6 Disastrous Years Later:


  We Told You So. 
If the grand poobahs and potentates had listened to Sam this might not have happened.

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FIRE after FIRE after FIRE after FIRE... Many Preventable

Reno Could Burn to the Ground

It Is Time to Start Listening to Sam Dehne

The Reno Citizen, 21 June, 2001 (written 6 years ago!)

Sam Dehne is a former Military and Air National Guard pilot. He has a history of coming up with ideas that save lives and property. In 1967, Sam put in place an Air Force-wide procedure that has saved well over a $billion dollars and helped protect the environment.

Sam's latest idea is, ironically, a no-brainer. All it takes is for the "authorities" to recognize its obvious benefits and then take immediate steps to put this plan in action.
What! Take steps? Heck no! Just do it!

1. Several years ago Sam was instrumental in getting the Nevada Air National Guard (NANG), that is based at the Reno airport, to switch missions to the C-130 cargo plane.
2. Sam had campaigned for the FIRE-FIGHTING version of the C-130 for obvious reasons.
3. Instead (and unfortunately) the NANG accepted the "cargo" version of the C-130... which it has been flying with an excellent safety record.
4. In the meantime Reno has been threatened by ubiquitous forest fires virtually every summer.
5. This year the massive fire just to the west of town is nearly out of control and the entire community is threatened... lives, property, businesses, tourism industry... even the trucking industry.
6. Sam is once again, lecturing and promoting that the NANG get some of those FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s. They are in the arsenal somewhere in the nation... at bases that are generally not threatened by forest fires. Shockingly, there aren't any in Reno... where they are needed the most.
7. The governor (NANG Commander in Chief), the senators, and the congressmen... as well as all Public Officials have to put their bureaucratic "paralysis of habit" thinking aside for the moment and concentrate on what is good for the citizens.
8. These representatives must demand that the Federal Air National Guard place at least 3 (three) FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s at the NANG... permanently... or at least during the fire season.
Note: In the meantime the government grounded all of the older (over 75% of fleet) fire-fighting aircraft. After Sam Dehne demanded the government allow these planes to fight fires in Northern Nevada, the government relented and re-certified some of the planes... just in time to save Carson City from an inferno. As usual, the jealous gurus and media will refuse to give Dehne the credit and kudos he deserves.
Note 2: Evergreen Airlines has developed a fully-operational fire-fighting 747! If America can afford well over 87 $$$billion for Iraq, we can afford a few $$$billion for 747 fire-fighting tankers. When not fighting fires, these 747s could irrigate desert areas for the growing of corn to produce corn likker fuel for cars.
Once again you heard it here first.

9. These FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s would be placed on 15 minute "alert" status. They would thus be able to take off and respond to forest fires WELL BEFORE THE FIRES GET OUT OF CONTROL!
9a. There would also be 2 (two) FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s on Airborne Alert Duty (in the air) orbiting the local area between 2 PM and 7 PM during fire season. The benefits are obvious.

10. These FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s would protect a 100 mile radius of Reno.
11. 90% of the fires would be thwarted before they had a chance to grow and advance on Reno.
12. These FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s of the NANG would be supplemented by the "regular" fire fighting forces as needed.
13. The NANG currently has infra-red techniques that allow their C-130s to look down through the smoke and find the exact point of the fires. One of this type C-130 would lead the FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s directly to the "TARGET".
13a. Or maybe the currently assigned infra-red capable C-130s could be equipped with fire-fighting gadgetry.
14. It must be pointed out that the Nevada Air National Guard (NANG), itself, is comprised of CIVILIAN citizen-soldiers. Thus these citizens, themselves, fit into the category of "civilian resources".
15. The "regular" fire fighting forces are to be subsidized as necessary... to make sure that they are always available to fight fires that are outside the range of the NANG FIRE-FIGHTING C-130s.

It is rumored that Reno's Watchdog, Sam Dehne is anti-business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is the local "leaders" who are anti-business... for refusing to implement these simple but brilliant ideas... ideas that will save Reno and make it a better and safer place to live.
It is also rumored that the local Special Interests, the local government gurus, and the local media have a certain fear of Sam. It has now gotten to the bite-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face phase.

Rather than listen to Sam, the local hierarchy would rather endanger Reno... its citizens... and its future.
Once again Sam has come up with an idea that nobody else could think of. His simple suggestion would help prevent 90% of the devastating forest fires that endanger our community year after year. It would protect lives, property, and businesses... and even the casinos.

Folks, there is one thing preventing this simple cost-effective technique from being implemented. It is the local fat cats' aversion to listening to Sam Dehne's on-the-mark advice... until it is too late. Reno is living on borrowed time.

Let's reflect upon the fact that the National Guard was created to assist the states and governors during times of civil unrest and natural disasters.

There has rarely been a more appropriate job for this fine group of mostly civilian
CITIZEN-SOLDIERS... than to fight these dangerous forest fires!


Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
(775) 825-1398

Subject: Letter to Editor (RGJ - 151 words)
7 July, 2005
Will Sam Dehneís Idea Save the Nevada Air National Guard C-130s?
Get this.
1. Three years ago Sam went to 3 different government bodies (Reno, Washoe, Sparks) with his Agendized item recommending that the NANG convert some of its C-130s so they could fight forest fires.
2. Sam presented a sophisticated analysis of problems and solutions; some of which can still be found on this Website: .
3. The bureaucrats and NANG used every excuse in the book to thwart Samís astute postulates. They said ďNo!Ē.
4. BUT now they are using Samís exact profound ideas as THE excuse to try to save their NANG mission!
If the NANG is somehow able to overcome the Government's typical paralysis of habit... it will be in no small part to Samís eternal Watchdogging and vigilance.
Has anybody thanked Sam for yet another of his masterminded schemes to help save Reno?
Sam Dehne
297 Smithridge
Reno, Nev 89502

What do you think?

One (brilliant) response from a brilliant reader:

Sam, The noodleheads should have listened to you.
Just for the fun of it, why not start talking about
forming a corporation to lease and operate a fleet
of 747 air tankers? You, of course, would be the
chief pilot and operations officer.
Of course, for public consumption, our intent
would be totally serious. We could brainstorm
all kinds of interesting angles. Example: no
politicians to sit on board of directors. Sell
insurance to non-political jurisdictions (we would
define and set up) for firefighting services; this
would produce a cash flow. Etc.
When not fighting fires, planes could be used
for irrigating corn crops (ethanol) on lands that
are now just barren desert. Leased from BLM.
Initial stock offering to be 999-million shares at
one dollar each.
Name of business: Cloud Nine Corporation

What do you think?

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