A Prayer for Reno Area (Washoe, Sparks, Airport, Convention, Reno, Etc) Government Bureaucrats 

Divine Creator and Sustainer of all that it is good, beautiful, and just, we beseech Thee to transform all unworthy Reno area bureaucrats so that government in this metropolis may become truly committed to the common good and to the principle of government of, by, and for the People ... to the end that such government may become truly deserving of the public trust.
We beseech Thee to make any corrupt and non-responsive Reno area officials see the errors of their ways ... and to seek Thy guidance for deliverance from arrogance, falsehoods, incompetence, and actions knowingly intended to deceive the People of Reno.
We further beseech Thee to remove all from office who are incapable of conversion from their evil ways. May those who besmirch integrity ... and condescend the average citizen in the service of powerful special interests be shown Thy wrath and reduced to dust. But we humbly ask Thy great mercy in not damning these bedeviled brothers and sisters to the eternal fires of Hell; may they simply be reduced to eternal oblivion.
If it be Thy will, let all Reno area bureaucrats understand that refusing to answer questions asked by citizens, honestly and in complete detail, is an assault against the foundations of that noble form of government which Thou has seen fit to bestow upon the United States through Thy holy vision as imparted to our hallowed Founding Fathers. Let all Reno area bureaucrats understand that government is owned by the People ... and that owners of any organization have clear right to be advised of all details concerning the health and integrity of that organization.
Further, if it be Thy will, let all Reno bureaucrats give sincere heed to the concerns of their constituents ... and cease the pretense of listening when their ears are plugged with predisposed biases and sheer stupidity.
Further still, if it be Thy will, let Reno area officials discuss and decide all public issues in public ... rather than by devious, clandestine methods.
All this we ask in veneration of Thy Divine Judgment,
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