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The local Reno federal judge has scheduled a settlement (9th Circuit Order - click)
conference for May 25 at 9 AM. And Sam Dehne is being told that he is
required to "attend and participate in good faith towards settlement."
Sam says, "My faith is as good as anybody's... especially the good part."
He further says, Notwithstanding the fact that I am willing to negotiate and
accept a reasonable settlement a comment about my attitude toward,
and respect for, the Constitution and Justice System is in order:

1. This settlement conference flies in the face of what all of the judges at
the 9th Circuit Court ordered when they said, " Generally, questions of
motivation raise issues of fact that must be decided by a jury. This case
is no exception." (emphasis added)
2. Since when are the local federal courts allowed to supercede the dictates
of the 9th Circuit Court judges... all 25 of the 9th Circuit Judges? The merits of
this Complaint, as poignantly portrayed on the official video tape of the
Defendants' transgressions, were so obvious that not even a single judge
out of all the 9th Circuit Court judges voted to waste their time to hear it en banc.
The Defendants prostituted Motion for Summary Judgement was shot down
in flames by all of the 9th Circuit Court judges.
3. I am participating under duress because my right to a jury trial is being denied.
4. This forced settlement process will protect crimes committed against me from being
properly exposed and punished. I do not see a forced settlement conference
as due process.
5. The Court must also be reminded that the Defendants premeditatedly let their
bogus charges (IN 2 COURTS) hang over this senior-citizen military-veteran's head
for 45 days. That was 45 days of embarrassment, loss of sleep, depleted appetite,
trepidation, fear of arrest, unhealthily raised blood pressure, harm to reputation,
humiliation, and trauma.
6. Notwithstanding the above, I am willing to discuss all reasonable settlement
suggestions that recognize the extreme and blatant severity of the atrocities committed
by the Defendants against the Plaintiff and the United States Constitution. Signed,
Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
From the original Complaint (click):

"Each of the Defendants is liable to Plaintiff for past and future general and special damages, including emotional distress, mental anguish, physical pain and suffering, future fear of arrest and incarceration, chilling of Plaintiff's exercise of free speech, loss of enjoyment of life, violation of the aforementioned constitutional rights inter se, adverse publicity, exclusion from a public meeting and prior restraint of Plaintiff's right to speak further, attorney's fees, court costs, inconvenience, embarrassment, humiliation, grief, harm to reputation, all in sums to be proved at trial."

Dear Reno Citizen, 8/29/02
Those Reno Gazette Random Surveys Are Poopoo
Here are a few poignant questions about the latest Reno Gazette/Chan 4
"Random" Happy Poll... that was obviously staged, rigged, and prostituted
(as is their modus operandi):
*How was the "random" list of names created?
*Who did the calling?
*Who paid the callers?
*Who determined how the bogus "survey"
question would be worded?
*What would the outcome have been if
the question were re-worded like this:
"If you were voting today for mayor,
which of the following candidates would
you vote for?"
1. Chad Dehne
2. Ken Haller
3. Undecided
Poor bikers. They have no money to ride in a car and certainly have no money to buy a muffler and Sam wants to now pick on the poor critters. Most have no money to even shave their faces and must wear beards. Many can't afford real clothes and must wear drab black leather. Many have no jobs and must steal for a living, use drugs and fill our jails. They have a tough life and only want to take over Reno for 1-week per year. That's all they want, just a week. You can have 51 weeks. Isn't 51 weeks enough to satisfy your greed? Give the biker one little week to raise the dickens and pollute the city with noise. Who knows, you may enjoy it (if you wear ear plugs). That's my 1/2 cent opinion. My other 1/2 cent is this: The Big Casinos love it and the politicians do not hear the noise as they scurry away to their little mansions in perfect peace and bliss. They don't even hear Sam's screaming and yelling, or they hear but do not listen? I have run out of opinions for today.
Dear Reno Citizen, 8/21/02
This National Airlines boondoggle is the epitome
and an example of the disconjerkutigulatedness of our govt
"leaders"... both locally and nationally.
For senator Reid and his cronies to honcho a $$$$massive
federal loan to an already bankrupt airline... that will then
suddenly flood the Reno - Las Vegas flight market with about
50% to 75% more seats instantaneously is shear buffoonery.
National Airlines will lose hoards of money on the route... and so
will Southwest Airlines.
Why is it that nobody else but Sam Dehne has the brains to see through
this insanity... and the fortitude to try to expose it???
This is just another reason why Sam Dehne IS The Encyclopedia
of Reno Govt... and why he is the best person for Reno mayor.
Southwest Air with ten - 737 aircraft = about 1200 (current) seats.
National Air with four - 757 aircraft = about 650 (new) seats.
How do you spell "stupid"?
How do you spell "corporate welfare pork barrel fraud"?
And the Reno airport is just hunky doory with this preposterous
perpetration... just so they can say they added more flights.
And of course poor old Southwest will pop up its chest with
the usual ridiculous rhetoric, "We will do all that we can to compete."
Sam Dehne, The Encyclopedia of Reno Govt
As you well know this is just one of 1,000's of the
hideous "deeds" of local govt that I am responsible for
exposing during my Crusade... since the media refuses
to be honest.
But not to worry... it's only our taxes... and there are more
taxes where these come from... and then more after that...
John Stearns, Reno Gazette (7/28/0
There you go again.
Once again your well-written but tainted "report" continues to boycott the

much-needed information from The Encyclopedia of Reno Govt.
1. Have you and your "partners" ever thought of just how much money the $107,00,000

million dollars would bring in... just by investing it conservatively and using the yearly
interest to promote Reno?!? That would have been a better business decision than the
dangerous scheme to build a giant convention box that will never/rarely be filled...
and really doesn't justify itself (for the good of the entire community) even when
occupied... and thus does little good for anybody... other than for the top brass's
bloated salaries. Starting at $300,000 for the CEO (salary, bonuses, and perks)?!?!?!
Geeze! Where has sanity disappeared to?
1a. Just imagine the huge savings from this "simple" Suggestion... in salaries alone...
as the RSCVA would need only a small portion of the massive work force it currently has...
and certainly at much-reduced salaries.
2. It is a pretty well known fact that corporate welfarism of massive government

$$$$$intervention (TAXES) in private business almost always proves to be a
disaster... other than for the Construction and Architectural industries.
3. The truth of the matter is that Reno's Fairground and Recreation Board (RSCVA)

Is In Deep Kimshee... and there is little chance of putting anything but black
lipstick on that pig.
4. Your lengthy advertorials today do, however, refer (somewhat indirectly) to

a few of the myriad problems that Sam Dehne has been forecasting for
over 4 years now... ever since he was the only citizen who was continuously...
at every Fairground and Recreation Board (RSCVA) meeting... strenuously
objecting to the wasting of $250,000,000 (thank you for finally reporting
the true cost of that "Costco South" box that Sam Dehne has been exposing
for years) of citizens' taxes... to expand a convention center that wasn't close to
being filled... BEFORE THE EXPANSION.
4a. Who gives you those lists of "Community leaders and officials"?
5. Your "musical" allegory was partially on the mark. But you should have

used someone from Reno... such as The Too Wild Geezers Band... that
also performs songs appropriate for this RSCVA mess... such as:
It's Cryin' Time, and
I Saw the Light (but they didn't), and
Happy Trails to Yoi
6. Future Bookings?

What are the RSCVA critters gonna do if Sam Dehne decides to write
another letter... like he did with the giant Outdoor Retailers Convention...
one of the biggest in the nation. According to the RSCVA, one little email
from Dehne caused those folks to take their business elsewhere.
Remember that fiasco?
Could that really be true?
RSCVA director complains about citizen's letter
By John Stearns
December 11th, 1999
"The head of the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority has asked
the agency's attorney if RSCVA has legal recourse against a citizen who
wrote to officials of a major trade show to advise them of local problems and
consider another location.
It would behoove you to do extensive homework before deciding to bring
your trade show to Reno," Sam Dehne of Reno wrote to Outdoor Retailer on
Nov. 12.
On Nov. 24, Outdoor Retailer announced that its winter 2002 show will be in
Anaheim, Calif. The Outdoor Retailer Winter and Summer markets had
been Reno's largest shows, with a combined annual economic impact of
about $30 million, before they left for Salt Lake City in 1996. The show
needs... " (click for the rest)
You give glutenous credit to some of those RSCVA critters for having the supposed ability
to stay within the budget... unlike what they did with the Bowling Stadium fiasco. There
are those in the community who say one of the main reasons for THAT budgetary
"success"... is that this time around there has been a citizen Watchdogging them...
month after month after month. Reminding them of their blunders.
Such as the boondoggle when they were digging the Convention Parking Lot...
wherein his sage advice saved Granite Construction (and RSCVA) at least
$1,000,000... by correcting a massive dirt hauling blunder.
Was there ever even a "Thanks" for that? Not!
w/some cc's
Dear Reno Citizen, 7/27/02

RSCVA? When Will Citizens See the Whole Truth?

