2001 - Reno Govt Continues to be Evil... With Picture of the "Crime" Scene (below)

1. Citizens continue to have self-serving Special Interest mouthpieces running the Reno airport.
With no apparent goal other than to feather their nests and those of their cronies.
1a. Unfortunately this chicanery is supported and perpetrated by Reno's only big newspaper.

2. The airport wrongfully confiscated acres and acres of land from innocent Rewana
Farms citizens with $$$millions of tax dollars funneled to the Reno airport from the
FAA... wherein 14 of these innocent civilians died during their attempts to save their homes.

3. Below is a schematic of the "disaster" that the Reno airport aviation amateurs has
planned for the land... located right in the middle of Reno.
4. This expansion scheme equates to a potential of 420 flights every day all day long and
all night long (35 cargo jets with 2 hour turnarounds each, 24 hours every day)... as well
as over 1,000 diesel trucks per day.

Former Rewana Farms, downtown Reno, Nevada (LOOK AT IT CLOSELY!):