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A Letter from a Genius
Dear Reno Citizen;
I too, am not excited at all with the idea of bringing other industries into Reno... at least until the current out-of-control growth cancer can be corrected.
It is my opinion that there are too many businesses now. If you recall, Reno is in a valley (hence the name Washoe Valley and/or Truckee Meadows)... kind of like a small Mexico City. The smog entrapment is already terrible, and getting worse. There just is not enough air down in here for all the people/business we have now. And despite the flooding there is not enough water... or patience.
The list of problems that are being ignored by the current Reno-Crapshoot "government" is too long to begin to address in this "short" response to your newsletter articles.
Reports (usually suppressed by the other big Reno news media) portray the fact that a lot of other people in Reno would be perfectly happy if no more businesses came into our long-ago beautiful and pleasant city.
Now if they want to build an airport and transportation system in Gardnerville or in Elko or in any part of the huge state of Nevada, where there are open spaces, and bring businesses in there, THAT is okay.
What we ahould do is take the RISK of moving some of these businesses to Elko and other areas where there is some room for growth.
Reno is a mess. The streets are worse than New York city... and getting worse. Officials want to build more before they even fix they ones that are broken! The list of unsolved and unattended problems goes on and on.
Why would ANY SANE PERSON or business want to come to Reno - for anything?
I do agree with you (as in the past) that casinos are out of control with their power, generated mostly from giant corporations located elsewhere and pulling the strings; making life miserable and ruining the quality of life for Reno citizens.
Please don't take this wrong. I know by your previous articles that you are on the same wavelength with the majority of Renoites - who would like their government "representatives" to think about them for a change and not just the "bosses" who financed their campaigns. Signed, Rebecca Devonshire
Nevada's so-called ethics commission is one of the saddest jokes going
in the state! It sees nothing wrong with Reno's mayor receiving a
substantial business contract from the Reno-Tahoe Airport ... even
though half of the airport's trustees are subordinate to the mayor on
any credible organization chart.
The airport is NOT an independent entity! Reno's appointed
representatives to the airport serve at the pleasure of the Reno City
Council including Mayor Jeff Griffin. The ha-ha ethics commission would
have the world believe Jeffie is above bending the elbows of political
subordinates ... but Jeffie's antics suggest otherwise.
Let us recall that he has publicly lambasted council members who dared
to disagree with him. He sees nothing wrong with using "serial meetings"
to circumvent the spirit of the open meeting law. He reportedly referred
to opponents of the riverfront theater fiasco as "sniveling
malcontents". He suspends Constitutional rights at council meetings.
He heads a city hall which is subservient to special interests.

The ethics commission should be disbanded. Griffin should resign.
Guy Felton Reno, Nevada
Chalk One up
I read with interest the Reno News & Review article on my chain gang case against Washoe County, which has recently been re-instated in the courts via the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
I was concerned to read Sheriff Kirkland's statement that I had never won a case against Washoe County, because that is incorrect.
I have sued the City of Sparks 4 times and prevailed 4 times, changing city ordinances 3 of 4 times. I have sued the City of Reno 9 times and prevailed 8 of 9 times, changing city ordinances and/or procedures 5 times. I have sued the State of Nevada 4 times and prevailed 3 times. I have sued Washoe County 5 times and have prevailed twice, once with a change of ordinance.
It is disturbing to see Kirkland get it wrong because it sends the message that the little guy can't win, and that just isn't true.
Terri Keyser-Cooper, atty.

Santa Cruz, Calif.Why isn't the press outraged?
23 Sept, 1997
There are many forms of protest, some more civilized than others, and some easier than others. In a recent "cybersation" with Mike Winne, the man who confronted North Las Vegas elected official Paula Brown about her court experiences concerning the sale of controlled drugs, I asked him about the wisdom of confronting politicians about moral issues instead of sticking to "political" issues. Confronting issues involving the illegal drug trade is especially risky because of the bales and bales of cash involved, and also because of the likelihood of involvement on the part of corrupt police officers, and other public officials. He replied:
". . . . I think if I sit back watch and do nothing then I'm just as bad
as she is if not worse. I have always been a person of action, it's
like voting . . . . Anyway if they are not guilty then why have they kept the
$$money$$?? If he (Mark Kincaid) is going to put her out there for
people to ask questions of her, Then they better expect tough questions
. . . . She is casting a bad light over my city NLV and it's not like we can
afford more & bigger image problems then we already have. . . .LK Supply
was opened 1 and 1/2 blocks from my home. Since they opened we have
cleaned Hypo needles, little drug bottles and sexual protective devices
from the park behind my house where my boys play.