While the RailRoad Trench was getting all the headlines,

the Fairgrounds and Recreation Board (RSCVA) continued
on its merrygoround of hanky panky... with a lotta help
from their cronies at the local media.
Thank goodness for SNCAT TV (chan 13 & 17).
At least there citizens can see and hear 3 minute sound
bites of the Truth. The parts of the Truth that are usually
left out by most of the rest of Reno media.
A balanced political "report" on what happens at these
pseudo-govt meetings of the "usual suspects"... would give
equal time to the citizen's reports... instead of covering up for the
government and their cronyistic appointees. But it is the
standard modus operandi... for the local media and their
talking heads with their makeup... to leave the citizen out
of the "reports".
And now the RGJ tries to say that those channel 4
talking heads (who have never even been at an RSCVA
meeting) are going to have a powwow with the
RSCVA critters on TV to discuss convention issue.
An honest hard-driving powwow on virtually any local
political issue is impossible without Sam Dehne...
The Encyclopedia of Reno Govt... being there.
And what audacity for your "esteemed" newspaper to concoct
a feature Editorial... trying to shore up Artown from Dehne's ongoing
exposés (on SNCAT and The Reno Citizen magazine) of its
wasting of $$$hundreds of thousands of our taxes and grants
for its artsey tartsey "free" shows.
A good newspaper would point out that what Sam Dehne has been
reporting repeatedly... that RSCVA (The Fairgrounds and Recreation
Board) was created to do what Artown is doing. Now the RSCVA
is building boxes... and Reno has gone on to create a whole new wasteful
$$$taxpayer-funded bloated bureaucracy... to do what RSCVA is
supposed to be doing!
When will it ever end? It won't. But then one should opine that Sam
Dehne should be thankful. There is always corruption and idiotic
lunacy for him to expose.
But it is too bad that the Watchdog has to go it alone.
Once upon a time... newspapers were created...
to do what Sam Dehne is doing.
Sam Dehne, The Encyclopedia of Reno Govt
You can accept the guarantee that whatever big name
entertainer the RSCVA "hired" to launch its Grand
PoohBah Opening... it isn't any better than Reno's
own Too Wild Geezers Band.
Has anybody seen Reno's soon-to-be former mayor's
new sports car?
The Reno Gazette Continues to Stink Up the Joint
Dear Ms. Doyle (Reno council person), 4/11/02
I am not here to praise you or defend you. But!!!
Relative to the massive corruption and perversions that I have
exposed over and over year after year (that are ignored and/or
covered up by the authorities and the city hall mouthpiece Reno
Gazette... such as Griffin's airport kickback contract TO FEATHER
HIS OWN NEST)... these campaign charges against you are like
stepping on little pee ants while the elephants are trampling Reno.
(Don't the citizens wish that all of the Reno council was put under this
I am of the opinion that this peculiar attack on you is a diversionary
tactic by the RGJ... to keep citizens' minds off of the REAL corruption
permeating the community.
What corruption?
To find dozens of reports, please read The Reno Citizen internet magazine:
(click here)
There is just too darn much perfidiousness for one lone Watchdog.
But I keep trying...
Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)... and a Reno Citizen
Oh... yeh... and what about the crime of my being kidnaped by the
Reno airport... and the RGJ's blatant lies about that?!? (click here)
The Jan Dalski affair (former council lady who was one of Reno's
very infrequent voices for the people) was shrouded in shameless
chicanery and double-dealing... and most of it not of her doing.
w/numerous cc's

Fellow Citizens,



From a citizen,
RGJ Columnist Frank Partlow is asked to answer the following questions:

How do you define "lobbyist?" How do you describe your own activities as
a "government analyst?" What individuals and companies do you serve as an
analyst? How much money have your clients contributed to what political
candidates in recent years? Do you recommend to your clients which candidates
they should support to further their own interests? Do you interact with
public officials to further the interests of your clients? How much money do
your clients pay you to promote their interests in the political arena?
Are your columns ever written to promote your clients' interests? How do
you define "abuse of the power of the press?"
Do you believe that elected officials are justly empowered to force
unpopular decisions on their constituents ~ contrary to hallowed words in our
Declaration of Independence? Do you believe that elected officials are justly
empowered to thumb their noses at the will of the people in order to serve
special interests such as your clients?
How do you define "subversive, un-American activities?"
I just got cable TV again after having had a satellite for awhile so I can
now watch the public access channel. I happened to catch you speaking today
in regards to the Verdi annexation by the Reno "city officials" and all I
can say is, "AWESOME JOB!" I gave ya a standing ovation.

Sam, it is so utterly refreshing to see someone who is not afraid to stand
up to these clowns and speak truth. I love it. I also loved the way
Griffin was squirming when you were done. I take it that you two don't meet
very much for a barbecue or anything? (haha)

It is so rare that we hear someone with guts speak that it is a shocker when
it happens. We need you as mayor, Sam, I'm telling you.
Take care!
Nevada Attorney General
Subject: Public Official, Jeff Griffin's, Violations of 1st and 14th Amendments of U. S. Constitution
Dear Attorney General,
On 13 February, 2001 Mister Jeff Griffin (posing as a mayor of Reno) violated the Laws of America, the Laws of Nevada, and the rules of just plain good government... when he wrongfully refused to allow Sam Dehne to speak at a Public Meeting of the Reno city council.
1. Dehne turned in an Official Request to Speak form in order to voice his valid concerns about Reno city council Agenda Item17.A (Airport Authority Street Abandonments).
2. Numerous other people, both pro and con, were allowed to speak... some of them several times.
3. Approximately one hour after the Agenda Item was introduced (about 8 PM), Dehne was abruptly told by the Reno city clerk that Mister Griffin said that he was not going to allow Dehne to speak on the issue.
4. Several other people were allowed to speak after Dehne was denied his Constitutional rights.
5. Mister Griffin's illegal alibi was that Dehne was being denied his Constitutional rights because he had spoken on the issue several weeks previously. This does not cut it... for far too many reasons to elaborate upon... including the fact that Mister Griffin let Reno airport representatives speak again... even though these same people had spoken at the meeting Dehne spoke at several weeks ago.
6. Furthermore, Mister Griffin should not have been allowed to participate in this public meeting in the first place. The Nevada Ethics Commission had reprimanded him a year earlier (as the result of an Ethics probe requested by Dehne) for participating in Reno Airport matters at city council meetings. The Ethics Commission forbid him from participating in Reno airport matters because he has a terrible conflict due to his illegal kickback contracts with his subordinate cronies at the Reno airport.
* Public official Griffin violated the 1st Amendment when he denied Dehne his right to Freedom of Speech.
* Public official Griffin violated the 14th Amendment when he disallowed Dehne his right to speak while at the same time allowing numerous other people to speak; thus failing to treat Dehne equally as per the U. S. Constitution.
Mister Griffin should therefore be punished to the fullest extent of the Law. NRS 241.040 says very plainly that; "Each member of a public body who attends a meeting of that public body where action is taken in violation of any provision of this chapter, with knowledge of the fact that the meeting is in violation thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor."
Mister Griffin's never-ending gross mutilations of good government are blatant and premeditated. It is way past time for him to learn to obey the Laws of America and of Nevada. An honorable and logical-minded Attorney General will recognize these perversions and take immediate action. Please do not whitewash this person's mendacities any more.
Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)

Reno News & Review
Best Gadfly
Sam Dehne
"My mission is to expose and correct rotten government in Northern Nevada,"
says Sam Dehne, explaining why he's attended every public meeting in Washoe
County [Reno] for five years running.

Fans of community access television know him well. The retired Air Force
lieutenant colonel and former airline pilot is a regular speaker -- and
critic -- during the comment period for most (note: ALL) city and county meetings.

He contends that the paper trail from campaign contributions to local
politicians explains why connected developers regularly catch breaks at the
expense of citizen interests. For his part, Dehne takes pride in the term
gadfly, which he defines as a person who rouses people from complacency. "If
any citizen knew one-tenth of what I've found out by attending these
meetings, they'd be doing the same thing" he says.

Sam Dehne is the editor of The Reno Citizen Magazine and a retired Lt. Col., USAF.

Subject: Please Replace the Tiny Sign On Longley Lane with Bigger Signs
To: Blaine Petesen, Reno Traffic Manager
Thank you for listening to my comments on how to solve traffic problems that involve the citizens of Reno
1. It is a fact that there are ever-increasing huge numbers of 18 wheel tractor trailers needlessly traversing our city's densely populated neighborhoods.

1b. There are a few (very simple in this case) proactive and inexpensive ways to partially mitigate this dire problem.
2. Last year I recommended that Reno install some road signs on southbound Longley Lane with directions for 18 wheeler trucks, leaving the warehouse complexes, on how to get to the freeway. The trucks coming from the warehouses were often turning west on Peckham Lane. (This incorrect routing takes the trucks through dense residential neighborhoods and schools zones and does not have an entrance to the freeway.)
3. The best routing is for those trucks to simply continue straight ahead on Longley Lane another 200 yards past Peckham Lane, and then turn west on McCarren which takes them directly to a freeway entrance.
4. Your office followed my advice and did place a sign on southbound Longley Lane. However the sign is far too small. And there should be at least 2 or 3 signs.
5. This is an official request that you replace the sign on the Longley Lane (heading south just prior to Peckham Lane) with larger signs.
6. The terminology on the sign is okay, but the sign and letters are far too small.
7. In conclusion, please install larger (and a few more) signs.
Thank you in advance for your rapid correction of this problem.
Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
I'm just doing my small part to make the community safer for Reno citizens.
Don't Talk... Don't Write... Don't Think
If the top brass at the Reno Convention Authority get away with their outlandish proposition to use citizens' taxes to file a lawsuit that would prevent private citizens from writing private letters, it will mean that nobody can ever write a letter objecting to boneheaded actions by their bureaucratic public officials again.
Soon it will be; don't write... don't talk... don't think.
It is ludicrous to blame the loss of the convention on my 381 word email letter. Contrast it to the RSCVA's $$$multi-million dollar taxpayer funded blitzes... that have the potential of luring these big conventions by offering everything from lavish gifts (remember the Winter Olympic fiasco over in Salt Lake City?!?)... to maybe even trips to Mustang.
It is way past time to say enough is enough and shut that clique of hob-nobbers down.
Let the casinos run their own advertising... cut out the middle man.
Now there is talk of an all-out boycott of the RSCVA... with an attempt to discourage big out-of-town conventions... with an internet site being built for that purpose.
After all, the convention center was built for Reno citizens... who now take second place to these out-of-towners.
Sam Dehne
And don't forget... it was the casinos that originally hung out the NO VACANCY signs to this convention some 5 years ago. Will they be sued by RSCVA also?
"Dehne letter still the talk of RSCVA"
Activist Sam Dehne responded to a threat of legal action today at the Reno-Sparks Convention and Vistors Authority board meeting, calling it a violation of the First Amendment.
In an RSCVA memo obtained by the Daily Sparks Tribune, RSCVA Executive Director Phil Keene asked the board for direction in pursing legal action against Dehne for sending a message to organizers of the Outdoor Retailer's trade show discouraging them from returning to Reno.
The RSCVA had hoped to lure the show - one of the world's largest dealing with outdoor goods - back to Reno in 2002 when its expanded convention is slated to be completed. But, within 10 days of receiving Dehne's message, it was announced the show would be held in Anaheim, Calif., instead.
Outdoor Retailer spokesman say Dehne's message had no influence over their decision not to return to Reno, but Keene wrote that Dehne continues to obstruct RSCVA activities both internally and externally.
("Click" for rest of report)

Dear Suzy, 1/27/00

The wounds can not heal... while knives are being stuck into them by Reno city hall day after day.
The Mapes travesty is merely one of a myriad of prostituted perversions perpetrated against the citizens of Reno.
Just a few more:
* Stealing land from innocent senior citizens in Rewana Farms... where 14 of them have succumbed to the devastation of their homes by city hall and the Reno airport bullies,
* Funneling of $$$millions of our taxes to RR ditch,
* huge self-serving city council pay raises... voted by council members themselves,
* City hall "Going Postal" (and Cargo) for benefit of griffin and his cargo-cartel... and to detriment of citizens,
And on and on and on and on... never ending nose-thumbing at the people griffin calls the "sniveling malcontents" of Reno Nevada.
With due respect to anyone who may disagree, "conciliation" with the devil is just plain stupid.
Sam Dehne Lt Col USAF (Ret)
Sample Protest Letters To Send To Reno Airport EA Foxes

