"Pass Me More Free Booze!"
Reno Airport Board and Their Czar

...Reno Airport Cargo Scheme... the Former Rewana Farms, Reno

The Evil Rotten Reno Airport is going Cargo... and Taking Reno Down With It...
While They Booze It Up at the Government Trough

by Sam Dehne

Note: This ominous letter arrived anonymously from the airport. It is obvious in its implications that citizen-molesting by the top-brass crooks at the Reno airport continues unabated:

"Sam - We're not sure if you already are aware of this, but for the last couple
months now the Post Services and AAWC have been allowing the Kitty Hawk 727
to land at the airport at mid-night and departs at 2:30 am every night.
This has been kept quite through the airport but not so quite on their
landings and take-offs. Let it be known to all. Now you Know.

Keep up the good work and I and many people enjoyed your presentation at the
Airport Bored meeting today at the port.

This is added proof that the never-ending greed and avarice of the aviation amateurs mis-running the Reno Airport continue unabated... as their slimy conniving to turn Reno into a noisy, dangerous, polluting cargo Mecca rolls on.

The Airport has laundered $$$millions of your Federal tax dollars as it attempts to solicit and subsidize bankrupt Kitty Hawk Airlines and bribe it to bring its decrepit and dangerous old 727 airplanes to Reno to devastate the community throughout the night. They claim it will enhance the economy of the area. NOT!

In the meantime the bozos at the Reno Airport are trying pull the wool over the heads of the unsuspecting Reno citizens... as they conduct what is ridiculously called a "Part 150 Study". What this "Study" does is gather together a group of the same old mostly hand-picked Special Interest mouthpieces... and they talk about noise. They look at myriad bogus computer printouts and graphs that tell them that the Airport makes noise. Duh! How do you spell "windowdressing"?

They come up with no viable solutions. Oh, they do say it might be noisy on one side of some street and funnel massive amounts of tax dollars to insulate a pittance of homes there. But on the other side of the same street - guess what. It's not noisy!

At any rate these same old "usual suspects" hang out at these "do-nothing" meetings and pontificate about things... when the real problem is the prostitutes running the Airport. It is flat wrong to take Federal tax dollars and pimp for the Post Office. And by the way, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! The eventual plan is to "Go Cargo". And to build a massive taxpayer-funded complex on the land that they stole from the innocent citizens of Rewana Farms. (One schematic depicts 35 giant cargo planes parked on that land.)

In the meantime the Reno Airport Board passed a rule allowing them to deduct the booze that they drink and ply their cronies and customers with... as an airport business expense. This even includes gifts of bottles of booze! HIC!

And who is one of the prime beneficiaries of this huge Corporate Welfare scheme? You guessed it! None other than "Slobondon" Griffin... the crook illegally masquerading as the mayor of Reno. He was given a racketeering-style kickback contract by his cronies at the Reno Airport and has sleazily established exclusive control of over 7,000 acres of Foreign Trade Zone. All of this was done while driving innocent people out of their houses via Reno's version of ethnic cleansing.

Folks it just doesn't get any worse. The Reno Airport is guilty of it all.
Money Laundering,
Illegal and Cowardly Eminent Domain Land Grabs,
Prostitution and pimping,
Trying to go Postal and Going Cargo,
Disturbing the Peace,
Assault & Battery,
Oh, and Lots of Taxpayer-Funded Free Booze.

Are Reno citizens going to continue to let them get away with these atrocities?
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.....................Here it is! ..Reno Airport Cargo Scheme... the Former Rewana Farms, Reno

By Sam Dehné (former Airline Pilot, and citizen)
The Reno Airport Authority of Washoe County and their Carte Blanche airport expansion policies are the primary reasons Reno citizens are suffering a terrible reduction in quality of life.
Is the Reno Airport guilty of Disturbance of Peace and Assault and Battery on tens of 1,000's of innocent citizens?
Fact: The airlines are allowed to be noisy and dangerous pollution promulgators.
At Reno, when an airline wants in, the Airport does not put any noise restrictions on operations. The airlines don't even have to show they will stay within noise guidelines.
Why? Because, effectively (at Reno) there aren't any.
The airlines can fly any type of noise polluting airplanes they want. All the Casino Airport asks is that they pay their landing fees and bring in lots of gamblers to fleece.
The airlines can use full noise-polluting power all the time; even though full power is rarely required.
The airlines don't have to adhere to any curfew rules... as can be attested to by the tens of 1,000's of citizens who are rudely awakened all hours of the night.
Thus the question begs answering: Is the Reno Airport guilty of condoning and participating in:
Disturbing the Peace: "Interruption of the peace, quiet, and good order of a neighborhood or community, particularly by unnecessary and distracting noises."
Assault: "Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury upon the person of another, when coupled with the apparent present ability so to do, and any intentional display of force such as would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm, constitutes an assault. An assault may be committed without actually touching, or striking or doing bodily harm."
Battery: "The unlawful application of force to the person of another."
Take your pick. Consider this: If somebody sat outside your home and blared a horn or played loud music, you would/could/should object to Law Enforcement, and that person would be charged with one of these offenses and be ordered to cease and desist... and probably punished. Why is the Reno Airport allowed to get away with these crimes?
When are Citizens' Rights going to be recognized?
When is the Reno Airport going to be held accountable?
When is the Reno city council going to accept their responsibility?
When are Nevada's governor, its senators, and its congresspeople going to be held accountable?
And isn't it way past time for the District Attorney, Police Chief, and Sheriff to be investigating these crimes?
On a given day, there are 210 crimes of Reno Airport Disturbance of Peace and Assault and Battery on dozens of 1,000s of innocent citizens.
One of these days the rest of the Citizens are going to say, "Enough is Enough!"

The City of Reno would be crazy to allow a blightful project like all these proposed Downtown Casino fiascos... without a city-wide honest vote of citizens.
1. What about the long-time small casinos that made Reno "the biggest little city in the world"? They are in grave danger of extinction with something like this. Harolds Club and the Mapes... Gone!
2. What about impact fees? Citizens are tired of paying for the pestulence caused by these schemes. Everytime a new casino opens, people are stuck with more gangs, bad roads, noise pollution, and crime.
3. Is this just another pipe dream... like Stupak's rocket ride? Remember, he had the Reno Council of clowns hanging on every word.
The truth is, folks, your valley is FULL. There is only so much air, water... and patience. But there ARE plenty of greedy FAT CATS.

Just don't do it!

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