So if I die because I'm out there then at least I died for a good
Mike Winne
The ideal political process is one in which all is civilized, and polite, and reason prevails, and elected officials are treated with respect. But there comes a moment when we have to consider whether it is correct to vilify a citizen for objecting when an elected official is suspected of a major crime. There is no reason to suspect a witch-hunt here, I've heard no allusion to political motives. Have we reached the point in the Valley where it is business as usual for an elected official to be under suspicion for illegal drug activity? Why haven't other elected officials suggested that Ms. Brown resign instead of taking her cause against the public trust?
The people who live in Nevada are at a crisis point. To object to serious legal infractions on the part of elected officials leaves a citizen open to public censure in this political climate of pandering to the smooth deal, and paving the way for easy money. And while objective reporting is important, there are times when I think that the local press is reviewing a movie. It is as though the RJ and the Sun are willing to report all the gory details, but when it comes to taking a stand that actually is effective in producing accountability from elected persons, both major papers are squarely on the fence.
Newspapers benefit from rapid growth, just as car dealerships and telephone companies and baby-sitting services and pizza parlors do. Writers benefit from it, too, and so do vegetarian restaurants and movie theaters. But isn't there a place where a newspaper is supposed to stand for the truth, as elusive as that concept may be? Why is the burden of outrage on Mike Winne? And if the newspapers aren't outraged at an elected official who acts as though nothing is wrong while undergoing a non-politically-motivated drug charge, then why aren't they outraged at the self-righteous response of the public relations efforts of Mike Kincaid? Paula Brown isn't royalty, is she? I mean, it isn't as though she owns a casino, or anything. She hasn't brought down the inflation rate, or made any notches in the national debt. Is she just another typical Las Vegas politician?
We all know that gambling is addictive and debilitating, and many of our politicians are involved in that business, is the drug trade just an annex to it? No big deal? Business as usual? Don't make waves?
If she is involved to the point where she can't explain it, then isn't it time for her to get off the stage? Exactly what good is she at this point to the public that she is supposed to be serving? When it comes to prosecuting drug offenders, or controlling the drug trade, is she going to claim conflict of interest? Clark County has a lot of real problems. We don't need leaders that are under a gag order about drug traffic. And we don't need newspapers that miss that point. She might be totally innocent. The public would be better served, however, if she solved this particular personal problem from the private sector.
Ann Reynolds [The Las Vegas Citizen internet magazine - Click to Read]
By Ginger Applegarth
What happened to the First Amendment Right to Free Speech... at the Reno city council meeting of 22 July, 1997?
Certain members of that council appeared nervous about citizen input concerning the proposed Pyramid-Tahoe link... and it showed.
Public discussion was closed down, and scores of citizens at the council meeting were shocked when they were denied their Constitutional rights to voice their suggestions, opinions, and concerns on a very critical agendized item. All this, as 150 or so citizens in attendance looked on... and were left in the dark...
Some members of the council tried to use excuses such as; there was probably "nothing new"... and citizens would probably have a chance to talk at a later date... and, oh yes, that fast-becoming-standard... we can't decide anything today, anyway.
Earlier on, the council seemed amenable to hearing the citizens who had turned in official requests to discuss the Pyramid-Tahoe link. But for some unknown reason, after Sam Dehne turned in a request to speak, the modus operandi shifted, and all citizen input was eliminated... severely wounding the First Amendment. Was the council "that" fidgety about hearing what they had to say?
Councilman Tom Herndon, later told a contingent of VFW members in the audience that they had just observed an example of what they had fought for in the wars. What?!?
In a further bizarre twist, the council later allowed numerous citizens in the audience to speak several times about Vendors Licenses.

