What Follows Is An Unfortunate Example of the Results of Reno's Taxpayer-Funded Brainwashing Machine at Work
The hate mail you've received this past week indicates that foes of
honest reporting feel threatened by your efforts. Keep up the good work!
Whenever you turn over a stone and discover something underneath that
doesn't want to be exposed to sunlight, you can expect flak.
When "average-Joe" voters are asked whether they want "more of the same"
corruption and stupidity at Reno City Hall, their common answer is "no."
Interesting that Jeffie Griffin has reportedly spent $9,000 for some
kind of a poll to determine whether he has a chance of winning against
his contenders ... including you. This is barely the beginning of July
and Jeffie is running scared. As he should be. No doubt that "dirty
tricks" can now be expected. No doubt that the Reno Gazette-Journal will
take every opportunity to cast Jeffie in positive light ... and will
continue its policy of pretending Sam Dehne doesn't exist, unless of
course they creatively report your views and activities in negative
light. We can not trust the Reno Gazette-Journal to always tell the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; Reno badly needs a
second daily newspaper. One thing is for sure: the Garbage Journal will
avoid reporting your complete platform; they (and the Power Club) do not
want voters to know how you would overhaul city hall ... and return
democracy and integrity to Reno government.
Interesting that city council meetings will not be held as often in
future. This will, of course, limit public exposure of your views on
cable TV. We can fairly assume that the volume of city business has not
decreased. The perception is that more city business will now be
conducted under rocks where it will not see the light of day. Sure would
be great if the State of Nevada had an open meeting law and an ethics
commission that were something more than abominable window-dressing.
Interesting that your outspoken comments at the council table have not
been legally challenged. Despite the braying of donkeys, your facts
could not be dismissed in an honest court of law. And we do know that
the Power Club and their council lackeys would like you to stop telling
it like it is. Still, we have to expect First Amendment litigation at
some point in the future; we can expect our video library of documented
abuses to grow. With the promised assistance of an unnamed civil rights
organization, we can expect to prevail when we do sally forth into the
land of Federal esquires ... with national exposure via the rights
group's resources.
On to Victory!!!
Guy Felton
To: eyore_88@hotmail.com

To put it succinctly... you are too full of lima beans... and we cannot in good conscience post anymore of your meanderings. It is stuff like this that caused us to create the word "flapdoodle".
While you do write with rudimentary understanding of English language and grammar, the content of your message contains exactly what you (ignorantly) accuse us of. You have no evidence... you just blindly defend the korrupt local government that you obviously, and sadly, adore.
Until you read the Reno Citizen (which you obviously have not), and portray some semblance of knowledge of the terrible condition of local "leadership", you have no right to a posting on our site.
When you can prove that you have read at least the 5 reports ( that vividly portray abuse of power by local "leaders" and their cronies)... that we directed you to in our earlier posting on the internet, then we might consider posting this diatribal babbling.
However, "conundrumally" speaking, if you do read and digest the repugnant but bona fide information on those 5 Websites, you will likely be too embarrassed to want to have your illogical babble posted.
You are obviously a mouthpiece for Reno city hall and city kouncil... or have been so successfully brainwashed that you don't even know you have entered that status...
Sam Dehne

If you attack 4 people with you inane insults (Herman, Bacho, Felton, and me), how many people do you logically expect to respond?
Well... as you can see, we changed our minds... please read on...
X-Originating-IP: []
From: "Liz Warner" <eyore_88@hotmail.com>
To: renocit@accutek.com
Subject: Pathetic Excuses
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 18:19:04 PDT
Please post on your internet page
Dear Mr. Dehne and Mr. Felton:
Doubleteaming, me, eh. My in-box has been inundated with e-mail from
both of you since I wrote my letter - six letters in 2 days. The last
letter from Mr. Felton even had a veiled threat in it, stating he knows
my address (the old "we know where you live" threat). Well, Mr. Felton,
if you and Mr. Dehne do your research for your information on your
website the same way you did for my address, it's no wonder your website
is bogus. You see, there is more than one Elizabeth Warner in this
valley, and that was not my address you threatened me with.
