This Is Still America
(est. Sept 11, 2001)

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Freedom of Speech (a citizen's DUTY to speak out against bad government) is just as important now as it ever was before.

Reno Airport Secure? Not! There has been no report about that dreadful Reno airport security breach of 10 Oct, 2001. Shades of the Michael Lee Smith Reno airport "attack"(click) of 11 May, 1997!
Two giant civilian 18 wheeler trucks drove through the Reno airport's (wide open) security gate at 4 AM in the pre-dawn darkness... and had access to the entire Reno airport complex. There was absolutely no security oversight. The drivers were even concerned that it was some sort of set-up. And that at any moment security forces would appear. But they never did.
Most citizens in the know, know that cover ups are the scandal-plagued Reno airport modus operandi... but we at least thought this potentially disastrous airport security blunder deserved some news coverage.
This terrible security breach was officially reported to the Reno airport board of trustees and executive director and security at the 10/11/01 airport meeting. Not a peep... not a question... not a comment from anybody!!!

Sam caught 'em again!

An incredible precursor to this terrible act... was the terrorist bombing of my (and America's) company, Pan American World Airways, a dozen years ago. But what did our government do then? THEY BLAMED IT ON PAN AM! They totally ignored the plight of America's aviation pioneer, Pan Am, and would not even take a neutral stance. This grossly unfair decision by our government (that was acquiesced to by much of big business and many other airlines) effectively allowed the terrorists to drive this proudest symbol of America out of business. Not a single tear was shed for Pam Am when it soon became "defunct". How the evil terrorist monsters must have screamed with glee... at the greedy cowardice of American government and big business!
Did this previous "victory" give these savages the courage to carry through with the more recent despicable atrocity?
Note: Congress has given the airlines huge government $$handouts... in the form of special loans... and in the form of just plain old massive $$cash handouts. IT MUST BE remembered that in Pan Am's case the government did just the opposite. They forced Pan Am to set aside its own precious $$money to pay for a war-attack on its own self!
The New York tragedy could prove to be one of the 5 biggest crises in the history of America. The question is how will American citizens respond?
I have not talked to a single person who plans to sell stock when the market opens. A show of solidarity in this issue could prove critical. The reaction of the Stock Market is another "test" of just how successful this diabolical terrorist organization has been.
The annihilated buildings are bad enough, but a collapse of the Stock Market would be the coup de grace.
I predict that it will not happen.
That is not to say there won't be some difficult times ahead.
But American citizens will prevail... if citizens will continue to watchdog their government.

1st Amendment Freedom of Speech ruling by the Supreme Court in 1964 (Times vs Sullivan)
by Chief Justice Brennan:
"[As Americans, we have] a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be
uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly
sharp attacks on government and public officials."
Without it, govt officials would be running even more amok!

It is more than a little bothersome to think of the concept that these repulsive terrorist cabals would not have made such a massively grotesque escalation of perversion... without an "ace up their sleeves".
There is every chance that there are numerous terrorist enclaves throughout America waiting to commit other dastardly deeds. They are waiting until our security lets its guards down, and they are waiting to respond to America's military response to the New York bombings.
And any future attacks will likely have nothing to do with aviation. It could be at schools, at water systems, at churches, on buses, at nightclubs... with chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction... even nuclear bombs. When are we going to put some guards in front of these vital places?
Armed troops must be immediately stationed to guard our water reservoirs, our power plants, our schools, our ground transportation systems, our subways, our vital factories. America has 100's of thousands of military personnel. They must be put to use immediately. All potential terrorists must see these heavily armed military guards whenever they look at an American installation.
Note: 3 weeks after this suggestion was made... it was finally implemented... but only at airports.
We must be eternally vigilant.