Mr. James L. Hanna
, Environmental Compliance Coordinator
Western Area Office
U.S. Postal Service
1745 Stout Street, Suite 700
Denver, Colorado 80299-1000
Phone: 303 313-5011,
FAX 303 313-5238
Re: U. S. Postal Service Hub in Reno, NV
Subject: We Object to Postal Service Setting Up Shop in Reno
Example 1:
Mr. Hanna:

In our Reno Gazette Journal under Public Notices dated November 17, 1999, we were given notice that the USPS proposes to locate the Western Network Hub here at the Reno International Airport.
I am writing this letter to strongly protest any such move to our area due to the severe environmental impact it will have on our sensitive surroundings. In the first place, these noisy 727's will be flying either north or south over heavily populated areas during nighttime hours, disturbing the safety, health, sleep, and liveability of thousands of residents.
Secondly, as you must know, we have heavy pollution and inversions of weather as well as wind shears, and possibly heavy snow in the winter, which could be very hazardous to aircraft.
Lastly, we do not need any more airplane noise and pollution, for as you know, the more planes, the more pollution. The Reno Airport Authority was or should be required to make an Environmental Impact Study before any consideration allowing the USPS to come to Reno is allowed. They did an EA and felt that was all that was necessary. That is not the case, and I feel the Airport Authority is shoving the USPS down our throats regardless of the impact because high priced homes in areas surrounding Oakland could not and would not tolerate the noise.
Ms Krys Bart, who I believe came from Oakland, became the Executive of the Airport Authority this past year, and went ahead with plans to bring in the USPS, with no input from the citizens, as she felt there would be no complaints. However, citizens living north, south, east, and west of the airport are at risk due to these planes flying over our homes at all hours of the day and night. You must reconsider your decision regarding bringing the USPS to Reno.
cc Senator Reid

Senator Bryan
Congressman Gibbons
[Editor's Note: Feel free to FAX and phone Mr Hanna... and don't forget the Reno Airport bigwigs (328-6402)]

Example 2:
Dear Mr. James L. Hanna,
This correspondence is in regard to the Draft Environmental Assessment done for the USPS WNET-Hub by Alisto Engineering.
I am taking this opportunity to express my outrage. The USPS has disregarded demands of the citizens of the Truckee Meadows and their elected representatives that a full, detailed Environmental Impact Study (EIS) be completed with regard to the proposed Air Cargo Sorting Hub at the Reno-Tahoe Airport. The USPS has, instead, pursued the completion of an abbreviated Environmental Assessment using old data. In doing this, the USPS has illustrated its disdain for public concerns, and demonstrated a willingness to pursue a course beneficial to its own commercial expediency rather than taking a scientifically and fiscally responsible approach. The USPS has spent citizen's tax dollars to compile a binder full of obsolete data under the illusion of completing an EA.
The USPS is showing by its actions that it does not intend to be a good neighbor. The outright refusal of the USPS to complete an EIS is an affront to all citizens, concerned organizations, homeowners associations, city councilmen and county commissioners, and the Airport Authority Board members who voted to require the completion of a full EIS. The Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI) by this EA is a sham. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for trying to stuff this ‘finding’ down our throats wrapped in a pretty package.
If the USPS truly believes that this proposed cargo hub is a good thing for the Truckee Meadows, there should be no hesitation to complete a truly comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the proposed WNET-Hub action.
I continue to DEMAND that a full detailed EIS be completed before any action by the USPS goes forward. The USPS should throw out this ridiculously inadequate EA and do the right thing. Our living environment here in the Truckee Meadows is more important than your economic bottom line. I want to be assured, through proper science, that there will be NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACTS. Right now, this EA is woefully inadequate to do anything but promote the immediate logistic and financial goals of the USPS.
cc: Gov. Kenny Guinn; Airport Authority of Washoe County; Senator Richard Bryan; Senator Harry Reid; Congressman Jim Gibbons; CfAA; local representatives and city councils

Reno's Mayor Illegally Usurped His Office
There are a number of irregularities with our city government in Reno. The newest flap about "secret" meetings and violations to the open meeting law holds some promise to improve local government. Depositions will be taken of city officers!!! We will see. Another story is how the mayor usurped office!
I personally filed a criminal complaint against the mayor for usurpation of public office that the DA refuses to prosecute (recommended I go to the AG) (Case No. 10227-99 Washoe County Sheriff's office).
The mayor was disqualified as a candidate prior to his reelection!! The city's response to the salary raise/ disqualification dilemma was to have the city attorney lobby (successfully) the state legislature to remove the provision from the city charter. That makes Reno the only city in Nevada where the city council can vote salary increases for themselves AND personally gain the benefit of the raise. This charter amendment happened after the mayor's violations, and without the citizens either knowing about it or participating in the process. Taxpayers screwed again. If you are interested in this story drop me a line.
Guy Zewadski (

Reno Citizen, 12/02/99
I am attaching a letter I sent to Mayor Griffin following the deplorable display of arrogance and blatant disregard for the law I witnessed on a recent airing of a City Council meeting. While I am new to the area, I am concerned about the actions of the council, and I would greatly appreciate any information or updates you could occasionally provide.
Thank You,
Nicole Anstedt
Mr. Griffin,
I find myself greatly troubled after watching a city council meeting that aired on 11/27/99. During that meeting, a gentleman stood at the podium and called members of the council "bastards." The council's response was to end the gentleman's comments and have him escorted out of the building by police/security officers. While expletives should be avoided, if possible, during public comments, I would like the council to bear in mind that such speech, certainly as directed toward members of the government, is protected by the U.S. Constitution. This particular gentleman was being neither disruptive nor violent and did not deserve the treatment he received.

In addition, if what the gentleman said was true and a member of the council did previously use an expletive to describe another citizen, that member set the precedent for language at future meetings.

Again, I would advise the council to watch both their words and actions as there are legal remedies available to citizens whose rights are being abused and/or ignored.
Thank You,
Nicole Anstedt
Editor's Note: Dear Nicole,
Thank you for posting such a fine letter to Reno mayoral-imposter Griffin.
I wish there were more citizens like you who recognize bad govt when it hits them in the nose. If such were the case, maybe Reno would be a better place.
The member of the council who uttered the "expletive" was Griffin and it was he calling me a smartass... which is not a heartbreaker... but does show that he is an arrogant double talker.
What you might not know is that that gentleman was taken from the Public Comment podium and thrown in jail in solitary confinement....

Mike Zappler, Las Vegas Review Journal

Dear Mike, 11/26/99
You produced an excellent investigative report about the "sex angle" in Steve Miller's complaint (Request for Opinion) against Las Vegas councilperson McDonald... a valid complaint about more hankypanky...that the Nevada Ethcomm whitewashed... again.
(Would that Reno's only major newspaper would be so diligent and unbiased.)

The Ethcomm's modus operandi is, and has been, to cover up for public officials... to protect them from the citizens.. which is just the opposite of what it was created for.
I went to the Air Force Academy; there we had an honor code. This Ethcomm would have been expelled within its first month on campus.
Earlier this year I was fined $5,000 when I brought perfectly valid complaints against Jeff Griffin (a person posing as Reno mayor) and his crony, Krys Bart (airport director), who is a carpetbagger recently brought in by some of Griffin's other aviation amateur cronies who are trying to run the Reno Airport.
I accused these 2 critters of meeting and conspiring in secret to turn Reno's airport into a cargo hub... to wrongfully benefit Griffin (he has heretofore been running an unsuccessful cargo business)... as he will have the illegally-gotten monopolistic control over 7,000 acres of airport Foreign Trade Zone.
They admitted meeting in Texas, and I caught Griffin lying, on the spot, under oath... and the Ethcomm pathetically said; "Mr Dehne, what do we care?". It's right in the transcript.
You can read the transcript from the kangaroo court hearing... and a discussion... hankypanky galore... at:
Sincerely, Sam Dehne
Airport's Environmental Assessment Is A Farce
Dear Peg, 11/25
Thanks for your wonderful efforts. It is interesting how many "things" can be "discovered" when one re-types documents. It is a chore, but a person then gets to (has to) look at everything that has been said.
I glanced over the EA and came up with a conclusion similar to yours... it's a lot of poorly contrived windowdressing. And I compared it to the one that the Air Guard did when it shifted from the RF-4 to the C-130. There is no comparison as to quality and proof of conclusion... hell, I don't even see any conclusions in this one. And the Air Guard mission change was a slam dunk. A rocket scientist was not needed to recognize that 8 C-130s were (far) less damaging to the Reno environment than 26 RF-4s !!!
Peg, let's never forget that those suspect Noise Footprints are "created" with sound meters that are often far from neighborhoods... and then they are computer "generated". Proof of their "bogusness" is that Rewana Farms is depicted as noisier than where I live... and my ears verify just the opposite! I have tested it... and I have taken my noise meter to both areas. And I have complained about the noise; whereas they haven't.
The airport aviation amateurs are using this feebleminded "study" to generate questions for the answers they already have... and are using it as an illegal excuse to condemn land from innocent Rewanians... for the perverted benefit of Griffin and gang's evil cargo empire.
When you stop to think about it - this is a test of who, we, the Americans are... and who the nazis are...
Sam Dehne

And the Waste Goes On... and On... and On
Until our local Govt agencies get their heads out of the sand and realize that their wasteful management of our money is costing us taxpayers higher and higher taxes, I'll never vote for another bond!
Would they be using their own money the way they're abusing and using our tax money? Not on your life! If they had, they would have gone broke long ago!
Karmen Ferris
Reno Citizen note: Would Griffin fly business class to London and stay in $369 per night for a luxury hotel room? When pigs fly! Somebody better start watching the money strings down at city hall... soon!
Dear Sam-- [In response to city hall scheme to cancel adult soccer league (click here).]

Another example of what happens when 52 cents of every city tax
dollar is being spent on redevelopment. This is depriving other agencies
from much needed services. Moe Mulvana is the source for that stat.
I'm one of scores who disagree with:
(Ed note: Far, far more than "scores" agree with this person.)

