoperative so SIN-CAT public television was unable to record the scam.
Alert! DA receives new heart, Washoe citizens rejoice.
Reno citizens now hoping for some brain transplants at city hall.
The RSCVA (legally named the "Parks and Recreation Board") spends almost no money doing the thing it was created to do. It was NOT created to build convention centers. But that is what it is doing... becoming a taxpayer funded corporate welfare cash cow for Special Interests and elected critters Construction Industry cronies.
Assuming a massive convention center was legal, where would Plato, Aristotle, and King Solomon put it?
Would they put it in downtown Reno... where 90% of the hotel rooms are? Or on the outskirts of town where there are very few hotel rooms... and where the road rage and grid lock will emasculate once quiet and peaceful neighborhoods? It is fun to watch the downtown gambling saloon moguls slug it out with the out of towner gambling saloon moguls...
Former boss of the RG-Jester, Sue Clark Johnson, has moved on to a bigger newspaper. Her departing act was to resign from her conflict-of-interest position on the Board of Directors of Harrahs Corp. Too late!
The barn door was closed long ago... and the horses are out. Can we expect things to be more honest at the RG-Jester? Don't hold your breath.
City hall illegally snuck a premature $90,000,000 Rairlroad trench bond approval past the citizens on Tues (8/1/00). The double-dealing scheme received 3 inches of mention on about page 4D of the RG-Jester.
37. Blackmail and extortion are standard operating procedure for the brass at the Reno Airport. The airport czar admitted during an official meeting that companies that are hired to conduct noise studies are given preference for "their ability to testify at condemnation trials". Citizens already suspected that... now they know. Such was the case earlier this year when the truth was distorted beyond belief at several "trials" where the Reno Airport was allowed to steal land away from innocent homeowner-victims in Rewana Farms. Nobody in Rewana ever complained to the airport about the noise. How do you spell "blackmail" and "extortion". That is what is happening when the airport hires a noise company to testify in the manner the airport wants it to.
36. It is time for Southeast (and NE, and NW, and SW) Reno to annex itself away from the pompostuous potentates who pervertedly preside with their polyester pompadores... in the kingdom that is known as Reno city hall.
35. Taxpayer-funded Agencies Circle the Wagons... in Downtown Beautiful Building:
* Once again we have citizen's taxes paying for lavish Public Servant lifestyle... in an expensive (black) Ivory Tower in downtown Reno.
* Why are so many Govt and Pseudo-Govt agencies (RSCVA, Commerce Chamber, Regional Govt Planning Agency, etceteras... that are publicly-funded directly and/or indirectly) ensconcing themselves in outlandishly expensive office space?
* Nobody can get anybody with intelligence to believe that office space on North Wedekind Road is more expensive than space in a luxurious downtown high rise building. NO WAY JOSE! The Smell Test continues to be tested.
* Once again, we have local govt wreaking of conflict of interest, self-serving, and trough-feeding.
* But then what's new.
* It's just another example of the Special Interests thumbing their collective noses at the citizens... this time joining together so they can better conspire against the welfare of the community.
* Those thousands of good hard-working Public Servants who are willing to work in reasonable conditions should be outraged.
34. Airliner crashes into ocean. Defective tail screw discovered in wreckage. Airlines continue to fly these MD-80s despite potential for disaster. Sam Dehne points out folly of the FAA's ways at Reno Airport public meeting. Next day MD-80s ordered into emergency rapid 2-day inspections. We will never know how many lives were saved. Thank you Sam! (Note: the FAA should have grounded the MD-80s until the part was inspected. Some continued flying with un-inspected potentially flawed tail screws.)
33. Where's our money? Reno city hall (wrongfully) invested $7.9 million, to be paid back (to citizens) with a percentage of theater profits... if there are any... which there won't be.
The theater has reportedly grossed $265,000 in first 3 weeks of operation ($85,000/week). The RGJ then reports that the (our) theater gets only about 10% of ticket price; with the rest going to the movie company. That leaves about $8,500 a week to pay the help, the bills, and the loan - or about 4 tenths of 1%, assuming the help gets paid zero and the lights are free!
Result: The $7,900,000 loan will never be paid off. Won't even come close.