A video tape of council activities like this... especially by the mayor... is in the offing. Please stay tuned...
Senator Richard Bryan, Nevada
United States Senate
Washington, DC
Ref: Airport Attempts to Relocate Nevada Air Guard
Dear Senator Bryan,
As you can see by reading the enclosed Reno Gazette newspaper article (below), Senator Harry Reid, has taken an intelligent and brave pro-active stance against the Reno Airport's attempt to continue using Federal funds to subsidize private airport operations.
In this day and age where corporate welfare and pork barrelism are out of favor and frowned upon, citizens are proud of Senator Reid's brave actions.
Through the years the Federal government has provided $$dozens of $$millions of tax dollars subsidizing the Reno Airport activities. We think it is wrong to continue doing so. If the airport wishes to continue its expansion, it should be compelled to do so in a business-like manner and NOT receive any more support in the form of precious US taxes.
This Federal airport/airline subsidization generates artificially deflated air fares... which unfortunately entices "moms and pops" to travel to Reno and often lose their lives savings in the gambling saloons.
We sincerely hope that you will also be pro-active and provide support to Senator Reid.
We offer our assistance in Senator Reid's patriotic endeavor to protect taxes.

Sam Dehné Lt Col, USAF (Ret) [click to email]
297 Smithridge
Reno, Nevada 89502
Reno Gazette Report(Click to Read)
Excerpt from: The Las Vegas Citizen (Click)
Overdue Thanks to Sam 3 July, 1997
For all the disparity between the North and the South, many of the people
who live in the Northern regions of our state are anxious to see the
gambling business pay more of their own way. For those of you who don't
follow the links to the other "Citizen"(click here) pages, these words
are published by
Sam Dehne, an advocate of sanity and intelligence in the
Reno area. His
constant fight for a reasonable approach to running the
Reno airport has
greatly benefited the residents, while he suffers the slings and arrows of
outrageous Reno City Council members, none of whom appreciate his dry wit
or his cool head. (With the exception, of course, of Judy Pruett, a brave
northern Valkerie who has stood up to the police excesses as well as an
apathetic press.)
There are times, Sam, when it may seem that I don't appreciate you as a
publisher, even though you go to great lengths to publish my page "my way,"
virtually ignoring your own crusades, and staying up into the middle of the
night listening to the problems of Southern Nevada. In case you are ever
feeling that I take you for granted, please know that there has been many a
bleak night during this legislative session when the only encouraging word
that I have heard has been from you, telling me about a new link or telling
me that I have 50,000,000 subscribers when I'm certain that I have fewer.
As the legislative drama climaxes, for better or for worse, know that I
could not have kept this up without you. And if any Southerner who feels
gratified by anything that I have said, also feels abandoned by the
Northern half of the state, know that there is a "Gadfly" (click here)
in the Sierra that
has taken time for you, without condition. Thanks.
Ann Reynolds, Editor
The Las Vegas Citizen internet magazine
Questions from an obviously, and justifiably, irritated citizen:
1. Why does the RSCVA allow a local vending company to operate an
unattended cigarette machine at the Wildcreek golf course, where I have
seen numerous kids enjoying themselves and the great game of golf??
As a recently born non-smoker and someone who started smoking as a
teenager, I can attest to the fact that if cigarettes had been harder to
obtain I never would have set foot upon the path to a full fledged
2. Why does the WNCCS allow a greedy and profit hungry company like
Barnes & Noble to run the bookstore at TMCC? Last spring a Windows 95
manual (required text for COT205) from the MICROSOFT PRESS was priced
higher at the bookstore than the pre-printed price on the book itself.
Being disgusted at this went less than two miles for campus to an
"office supply superstore" and paid less than half of what Bill Gates
said the book should sell for. You tell me who is getting the better of
that deal? After last semester I went to sell back one of my textbooks,
I was offered $15 for a book that I had paid $90 for, needless to say I
took the money after all I am a full time student with a small income.