You know very little about me, yet because I do not agree with your
assessment of city hall and city government, you claim I must be: a)
misled; b) insincere; c) unconcerned; or better yet, some close friend
of the mayor or some guy named Frank Partlow (do I detect some paranoia
I am not a friend, nor agent of the city government. I am not
unconcerned or insincere in my knowledge of our City. I have attended
council meetings, neighborhood council meetings, reno directions
meetings. I have voted in every election since I was 18, and have
actually paid attention to the issues. Because I do not agree with your
warped assessments, you figure I must be stupid. I mean, I couldn't
possibly have read your trash from one end to the other, because IF I
did, I would agree with you? Do you really believe that? I assure
you, Mr. Dehne, that most visitors to your site walk away with the
thoughts of "kook or nut", not righteous indignation.
As for the letter from FrannieB, I have my doubts that she actually
exists. Come on, Mr. Dehne, confess to your readers that you actually
write most of the columns that appear in your Reno Citizen newletter.
Truth is good, even for you.
You state that Mr. Bacho (sorry I spelled his name wrong wrong in my
earlier letter) is only a drug addict because his dr. prescribed this
addictive pain killer for him. So, it's his doctor's fault, not his.
Never mind the hundreds of thousands of patients that have used this
medicine, and not been addicted, it's not Mr. Bacho's responsibility,
it's his doctors. That is so sad and a pathetic attempt on your part to
excuse his behavior. If Mr. Baco was really in a 12 step program (like
it said in today's newspaper) than he would not be blaming his doctor -
he would take responsibility for his own actions. I'm so tired of the
passing of the blame in society (my parents fault, the doctor's fault).
I'm also tired of your defense of Ms. Herman's wrongdoings. I cannot
believe that you can shrug off breaking the law saying that it pales in
comparison... to what? Mr. Griffen, the council, their staff - they
have not been found guilty of any wrongdoing. They have only had to put
up with your mudslinging at every council meeting and on your website.
You are starting to sound like the man in the "conspiracy theory" - the
whole world in conspiring. You you wonder why I think you are a joke??
You sling mud, saying that there is corruption and conspiracies at the
city government, yet you have no proof, and what you do offer has been
found to hold NO MERIT.
Please sign my letter, along with my e-mail address this time. I would
love to hear from others who might agree or disagree with me. P.S. Mr.
Felton, please doublecheck your address facts before you threaten me
Liz Warner (via email) Eyore_88@hotmail.com
Dear Ms. Warner,
You do have me at a disadvantage, I must admit. Your incredible
ignorance of realities at Reno City Hall and your preposterous "logic
system" make it impossible to have any kind of an intelligent
give-and-take with you.
Just a few points:
When you attack two persons, is it reasonable to expect that only one
(or none) of those persons will respond to your attack?
Do you know the legal definition of "lunatic?" Are you a licensed
psychiatrist? Do you feel yourself qualified to tell the difference
between a rationally angry person and a lunatic? Would you like to
explain yourself in a court of law? I recently initiated litigation
against Mayor Griffin ... and will joust with you in the land of
esquires should you so choose. One positive for litigants is they get to
depose the opposing cast of characters. One question I would like to ask
you ... under oath ... is whether you feel the questions I've put to the
Reno City Council are rational and appropriate in light of "things" that
have occured within Reno government ... or do they amount to ranting and
raving by a mentally-disturbed individual? (I will submit to a sanity
check ... and an IQ test ... if you will.)
Knowing where someone lives does not constitute a threat. Quite a few
persons have their addresses listed in the phone book without viewing
this as threatening. Evidently, you did not read that I wanted to mail
you a copy of a letter I am preparing for US senators. Not being sure of
your address, I was attempting to confirm that I have your correct
address. It is irresponsibly sensationalistic of you to suggest that I
threatened you. I will speak with an attorney about this.
You say that there is no proof of corruption at city hall. The
Declaration of Independence states that "... governments derive their
just powers from consent of the governed." Liz, every time the Reno
council forces a policy on the people of Reno against majority
consensus, we have a corrupt scenario.
Every time the City of Reno kicks out a "news" release that is slanted
by not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,
we have a corrupt scenario. Democracy depends upon a well-informed
electorate. We, the people, have every right to be told honest and
complete details about public business in the City of Reno ... but this
is not the reality.
