Sam Dehné Saves Reno Airport
Recognizing the abject folly and potential danger of a huge debt burden, the Reno Airport Board of appointed fat cat surrogates finally came to its senses and canceled the numskull plan to build a huge military base in the middle of Reno.
The brand new Reno airport executive dictator, relying on the exact reasoning that Sam had been "preaching" to the airport Board for over 3 years, decided that the Reno airport would quite possibly go bankrupt if it continued to spend money helping move the Nevada Air National Guard.
Latest estimates in current dollars had the move projected to cost some $80,000,000... far too much for the Reno airport to afford without its usual pork barrel assistance from Washington... which did not appear to be forthcoming.
It is more than irritating to note that had the Reno airport listened to Sam in the beginning, it would have saved well over $3,000,000... of wasted tax dollars... that the taxpayer must now eat.
The new Reno airport executive dictator received numerous kudos and an official commendation. Where are the commendations for Sam... and Jackie Decker... and Gil Weikel? These were the real forces "driving" the Reno airport Board to its senses. Without their patriotic guidance, the Reno airport might have been "driven" to financial disaster.

Reno's Rewana Farms Concentration Camp Remains Under Attack
Thanks to the determined dedication of a small cadre of citizens, the Reno Airport has been forced to cancel its noodleheaded scheme to build a huge military complex in the middle of Reno. Unfortunately, the noodleheads continue to perpetuate their perverted plot to confiscate land away from the innocent citizens in the already devastated Rewana Farms concentration camp area.
For several years the Reno Airport plotted to move the Nevada Air Guard onto the ill-gotten land... but has apparently found that there is not enough $$$$ pork in that barrel to feed this corporate welfare scheme.
The Air Force refused to belly up to that trough any more.
Thus far the airport has confiscated many homes from Reno citizens by using "free" federal Noise money obtained under false pretenses. Citizens have been forced to spend their life savings defending themselves against the fat cat debauchers of democracy.
Sadly this comes after 8 citizens have given their lives in defense of their homes during this onslaught.
It is now beginning to look as if the Reno Airport brass might have been using the Nevada Air Guard as dupes all along. Letting them be the scapegoats for all the bad publicity and wrath that has been generated in the community against bad government run berserk. If this is true, it is not nice.
Will there ever be any honorable accountability at the Reno Airport or at the Reno city hall that controls the Reno Airport? Maybe... when pigs fly... out of that pork barrel.
Sam Dehne

Will Reno Airport Dedicate Its Taxpayer-Funded Golf Course to the Hearing-Impaired?
Noise, danger, pollution, blight, and integrity are words the Reno Corporate-Welfare Airport has difficulty comprehending... or giving a dingaleedang about.
In one of its most brazenly perverted propositions yet, the Reno Airport and its brand new executive dictator want to build a golf course on land that was taken away from innocent citizens... because the FAA and Airport "demanded" that it was too noisy. This hideous landgrab of the Home Gardens neighborhood was paid for with YOUR TAXES. And now the airport wants to further bloat its coffers and pocket outlandish profits.
The golf course will be within a football field's length of the end of the main runway.
Airliners and cargo jets taking off and landing will be just a couple of hundred feet above golfers... spewing out polluting fuel residue and blasting innocent golfers with up to 130 decibels of brain-shattering noise. The jets will come within a few hundred feet of the heads of the golfers as they try to line up for a putt.
And of course the airport (with the concurrence of their partners in devastation - the notoriously misguided and often confused FAA) would perpetrate the preposterous postulation that there is no danger to the innocent golfers.
With the terrible noise all around, it is only logical that only hard of hearing citizens should be allowed on the course. And for those who aren't hard of hearing when they step foot on the golf course, they will be by the time they finish a few rounds.
And since these hearing-impaired citizens won't hear the jets, they presumably won't be aware of all the danger and pollution around them. And, as the Reno Airport probably figures, what they don't know (or hear, see, smell) won't hurt them. All that counts are the greedy profits... an abject insult to the hearing-impaired community.
What do the 100s of former homeowners who were forced out because of "noise" think about this?
Reno citizens were told that the new highly-paid "boss" at the Reno Airport was supposed to bring more talent, more integrity, more morality to the airport operations. So far, just the opposite is happening. The secret meetings, the collusion with big special Interests, the coercion of innocent citizens is escalating the chaos at an alarming pace.
All citizens should deplore the funneling of taxes into airport boondoggles like this.
Sam Dehné
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