1. The thought of loosing the first destination resort in the world,
that is Reno's, was Reno and could be cultivated to become a big tourist draw.
2. Rejecting an outright proposal to purchase the Mapes
(by a very moneyed, qualified and reputable firm that
filled all requirement of the RFP and who has already committed to
Reno in other ways).
3. Bulldozing through with implosion plans when we know we have
a bird house with pigeon dust known to carry avian organisms that cause San
Joaquin fever, similar to tuberculosis, (no known cure) to filter down to
those below, get sucked into the neighboring buildings' heating/AC systems
then settle in the river to harm down stream fish and animals.
4. Thumbing (at) the agencies that policy the endangered species of the river.
5. Upset the ecosystems down stream by again thumbing (at) the agencies, communities,
fisheries, ranching, and wildlife preserves downstream by not giving a darn
about freeing the chemical spills known to be below the Mapes.
6. Disregard the fact that history books tell us the basement foundation is acting as an
embankment to prevent chemical wastes from entering the river from the North.
In summary, there are circumstances when some things should not be
All this at great cost to, once again, the taxpayers and at the expense of
public entities and needs and the quality of life for citizens.
What in hell is wrong with the Agencies that aren't stepping forward to
protect the citizens?
P.S. I don't mind if you use these thoughts but please don't use my name.

Thank you Sam for being our watch dog, how do we stop this government run by
McNeely as a result of his changing Reno's charter? This is one more example
of secret meetings and decisions made prior to meetings.
Signed, Anonymous
Dear Ms Thomas, 10/06/99 (Wed)
(Reno Radio Talk Show Host)
I have been listening to your show now and then while driving around.
You do a pretty good job when you discuss things such as:
movies, music, cars, coffee, fashion, and the like.
However, it is highly recommended that you stay away from local
politics until you have watched its dimwitted decisions first hand for awhile...
such as that city hall inspired corporate welfare scheme to
subsidize downtown Reno... with citizens' taxes paying for
a blunderheaded (mis)placement of the Ice Rink.
It is respectfully suggested that you would do yourself a big
favor and take a giant step toward learning about perversions
in local government by watching channel 16 at 8 PM tonight.
You will see physical evidence of wrongdoing presented.
Tape it and watch it several times before venturing into
discussions about city hall's peculiarities.
That program was put together, on the spot, with no rehearsal...
which is easy to do when telling the truth.
Sam Dehne
PS Of course, there is always the specter that your station is an arm
of the million dollar taxpayer-funded city hall propaganda machine...
which intelligent listeners cannot help but believing... when they hear
your "yes sir, yes sir" shows with city hall critters Jeff Griffin and
Dave Aiazi as guests.
What Direction Now?
by Robert M. Larkin
The Reno/Sparks area has for the last 20 years been undergoing a subtle yet permanent shift away from a single dominate industry. What marked this shift? The realization from the gaming community that they were no longer recession proof.
Those of us who were around back in the late '70's and early eighties, remember, for instance, when the Nugget's show room went silent. No longer were we treated to the sounds of music or of Big Bertha. This was, however, just the portender to other things that would befall the industry.
My purpose is not to rehash the past, but by studying what happened we can hopefully glean what we ought to be doing today for the future. So, what conditions were present in the late 1970's and early '80's that caused some of the main stay casino's not to be around in the1990's and then, more importantly, what is going to be left into the year 2000?
The late '70's were marked with stagflation. The insidious combination of inflation with little or no productivity increases. This left people with little or no surplus funds to "roll the dice”. Gaming realized that they were subject to some of the same rules as everyone else. What happened? Some went out of business later to reopen under a different name, some consolidated operations, some were bought and some just simply packed up and silently slipped into oblivion.
What lessons did we learn? Never to rely on one sector of the economy for tax rolls and employment. Governments should have learned to start the economic diversification. Some did and others did not. Sparks did and Reno has not.
Now Reno is faced with the classic situation of decreasing downtown values and decreasing taxes to support the same or bigger infrastructure that existed two decades ago, when the money was really flowing in the local economy. Reno is exhibiting the classic symptoms of a City in Crisis, looking for outside sources to fund current ongoing operations and maintenance. Its never fun to come off the ride after so many years as the leader.
What faces Reno now is the same crisis that the "iron" cities of the east had to face a decade ago. Change or sink. The question is what should Reno become? Reno is literally having an identity crisis. Kind of like what your teenagers go through or your middle aged parents are just now going through. Most try new things and discard old things, but not at their own expense. Reno is no different. It is trying on new things and discarding old things, or at least trying to.
What is really needed in Reno is a vision by the people, not the government or the existing "status quo". Is gaming, as we have know it, going to come back, probably not. What then can we expect? What we can do is not predict what might happen, but manage where we want to go.
Economic diversification is not easy, but we do not have to fear it. What is needed is to just move forward. So where does Reno turn to for the advice? Well, we certainly know where they should not turn to for advice. Namely, politicians, antiquated business models and most especially, professional planners. No, the best place to turn to is the people themselves. These, after all, are the ones who are going to pay for it and have to live with it once the modern day "casino" barons have mined the last of the wealth from the town itself.
Citizens of Reno unite with a single voice to mark your destiny, lest it be made for you, by those who care only about their bloated profits and unjustified political careers.
(Editor's Note: Whatever "diversification" is considered by out bureaucratic "leaders", it should not be Airport Cargo and Postal! Why? Please click here for more.)
Dear Editor:
Yikes! I thought that the Sparks Tribune prided itself in printing the truth. That editorial and cartoon in last Sunday's paper were pretty far afield in their characterizations of the people that I know who are involved in this USPS Hub issue. If you want to target the real NIMBYs in this whole mess, look no further than the most ardent USPS Hub supporters, none of whom live in the airport noise footprint nor will be affected by the late-night operations. The majority of the most vocal proponents of the Hub deal live in Caughlin Ranch, far from the madding crowd and any concerns with airport noise impacts.

Southwest residents and Citizens for Airport Accountability have been making a serious effort to contact citizens' groups in the greater Reno/Sparks area to inform them of what could happen if this Hub is built and operated. While the suburban Southwest will be the recipient of the initial noise and pollution damage caused by this facility, in three years' time it could be a very different story. The permanent facility is planned for the area currently occupied by the community of Rewana Farms, in the southwest corner of an expanded airport. Cargo and mail planes would load at this Hub and, in all likelihood, take off to the north, minimizing taxi time and fuel expense. Sparks, Sun Valley, Spanish Springs, and many other neighborhoods lying to the north of the runway would come to experience what the residents of the southwest now endure. Most residents in the Southwest have lived here long before the center of Reno started its southward journey and have accepted airport noise as a consequence of our location. It has been the Airport that has made headlines, offering residents in South Hills and the Mount Rose area respite from noise by suggesting a "Steamboat Departure" that would shift the noise burden eastward, over other people's homes. As for Avigation Easements, none of us who live in South Hills or any of the other long-established neighborhoods beneath the flight path have them in our deeds. These Easements weren't instituted until 1983 and most of the older Southwest neighborhoods date from the '60s and earlier. It should be noted, however, that Double Diamond and other newer communities in the area DO have them and if the Steamboat Departure were to be implemented, none of these residents would have the right to sue for loss of their property values due to airport noise.

To my understanding, a NIMBY would embrace the Hub, just as long as the noise didn't bother them. That isn't the position of anyone I know. It is unacceptable to impose this late-night source of noise on ANY community. Residents of the Southwest have accepted the noise from passenger jets for decades as a part of life because these jets brought tourists to fuel our local economy. What we now oppose is the introduction of a facility utilizing old aircraft, creating a small number low-wage, unskilled, part-time jobs, and doing so at the expense of tens of thousands of families. It might be a boon to the Northern Nevada economy to build a mail or cargo hub, but this kind of facility does not belong in the middle of a densely populated urban area. Northern Nevada has plenty of room to pursue this venture where citizens will not be victims of someone else's enterprise.

As for Rewana Farms, these courageous people are working with their allies in the Southwest to bring an Environmental Impact Statement to bear on this USPS/Cargo Hub problem. The permanent impact that this facility will have on the entire Reno-Sparks community warrants it. Yes, Rewana Farms fought the fight first, but to point your finger at the Southwest and accuse its citizens of callous indifference is unfair and untrue. Every community in the greater Reno-Sparks area has had to deal with its own battles against some governmental or private entity over the past several years.

The Southwest has had its hands full for six years dealing with weekly to monthly meetings with county officials, planners, developers, utility directors, commissions, boards, and, yes, the Airport Authority too. We're spread about as thin as we can be, trying to attend all the gatherings, public and private, where plans are afoot to build and develop in and around our neighborhoods. In 1995, Washoe County saddled citizens with the responsibility of participating in the creation of several Specific Plan Areas to address the direction development will take well into the next century. This process was contentious and lengthy, and occurred at precisely the same time as the citizens of Rewana Farms were pressing their case. Quite frankly, if faced with the imminent possibility of a high-rise hotel/casino directly in your backyard or an airport issue 5 miles away, I think most people's priority would be with the closest threat.

It will be interesting to see what the readers of the Tribune think in three years' time, when Sparks citizens suddenly find themselves the brunt of late-night jet noise. I wonder what they'll think of your editorial then.
Peg O'Malley, August, 1999
(Somebody sent this letter to the Reno Gazette apparently in response
to its Editorial comment that Sam Dehne is too "incessant" in his patriotism.
The truth, even though sometimes aggrandizing, should be printed.)
Dear Editor,
Please give serious attention to Sam Dehne. Don't discount him because
of his assertive personal style. Many of us identify strongly with Sam,
with his courage, with his ideals, with his impatience over political
opportunism and devious governmental strategies and people. We see him as
protecting our disappearing share of America, which we ourselves have
come to feel powerless to do. True, his style is brash: that is exactly
what it has to be to command the necessary attention and leverage. This
may seem harsh, but the evidence indicates that polite protests are
water on the backs of ducks, expected, simply an item in the
checklist--people complain; tell them whatever they'll believe; ignore
I think that Sam represents a very important phenomenon that needs to be
rigorously reintroduced into America.
Thank you.
Reno's last "Ditch" plans for redevelopment!
In the past few weeks, the underground railroad passage referred to as the trench had expansion plans which included an underground city hall, graveyard, and connecting metro. Now new plans include an aircargo terminal and the relocation of the Mustard Ranch.
The Ranch is considered a major coup for the underground facility since many of the services provided by the Ranch will have effects similar to current area proposals. Guidelines will be drawn to regulate pricing and taxation for all underground entities. This new regulatory agency will be known as Ground-Air-Rail Bureau Authority for General Entities (GARBAGE).
To celebrate the completion of the trench, a statue of the mayor has been proposed placed over the exciting underground facility, and Bobby Kneivel may be invited to make a jump. One problem is that the statue will be located in the most pigeon-infested area; however, a hefty new county-wide tax proposal will assure a sparkling, clean downtown--both above and below ground levels. How fortunate we are to have such exciting plans in our future!

