Should 4 Commissars (Including 2 Lame Ducks) be Allowed to Raise Taxes on
$$$Hundreds of Thousands of Citizens... to Benefit Fat Cats?
18 Nov 98, Sam Dehné

Some observations from that "orchestrated" Tax-Raising County Commissar meeting of 17 Nov, 1998:
"Commissioner" Jim Galloway deserves heavy-duty kudos for being the only member of the County Board of special interest lackey Commissars (Sound familiar? Like Reno city hall?) brave enough to ask the right questions. He was the only member with the honor to vote against the disconjerkutigulatedly- backwards idea... that citizens should fund the depressed railroad project... designed to benefit the fat cats. Follow the money. Who is going to benefit? Who funds the County Commissars' campaigns?
This irate writer was the only person in the audience of some 200 who spoke vehemently against the unethical concept of (among other many things) 2 lame ducks having the audacity to vote to approve the biggest boondoggle in the history of northern Nevada. A few observations from the podium... during the meazly 3 minutes now allowed:
* Please do 2 simple democratic things...
1. Let the citizens vote!
2. Let the citizens vote!
* You Commissars claim the reason for depressing the RR tracks is to reduce (mitigate) the noise, danger, pollution, and blight. The hypocrisy is deplorable... because your aviation-amateur appointees at the Airport are stealing land from innocent citizens so they can build a huge military base in the middle of Reno... that will create the exact type of noise, danger, pollution, and blight you profess to want to stamp out. You obviously operate under a double standard... with buttons being pushed by the casinos and the construction industry.
* The role of government is to sound and honor the will of the people. Why don't you ever do this? Why do you, and the rest of local government, act as if you have a mandate... when less than 1 out of 4 eligible voters voted for any of you?
* It is mendacious to waste huge sums of taxes on a $$$Propaganda Machine... designed to brainwash citizens into thinking you are doing the right thing... which you aren't? Why bother when... you already know how you are going to vote?
* This project is a taxpayer-funded Pork Barrel project... designed to placate the construction industry that is rapidly becoming the biggest industry in northern Nevada. Many construction workers are veritable govt employees. What is going to happen when the construction is all done, and there is nobody to put in the buildings?
* It is relieving to hear that you are re-assuring citizens that you will stay within the $188,000,000 budget... no matter how much it costs. Folks, you can bet the ranch that it will exceed this.
* The Propaganda Machine boasts of the benefits for the downtown businesses and residents who are being forced to "pay up" in a specially created Tax District. They can receive their benefits... by bending over.
* Rumor has it that the $2 billion railroad project in the Los Angeles area (that this scheme is modeled after) is being abandoned and is being called the biggest government - funded fiasco in West Coast history.

Note from Reno council meeting of same day:
Today 3 members of city hall (2 council members and the city attorney) were officially sworn in. Each took an oath to "defend the charter of Reno". They immediately violated their oath by refusing to defend section 1.080 of that charter and demand that MISTER Griffin forfeit his seat and stop impersonating a mayor. Section 1.080 is very simple and it says what it means, and it means what it says. It is time to obey the law! It is time to obey the law!
Section 1.080 without the legalese:
The mayor... shall not:
Be elected or appointed to any office the compensation for which was increased or fixed by the city council until 1 year after the expiration of the term for which such person was elected.
Any person holding any office proscribed (forbidden) by this subsection above shall automatically forfeit his office.
Reno Airport usage is down. It gets harder to justify the diabolical Airport/Air Guard landgrab of Rewans Farms.
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