19 JUNE, 1999
Nevada Ethics Commission Prostitutes Itself. Fines the Victim $5,000.
Regarding the Ethics Commission's announcement that I am to be fined for exercising my rights and obligations as an active American citizen, this letter has been submitted to Nevada governor Guinn:
Governor Guinn;
Your Ethics Commission continues to make a mockery of ethics.

On 10 June, 1999, I presented your EthComm with the preponderance of valid evidence clearly proving that Mr Jeff Griffin is in violation of a previous EthComm decision (he was ordered to not interface with officials at the Reno Airport). I further showed the EthComm that he is also in gross violation of various sections of NRS that have to do with using a position in government to enhance ones personal wealth (nest feathering). Any reasonable, honest, unbiased person attending the involved hearing would have to agree.

In an honorable court of justice, Griffin would be held accountable for his gross transgressions. HE would be the one charged to pay a large fine.

In a blatant cronyistic act of bias, the EthComm is now arrogantly and corruptly attempting to fine me, rather than Griffin. It was Griffin who violated their order of 29 May, 1998, and who was caught flagrantly lying to them under oath on 3 different occasions during that hearing of 10 June, 1999.

Perjury is a crime. (At least Clinton's perjury was for a private affair; Griffin's perjury is against the citizenry as he grovels at the public trough with an ill-gotten contract that enhances his private company.)

It is an insult to any assessment of democracy that this gang (masquerading as an EthComm) is attempting to fine a government watchdog, rather than a corrupt politician. A corrupt politician who was caught with his fingers in the cookie jar up to the elbows... and then perjured himself repeatedly right in front of the EthComm on 10 June, 1999.

Furthermore it is beyond preposterous to have a person such as Ms Boetsch heading the EthComm. Driving drunk is a crime isn't it? Ms Boetsch served time for DUI did she not? This unethical person should have been kicked off the EthComm the instant she was found guilty of this serious crime. Obviously you do not agree. It is incomprehensible that you treat Ms. Boetsch as an honorable person deserving of high public office.

It is well known that drunk driving causes many deaths and injuries each year. By turning your back on Ms. Boetsch's DUI crime, you are, in effect treating drunk driving as an issue that does not concern you... and/or as an issue where fellow politicians must be extended special consideration.

A credible and unbiased investigation into Nevada's so-called Ethics Commission is not only warranted... it is demanded.

Needless to say, the EthComm's attempt to fine me will result in federal litigation per the First (freedom of expression) and Fourteenth (equal treatment under law) Amendments. It is my understanding that numerous authorized investigations have not been attempted or completed. This demonstrates a pattern of long-standing gross negligence and/or cover-ups.

If you sit by and allow this gang, masquerading as an Ethics Commission, to fine the wrong person, it will make a mockery of your campaign pledge to cure the lousy government that permeates northern Nevada. You should want to be considered a challenger to the perversion... not a defender of it.

Nevada's Ethics Commission Gives Griffin the Cookie jar
By Sam Dehné (12 June, 1999)
Have you ever known that you are right about something... "dead-on" right?

Well, such was the case when I filed lack-of-ethics charges against Jeff Griffin (posing as a Reno mayor) and Krys Bart (posing as a Reno Airport czar).

Unfortunately Nevada's real prostitutes masquerading around as an Ethics Commission, were blinded by the facts and evidence... and once again proved that they don't understand that the law means what the law says it means. (Excuse us if we denigrate good honest prostitutes, but we refer to Webster; prostitute: "one who gives up one's moral integrity".)

On May 29, 1998, in a much watered down decision, the EthComm had determined that Griffin "... must abstain from voting on those (Reno Airport appointment and his company's contract with the Reno Airport) matters as long as there is a potential the Airport Authority could take further action on his company's contract.". Any person with an ounce of sense would have to conclude that this meant that Griffin was being ordered to not interface or wheel and deal with his cronies at the Reno Airport. Any other conclusion would be noodleheaded.

They told him to stay away from airport dealings... in order to prevent exactly what he ended up doing... feathering his nests at the government trough.

It is especially nerve-racking to file charges with this pompous do-nothing board because having the word "ethics" in the title causes a layperson to think that THEY might at least try to be honorable and intelligent. That THEY might bypass cronyism and legalistic flapdoodle.
Nothing could be farther from reality.