THERE IS NOTHING LEFT OVER FOR RENO! The $8500 a week isn't even enough to pay the property taxes on the theater; let alone interest on the loan.
Is anybody else not surprised? And now we have new ownership... also out to make a buck. And guess what... they won't even guarantee to keep this albatross open.
32. You know Reno is in deep trouble when the biggest headlines report that Elton John is coming to town. And when airport traffic is way down... yet gambling "take" is way up...
31. The bad news and the good news about that state of the city speech:
a. You missed it.
b. You didn't miss anything.
It's not what you say... it's how you say it!
The latest "state of the city" propaganda speech given by the man posing as mayor of Reno says it all.
(Lousy) government of, by, and for the fat cats... presented only to fat cats.
If you missed it, don't feel badly. This time you had to pay money to find out just how rotten things are in your city, Reno.
A breakfast with another of those ubiquitous organizations... with the same old names of the "usual suspects" that one finds as appointees on the same old regular govt bodies... was the scene of the crime... for the latest brainwashing blather by Griffin.
But this time he was wasting the time of mostly his elitist friends at this cabal called WIN (Western Industrial Nevada). The brochure said "Members" were allowed and they had to pay. And then if they wanted to bring a "Guest", the guest had to pay even more.
Griffin was excited and relieved that the "sniveling malcontents", the "non-compliant minority", and the homeless street urchins weren't bothering him.
He was truly among friends... where it is always easier to stretch the truth... as he is wont to do.
This may not seem like big potatoes. But it is; because it represents another manifestation of this city hall regime's arrogant and audacious treatment of the outsider-common-folk... who did not contribute massive amounts of "pre-bribes" to the city council campaigns.
How long are Reno citizens going to put up with this crap?
30. From the Have You Heard There's a Golf Game Planned Category?
"Reno Tahoe Open - Yeh!"
Nothing against the game of golf, but don't you feel that if you hear that commercial (paid for by citizens' taxes) one more time... you will hurl?
They ought to have a contest to see who can guess how many times it has played. My guess would be 15,000 times... I KNOW I have heard it, myself, at least 1,000 times.
If it is worth seeing, the people will find their way there.
29. Super-secret taxpayer-funded government agency EDAWN recently unveiled its Vision for the community... including plans to deal with the "non-compliant minority". It appears they have put their plan into action at the Reno Airport... where guards are now standard paraphernalia at Public Meetings. Adolph Hitler was adept at dealing with the non-compliant minority.
(EDAWN is that fat cat-dominated organization that solicits and subsidizes companies to come to the area. Historically, these companies do not pay their way when it comes to negative aspects of the community.)
28. The Teacher's Union is right to demand that big businesses start paying at least some state taxes (they pay none now... getting away Scott free). If the businesses don't start paying... then YOU will be paying more via increased property and sales taxes.
Right now these businesses are living on corporate welfare... so what's new?!?
Maybe if business were not the beneficiaries of so much corporate welfare in Nevada, they would stop coming here and there would be less need for increased taxes on the citizenry to pay for the increased problems (need for more schools, roads, police, etch, etch) they bring.
Super-secret fat-cat mouthpiece EDAWN has lured very few businesses to town... that have done any good for the area.
27. The Reno Airport Polling Machine continues to put out more garbage. It has "bribed" one of their "experts" to come up with the "facts"... that the airport brass is looking for. Their attempt to brainwash citizens into thinking cargo hubbing is good for Reno is pure hogwash. The poll should be taken only amongst the citizens who will be directly adversely affected.... not some disinterested people up at Lake Tahoe or over in Truckee.
26. The latest stupid theory wherein the Reno Airport and the Postal Service (USPS) claim there is no need to have to follow the law because they are hiring someone else (a "third party") to do its dirty work is about as disconjerkutigulated as it gets.
The Postal Service and the Reno Airport are trying to beg out of a badly-needed full-blown study of the myriad negative ramifications of its attempted Postal Hub attack on Reno.
It's as dumb as saying that if someone hires someone else (a "third party") to murder their neighbor, then they are not breaking the law. Just more typical Reno Airport hogwash!
24. Casino baron John Ferahi (as the lesser or 2 evils) should have been selected chair of the Reno Airport... as opposed to Geno Menchetti... who lives at Tahoe and is an attorney... as well as being an aviation amateur... oh, and because he is (was) attorney for AGE (Joe Conforti's Mustang brothel operation).
