True Lies Shouldn't Fly at Reno's Airport
by Sam Dehne

Once again the Reno Airport taxpayer funded Propaganda machine has deviated from the truth... this time it's the preposterous Postal "proposal". But first, note:
1. The Reno Airport has not been successful in its plot to purge Rewana Farms of its innocent citizens. So there is no permanent base for this plot to "Go Postal".
2. The Reno Airport is already a ticking time bomb with an archaic Air Traffic Control system, often very nasty weather, side by side landings, and a myriad of other problems looking for an accident.
3. The Reno Airport is ludicrous and derelict to exacerbate already tenuous problems by premeditatedly soliciting a shoestring operation that flies old and often dangerous airplanes and sometimes uses less than top-notch crews... and then makes them fly all night.
4. The Reno Airport has no Contract with the Postal Service.
To further exacerbate a terrible situation, the Reno Airport's latest putrid propaganda publication (funded by your taxes) would have readers believe that the scheme to "Go Postal" with the USPS Postal Predators is a "done deal"... saying things like:
lThe USPS (Postal Hub Scheme) will begin operations no later August 28, 1999...
l... the USPS will relocate to a permanent facility located at the southwest quadrant of the airport (Rewana Farms), which will be developed into an air cargo center.
l The USPS will become a prestigious tenant...
l USPS will consist mostly of express mail.
l "will, will, will, will". These are terms that predicate specific action.
l No ifs, ands, or maybes...
When challenged and ordered to tell the real story, the czar admitted that there is no Contract with the USPS Postal critters or any subcontractors. The scheme is just that - a scheme. Furthermore, even if there is an eventual "Contract", it will not be with the Postal Service. It will be with a low-wage shoestring company that will do very little, if anything, to help Reno's economy. Instead it will severely damage it and further endanger the citizens of Reno. There will be no USPS employees working at the Reno Airport. Just low-wage workers hired by the shoestring subcontractor. More true lies...
What is one to think? The logical conclusion is that the Airport is once again brainwashing the citizens by trying to make them think the USPS Postal critters are coming and can't be stopped. They hope citizens will capitulate and not fight against this diabolical scheme to desecrate the Truckee Meadows and its inhabitants.
If the Special Interests have their way, dozens of 1000s of innocent citizens will become more and more endangered and polluted everyday... as land is stolen and lives are decimated with all-night flights by old dangerous aircraft.
Some citizens saw through this trickery and have demanded an extensive review of the process that led up to a plot that will further feather the nest of the man posing as mayor of Reno and his Special Interest cronies.
Incredibly, despite the fact that there is no Contract, the new czar asked for, and received, permission to spend and squander $$Millions of tax dollars on a boondoggle that hopefully will never even get off the ground. The czar asked for the additional tax funds without even telling her bosses that there was no Contract! The czar never told them the "truth about the lies" until ordered to do so.
What else would you expect... from an Airport being run by aviation amateurs?
These seemingly never-ending hideous perversions of the truth demand an investigation by honorable (outside) authorities... now! Think of the crash at Little Rock. And then multiply the devastation by ten.
The Reno Airport's motto is - "Ready, fire, aim."
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