Our case is as simple as this:
1. May 29, 1998 the EthComm ordered Griffin to not interface with the airport. He was to keep his fingers out of that airport cookie jar that he had been caught in... up to the elbows.
2. Bart was subsequently warned at public meetings that Griffin was not to interface with the airport... and thus she was not to interface with him if he approached her.
3. Griffin subsequently met with Bart in Texas (and who really knows when and where else).
4. The perversion is a lot more convoluted... because right after they came back from their clandestine meeting, Bart immediately decided to Go Postal... on her way to Going Cargo. This plays right into the greedy hands of Cargoman Griffin... who has ill-gotten monopolistic Contracts with Bart's airport... that is also controlled by other Griffin cronies like airport "trustees" Grubin and Miller, et al.
Most people are rapidly becoming aware of how shameless Griffin and his accomplices really are... but are too apathetic to get off their buttafookoes and challenge the mess. All they do is moan and groan about Reno's terrible government. But I digress...

At the windowdressed hearing on 10 June, 1999, Griffin got caught red-handed (by me) boldfacedly deviating from his hand-raised oath... to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help him God.

1. He premeditatedly interjected, of his own volition, that his Contract with the airport was for only $12,500. However, I had the contract right there and told the EthComm that he was lying, and that the Contract plainly stated that he was to be paid a total of $27,500.
2. Then Griffin refused to quit when he was behind... further compounding his lie and saying that it was for "up to" that amount. Not! I had the other part of the Contract that plainly said it was for a "flat fee".
3. He went on to further perjure himself... saying that his FTZ Contract with the Airport was not exclusive and that anybody could do what he was doing. Again I showed the EthComm where the Agreement (that was outlandishly drawn up on his very own company letterhead) plainly stated that he was to be the "exclusive operator for FTZ 126 and any subsequently authorized subzones". He lied! And this means that, if he gets away with this scheme, he will control a massive 2,000 acres of FTZ operations at the Reno Airport and another 5,000 acres at the Stead Airport.

I re-reminded the EthComm that they could not trust any of his testimony; because if he blatantly lied and perjured himself under oath on these critical matters, how could they possibly believe anything else he said!!!
Not a peep, not a protest, not an admonition from this Kangaroo Court.
Here he was... caught with his hands in the cookie jar... up to the elbows. This time the EthComm gave him the jar... making people wonder what he gave the EthComm in return.

I finally got weary of, and nauseated by, the dimwittedness and worked my way into getting thrown out... and they subsequently followed through on their obviously predetermined whitewashing of yet another atrocity.
During the 45 minute Hearing, I provided far more than enough evidence to justify and demand a full open Hearing. It was evidence that clearly showed that, over and over again, Griffin and Bart are thumbing their noses at the process that is supposed to be democracy.

Instead of being courageous, the EthComm once again embarrassed itself, the government of Nevada, and all moral sensibilities.

Wish you could have been there...

Oh, and never forget that this is part of the wicked regime that has instigated the Rewana Farms ethnic cleansing of mostly senior citizens from their homes... for the personal greed of a small but powerful gang of Special Interests. 10 innocent citizens have died thus far trying to defend their homeland.

Once again - a prostitute is "one who gives up one's moral integrity". (Webster)
This farce precipitated a letter to governor Guinn... who is supposed to be the ultimate authority over these pervertors of good government.
Dear Governor Guinn: There is no workable structure in Nevada for
submitting complaints about ethics violations committed by government
officials. The Nevada Commission on Ethics lacks integrity and serves
only for pretentious window dressing; this can be documented.
How do citizens file complaints against the prostituted ethics
gang that doesn't recognize the truth when it hits them between the ears?
The attorney general is not a part of the solution.
Nevada's citizens and taxpayers deserve better than a corrupt ethics gang.
Dear Reno Citizen,
In Maryland, they are extremely stiff on drunken drivers. They have to go to alcohol rehabilitation, they have to have breathalyzers in their cars so they can not operate a motor vehicle without breathing into this apparatus. If it detects alcohol on your breath it locks down. Costs about $80/month too. Plus it has to be maintained and checked every month. Plus your license is marked as a DW person. AND sometimes you get jail time. They do not look very kindly on people with these problems. I cannot even imagine a person with that record being the head of an Ethics Committee. What kind of ethics? ... amazing.
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