Six days ago I was once again in the "Money Pit", commonly referred to as
the bookstore, and I'll be darned if there wasn't the very same book I
sold for $15 sitting on the shelf with a $60 price tag on it. As of
this morning they still don't have textbooks for three of the five
classes I am enrolled in, and there isn't a single one of those books I
sold them left on the shelf either. What did they do hire a manager
away from one of the local pawn shops to run that place? I wish they
had, at least you can haggle with one of those guys. One other thing
about that place that is really irritating is the fact that none of the
employees wears a name tag or any other identifier, and don't expect
them to ask you if you need something. WHY,WHY,WHY???????? John Sills
Open letter to sometime Reno Gazette columnist, Frank Partlow
"Dear Frank, did you have Sam Dehne in mind when you
referred to 'kooks who regularly appear before the Reno council'? Who
did you have in mind, Frank? How do you define kook, Frank? Is a kook
someone who disagrees with your agenda? By the way, Frank, who are your
clients as a business analyst? Would we recognize your clients as the
folks who comprise the local ruling class? Could you ... by any stretch
of reality ... keep these testy folks as clients if you departed from
their agenda in your column? Can your column be viewed as a tool for
furthering the agenda of the local ruling class? Are YOU a tool, Frank?
You really owe it to your readers to let us know who your clients are,
Frank. If you disagree, please explain your cover story. If you're
unwilling to stand behind your column ... and who you and your owners
are ... kindly do us the favor of admitting that journalistic integrity
is not a component of your modus operandi, Frank."

Agatha Jaccarando [KOOKs - Kritters Opposing Obnoxious Kouncils]
Wrongful Death... Open Letter to Reno city council, 11 June, 1997
Dear Reno city council members,
With reference to the "Paiva Wrongful Death" lawsuit that was unfortunately settled before the truth could be brought out in court, we, as Reno citizens, take great offense at your staff making fools of you.
Notwithstanding the fact that you voted to not allow the "Wrongful Death" lawsuit to go to trial, what we find equally despicable is the audacity of the citizens' Reno city staff broadcasting a "news bulletin" (that had already been prepared BEFORE YOUR VOTE!) within minutes after your vote. This document essentially attempts to try the case, and to find Mr Paiva guilty... on Reno city letterhead paper.
You should recall... that as part of your city council vote, it was stipulated that presiding judge Reed's scathing remarks about law enforcement actions would be included as part of the record.
Amazingly, instead of including even one of judge Reed's scathing comments, one of your staff attorneys and your public information officer made unsupported statements and comments in the "news bulletin" that attempted to paint Mr Paiva as some sort of militaristic pervert and intimated strongly that the police were justified in shooting 18 bullets into this citizen's own home and killing him.
False statements and quibblings such as those included in the "news bulletin", especially by city employees on Reno city letterhead, are contemptuous of the city council, the city manager, presiding judge Reed, and the citizens of Reno who were stuck with a $250,000 settlement bill.
Stuck with this bill... not because of any overt action by Mr Piava (who was in his own home, never fired a single shot, had no background of this type of violence, was left-handed, even though a gun holster found on him 4 hours later was for a right handed man)... stuck with this bill... because some policemen standing outside his home fired 18 bullets into his home.
Unlike the "news bulletin's" basic indictment of Mr Paiva, we are not attempting to indict the police. The case was settled and therefore there was to be no presumption of guilt or innocence on the part of either party. But the city's "news bulletin" negated any semblance of morality in this settlement.
Judge Reed can not be expected to be happy when he finds out that any possibility of a fair and just settlement has been grossly and premeditatedly violated by members of the Reno city staff.
What must Mr Paiva's parents be thinking right now?
What are you and the city manager going to do about it?
There is already too much slippery meat under that rug... and there is very little room left in the worm can.
[This sad bureacratic charade is just like de-ja-vu all over again for me, personally... as I recollect back to when I was piloting RF-4s in the Nevada Air Guard in the late '70s. One of the bureaucrat technician administrators took to falsifying my vital officer records... causing my eventual early forced retirement despite a perfect flying safety record. This technician, who had crashed 2 airplanes during training... one crash causing the death of a passenger... was later caught, and I was retroactively promoted to Lt Col. Unfortunately, he had control of the unit propaganda machine, and I, like Mr Paiva, was made out to be the bad guy. Not nice...]