Northern Nevada's Krispy Kreme Donut Heads: George Washington and his friends would be dumbfounded at the apathy of American people... and their "lemmingness". 1,000s lined up for the opening of a Reno Krispy Kreme donut shop... while at the very same time their government "gurus" were meeting... and ripping them off mercilessly.
Virtually NO citizens participate in their government meetings. But they sure like their KK donuts.
And then they wonder and whine about why nasty things happen.
More about the Reno Airport Are there any Security Specialists at top level positions of executive director and board of trustees? Or even any Aviation Specialists? The answer is; "No!"
Are there any Security Specialists anywhere near the top of the infrastructure? The answer is; "No!"
It is imperative that a person with a Security and Aviation background be installed at the top.
Reno does not need a Real Estate property specialist running such a critical and sensitive entity as an airport. Neither does it need aviation amateurs running such a critical operation.
Short of having the most qualified people at the top, aren't citizens being subjected to potential sabotage and terrorism? And shouldn't intelligent and patriotic citizens be suspicious of any government bureaucracy that has a $$million dollar taxpayer-funded propaganda machine? What's that about?

What about Washington D. C. (Reagan) Airport? It is very close to numerous important government buildings and thus those buildings make easy targets for a terrorist who might take over an airliner during takeoff.
Barrage Balloons should be placed over and around the critical "targets". Terrorists would thus know they could not successfully attack any of these targets without getting tangled up in the huge cables hanging from the beautiful balloons.
[Paint them red, white, and blue!]
Barrage balloons should also be placed (prominently) around nuclear power plants, power supply systems, and other critical installations.
The deterrent aspect of this very simple technique would be all that was needed!

And then there is the FAA. This grossly at-the-top bloated bureaucracy has spent most of the last many years figuring out ways to funnel $$billions and $$billions of our tax dollars to their cronies at airports. And especially grotesque has been the exorbitant amount of pork barrel sent to the Reno Airport. The FAA turned a blind eye to the wrongful extraction of innocent citizens from their homes in Rewana Farms, Reno. Having the FAA protect us is truly the foxes guarding the chickens. And now they intend to just throw as many more of our $$tax dollars out there... in a shotgun attack on the problem. There are probably few original thoughts remaining in that paralysis of habit infested bureaucracy. It needs to be revamped at the top. But will that happen? Not likely... since potential "revampers" are the ones at the top. Ask Mary Schiavo, outspoken former Aviation Inspector General of the Department of Transportion, about the myriad FAA/Aviation problems. (For instance - Chapter 1 of her book is titled; "Who Does the FAA Work for, Anyway? Not you.")
Airline Bailouts with Our Taxes? There should not be one penny of U. S. government Corporate Welfare money doled out... as long as there is anybody at any Airline making more than $250,000. The bloated salaries of top management at many Airlines is a disgrace to America's stockholders. And this includes those ridiculous dilutive stock options. Rank and file workers should (in lieu of layoffs) agree to at least 33% pay reductions as long as any government Bailouts and/or Loans are in effect. After all, I don't see any Bailouts being considered for other companies and industries that are being hit hard by the Bin Laden Gang's attack.
Better yet! How about if our federal government announces that it is going to buy massive amounts ($billions of dollars) of Airline Stock... as well as take over all Airport Security! Wouldn't that quickly improve the situation? A win-win solution. And it's a lot better than more bogus handouts, free grants, corporate welfare and putrid pork barrelism!
Airports, themselves, are also out there begging for massive taxpayer-funded Corporate Welfare handouts. (But that's nothing new!) The comments above apply... doubly. The bloated salaries at top levels of airports (example: Reno, Nevada) is a disgrace. Most of these bungling bureucrats should be lucky to be fired... at a minimum. They have shown that in many cases their greed has outstripped their concern for America's safety and well-being.
Isn't it time to start arming airline pilots with special guns? With the types of pistols with bullets that would not penetrate the hull of the airliners? Most of these pilots are former military. The guns should be kept in a box in the cockpit and this fact must be broadcast far and wide. And a powerful door should be placed between the cockpit and cabin. What have these FAA people been thinking... going so long without proper protective measures? And maybe it might not be so bad to at least let the passengers keep their fingernail clippers (click).
Shooting down American Airliners? It generally has been agreed upon that, nasty as it would be, it would be necessary to shoot down an airliner hijacked by suicidal jackels (knowing that everyone onboard was going to die anyway). But what about if that airplane filled with passengers... under the same scenario of being hijacked by suicidal terrorists... headed for the Capital... was... president Bush's Air Force One?!?
Nuclear Waste Problems? Store it in the mountains of Afghansitan. Problem solved!
Throw in a few American $$$dollars and they will learn to love it.
It is more important than ever for all patriotic citizens to monitor THEIR government bureaucrats... elected and appointed. If there had been more of them overseeing their government maybe, just maybe, this atrocity could have been prevented. It is the duty of all citizens of America to make sure that their government is held accountable. These "knee jerk" reactions by the FAA and others might work for a little while. But without vigorous, wide-open, vehement, uninhibited, robust, and mandatory watchdogging by the citizenry, we will be back to the same old "paralysis of habit".
I am a loving (and even sometimes "lovable") guy too. But all patriotic citizens must be vigilant.
Here are just a few local bloated bureaucratic bodies that continue to demand citizen oversight (not in order of perfidiousness): Reno city council, the Nevada ethics commission, the Reno Airport, EDAWN, RSCVA, and of course the media brass... who are defacto "appointees" of local governments.
This is still America.
Oh, and let's not forget that Mister Griffin (wrongfully masquerading as Reno's mayor) heads the U. S. Conference of Mayors Criminal & Justice Committee. TRULY THE INMATE RUNNING THE PRISON!
This is still America... but citizens must sometimes wonder...
The local media bosses continue to be one of the biggest problems facing the region... as they arrogantly distort the facts... and thus deprive citizens of honest and honorable government.
They should be exposing the evil instead of protecting it.