One could say he gained proper experience working for a whore house... for the job he has now... at the airport... except I don't want to insult the prostitution profession.
23. FAA Air Traffic Controller admits that FAA sacrifices safety of Airlines' on-time departure records. On June 25 the Duty Controller at Reno Airport stated that small private planes are allowed to turn at extremely low altitudes over schools and residences... in order that airliners behind them can takeoff without delay.
Besides being stupid, noisy, and ludicrous, this dereliction of duty is flat outright dangerous!
This "Controller" also claimed he had no control over the light planes... that basically they can do anything they want... period. That was this "Controller's" claim.
a.. In 1997 a light plane crashed into one of these exact same schools... avoiding dozens of deaths by a pure miracle... as the plane passed within just a few feet of the heads of hundreds kids playing in the schoolyard.
b. The FAA gave the Reno Airport $$$millions of your tax dollars to confiscate dozens of homes from innocent citizens... supposedly so the area would be used as a safety and noise buffer.
c. Why don't they show some sense and make all of the departing planes fly over this buffer.. and stop annoying and endangering thousands of citizens time and time again each day?
d. The tragic death of John Kennedy and the aftermath of fallout that reveals the FAA allows veritable brand new amateurs to fly dangerous airplanes over citizens homes is an indictment of their true paralysis of habit.22. Isn't it reasonable to demand that no person convicted of a crime should serve on a body that judges the ethics of any citizen?21. Reno Pays $100,000,000 for 200,000 square feet of Convention Center expansion.
Las Vegas pays $150,000,000 for 1,200,000 square feet of Convention Center expansion.
What is wrong with this picture? Somebody is getting gypped very badly.... or there is some cronyistic perversion perpetrating the purveyors of (bad) government in northern Nevada...>20. Boneheaded Business: The Reno Airport aviation amateurs brag that their Going Postal will reduce airline landing fees 5 cents per 1000 pounds of airplane weight. THAT results in a total of a measely-whopping $250,000 "saving" PER YEAR... for ALL the airlines serving Reno. BIG DEAL!
It's just more nauseating brainwashing of the citizens. If the Reno Airport is operating on such a thin shoestring, it is in even bigger trouble than we thought... 19. Reno Gazette bi-weekly mouthpiece for the fat cats, Frank Partlow is at it again. What he needs to do is ask; Who wins, who loses, who pays, and what do the people think? Given the facts, the vast majority would say "No!" to the noodleheaded Postal Scheme. Fat cats win. Citizens lose. Citizens pay. And the vast majority think it is a dangerously dumb thing to do.
19a. If Reno city hall wants to Go Postal, let them do it with a new cargo runway on the Asamera property east of town.
19b. The man posing as mayor would not like that. His illegal monopolistic FTZ contract does not extend to that land. He "only" has 17,000 acres of ill-gotten operations in the Reno/Sparks/Stead vicinity.
18. The latest RSCVA scheme has these special interest mouthpieces trying to sell golf courses that Reno and Washoe citizens already own... right back to the citizens who already own them. And the government "leaders" are "buying" into this swindle.
18a. The RSCVA is taking sealed bids from Reno, Sparks, and Washoe government "leaders". And those "leaders" are actually sending in bids... to buy these 2 golf courses that their constituents already own.
18b. Why are they wasting citizens' taxes on this dimwitted scheme? To bail out the financially strapped RSCVA. That's why. The RSCVA is in deep doodoo because of terrible blunders such as huge cost overruns at the Bowling Stadium.
18c. This is worse than a pyramid scheme... using citizens' tax money to buy these golf courses and then selling them back to the citizens! Kind of like the "game" where there are three cups and even when you know where the pea (money) is... when the cup is lifted... the pea is gone. Guess where it went.
18d. And our "leaders" are falling for it. There go more of your taxes... down the drain. 18f. Remember this is the same RSCVA (whose Board is composed of the self-serving "usual suspects") that is about to jump deeper into the financial frying pan with a feebleminded scheme to expand the convention center despite objections from its recently departed-under-mysterious-conditions finance minister. An Environmental Impact Study (to investigate the noise, blight, danger, traffic congestion, true cost implications, and negative impact on 1,000s of citizens living the area) is a mandatory minimum requirement that is being totally ignored. There has been absolutely no discussion of the fact that parking will be eliminated. How do you spell "blight"? How do you spell "sprawl"? How do you spell "noodlehead government"?
