The Things Left Out, or... Whooze Fooling Whom?

In one of its "regular" newspaper editorials, Reno city hall left a few things off of its list of "good things to tell" about Reno... that city hall thinks it can be proud of.
Here are just a few of those things it "forgot" to mention:
Lousiness of the air,
The sound (and smell) of those 18 wheeler diesels driving up and down neighborhoods,
The proliferation of secret government contracts to and between city hall cronies,
The ever-increasing magnitude of the tax-funded city and airport Propaganda Machines... that have quickly grown to cost over $1,000,000 each,
Apathetic (25%) voter turnout... and prostituted Voting Machine,
Body Snatching (aka kidnapping... aka annexation... aka sphere of influence meddling) of 1,000s of citizens who want to be left alone; and want nothing to do with Reno government,
Taxpayer funding of the Atlantis Saloon expansion that has destroyed a once pleasant neighborhood,
Window dressing of government meetings... when knowledgeable citizens recognize that major decisions are made before they are "discussed" at Open Meetings,
Camouflaging of public meeting agendas,
Cancerous traffic congestion... everywhere that the peons live,
Ongoing proliferation of cronyism,
Ongoing proliferation of conflicts of interest,
Taxpayers paying for a boneheaded trench for the railroad... and for casinos... and of course for the construction industry,
Disjointed concern about railroad noise... but total disregard for Reno Airport noise that is far worse,
Confiscation of homes from innocent citizens; so that a huge military complex can be built in the middle of Reno... destroying the quality of life for dozens of 1,000s of citizens,
Property tax revenues that have escalated at 18% per year for 4 years in a row,
Continuing low grades for (lack of) ethics,
A bowling stadium that still does not pay for itself,
Streets and roads that are still a disgrace,
Funneling of huge sums of Public Money into the private elitist Mayors Conference,
Funneling of huge sums of money by casinos and developers to the mayor's campaign... and subsequent "payback" by the mayor,
EDAWN's (a tax-funded body of cronyistic elitists) secret meetings; where they make decisions that devastate Reno,
The mayor unilaterally appointing a friend Mayor for the Day in return for free radio time to promote his mayoral campaign,
City council voting itself a bloated payraise... after the ciitzens turned such a self-serving scheme down overwhelmingly,
City hall's violation of the City Charter (Sec 1.080) that specifically says a mayor cannot serve in the next election term after participating in concoction of a self-serving pay raise,

Never-ending Rubberstamping of each blight-infested development... as long as the developer has greased city hall,
City Hall's continuing failure to sound and honor the will of the people via referendum votes for big issues,
Committees and boards continuing to be stacked with representatives of powerful special interests.
Do you get the point?
To sum up what they failed to report; there are the endless sneaky machinations by Reno city hall to serve and protect itself and its members against the interests of you, the People of Reno. What ever happened to "government of the people, by the people, and for the people"... or just plain integrity?
How can they be permitted to continuously violate the laws of Nevada and the laws of good government?

Kind of gives you a warm... itchy feeling, doesn't it?

Sam Dehné

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