What has Sam done for Reno? More than
you might believe.
(Some say 92% of the Good)

Reno's Driving Force - Sam DNA Dehne
(Sam is forced to be doctor, lawyer, general, pilot, cowboy, Indian chief, producer, director,
choreographer, haberdasher, You-Tuber, media mouse castigator... and cheer leader.
Why? Because of Reno media's treacherous fear and envy of Sam and his Truth.)

who is Sam?
Records of 100s of Mystical Magical Achievements
(Sam ubiquitously Proclaims Publicly that he is the "Driving Force for 92% of Good things about Reno".
He demands.. and even begs.. audiences and media mouses to challenge him. NOBODY ever has!)

Sam Dehne
Sam graduates from Air Force Academy, June 1962

Bulletin (2 Sept, 2014): DEHNE Spearheads the Drive that brings Tesla to Reno!
Watch EDAWN boss, Col Kazmierski, thank DEHNE for sealing the Tesla Deal:  

(click "Thank You, Sam")  (click "ThankYou Sam")

Sam's "offices":

DEHNE SPEAKS! "THEY" LISTEN! And sometimes even God!
(mysterious, magical, mystical, and often miraculous.. but ALWAYS humble) 

What has Sam DEHNE Spearheaded lately to add to his massive list of
govt Records of Achievements and Victories? (in no order of importance and not chronological)
To watch many of these Records of Achievements taking place, click.


Sam DEHNE was THE Driving Force that instigated the Dismantlement of the election-manipulating Reno Gazette (click).  Sam has single-handedly led the Crusade to get rid of the media mouses who are treacherously afraid and jealous of Sam DEHNE, Reno's legendary all-time great Watchdog against
Reno govt bureaucrats and media cowards. Sam's BIG Complaint continues to be that RGJ dismantling should have started at the top.


During his Air Force days in 1966/67 Captain Sam DEHNE single-handedly created a B-52
Fuel Management program that saved U.S . taxpayers more than $1,000,000,000 billion dollars.
He did the volunteer work for free/gratis; as contribution to America,
through the Armed Forces "Big R - Cost Reduction Program".
This is THE DEFINITION of "Non-Profit"!

Single-handedly Saved BURNING MAN from being shut down by local government in 2003.
Sam was the Primary person who went to Govt Podiums at many govt meetings and ubiquitously
spoke out most vehemently against this attempted govt shutdown. In 2003 and many times

Single-handedly spearheaded NEVADA AIR NATIONAL GUARD conversion to C-130 cargo planes.
(instead of the fighter-jets that ANG, Reno bureaucrats, and airport were clamouring for)
This mystical miracle saved NANG from extinction and/or re-location.
Update: Air Force finally obeyed Sam's long-standing Directive to provide Fire-Fighting version of C-130.
Watch Sam publicly thank Air Force for following his brilliant Directive (click).

Driving Force that persuaded Reno Airport bureaucrats to find a home for NEVADA CIVIL AIR PATROL HEADQUARTERS.
"The Nevada CAP Wing is now based at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport."

Driving Force in creation of RENO DISCOVERY (KIDS) MUSEUM.

Driving Force in creation of RENO BEER CRAWLS (now itís time for a Sam Dehne Beer Crawl.. with Crawlers
pushing podiums down the streets)

Sam DNA Dehne was A Formidable Driving Force in having MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES LEGALIZED in Reno, Nevada.
Note: But Sam demanded that the valuable Pot Licenses should be allocated by random lottery.
They should NOT be given as Good 'Ol boy Kickbacks to the very same hypocrites who opposed this natural substance for decades.
Watch one of Sam's dozens of Orders against the city council to get off their buttafookoes. (click)
A "Business" Card was even created to Commemorate the Historical Event.

The Driving Force in hiring of WASHOE COUNTY & RENO CITY MANAGERS

Schools for Children: Sam was Driving Force that provided encouragement to citizens to vote in favor of the infinite
School Bond Tax. Albeit Sam argued that some of the wrong people were being charged to pay the taxes;
as Sam vehemently opposed
over and over. The beneficiaries (who are the catalysts that are turning Reno into a children magnet) should be paying the vast
majority of this money. Think: TRIC, Tesla, Switch, etc,etc.

