Reno Agrees to Settle Suit After False Arrest
The Reno city council agreed to pay $1,235,000 to settle a
lawsuit stemming from the false arrest of Guy Felton, a
citizen who was wrongfully imprisoned for exercising his
Constitutional rights and obligations. Felton was later
cleared of all charges by the Washoe District Attorney.
Police arrested Felton at the order of mayor Jeff Griffin
as he stood at the Public Comment podium on
23 November, 1999; because Griffin did not like to
hear what Felton was saying.
Felton was held at Washoe jail incommunicado for
over 10 hours with no visitors or contact with his attorney.
Felton was arrested under Reno city hall's unconstitutional
policy of not wanting to allow comment from citizens who
are critical of their actions.
Subsequent to Felton's illegal arrest, Griffin was found
guilty of violating the Laws of Nevada and spent 6
months in jail, was stripped of his position as mayor
of Reno, and paid a $500 fine.
Reno's new mayor, Sam Dehne, said that with this
settlement, justice was served. Dehne promised that
under his progressive and citizen-friendly leadership
city hall would refrain from ignoring citizens or throwing
them in jail for speaking their minds as is their
God-given right and duty.
Felton was unavailable for comment from the company
Learjet as he headed for his latest philanthropic venture,
but did acknowledge that he has further legal action
pending against the Griffin estate in the amount
of $43 million.
News Report, 1 Dec, 2000
(as citizens would
like to see it written)

Reno, Nevada
12 April 2000
===== M I S D E M E A N O R C O M P L A I N T =====
Sheriff Richard Kirkland
Washoe County, Nevada
Dear Sheriff Kirkland:
This letter regards a criminal violation of NRS 241.040(2) by Jeff Griffin, mayor of Reno.
Under NRS 241.040(2), wrongful exclusion of any person from an open meeting of a public body is a misdemeanor.
On 23 November 1999, during an official meeting of the Reno City Council, Mr. Griffin had me, Guy Felton, wrongfully excluded from said meeting for exercising my First Amendment right to free expression while speaking at the podium during a public comment period. This incident is documented on video tape.
(See Addendum.)
I was subsequently arrested and held incommunicado for approximately ten hours at the Washoe County Jail. During this time I was not permitted to attempt calling an attorney. Related charges were dropped in early March 2000 when the Washoe County District Attorney's Office determined that I had committed no crime. Such wrongful arrest is being treated in a separate action, a Federal lawsuit, and is NOT a part of this complaint.
The First Amendment is not needed to protect polite and "agreeable" words. It is needed -- and was intended by its framers -- to protect impolite and disagreeable words.
Under NRS 171.090(2), a complaint regarding a misdemeanor which is not a gross misdemeanor may be filed within 1 year after the commission of the offense. This complaint is being submitted to you well within such 1-year period.
I request that you investigate and prosecute said violation -- and especially enforce NRS 283.040(1)(d) which mandates that a person's office becomes vacant upon conviction of a violation of NRS 241.040. Conviction would mean that Mr. Griffin would be removed from his position of public trust which he has betrayed.
Summary Statement:
On 23 November 1999, Mayor Jeff Griffin of Reno had me wrongfully excluded from a public meeting of the Reno City Council.
Such action by Griffin constitutes a criminal misdemeanor offense under NRS 241.040(2). Griffin should be removed from his position as mayor of Reno under NRS 283.040.(1)(d).
A criminal complaint of this nature must be submitted within 1 year after commission of the offense per NRS 171.090(2). My complaint is being submitted within this time limitation.
A criminal complaint such as mine must not be confused with any civil suit brought to require compliance with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law where there is a 120-day filing limitation.
You are requested to investigate and prosecute this complaint.

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