Just Say No to More Reno City Hall Downtown Rip Off "Visions"

As you work your way toward trying to keep your heads above water playing by the rules, your esteemed so-called Reno city government... and an entourage of Special Interests, assorted lackeys, media mouthpieces, and "community leaders"... is jaunting off to the east coast to find more new ways to squander your taxes. (First Class seating only! Pass the caviar please.)
The crookery and secret government continue unabated... as the man posing as mayor and 2 councilmembers and city manager fly back to be wined and dined in Baltimore... discussing city deals in pseudo-illegal secret meetings.
3 city councilmembers out of 7 is pretty darn close to a quorum... a wrongfully gathered majority. (Nevada law forbids Reno city council from meeting in packs of 4 or more - UNLESS THEY ARE AT AN OFFICIAL PUBLIC MEETING.) The Nevada Attorney General's office scoffs at such insults to good government... allowing them to be mis-described as "briefings". Who gives a hoot about the law when it comes to this greedy gang?
These publicly funded (by your taxes) trips were not agendized or discussed in official open city meetings... nor were citizens given the details of just what sort of bribes would be offered to entice more developers to Reno. Big deals like this must not be decided "behind closed doors".
This has all the lousy trappings of the McMillan-River-Theater scheme... maybe worse. That time several council members met secretly down in San Diego and gave away YOUR river. Who knows what these critters will give away this time?
Be prepared for some brainwashing window-dressing at a city council meeting one of these days... BUT NOT UNTIL AFTER the deals are "done" behind those closed doors... amidst the martinis and cigars... and thumbing of noses at the citizenry.
Dictatorship by Oligarchy is what this is.
Don't forget that the person posing as Reno mayor and his fat cat cronies are guilty of never-ending nefarious schemes that feather their nests... not the least of which is the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Rewana Farms where 10 innocent civilians have died so far.
Someday we can envision these elitists sitting at the top of their downtown palatial taxpayer funded buildings... looking down on Reno's latest tourist attraction... armadas of huge big-rig dump trucks bringing more and more California garbage to the area.
How long will these shameless people be able to get away with this prostituted perfidiousness?
As long as the citizens let them!

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It Is Way Past Time for Nevada's Attorney General to Put a Stop to these Lamebrains
Nevada Attorney General
100 N Carson St,
Carson City, Nevada 89701 (via FAX and mail)
9 June, 1999
Subject: More Reno City Hall Circumventions of Nevada's Open Meeting Law and Clandestine Trips to Baltimore
Dear Nevada Attorney General,
Once again Reno city hall has blatantly circumvented the Laws of Nevada. With no public discussion, certain members of Reno government unilaterally took it upon themselves to have meetings with developers and other critters to talk about, and possibly arrive at, major decisions involving the Public's business and massive amounts of Public money.
On 3 June, 1999, three city council members and an entourage of business people took it upon themselves to fly back to Baltimore to have secret meetings... in abject violation of the very purpose for the existence of the Nevada Attorney General.
Your first reaction might be to want to call the secret meetings of these Public Officers "briefings"... as you have done in the past. Don't do that. This time Reno city hall has taken a quantum leap into new perversions... designed specifically to get around the rules of good government, again.
As you well know, elected Public Officers are not to meet in a quorum (which in Reno city hall's case would be 4 people) and discuss Public business. Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa's poignant preamble to the Open Meeting Law manual says: "... the crucible of democracy is that a government cannot be by the people and for the people unless it exercises its powers under the scrutiny of the people." After all the fine print and flapdoodle, THAT is what the Open Meeting Law is all about.
Reno city hall, however, has further fine-tuned its ability to circumvent Nevada's Open Meeting Law.
The city manager, with the acquiescence of several of these council members, divided the Reno council up "just right" (so there would be no "official" quorum) into packs of 3 members (6/3/99)... and 2 members (pre-planned for 6/18/99)... and 2 members (pre-planned for 6/25/99).
Obvious and arrogant premeditated ruses by city "leaders" designed to circumvent Nevada's Open Meetings Law must not be tolerated and longer. Citizens have rights and enough is enough.
As of today the specific culprits are Mr Jeff Griffin, Mr Charles McNeely, Mr Tom Herndon, and Mr Pierre Hascheff.
Your office is entrusted with the sacred duty to prevent such mendaciousness as well as appropriately punishing guilty Public Officers. No more window-dressing and no more whitewashing should be allowed. They are doing terrible things and your office has to stop them. No quibbling and no alibis allowed this time!
Much of the investigative discovery can be attributed to the courageous hard work of Reno Gazette reporter, Robert Anglen (see attached article exposing the scheme).
Sam Dehne
297 Smithridge
Reno, Nevada 89502
cc Center for Public Integrity, via email
Local Media
Senators Reid and Bryan
Governor Kenny Guinn

Letter to editor:
Reno Citizen.......

Isn't this a bunch of BS. I can not find an appropriate word for the behavior of this group of thieves. Eminent domain? Wait until they scoop up Joan Mack's property down town. Those damned casinos have been a part of this all along. You and your staff are brave and I sometimes wonder where you scrape up the energy to go on...... Furthermore, where did they get access to this bottomless pit of money that they continue to spend wildly on comps and etc? I have never known of such irresponsible government.