Watch Sam Driving the Force as the only person at myriad govt Public Comment podiums (click): http://www.renocitizen.com/schoolbond.htm

A Driving Force in creation of RENO'S TRUCKEE RIVER WATER PARK AND KAYAK COURSE. Sam was the ONLY Reno
citizen who went to the govt Public Comment podiums.. RSCVA, Reno, Washoe, etc.. back in the 1990s to advocate,
promote, and support this project. The ONLY citizen.

A Driving Force behind the creation of RENO "JAM ON IT" BASKETBALL tournaments.

A Driving Force (starting 1998) in creating the internationally acclaimed RENO/TAHOE BARRACUDA Golf Tournament.

(2014) A Driving Force and Poster Child that brought TESLA BATTERY FACTORY to Reno. Spearheaded the Drive
as the Only Citizen who made myriad Official Public Appearances with mystical magical testimony at Govt Meetings.
(click here to watch some of DEHNE's magnetic charm and gusto on Youtube)

When the Reno casino bosses wanted somebody to order the Reno council to help them subsidize
the critical Bowlers' Conventions, they came to DEHNE. DEHNE was only citizen to go to podium (Dec, 2014) and
tell bureaucrats to give casinos the help they requested.  Reno council (after much gnashing of teeth) obeyed DEHNE.

On 16 Dec, 2015 Jason Soto and Dave Cochran are hired as RENO POLICE AND FIRE CHIEFS.
Dehne was THE Official Driving Force on numerous occasions that Directed Reno city council to hire them. (click here for Proof)  
Dehne even initiated the Swearing In ceremony (click).
(Note: Dehne was the Driving Force behind hiring of the previous Police Chief, Steve Pitts.)

Citizens can thank legendary Watchdog AGAINST media mouses and govt bureaucrats, Sam DEHNE, when they go out to enjoy
RENO BALLOON RACES. DEHNE was one of few who Directed Reno council to provide (token) funding to support this beloved activity.

Sam is an evangelical Driving Force who helped instigate EDAWN's crusade to remove less-than-complimentary Reno Taxi Cab
rooftop signs that promoted ignominious promiscuity (prostitution).

Sam was THE Driving Force that instigated the Dismantlement of the election-manipulating Reno Gazette (click).  Sam has single-handedly led the
Crusade to get rid of the media mouses who are treacherously afraid and jealous of Sam DEHNE, Reno's legendary all-time great Watchdog against
Reno govt bureaucrats and media cowards. Sam's BIG Complaint continues to be that RGJ dismantling should have started at the top. (Some of Sam's
dismantling efforts started in Nov, 2015; when several of the people masquerading as reporters were canned. As bad as they were, the treacherous
bosses at top are far worse.)

Sam has become a Driving Force for helping institute a Special Holiday dedicated to the men and women who were in America long
before Columbus, et al, arrived. He helped inspire a large group of people to get Nevada to create an Indigenous Peoples Day. That they
richly deserve after many centuries of neglect.
(Donít expect pathetic Reno media mouses to report Samís powerful words that were a catalyst that gave the Indian Nation the strength to
persist with their Crusade.)
Hereís Sam at the critical govt meeting on 12 Oct, 2016 supporting and protecting potential protesters.. like nobody can. And helping give them strength to carry on
with their life-long Crusade for justice and Recognition.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72GdOa-cSEA&t

("Driving Force" means DEHNE was virtually the only person to go to govt Public Comment
at meetings and request or demand that bureaucrats obey his Directives on the Issues.)

To watch many of these Victories happening, click.

Saving the World and America is in the DEHNE genes (click).
    Doctor/General Edward DEHNE was a Hands-On Driving Force as a pioneer of the
Marshall Plan that restored devastated Berlin, Germany from its catastrophic ruin after WW II.
            Doctor DEHNE single-handedly saved the sport of boxing from extinction.


EPIDEMIOLOGY FACT - If the Reno media mouses and 1,000s of bureaucrats can get away with keeping legendary govt Watchdog Sam Dehne a secret from the world for 20 years.. then there is no telling what other mendacities they are covering up.

And it isn't as if DEHNE isn't "out there". He "owns" Youtube:

What Sam Does In "Spare Time" (click)