("Click" here for rest of sad story... and subsequent comments about RATS)
Are Washoe Hospital Nurses being Treated Fairly by Administration and the Media?

Dear Reno Citizen,
I just spoke to Robert Tweedy from Local 3 and he says that the Gazette
Journal refuses to print an article in the paper regarding the hospitals
trying to unionize. I feel this is something the public needs to know about,
and I am very concerned about just how much pull big business actually has.
When they can refuse to print the truth! I think I can sum up our dilemma by
reprinting a letter that a nurse from St. Mary's Hospital wrote to Tad Dunbar.
Mr. Dunbar:
I am writing to you in response to a comment you made Monday, March 22, on
the evening newscast. The comment was made directly following a story about
local nurses from Washoe Medical Center and Saint Mary's Regional Medical
Center seeking representation from a local union. In this comment, you
inferred that these actions would have a negative effect on the cost of
health care.
Mr. Dunbar, do you really believe that nurses salaries are the reason for the
increasing cost of health care? Perhaps you should look at the ever
increasing profits and greed of the insurance industry and the exorbitant
salaries, perks and bonuses of hospital administrators. Or, perhaps, the
public should look at who is a major source of advertising dollars for your
Most importantly, Mr. Dunbar, your off the cuff remarks that influence
thousands of viewers should be held until you have all of the facts (as any
journalist should). I speak for myself and many, many other nurses when I
say that salary is not the reason for seeking representation. Like many
other groups throughout history, we are seeking representation to improve
working conditions. Conditions such as increased patient loads, staffing by
number of patients rather than acuity of illness, replacing professional,
educated registered nurses with nursing assistants with 6-7 weeks of
training, floating nursing personnel to areas that they do not have expertise
in, and the list goes on. What you may not realize is that these conditions
directly effect safety and quality of care for our patients. National
studies show that fewer registered nurses at the bedside means longer
hospital stays, and increased risk of patient infections, and other
implications. This is why nurses are seeking representation!
I do not know a nurse that chose nursing as a profession for monetary gain -
we choose what we do because we care about people and we truly want to and do
make a difference in people's lives.
So, Mr. Dunbar, if you have a friend/relative are in the hospital as a
patient on a surgical floor and you are in pain but don't receive medication
for thirty minutes or more because you are only one of 12-15 patients that
your nurse is responsible for, don't begrudge your nurse. And, remember, her
helper with 6-7 weeks of training cannot help you. Or, if you are on a
medical floor, and a subtle but vital change in your condition is not noticed
and acted upon because, again, you are only one of many, don't begrudge your
nurse. Or, when Terry Hendry is in labor and a critical change in her
condition or a severe decrease in the baby's heart rate aren't
noticed in time because her nurse has too many patients, don't begrudge the
nurse. Better yet, don't sue her for malpractice because she often works in
conditions that make it impossible to provide safe, quality care.
A nurses job is not glamorous. Patients and visitors often ask us how and
why we do it. Body fluids and waste, screaming patients/visitors, potential
malpractice suits or loss of our licenses, obnoxious doctors, etc. We
sometimes ask ourselves the same question. And the answer always lies in our
hearts - because we care. Because we have the privilege to share in the most
intimate times of our patient's lives - birth, illness, wellness and death.
And, because we know we make a positive difference in our patients' lives and
well being.
Mr. Dunbar, we are fighting for our right to practice effective, safe,
quality nursing. We are fighting for you and everyone else in this community!
Mr Dehne, whatever assistance you can provide in getting this information out
to the public would be very much appreciated. We need their support.
Thank you,
Anonymous Nurse from Washoe Hospital
We recently spent 2 weeks in the Reno area. Having never been there,
we were excited about a new place. What a disappointment!
We heard much talk and read a lot about Reno "competing" with Las
Vegas. You don't get out a lot there, do you?
Reno's closeness to Las Vegas could be measured in light-years.
Compete with Las Vegas? Reno can't compete with Laughlin! Atlantic City
is stuck between a slum and a cold, polluted ocean, and Reno can't
compete with it!
We found Reno to be a mean, grubby, dusty, dirty, low-life, low-rent
whistle stop. The city officials we attempted to deal with were
obfuscatory, venal and given the opportunity, corrupt.
Reno can't "compete" with Biloxi, Miss., Foxwoods in Connecticut or
Mesquite for that matter. Your downtown looks like a boarded up Rust
Belt town like Gary, Ind., or Allentown, Penn.
The people we met were rude, arrogant (for what reason we cannot
fathom), ignorant and drunk. Do you have a police force in this town?
Reno? Never again. Reno is a miserable rip-off and we are going to
alert everyone we can to try and save them from the ghastly experience
we had. Ann Annenberg, Clearwater, Florida
Comment on Northern Nevada Government
Dear Reno Citizen Magazine,
I've been a Reno resident just 14 months now, but it didn't take long to
realize that the provincial protectionist encampment known as City Hall
spelled danger to the future of this once vibrant town.
The RSCVA and its marketing efforts are a joke. After 32 years in marketing,
I shudder at the amateur bungling and misguided efforts of this entity.
My property taxes are outrageous; based on an appraised value far in excess
of what I could realistically sell my home for given the building boom and
failure of other properties on my street to sell. In just over a year I would
estimate that I've lost at least 10% of the equity in my home due to city
mismanagement that will make my future even more insecure if forced to sell my
home when people begin to flee a city that has the stench of urban squalor
and the vision of some small backwater town.
Thanks for being a voice in the wilderness.
Don Nagle
Urban flight- At the Arlington Towers we're seeing a flight and a little drop in value since we've been hit with the special assessment for the trench, and with the threat of additional annual assessments related to the trench because of the law misused by the city intended for mass-transit systems. Now we see the numerous Legislative Bills advanced by the city to ease the way for greater taxes and assessments, and the more aggressive eminent domain laws considered by the city.

A picture is emerging of an out of control government doing only those things helpful to business.

Will the taxpayers be required to buy out the businesses that the trench and imminent domain efforts dislocate? What's wrong with letting market forces work and seeing a little diversification. To subsidize a dying industry is bad business and a burden on local taxpayers that people will move away from.

Guy Zewadski

Gazette Mouthpiece, Partlow, should be Ashamed of Himself
Letter to the Editor.
I am writing in response to Sunday columnist Frank Partlow's insulting
defense of S.B. 255 and the tax increase to fund the train trench. He refers
to those of us who testified against the bill, as "lame brains," and praises
the lame duck county commissioners who forced us taxpayers into this quandary.
Mr. Partlow bases much of the rational for the train trench on a recent
Illinois rail disaster. He doesn't mention the impending disaster to us
taxpayers when we will foot the bill for the safety and environmental
liabilities digging a two-mile hole through downtown Reno.
Partlow downplays the potential that smaller casinos and businesses will
close as a result of its construction. He neglects to mention that the
"business organizations" he provides "analysis" for will benefit from less
competition downtown.
I, like many other taxpayers, am getting tired of having public money spent
on ill advised projects especially when we can't vote on them. I am offended
that I am insulted by a lobbyist for special interests who poses as "local
government analyst" after speaking up for my beliefs that public money should
be spent wisely.
I resent that, unlike Clark County voters, I never got to vote on our county-
wide tax increase and instead having the decision be made by my former
appointed--not elected--county commissioner Sue Camp, who felt that voters
were too stupid to vote for the trench. This is taxation without
representation--one of the rallying cries for the American Revolution!
Mr. Partlow, I am proud to stand along side the "motley rear guard" who
opposed this bill and the trench. It is you who are a "lame brain" if you
think the subsidizing this train trench with public money is right.
Pat Puchert
Pollution "Police"
Just as the declining clarity of Lake Tahoe is mistakenly attributed to
2-stroke watercraft, the smog in Reno is being blamed on untuned cars. Why
is it that what we are led to believe is so often wrong?
In the former case, Tahoe is clouding because the fertilizers used on
lawns and golf courses leach into the lake promoting algal 'blooming'.
Lawns are not indigenous to the basin, and we simply cannot have both a
clear lake and green lawns.
In Reno, the cure to our smog is NOT by 'ratting on' the poor (who often
cannot afford to maintain their vehicles) by 'secretly' calling 555-SMOG,
but rather by bringing sanity to our obviously insane traffic system.

At one time I could drive all the way down Sierra Street hitting the green lights.
Now I ALWAYS get stuck at Sierra and 3rd, (most often at a red light with
NO cross traffic) to admire and pay homage to the El Dorado.
The problem is not smoggy cars but the fact that we have to stop and start
at almost every intersection in this town. The blame lies with the traffic
engineers and road designers who will stop 60 cars at a time so two can
exit the shopping mall without having to wait 'too long'.