17. The latest taxpayer-funded brainwashing propaganda being perpetrated by the elitist fat cats tries to convince you that "We love this place"... even though Reno has:
18% annual property tax increases, bad air quality, sleazy politics, terrible pot-holed streets, radiation, contaminants in the water, wasting of taxes, kickback contracts, runaway construction blight, noisy airport, uncontrolled big rig diesel truck traffic everywhere, and worse. Of course the elitists up on the hills shelter themselves from all this blight. The only thing missing is a sex scandal...
16. Washoe's Special Interest Commission proved once again that it is an orchestrated Kangaroo Court... when it re-appointed an aviation amateur from faraway Lake Tahoe to the RENO Airport Board. They broke rules of good govenment by not allowing a far more qualified citizen (who lives near, and knows about, the blight of the airport) to interview for this position.
15. Reno city hall's propaganda czar is resigning. Could it be he is just too tired and embarrassed about having to front for the feebleminded antics of this regime? Remember, before the arrival of Sam Dehne and a contingent of dedicated citizens, the city hall propaganda machine consisted of a single person with about a $70,000 budget. Now its budget has "bloated" to over a $million $dollars and the staff grows bigger every day.
14. Second Amendment Gun Bumper Stickers:
* If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
* The Second Amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.
* 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one today.
* Guns have two enemies: rust and politicians.
* Know guns = be safe. No guns = nobody's safe.
* Criminals love gun control - it makes their jobs safer.
* Gun control is using both hands.
13. Reno city hall confessed that even if the Railroad Trench Scheme is found to be too expensive and environmentally disasterous... they plan to continue collecting those $$$millions of dollars of taxes. This is nothing less than subterfuge for THEFT. "It's time to rock the (expletive deleted) boat!"
12. Clinton and gang are afraid of American casualties. The fact is that there have been casualties already:
Estimates of the amount of money spent on this fiasco thus far range from $2 to $7 billion.
Taking even the low side; how many lives could have been saved if that money could have been dedicated to health programs, housing, better schools, police protection, etc, etc... instead of to bombs and fuel and various other military expenses?
The direct casualties as a result of this mess are so large... as to be uncountable... and that doesn't even "count" future casualties due to more $$billions being wasted.
What could 200,000 needy American families [$2,000,000,000 (low-side estimate) divided by $10,000 per family] each do with $10,000... to improve their health and/or save their lives and the lives of friends and loved ones? A lot more "good" than what is being done with it now... blowing up homes of innocent Yugoslavs and creating an environmental disaster in the middle of Europe.
12a. And if giving out $10,000 to 200,000 needy families sounds socialistic and welfaristic... it is better than wasting the money on bloating the already bloated "corporate" welfare coffers of these giant industrial/military/political giants.
11. Citizens are sick and tired of the Reno Airport's discriminatory purchase of selectively "targeted" Noise-Blasted homes. All homes within 2 miles of the Reno Airport are being attacked by airport instigated noise and pollution and thus... MUST BE PURCHASED.
10. More Reno-style Hogwash Government. Telling people how loud and dangerous these cargo flight will be... will not make them less loud and dangerous.
10a. Turning Reno into a warehousing and trucking monstrosity is more Hogwash Government. Low-paying jobs, airplane/truck pollution, big corporations not paying taxes to offset the terrible blight they create.... bad bad bad. Hogwash Government!
9. Reno Airport goes "postal"... plans to "bombard" dozens of 1,000s of innocent citizens with noise pollution and "regular" pollution from all-day and all-night cargo flights. Thus the term "going postal" is taken to a whole new nasty level.
8. Giving the Reno airlines a preposterous award like a "Quiet Airline" trophy is like handing out a "Benevolent Bully" award... or a "Charitable Casino" award.
7. Big rig trucks are driving on the wrong streets in school and residential areas. Does the city council tell the police to direct them to proper truck routes? No. They change the law and make these dangerous streets truck routes. Noodlehead government once again, folks. If a child is killed by one of these trucks, it won't be negligence. It will be downright criminal. The solution to this is a no-brainer.