Every time council members discuss city business in a manner that
breaks the spirit of the open meeting law, we have a corrupt scenario.
Every time the city attorney fails to enforce a key section of the city
charter, we have a corrupt scenario. (For about ten years, Mrs. Lynch
"failed" to enforce Sec. 2.020.2 of the city charter; Patricia is not
an unintelligent person; her "failure" must have been intentional ...
but she was not held to task for this. Mrs. Lynch's failure to enforce
a key charter section, by any sense of fair judgment, constitutes
an action far worse in significance than Judy Herman's short-term
non-residence in her ward.) You might want to check your dictionary
for the meaning of "corrupt."
Are you prepared to discuss the Paiva matter, Liz?
Are you prepared to discuss the death of Officer Hashimoto?
Are you prepared to discuss particulars of the Bacho fiasco ...
including the fact that his addiction is reportedly due to a
prescription drug and that there is a serious class action suit now
in progess against the manufacturer of said drug for its failure to
inform users of the drug's addictive effect?
Are you prepared to discuss the fact that the district attorney
did not go along with McNeely's charge that Bacho stole moving money
from the City of Reno?
Are you prepared to state that you are a serious student of Reno
government ... or that you are easily swayed by "reporting" in the
Reno Gazette-Journal? (By the way, Frank Partlow is a
columnist for the Journal ... among other things. Perhaps you do not
subscribe to the Journal ... as is the case with some other Reno
citizens due to their contempt for its lack of integrity.)
E-mail is not a course for hit-and-run attacks against persons whose
views you find disturbing. When you send irresponsible messages filled
with defamatory, improperly-used vocabulary terms, you must expect
return E-mail. Your ignorance and lack of balanced judgment invite
strong responses.
If you wish a copy of the letter I'm sending to senators, please provide
a correct mailing address. Let me plan to state that not all citizens
agree with my views regarding Reno government; may I give your name and
contact information as one such citizen? Would you be willing to testify
about your knowledge of Reno government before a Congressional
Guy Felton

Dear Liz,
Just got this thing from Dehne and friends.... You disagree with Sam that
there is a bunch of flapdoodle (now he's got me using those words!) down at
city hall, but I tell you Liz, that is only the beginning. There is
flapdoodle in every government at every level and we are very lucky to have
an opportunity this year to vote Mr. Dehne into office, someone who has
little chance of being corrupted. He is a good start towards getting back
our governments.
Tell me Liz, in 1996 Reno City Council spent 117 million dollars on its
city budget. Did you feel like you got 117 million dollars out of the city
council in '96? Liz, let's vote someone with a conscience into office once
in a while, can't we?
The purpose of government is to spend your money, as the politician sees
it. The more money he spends, the more people he has working underneath
him. The more people he has working for him and the more he can say "Look
at me! I'm important because I'm ripping off J. Q. Public. I'm spending
hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and I have all these people
working under me, so I MUST BE important."
The beauty of Sam Dehne is, Liz, that he is not a politician. He is a
patriot and a beneficial part of our community.
Chuck Eby
ps- Eyore rules!
(Editor's note: Eyore, a fictional character from Winnie the Pooh... "a little, blue, stuffed donkey with sad eyes, drooping ears, and a tail that keeps falling off.")
This is a GREAT reply Chuck.
KEEP-IT-UP (shut-up the Liz types).
Lets get Sam Dehne ELECTED ! ! !
Take Care,
Gary Pierce (email) GPierce513@aol.com
Hi Sam,
I'm really enjoying the Reno Citizen website. Thank you for addressing
the stories that the corporate-owned PR rags refuse to print.
I'm glad to see issues such as "economic development scams" and corrupt
city government brought out into the light of day.
Keep it up!
Eric A. Cassano
Shasta Lake, California
[Editor note: Thank you Eric... glad to see sanity still does exist... even though it is way over at Shasta.]
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[Note: Responses belonging to Dehne are obvious... but are also marked with *]
Mr. Dehne: (From Ms. Werner... we hesitate to re-state the email address... you can find it above)
>1. I asked you to pu my e-mail address out there for people who WANT
>to e-mail me back... not to cc every person in the whole world.... these
>people do not want these e-mails you send them... in fact, it is a form
>of harrassment.