Penalizing the poor for our smog ranks right up there with building a new
theatre complex downtown, or giving Steve Wynn an art tax break and letting
him charge $10 a head, or calling marihuana a class 1 drug (more dangerous
than cocaine) yet allowing 400,000 a year to die from 'legal' tobacco.
Until we all become good citizens and start raising our voices about these
wrongs, we are doomed to a continuing deterioration of our lives and
freedoms. (I can't hear you….)
Craig O. Bergland

"A better quality of life for seniors, their children and grandchildren"
Let's Slow Reno Down
Dear Reno Citizen,
I saw that Boise just opened 2 NHL-size ice rinks - positioning themselves
for a shot at the Winter Olympics, I guess, with a ski area nearby. But
here in Reno we'll have a dozen more movie screens on the river. Oh well,
sooner or later it will get flooded out & destroyed, then maybe they'll
adapt it to skating.
It's funny that the powers-that-be are so focused on the past, where
casinos were important, that they have a hard time seeing how the
importance of casinos is declining quickly. Indian gaming will hit the
casinos hard, siphoning off a lot of the California trade; the death of
Castro and the reopening of the Havana casinos will reduce trade from the
east. In 10 years casinos may be as powerful as the brothels.
RSCVA's loss of the outdoor retailers show to Salt Lake illustrates
dramatically how unimportant casino gaming really is, but convention
business is as bad, or worse, than gaming. East 4th St. is the part of
town that conventioneers visit; that and the mustang ranch.
I'll suggest again that a strong complaint to the EPA about air quality
might be the best way to put a stick in the wheels of development. If we
can reduce the number of incoming aircraft, a lot of the rest of the
problem just goes away by itself. If the planes go away, so does airport
expansion & casino & RSCVA dominance.
Dear TIME magazine investigators
Thank you for your request for a short analysis of Pork Barrelism at the Reno, Nevada Airport.
As briefly as I can put it:
1. I have attended every Reno Airport (also called the AAWC) meeting for 4 years.
1a. Rare is the meeting when the Reno Airport Board (of APPOINTED Special Interest cronies who lack aviation background) does not vote to accept a handout "Grant" from the federal government.
2. In one of their biggest schemes yet, the Reno Airport has been soliciting $$$millions of tax dollars in a corporate welfare financed plan to force innocent citizens (living in what used to be a pleasant area called Rewana Farms) out of their homes. The airport says it is too noisy for those folks... even though they are not complaining about the noise.
3. The Airport is using this land to trade with the Nevada Air Guard... so they can build a new terminal (where the Air Guard is now) and move the Air Guard to the land that they are stealing from the innocent citizens.
3a. A bogus "study" was conducted as to where to move the Air Guard... a study concocting questions to answers the Airport and Special Interests already had decided. Instead of logically moving the Air Guard to a military base (Fallon Naval Air Base is just 50 miles away) or to a less populated area, the Airport "study" decided to put the base right in the middle of town on the land they had gotten with the "free" federal money. The Airport has recently reverted to condemnation (funded by the wrongly used federal government "noise" money) to get the last innocent citizens off the land they want so badly. What is the "common good" in building a huge military base in the middle of thousands of citizens... when bases are being closed around the rest of the nation?
3b. Sub-plots driving this landgrab are the $$$multi-multi-million dollar sweetheart deals that were arranged between the Airport and numerous construction companies in the area... who are on the dole.
4. A bizarre irony is that the area supposedly being protected from/against noise will be ultimately noisier with all the military airplanes and activity.
5. The Reno Airport has forced innocent citizens out of their homes before... using $$$millions of federal (FAA) tax dollars. In the other instances (such as an area called Home Gardens) they have later either sold or leased the land. Did this federal money go back to the federal government where it belonged? No. The supposed-to-be semi-private Reno Airport funneled that money back into its own coffers... or disguised it in various ways to keep from returning it to the rightful owners - the citizens. More legalized embezzlement... aka corporate welfare... aka pork barrel... aka money laundering
6. The since departed Airport director (who left with a lovely golden parachute) bragged about the fact that he was able to get such huge sums of money from the federal government (disguised under various ruses) to build and expand the Reno Airport.
6a. An extra runway was funded by floating a $100,000,000 bond... with yearly payments of $5,000,000. Guess what; THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOW GIVES THE AIRPORT YEARLY GRANTS TO PAY OFF THOSE BONDS!
6b. The Reno Airport has a very tight relationship with the local and regional FAA... that signs off on virtually all if its nefarious schemes.
6c. The Airport has had a very close relationship with Nevada senators Reid and Bryan who are very senior people... and thus able to pull lots of strings.
7. As a citizen, I object to these perfidious insults to, and theft of money from, the citizens of America.
Sam Dehne, Citizen Watchdog
Lt Col USAF (Ret) and former airline pilot
(702) 825-1398
There is a LOT more to this story about shamelessly mendacious rotten government in Reno, Nevada...
More Warnerisms (possible fictitious front for Reno city hall)
>Sam: LOL! After reading this month's Reno Citizen, I am having to
>compose myself after have laughed to long and hard. First, it's
>October's version, but you forgot to change the date on the inside....
>very confusing.
Dear city hall surrogate,
Let's see...
1. Thank you for the alert on the Sept versus Oct issue of The Reno Citizen. Our publisher will be duly advised of her oversite. It's not surprising that you were confused... as that appears to be your standard modus operandi.
2. A good laugh helps the disposition. And northern Nevada government is always worth a good laugh... as in... it's a (bad) joke...
>Second, and honestly Sam, you are no Mills Lane. Comparing yourself to
>him is just ludicrous.
3. Never wanted to be ML... didn't say I was... and wouldn't compare myself to him. He marches to his drum, and I march to mine...
>Your finger pointing at Dave was so childish, and your retort of "let's
>see how long I can point my finger" when Mr. Aiazzi asked you not to
>showed just how immature you really are.
4. Talking about the Aiazzzzzi is an immature (and ludicrous) waste of time.
>I live in the area of the Atlantis Casino, and cannot believe that you
>are complaining about it's new tower, and somehow believe that the Mayor
>has something to do with that. Mr. Dehne we have a city manager form of
>government, NOT mayoral, the mayor is just one vote out of seven on the
>council. He cuts ribbons, puts his hand in cement, but he does not
>control who gets what permits, construction perks, etc. You have
>watched too many conspiracy movies.
5. When he isn't cutting ribbons, he is feathering nests... those of his private company, friends, and assorted fat cat cronies.
Atlantis Casino?
November, '97 - Atlantis gave a $4,000 bribe to the mayor's campaign.
February, '98 - mayor voted (among other aspects of his cronyistic payback) to allow building that monstrosity over south Virginia... the citizens' street.
City hall is so blatantly corrupt that it is difficult to use the word conspiracy... which implies some clandestineness.
>Finally, a friend of my son was part of the student day recently at city
>hall. This was a wonderful, worthwhile project put on my the city.
>Kudos to whoever worked on that one. My son's friend stayed after the
>mock council meeting to watch the real city council meeting. He heard
>your public comment and was very honest in his comments which I will be
>happy to share with you:::::
6. You are almost right on that. Letting kids learn about and participate in good city government is something I have recommended on several occasions. Something might even be learned from watching BAD (as in Reno) city government.
>"This guy named Sam got up, and he looked like some kind of homeless
>lunatic, [editor's note: click here for picture of "scruffy" Sam.]
all scruffy and indignant, but worst of all he was so rude and

>offensive that all of us that had stayed to watch this were ashamed -
>ashamed that this man would speak to anyone in such a way".
7. What does a homeless lunatic look like? Does he look any different from a city council lunatic... or a city hall lunatic?
Let's hope so.

If what you say here is true (and that is a big if), then that kid needs some more training on what good government is all about. On that particular Tues;
a. I chastised city hall for its continuing violations of, among other things, the First Amendment,
b. I chastised city hall for recommending that citizens pay for new schools... when it is the casinos and developers and EDAWN/RSCVA and other assorted fat cats... who are making the money and should be paying.
I consider myself to be about as "scruffy" as Patrick Henry. Now THERE is somebody I would like to compare myself to...
By the way, kids in high school are generally very impressionable... and those poor kids won't get proper training on good government by hanging around Reno city hall.
>I think that about says it all.....
>Feel free to print this in that awful rag magazine, but doubt that you
>will, after all it's for only the few, the proud, the idiotic....
>Liz Warner
8. It is good that some citizens are paying attention to the problems at Reno city hall. Too bad you aren't one of them...
Another Reader's Response:
These comments are for you all, but are really directed "to" Liz Warner

I really don't understand how someone, such as yourself, would take
the time and use the forum of the internet to show yourself for what
you are, ignorant. I do not mean this in a "mean" way. Only in the
pure sense of ignorant. You make that child sound so foolish and
silly. As though he was growing up in a bubble. I will assume that
he just didn't understand that things are not always perfect. Life is
not always perfect. The child should have been proud that there are
people willing to confront our various forms of Government to help
provide those checks and balances that protect you ordinary citizens.
If there are essential facts to state and issues to be raised they
should be reported, discussed and accepted or debated. When that
child made these "childish" observations, it should have been
explained to him that all citizens have the right to put controversial
issues on the table.

Most of what Liz Warner says makes her sound like a housewife that has
been turned loose with an internet cite that makes her feel like she
has some sort of power. Her comments sound like someone from the
"Stepford Wives" movie. Plastic hair...pasted smile...perfect life.
For those of you that are still reading these observations, please
know that Sam Dehne is one of the best things Reno has going for it
and that "rag periodical" of his is probably one of the best things
Reno has for airing your concerns and views. Sam is willing to give
you all his very best and raise those issues that confront you daily.
My hat is off to him and all of you.
Ilani Donley
Another Astute Comment:
Dear Ms.Warner,
I read somewhere here in cyberspace your comments about a youngster
attending a recent Reno City Hall Meeting. While I may be taking your
words out of context, I feel that I must reply to what little I was able to
I hope that the child was not dissuaded from the importance of being able
to question or disagree with government. If we are taught not to question,
then our very form of representative government will be able to run rampant
without public restraints of any kind. I certainly fear a world like that,
and hope that we teach our young the possible dangers. If they are not
prepared for the real world, we do them great disadvantage....
As far as the 'disheveled' gentleman who addressed city hall, should only
those of a certain breed, class, income, refinement, or status be allowed
to question authorities?
If that is the case, then I hope that you are of that sort, because when
all is said and done, they will have no mercy on the rest of us who do not
fit that mold.
I pray that we all teach our children that to be different, disadvantaged
or disagreeable does not make us any less human. We are all sharing in
this wonderful experiment at real government and real life, and we must be
as kind as we can to ALL fellow travellers.
I hope you do not take my comments amiss, and that you are well.
Craig O. Bergland
ex Candidate for Reno Mayor

OK, soheresthefacts...Remember what they call it? HOTAUGUSTNIGHTS. Yeah,
well anyway buncha baldhead malcontents and others of latino origins plus
pukes, teenagers,off duty Marines and druggies got pissed off cause the
party was over and they didn't want to go home and the Reno S.w.a.t. team
needed some practice pushing people around cause there's never riots in Reno
except on warm New Years Eves, which there never is...Get it?..Also, Reno
saw a cool way to advertise the H.A.N. event since everybody wants to hear
negative things about the hot weather and dead fried Texans are old hat.
That's the news folks , from Sparks
In my defense