6. Will the Ethnic Cleansing of the American citizens in the Rewana Farms concentration camp, in Reno, Nevada ever end? Thus far about half of the populace has been scourged and 9 have died from the onslaught. The Reno Airport continues its diabolical plot to steal the land and use it to enhance their corporate greed.
5. Notorious Nevada Senate Bill 477 is worded thusly: "A bill to raise taxes on rental of transient lodging to pay certain costs related to tourism..."
It should have said: "A bill to raise room taxes to pay for a bigger Reno Convention Center (for the casinos)..."
This is more (bad) government subterfuge and bullhockey...
4. More plain stupidity at city hall: There is a "Bike Path" sign every 100 feet for the entire length of Neil Road... one every 100 feet. Those signs should be shared with other bike paths that have NO Bike Signs.
3. More Corporate Welfare... this time called CDBGs (Community Development Block Grants). In the most recent case, city hall and its cronies used these taxes to keep the "hired help" segregated at Neil Road... away from the elitists.
3a. "Grants" are citizens' taxes disguised as... "Grants".
2. Anybody who has kept an eye on Reno Gazette mouthpiece, retired army general Frank Partlow, has to wonder why it keeps him "on staff". Could it be because, as chief propagandist and "hand-shaker" for the Northern Nevada Network and other Special Interests, he feeds his superiors ego-enhancing twaddle that they want to hear?
1. Among the plethora of stupid things going on in Reno (and there are a lot of them) are those taxpayer-funded corporate welfare "driven" city buses... running around with virtually no passengers. This is a direct result of local pseudo-government agencies (in this case the RTC) being run by appointed amateurs... who are subservient to their masters... the casinos and developers.
These people obviously have no desire to protect our taxes. Driving empty buses that pollute the neighborhoods and waste $$$millions of taxes is numbskull government.
1a. When in Reno... Don't breathe the Air.
1. The massive increase in 18-wheeler big rigs in and about Reno's residential neighborhoods is a another reflection of the secret kickback contract that Reno's pseudo-mayor, Griffin, has with his cronies at the Reno Airport. Attacks like these on the quality of life throughout northern Nevada are not only condoned, but promoted, by your public servants... from the elected officials down to their highly-paid bureaucrats who are (mis) running many of Reno's departments. Click here to read more about the trucker-mayor's involvement in this quagmire.
1a. Private investigations have exposed that this never-ending ubiquitous quagmire of cronyism includes at least the mayor-mimicker, many of his "business" pals who have funneled huge sums of bribes to him via the campaign trail, and the Reno Airport... to name just a few. 1. The mayor and councilmen shall not:
(b) Be elected to any office... the compensation for which, was increased
or fixed by the city council until 1 year after the expiration of the term for which he
was elected.
2. Any person holding any office proscribed [forbidden] in Sec 1. shall automatically
forfeit his office.

This was created to be an "Anti-Nest Feathering Device"... to prevent exactly what this
city council did just 2 weeks ago... voted themselves a pay raise... AND voted
themselves right out of office.
Folks, this is as plain as day. Any idiot can understand it. There is no way this mayor can now
legally stay in office. He must (by even the sloppiest interpretation of this law) be removed.
3. Shouldn't all elected and appointed officials have to be sworn in and take the same oath as
witnesses in court? Penalties for lying and violations to be... loss of office, barred from holding office again,
forfeiture of estates, hanging, etc? Oh, and tar and feathering...
2. The Reno Airport top dog director MUST be ordered to live within 2 miles of the airport (preferably to the south) as a mandatory condition of employment. She should have to be subjected to the terrible noise, danger, and blight that dozens of thousands of ordinary citizens must put up with every day. She and her spouse should have to know what it is like for an airliner to fly past their bedroom at 2 in the morning. Maybe this might quell the terrible cancerous growth being instigated by the Reno/Casino/Business Airport.
1. The Reno/Casino/Business Airport Board thinks it is okay for board members to have secret one-on-one meetings away from the NEEDED scrutiny of the public. This atrocious insult to good government was verified by their new citizen-paid-for full-time attorney.

United States Constitution Bill of Rights (Click here)
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