Is Sam Credible?

2006 - After 10 + Years Of Watchdogging - A Work In Progress
Does perpetual and ubiquitous Reno mayoral candidate, Sam Dehné, "lack credibility"? The Reno News & Review says the buzz around the community is that he is deficient in this nicety.
Whose community? The community of fat cats who try to pull the strings around Reno? OR the community of "ordinary" citizens who might not be aware of Sam's accomplishments?
Credibility generally refers to believability, reputation, and accomplishments... among other things.
So, in order to objectively analyze the RN&R's subjective portrayal, let's take a look at just a few of the things Sam has done for Reno ... keeping in mind... that he is just a regular average citizen without a big bankroll... AND that he is not a pawn of the giant special interest groups... IN STARK CONTRAST, for instance, to Reno city hall and Airport aviation amateur bureaucrats.

Early History:

1. Sam has lectured (exposing incompetence and/or corruption) at essentially
every Reno city council and Reno Airport meeting for the past 3 years.

2. Sam was instrumental in the correction of the Nevada Air Guard mission from the out-of-date and noisy RF-4 to the quieter and more practical C-130 cargo mission. (The records plainly depict that the Air Guard and the Reno Airport were lobbying for noisy and dangerous F-16s.) NOBODY ELSE in the community was outspokenly working for this mission correction... that also saved some 400 jobs versus the F-16 mission.

3. Sam, with the help of a petition drive, was able to force city hall to back away from its scheme to gouge the citizens of up to $2,000,000 a year at the Parking Meters.

4. "Unfortunately" Sam has been primarily responsible for Reno city hall and airport wasting some $1,000,000 tax dollars each on huge Propaganda Machines that have been created to brainwash the citizens of Reno... against Sam's onslaught of exposés. (These diabolical organizations did not exist prior to Sam's outspoken arrival.)

5. Sam has been the editor and publisher of the free Reno Citizen magazine ( for years. This free publication reports the critical parts of stories that the other media mis-report or leave out.
6. Sam was also responsible for Reno city council's cowardly mutilation of the right to Freedom of Speech... as they, in obvious fear, voted to reduce citizens' input time at council meetings from a measly 5 minutes down to a puny 3 minutes.
For a plethora of issues Sam has almost single-handedly exposed, click here.

Sam did this (and much much more) as an ordinary citizen.
Does Sam lack credibility? You decide... now that you have some facts.
Actions speak louder than words that can be printed about a person. And it is the beneficial results of actions that are important. Words on the other hand, when used unfairly and without viable investigation, are often used to wrongly propagandize the citizenry.
Do you want Sam as your mayor?
Or do you want a person who has lots of fat cat money behind him... and who also has a bad habit of cronyistic nest-feathering... with YOUR $$$$money funneled from the public trough?
Citizens do have a choice in the next election!
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