My dropping out of the Mayoral race was, after careful reflection,
necessary. I am using all tactics to get professional politicians out of
public office.
Professional and public don't mix. But then politicians and public don't
To return our city to what it should be requires you, the reader's
participation. If you don't vote to counter the votes of 'special
interests' this September, then they will tear down all the fine things in
our city, and replace them with more movie theaters where panhandlers lurk
and where citizens fear to tread. Remember, all special interests always
vote. Always. Unlike the rest of us.
But there are more of us.
I quit the mayor's race (which WAS fun) after meeting Sam Dehne'.
I was that impressed.
I urge the remaining and silent mayoral candidates to reflect on their duty
to our city and why one decides to run for public office.
I urge you, the reader, then to throw in for Sam.
We can beat them this fall.
Craig O. Bergland
exCandidate for Mayor
A Voter's Guide... simple but genius!
Selecting A Candidate
*Vote Against any Incumbent. "All Power corrupts" - time to get 'em out of there....
*Vote Against any Lawyer. They don't see the inherent conflict in writing complex laws that they will later charge us to interpret.
*Vote Against any Government Employee - Professor, Cop, Prosecutor, ... - they just have no idea how hard the rest of us have to work to pay for their cushy government jobs, so they have no problem with making us work harder.
Propositions, Amendments, Bond Issues, etc.
*Vote Against any New Tax. (self-explantory).
*Vote Against any New Program (inevitably, it will involve a new tax).
*Vote Against any New Agency, for the same reason.
Reno Citizen,
The hate mail you've received this past week indicates that foes of
honest reporting feel threatened by your efforts. Keep up the good work!
Whenever you turn over a stone and discover something underneath that
doesn't want to be exposed to sunlight, you can expect flak.
When "average-Joe" voters are asked whether they want "more of the same"
corruption and stupidity at Reno City Hall, their common answer is "no."
Interesting that Jeffie Griffin has reportedly spent $9,000 for some
kind of a poll to determine whether he has a chance of winning against
his contenders ... including you. This is barely the beginning of July
and Jeffie is running scared. As he should be. No doubt that "dirty
tricks" can now be expected. No doubt that the Reno Gazette-Journal will
take every opportunity to cast Jeffie in positive light ... and will
continue its policy of pretending Sam Dehne doesn't exist, unless of
course they creatively report your views and activities in negative
light. We can not trust the Reno Gazette-Journal to always tell the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; Reno badly needs a
second daily newspaper. One thing is for sure: the Garbage Journal will
avoid reporting your complete platform; they (and the Power Club) do not
want voters to know how you would overhaul city hall ... and return
democracy and integrity to Reno government.
Interesting that city council meetings will not be held as often in
future. This will, of course, limit public exposure of your views on
cable TV. We can fairly assume that the volume of city business has not
decreased. The perception is that more city business will now be
conducted under rocks where it will not see the light of day. Sure would
be great if the State of Nevada had an open meeting law and an ethics
commission that were something more than abominable window-dressing.
Interesting that your outspoken comments at the council table have not
been legally challenged. Despite the braying of donkeys, your facts
could not be dismissed in an honest court of law. And we do know that
the Power Club and their council lackeys would like you to stop telling
it like it is. Still, we have to expect First Amendment litigation at
some point in the future; we can expect our video library of documented
abuses to grow. With the promised assistance of an unnamed civil rights
organization, we can expect to prevail when we do sally forth into the
land of Federal esquires ... with national exposure via the rights
group's resources.
On to Victory!!!
Guy Felton
Dear Mr. Dehne:
I have lived in reno for over 30 years, and while I was cruising the
web, found your site, and read it thoroughly.
At first I thought, hmmm this guy is out there. However, after I
continued to read thru it all, I realized you are just a joke.
Your "cohorts" include a council person who was asked to leave for not
living in her ward. Regardless that her husband has been ill, she was
deceiving Reno citizens.... breaking a rule. Her excuse "I rented an
apartment that was better suited for my ill husband". Funny, that
apartment was a studio, which only allows one occupant. Let's face it,
she was scamming everyone, showing she has no ethics.
Your other "cohort", a Mister Norris Baccho, has been arrested for
impersonating a dr. to get prescriptions illeagally, is an obvious drug
addict, and if the "rumors" floating about him are even half true, then
he has conned many a city, many a woman, and has some serious problems
besides being a drug addict.
Guy Felton, don't know much about him. But after watching a rerun of
the last council meeting, and his ranting and ravings, he is just
another lunatic.
Your Reno Citizen magazine is a sham. People who supposedly write the
articles are really you (they use the same stupid words like flapdoodle
and fluff). In fact, you even allude to that sham with your "writing
e-mails to yourself". You keep alluding to conspiracy theories and
skullduggery at city hall, none of which you can prove. In fact, most
of your allegations about wrongdoing on the council and the mayor's part
are legal, and have been found by both the city attorney and the
attorney general to be in line with the law.
Please, don't let the people of the world who visit this site, think
that you speak on behalf of Reno citizens. You speak for yourself and a
few highly dysfunctional people.
I'm pretty confident that this letter from a citizen will not appear on
your website. You don't have the guts for that.
Liz Warner, via email
Editor's Comment:
It is virtually impossible to believe that somebody with an objective and honest mind could read our internet magazine thoroughly... and conclude that it is a joke... although humor is certainly the order of the day where appropriate. The real "joke" is local Reno government... and some uninformed citizens' apparent perception that it is okay. Please note:

1. Everybody has a right to an opinion. This one happens to be sadly misguided... because, anybody who really read The Reno Citizen for the past 3 years, can plainly see that what has been written is factual and verifiable. Stories are investigated... and portrayed with on-line evidence where space allows. Having attended virtually every Reno city kouncil and every Reno Kasino Airport meeting for the last 3 years, I now consider myself an expert on korruption, kronyism, and inkompetence by, but not limited to, members of:
Reno city kouncil,
Reno city kouncil staff,
Reno's appointed Airport trustees,
Numerous members of many of the kronyistic local Boards and Commissions (where you will find the "usual suspects" running amok)... such as RSCVA and EDAWN.
2. Whatever Ms. Herman might have done pales in comparison to the truly overwhelming number of sleazy dealings at city hall. It was nothing short of preposterous and hypocritical for those kouncil kritters, their staff, and the Gazette to pick on the only other honest member of the Reno council. Their proven korruptness makes a mockery of their assertions.

3. If those "rumors" are true... then Mr. Bacho should have fit right in with this administration.
They are the people who falsified his records, conjured up allegations, and spinelessly put him in the predicament he is in. And the doctors are the ones who prescribed an extremely addictive legal prescription "drug". And the citizens are the ones who are being duped (continuously) by this korrupt administration.

4. Mr. Felton's "rantings and ravings" were justified citizen outrage... against this city hall's never-ending violations of all good tenants of democracy and honorable government. You could probably learn a few things... if you would open your ears to what he was saying.
And if he is a lunatic, Reno needs more lunatics... not nest-feathering krooks.

5. Knowledgeable citizens who read your comments will be able to see that either you did not really surf
The Reno Citizen thoroughly at all... or you are one of the "usual suspects"... or just too close-minded and apathetic to recognize that members of this administration is pilfering citizens' taxes... while feathering their personal nests...

I have now spent too much time on this...

However, here are "links" to just a few of the myriad of internet investigations you might have missed... that prove beyond a doubt that Reno city haul needs to be overhauled: ("Click" to read each)
You won't find information like this in city hall's taxpayer-subsidized mouthpiece, the Reno Gazette.
Sam Dehne, editor