* How are people going to email back to you... if your email address isn't put "out there"... as was requested?
Compared to the fact that there are some 50,000,000 people on the internet who have access to The Reno Citizen, a few emailings to regular readers is a pittance. What were you asking for? Did you think about that when you made your request? Are you now embarrassed that people are seeing what you are writing?
Harassment? Not! Anybody who doesn't want to receive alerts about city hall corruption... as well as silly letters like yours... merely has to let us know.
If you thought before you wrote, you wouldn't be defending Reno city hall... it is obvious that you have no concept as to how bad things are down there.
>3. You still haven't answered the question, do you write all those
>articles? Do you make up the names that appear at the end of those
>aritcles. What's it like to be all alone?
* Speaking of making up names. Are you really who you purport to be... or are you mcneely and mccann, et al, hiding behind your name? If not, you may as well be...
>4. Haven't heard from Mr. Felton.
* He possibly feels badly for jesting about your comments... which is so easy to do... with the way you set yourself up... with no substantiation of statements.
>5. Nazi's. Are you a racist Mr. Dehne? Do you like using k's for that
* Nothing to do with racism... the k is for kouncil korruption... Have you seen the German SwastiKa armband? (It represented korrupt German government bureaucrats... and their hoodlum front men.)
You think that is an exaggeration. Not!
Here's just one example: Seven people have died in Rewana Farms, Reno, USA... since the RENO Airport (that's the RENO Airport... right in the middle of RENO) fat cat appointees initiated their illegal and diabolical theft of homes from innocent citizens.
This would already be known... if you had read Reno Citizen thoroughly... as claimed... which wasn't done... because nobody could read even a smidgeon of what is in The Reno Citizen without developing a disdain for most of local government.
That is what the k stands for. Kouncil IS responsible for the terrible things happening over there... and all around town. Yes - they are.
>Yes, you are running for mayor. No, you will not win. I will be very
>happy to pass the word amonst the people in Reno that you are a joke,
>and not worthy of a vote. You insist on calling people names, instead
>of having a debate. You have no real proof of corruption at city hall.
>When Sam Shad asked you this point blank on his show (yes I am up that
>early) after you made the blanket statement of corruption at city hall,
>you changed the subject.
* I don't want votes badly enough to need yours (or vice versa)... and those of anybody who is so UNINFORMED AND/OR MISINFORMED. And if I'm not elected, that means there are (sadly) far too many citizens like you.
If not elected, it would also be because the current mayor is funneling citizens' taxes to himself and his campaign cronies... to pay for his billboards and ads.
Who changed the subject? Not me. When Shad (of chan 8) asked me for examples of the mayor's corruption, I immediately pointed out;
a. the mayor's illegal Airport kickback contract, and
b. his funneling of public dollars to his campaign cronies.
NOTE: It was Shad who broke in and changed the subject... abruptly ending the show... with "well, that's all the time we have, Sam..." Check the tape.
>You make a mockery of the law. You excuse Bacho and Herman's illeagal
>activities, but yet accuse the mayor of corruption. Yet, when I called
>the city attorney's office to ask about this supposed illegal contract
>the mayor had with the city, they explained to me every so patiently
>that the contract was with the airport authority, and that is not a city
>contact. The airport is not owned nor run by the city. So he has not
>broken the law.
* To try compare the mayor's gross premeditated personal nest-feathering and funneling of citizens' tax dollars to his personal cronies... to what Herman and Bacho did or didn't do is ludicrous. That sort of distorted logic would get a person expelled from a first grade debate class.
And good Lord above... may She forgive such naivety and ignorance; as simply put as possible so even that first grader can understand:
1. It is the RENO Airport! It is in the middle of RENO!
2. Four of the eight "trustees" are appointed by Reno... thus nothing can be accomplished without Reno acquiescence... there is a controlling interest by Reno.
3. Those trustees (terrible aviation amateurs that they are) "serve at the pleasure" of Reno kouncil.
3a. That is legal terminology that (even Lynch had to admit) empowers RENO city kouncil to remove them. (But first the citizens must elect an honorable mayor and kouncil; removal of 3 of the trustees being one of my first priorities.)