It is blatant an insult to America's proud existance... that a poorly educated relatively unimposing-looking 45 year old man living in a cave in the middle of nowhere inside a country from the stone ages... was able to orchestrate this attack on America from so far away.
No, it's not an insult; it's an indictment! To put this act in perspective... there is absolutely nothing that can ever be done to this person and his henchmen that will offset what these cavemen have done. Their entire army is not worth the life of even one of the Americans who was murdered by those Kamikazes. The only hope is that it will never happen again. But will it?
"The price of freedom is eternal (never-ending) vigilance." Vigilance must take place at every venue. Not just at the airports. With leadership allowed to blunder amok, citizens can only expect more of the same. Where is the local media? Why don't they report the truth and the whole truth. And why do they leave out so much truth? Why do they spend so much of their time alibiing for perverted local leaders? It is time to take the reporters' handcuffs off... or at least loosen them.

How many airlines will survive the drastically changed airport "procedures"? Already-weakened Midway Airlines just collapsed. The FAA's new mandates will not only cost an enormous amount of money; they will cause a huge increase in ticket prices and possible subsequent massive decrease in travel.
Words are cheap... but actions speak louder than words. How many of these nations that say they are "on our side" really mean it? Or is it merely lipservice?
Waving American flags is wonderful. But action speaks louder.

Sports events should be taking place right now. Baseball should continue immediately. However, 50% of ALL profits should be dedicated to relief of the devastation that was wreaked by cowardly kamikaze attacks. Sports, like it or not, are as American as the flag, apple pie, and motherhood. We must make the enemy see that American citizens will not be intimidated into hiding in their houses.

One thing that has always made America strong is the proven fact that time heals all wounds.
Well, at least it heals "most" wounds. But my God, the size of THIS wound!

By the way, it was my 91 year old mother who reminded me that "This is still America."
For those reading the internet version, here is a link to what makes America America... the
United States Constitution. Please read it... or at least browse through it... for this is what makes
us different from the anarchists: Read the Constitution


I am a "loving guy" too... as are most true Americans... but don't get us mad!

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