Dear Ms. Warner,
If you have lived in Reno for any period of time and are not concerned
with corruption and stupidity at Reno City Hall, are you not part of the
problem? Are you not aware that public trust in Reno government is very
low? It is not only the right of any citizen to monitor government; it
is an obligation of citizenship.
Sam Dehne, Judy Pruett-Herman, and I are actively involved in monitoring
Reno government. Are you? Please tell us something about yourself ...
and your concerns or non-concerns about integrity, intelligence, and
democracy at city hall. How long have you lived in Reno? Do you have
loyalty links to such persons as Jeff Griffin and Frank Partlow ... or
any person or persons having anything to do with the Northern Nevada
Network? Do you believe that citizens have clear right to responsible
answers to the questions ( I raised at
last Tuesday's council meeting?
If not, why not? Do you believe in the
principle of government officials
being accountable to We, the people?
Do you believe that government
officials who will not give straight
answers to questions raised by
citizens ... even irate citizens ... can
be trusted or respected?
( "Questions" URL link")
Perhaps you might want to publish an Internet magazine to express your
views on local government. The Reno Citizen has been published for over
three years, I believe, and expresses views and concerns that are shared
by more persons than you might like to accept. A well-known and
respected candidate for public office recently reported that in walking
door-to-door to take her message to Reno citizens, she was impacted by
the "bad feeling" expressed toward Reno officials and Reno government.
The choice is to pretend there is no problem ... or to try to correct
the problem. Your position seems to be that persons outspokenly
concerned with the problem should melt away ... and the problem would
also melt away.
In closing, permit me to ask you to define your understanding of
"ranting and raving." Would your email message to Sam Dehne, dated 27
June 1998, fit your definition?
Guy Felton
Dear Liz Warner:
I'm not sure what you mean by all the information you said you read (if
you did read all of it) as finding Sam, his supporters and the
Reno Citizen information as "just a joke". If you believe everything you
read or hear in the newsmedia, I'm afraid you're in for a big surprise,
because then the joke is on you. Everyone thought Hitler was a joke
until he told them, "I don't need you, I have your children; and give me
all your guns and I will protect you!"
Now, reread everything twice that you didn't understand and tell me
then its "just a joke."
From someone who knows a lot that is going on and learning more by
opening both sides of the brain cells instead of the portion being brainwashed
by corrupt government and the newsmedia.
One of the New York Times greatest journalists, John Swinton's
statement to his Press Club was, "Any of you who would be so
foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street looking
for another job..the business of journalism is to destroy truth..we
are tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes; they pull the
strings and we dance; we are intellectual prostitutes."
Also, the U.S. Supreme Court once said, "It is not the function of
our government to keep the citizens from falling into error;
it is the function of the citizens to keep the government from
falling into error!" So go with this where you wish Liz Warner!
COLOR="Black">To put it succinctly... you are too full of lima beans... and we cannot in good conscience post anymore of your meanderings. It is stuff like this that caused us to create the word "flapdoodle".
While you do write with rudimentary understanding of English language and grammar, the content of your message contains exactly what you (ignorantly) accuse us of. You have no... Continued... "click" here...
Dear Mr Eby
Here are brief answers to your poignant questions... which are covered in more detail in the last several months of The Reno Citizen.
What is the name of the Mayors company, the one that received a 27,500 dollar contract from the airport?
1. Nevada Foreign Trade Services (which is already paid by EDAWN (829-3700)... a government authority that is heavily subsidized by the city of Reno, at the behest of the mayor). NFTS is a front company that is owned by Griffin Transport... the mayor's company. Griffin played a direct role in appointing the 4 Reno members (including Mack and Camp... just the month before the awarding of the $27,500 kickback contract to his private company!) to the plush ($500/mo for one 2-4 hour meeting/mo) airport board positions.
What position does Sue Camp hold in Washoe County?
2. Camp was APPOINTED to a plush position as a Washoe County Commissioner just the week after she voted to give the mayor his kickback contract. Commissioner is normally an elected position. (Within the last year and half, Camp has been APPOINTED to: a. head of a District Council, b. the City Council, c. the airport board, and now, d. the county commission (which pays $40,000 plus perks... for a part-time job!). And some idiots wonder why we charge "cronyism"!?!
Who are the owners of the Parmer group?
3. We do not know all of the Special Interest Groups with financial/political interest in the Parmer Group, but the feature player is the mayor's (and his son's) friend Ardus Parmer... which just obtained its Reno License in March of 1997... just 2 months before receiving its first "secret" $5,000 paycheck for the city/mayor.
How much money did this group receive and will it be paid back?
4. The company was funneled about $36,000 of city money [although once the heretofore secret payments were exposed, they supposedly paid back $11,000... because the contract (that was unsigned until 7 months after the first secret $5,000 "pay" check in May) was limited to $25,000.
The money will be paid back if there are more "donations" than necessary to run the Mayors Conference. Which will be when pigs start flying. (San Francisco taxes ended up paying almost $2,000,000 of shortfall in their hosting of the Mayor Conf)
These schemes, and many others that you have not asked about, were plotted out in obvious hope that citizens would not discover them. Getting information that should be public domain was/is like pulling teeth.
We consider these examples of corruption to be but the "tip of the iceberg" of corruption in local government. A few of many other citizen exposés:
1. City hall attempts to sneak the $2,000,000/year Parking Meter fiasco past the citizens.
2. Illegal creation of a huge taxpayer funded Brainwashing Machine.
3. On-going hiring of city hall carpetbaggers to run RENO GOVERNMENT.
Etc, etc
Thank you for your concern. Sam Dehne, editor
Not all of us are rude, although we are tired of being pigeon-holed by the major press as being insignificant. Perhaps your response to Sam [Dehne] was one that you expected a lot of support for. Surprise!
The Gazette Journal is famous for stroking the status quo. They won't take a stand on an issue that threatens its advertiser base. Maybe that's journalism, but life in Nevada requires a deeper look right now. And you won't find anyone with more courage and integrity than Sam.
The insults and slander that he has suffered from most of the city council members would have stopped most people from telling the truth. If his supporters over-reacted to your comments, perhaps it is because they are weary of easy denial and convenient ridicule.
Be specific about what is true about the Gazette's evaluation of Sam's tactics, and perhaps the response that you get will be more intelligent. You have simply tasted some of the anger that many citizens feel after being blatantly lied to by elected officials who are receiving knee-jerk support from the dominant press.
We should play nice, I know, but the current game isn't a nice one. Anyone who loves Nevada's freedom and it's rich and varied lifestyle had better pay attention, because we are losing it fast at the hands of politicians who think that feathering their own nest is expected.
I'm interested in an open discussion of details, and I'm sure that everyone else is too. A blanket ridicule of Sam Dehne?
Show half of his courage, and then ridicule him.
And try signing your name.
Derotha Ann Reynolds
Marty, Tony and I went over to see Dan Corts' work in Stockton, CAL. He has a building very similar to the Mapes. It is worth going to see if you are in the Stockton area. (Sutter/Main Street) I agree with Snoozy-- someone should be investigating what the Redevelopment Agency is doing with Oliver McMillian and the deals that are being made with PUBLIC funds.
It is bad enough that over $15 million dollars will be spent on building a theater project that over 80% of the Citizens of Reno do not like or want -- but then to insult us further by insisting that the millions and millions of public funds spent on theaters is much more important than preserving the heritage and dignity of our history is incomprehensible.
Marty says, "Make the Mapes the attraction that Reno so sorely needs to attract tourists."
I agree (he's wonderful).
Marty & Judy Herman
Reno, Nv USA

Editor's Note: Judy Herman is an honorable and honest Reno city council member.
Over 150 potential victims of the City of Reno’s accelerated forced annexation plan packed a school gymnasium on 3/9/1998. The City’s head spin doctor, Terry McCann grappled helplessly with the well organized crowd’s angry sentiment. Victims of forced annexation will pay 12% more in taxes and expect to receive significant decreases in service levels. Most residents of the Truckee Meadows believe strongly that unincorporated county residents receive significantly higher service levels—particularly in snow removal, police response, and fire response. Approximately 3,800 residents of the Truckee Meadows, or approximately one in every ten residents, are scheduled for forced annexation.

The City’s spin team of five staff members used the brilliant and unique idea of writing all of the questions about annexation they could not answer on a white board—there were almost forty questions accumulated.
Head SpinMeister McCann promised to bring answers to every question to the next meeting of the County’s Citizen Advisory Board for the Southwest Truckee Meadows. Hard line "Community Development" official Laura Tuttle coldly responded to some of the questions with an attitude of callousness. "We knew what you would think and we’re certainly entertained by your fervor...", she laughed.

Services given to city residents, especially sewer, are not guaranteed for the victims of annexation. In fact, it would be possible to be annexed and then charged additional taxes beyond the 12% increase for installation of sewer line—if you get one...

With Forced Annexation Island "#18" covering the area bounded by Plumb, Hunter Lake Drive, and West McCarran; over 900 residents occupy over 500 homes. The best way for these residents to fight the city’s tax grab is to launch a class action legal effort or lobby their future city councilpeople. Councilman Herndon, the future councilman for this area, agreed to attend the meeting and then canceled at the last minute. Herndon is rumored to have been quoted in the Reno GJ as saying "These people need to pay for the services they are now receiving for free..." (sic.) sparking angry waves of sentiment against the freeloading accusations.

The 3/9/1998 neighborhood meeting covered only the largest forced annexation island. Over 40 islands are scheduled for hostile takeover by the city in an intentionally poorly publicized plan. While there is a process to oppose forced annexation, the city has not notified any of the homes marked for hostile takeover. This lack of information is an obvious effort to stall any effective opposition effort. It is also rumored that the annexation acceleration is an effort to gain additional funds for the wild-eyed real estate development scheme of the river movie theaters (opposed by many Reno voters). There is a legal tax limit on redevelopment investment as a percentage of total assessed value—which the City may be near.

The city’s forced annexation scam has been shown to its first victims—and they are ready for a fight. Anonymously on Behalf of Concerned Citizens
We fought the civil war to end slavery; slavery degrades the working man
by forcing him to compete with the slave, thus reducing real wages, and it
tempts the slave-owner to force more people into slavery.
We can see this dramatically illustrated in Reno - read Cindy Glatz's
column in today's RGJ on the editorial page on the Sheriff's sweep of the
homeless camps on the river - how it was a waste of the taxpayers money to
have gangs of slave laborers - prisoners - chasing homeless to try to
enslave them also.
The city council has been tempted by slavery and has fallen for it;
ultimately it will destroy us.
Consider a related story in the RGJ - a man enters prison to serve a
sentence for DUI - but he's waiting for a liver transplant; he may die
because the county doesn't want him to leave prison to have the
transplant. The local MADD spokesperson says Tough luck.
What we're seeing with MADD is the enslavement process - there were 1.8
million DUI arrests last year - about 100 for every fatality. Fatals
usually have blood alcohol at high levels .2 & up; MADD's pushing for
prison at .08 where there's no evidence of impairment. The legislature
may approve this - because they've been seduced by slavery.
MADD is strangely silent about the 1.5 million kids killed every year by
their mother's abortionist. Name Withheld
Published: 13 JANUARY 1998
Reno City Hall can't be trusted ... with the exception of council
members Herman and Pearce who constantly buck the antics of Griffin and
Just one area of concern, city contracts, reveals the sleazy character
of most Reno officials including the mayor, the city manager, the city
attorney, and the city spin doctor. These persons will not answer
questions about a clandestine contract which must exist that gives the
1998 U.S. Conference of ayors' meeting to Reno. Why are they hiding
this contract? Does it hold Reno taxpayers liable for any conference
costs that can not be covered by donations?
We must be concerned about this in context that San Francisco taxpayers
were mugged for about one million dollars when that city hosted the
mayors' conference ... in spite of promises to the contrary made by San
Francisco's mayor.
Then too, there is the McMillan contract which was discussed in
backroom "chats" that circumvented the open meeting law. Also the
Parmer contract which was treated secretly until mid-December although
it went into effect the previous May! Guy Felton

What to do about the riverfront theater
A theater is a terrible idea - the theater market is going to be overbuilt...
another bowling stadium debacle in the making. Let's change the plan and
make the area into an olympic ice rink. This concept ties in with:
1) the increasing popularity of figure skating,
2) helping Reno work with Tahoe to differentiate itself from Vegas... offering what Vegas can't offer,
3) attracting tourists for a new and different reason,
4) offering a way to benefit from the Riverfront scenery - skate rinks can have windows.
5) And it is much less likely to be damaged/destroyed by floods.
Cyrus Overslinger (via email)
In defense of protest 8 Oct, 1997
Mr. Herndon, (Reno City Council Member)
In response to your heated criticism of Sam Dehne's charges against local government in Reno:
Public apathy is often the result of a feeling of helplessness on the part of citizens. I think public leaders should encourage voting instead of taking advantage of low voter percentages, and justifying excess by that circumstance. Your reactions to Sam Dehne certainly don't encourage participation in civic matters by private citizens.
If you want to broadcast a higher truth and a better insight, demonstrate exactly why there is no conflict of interest between awarding contracts to the Reno mayor's company by people that the Reno mayor has appointed to the airport board. People who have no background in aviation. People to whom the Reno mayor owes favors. I'm not the least bit impressed by the ethics committee that found nothing wrong here. I read the Nevada law that prohibits it, Sam published it. Please explain why it doesn't apply to the Reno area. Take your time, go into detail.
Sam Dehne is a citizen who has discovered that he isn't being represented. What is your point? That he doesn't have the right to complain? You going on the offensive toward him doesn't explain away the problems that have come to light. Many interesting situations have come to light because of Sam's persistence, and because your good opinion of him isn't one of his concerns.
I'm convinced that you find Sam infuriating, but I'm ever more curious as to why. He seems increasingly amused by you.
Sincerely, Ann Reynolds, editor The Las Vegas Citizen

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