4. This is the really interesting part... where the plot thickens...
Last July the current mayor appointed his personal cronies, aviation amateurs Mack and Camp, to that plush Board. In August they voted (in an attempted clandestine manner.. except we caught them) to give the mayor a plush kickback tax-funded contract.
That is what is known as "feathering one's nest"... and probably racketeering.
The current mayor and those appointees are violating numerous NRS laws, AND the spirit of those laws.
*Among MANY laws violated, here is but one example:
NRS 281.481.2;
"A public officer shall not use his position in government... to secure unwarranted privileges.... or advantages for himself... or any business entity in which he has a significant pecuniary (that means financial) interest." That is exactly what this mayor did, and IT IS A GROSS VIOLATION OF THE LAW AND OF THE "SPIRIT" OF THE LAW. And nothing the city attorney or (un)ethics commission says can change that truth!
Read the gory details at: http://www.renocitizen.com/ethiccomm.htm
No intelligent and honest citizen could possibly defend this administration.
Sam Dehne
*The only reason I waste any time on these silly letters... is because my secretary can type fast.
A person could not read The Reno Citizen (as you claim)... and in good conscience write what you write. Period.
Alas, we must now depart from this dialogue. People are starting to accuse us of making people like Werner and Mason up... that they are shills for us to be able to respond to and easily make "light" of. They say that no real person could be so ignorant of, and subservient, to the evil Reno city hall administration.
To: Joe Mason, 7/2/98
From: Sam Dehne

Note 1: One can tell a lot about a person... by the quality of that person's friend. This man makes for a devoted city hall mole... because this thought process is very worrisome.
Note 2: For those readers who wonder who is who below... the statements that make sense... are not Mason's.
>Dear Liz: I agree! So wholeheartedly with your assessment of this
>crud. This Sam Dehne is obviously a crackpot. I'm sure most people
>who visit this website will know that this isn't what Reno's all about.
>I'm 60 years old and lived in Nevada all my life. people like Sam and
>Guy, they just make the rest of us look good!
* For shame... to live in Reno all one's life... and silently acquiesce to the on-going korrupt takeover of our government by this nest-feathering administration is simply pathetic...
>Most people I've talked to lately are pleased with the city government
>right now. Streets are getting fixed, downtown is finally getting
>started, and god help it, I hope they stick to their guns on the
>Mapes. Either fix it up, or get rid of it. I've got furniture older
>than it is.
* 1. Stop talking to the fat cats.
Downtown is being "started" by illegal secret "serial" meetings, behind closed doors.
2. NOBODY of substance could possibly be pleased with this administration's confiscation of our taxes by the mayor... for himself... and his campaign cronies.
3. It is time for a reality check at: http://www.renocitizen.com/mayor.htm
>As for corruption at city hall, the only thing wrong with the mayor is
>that he hasn't thrown this sam fella outta the council meeting yet.
>Why, the way he yells is downright rude.
* During 3 years of attendance at city kouncil meetings... a person learns a lot... and what this korrupt kouncil has gotten away with is scary.
What is amazing is that there aren't more citizens "yelling"... considering the way they are being bamboozled by this administration. A $1,000,000 tax-funded brainwashing machine is beyond outrageous.
>I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to Sam and asking him to include me
>on his letter page. Just so people know that we're not all negative in

>(No, Sam, I don't work for the City, or even know any of 'em). But I
>do watch the meetings on Sncat. I'm sorry to see that Candace Pierce
>leaving. She asks the right questions, and gets the rest of them to
>re-think a lot times.
* Your lack of rudimentary knowledge of plain old logic, when taken in context with your silly statements, is outrageous. You know nothing about what democracy means. There is no other way to say it.
You couldn't convince a donkey that you are not affiliated with city hall (brother, father, retiree or simply a naive stooge).
Nobody else could possibly support what city hall is doing to him.
And you claim to watch the broadcast meetings?!?
Citizens can only assume that you cheered the idea that kouncil unilaterally and clandestinely (at one of their secret meetings away from public scrutiny) reduced Public Comment from a measly 5 minutes down to 3 minutes.
* Folks, the fat cats are almost finished with Reno. The golden goose is in the oven and the temperature is about 450 degrees... with about 15 minutes until it is done.
From: Joe, in Reno
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