We plan to have a more in-depth expose of this audacious and arrogant action on the part of some Reno city employees later in The Reno Citizen.
Sam Dehne, editor, The Reno Citizen internet magazine
Open Letter to Reno Councilperson Dave Aiazzi, 11 June, 1997

We find it curious, interesting, intriguing, but not surprising that, even though, you read The Reno Citizen internet magazine "cover to cover", all you can comment on is our single ad for a building lot on Mt Rose Highway. And you suggest that we are hypocritical relative to our constant attack against Reno's "cancerous growth".
We can listen to that, even though it is quite a stretch to talk about a 2/3 acre lot 10 miles from Reno in the same breath with the hundreds of huge developments (some up to 864 units) being approved in Reno... with little or no regard to sprawl, blight, danger, and general reduction in qualify of life for normal citizens.
What we would prefer would be for you to focus your concerns on The Reno Citizen's serious on-going reports on, for example:
1. Bona-fide Reno Airport mismanagement and corruption,
2. The RSCVA's law breaking failure to pay the bonds,
3. Cover-ups and/or indifference by the Airport staff, the Airport appointees, the city council, the FAA, the FBI, et al... of the dangerous crashing of the Nevada Air Guard and Reno Airport runway by a lone novice with terrorist tendencies,
4. Airport Authority appointments that continuously involve nepotism and cronyism... and deny citizens representation on that Board,
(Note: another casino-business mogul, John Farahi, was just appointed by the county.)
We could go on about the need for you to heed, and act upon, our reports. Since you are a devoted interneteer, please revisit our site at [http://www.renocitizen.com] and choose any subject...
We do take your chiding in jest and understand that you are not trying to be malicious. By the way, an anecdotal irony is that government bureaucrats eventually destroyed any "cancerous development" value of our property... which we purchased in 1977. To wit:
1. In 1990 the section of our lot adjoining the highway was condemned and turned into an ugly eyesore, and
2. In 1993, the bureaucrats unilaterally canceled our commercial zoning.
We are not whining about this travesty, but your chiding us about cancerous growth does seem incongruous...
What we have now is a small 2/3rd acre lot with a one-of-a-kind fantastic view... on which we can build a nice home. Not exactly cancerous growth...
In closing, we hope that you take this note for what it is... a plea for you to consider priorities... Readers can still find the lot at [http://www.renocitizen.com/samsite.htm] (Click)
Sam Dehne, editor, The Reno Citizen internet magazine
Las Vegas Citizen (Click to Read) Editor, Ann Reynolds, had this very poignant analysis of what gambling does to people who gamble.
"Every time a claim of "winners" is advertised in the local market, and every time a local casino is constructed, the gambling industry is levying its own tax on the community. The people who get addicted go broke, get bitter, get divorced, commit suicide, drink too much, ignore their families, smoke too much, consider their change girls to be their friends, and justify not tipping by developing the habit of broadcasting how much they've lost. And as their self-esteem becomes tied to their comp status, they lose their self image along with their retirement pay."

Click here to see a small sampling of Reno-Casino Airport Noise Complaints. To voice your complaint dial 328-6468.
Read the exclusive expose of the Reno Airport's taxpayer-financed $400,000 HUFF & FLUFF plan to relocate the Air Guard by clicking here .

Editor (Supreme Court Malfeasance):
Okay, now that’s it. The people of Nevada have endured the Whitehead scandal, Steffen scandal,
Young-favored-lawyers scandal, Las Vegas judges hauled off to jail, cop shop whoppees, and a 2300
backlog of cases. Now our highest court, comprised of the distinguished, wise and impeccably honest
justices of the Nevada Supreme Court, admits to embezzlement, falsifying documents and lying in
testimony before the Legislature (that’s supposed to be us, the people of Nevada) under the pretense
of making future justice more accessible to Everyman.
You know Everyman; he’s that guy down the street in the house that needs paint, a lawn and a tow
truck to remove the junker that’s forever been on blocks, ever since he got hauled off to jail for that
parking ticket, and left his wife and four kids to fend for themselves. Don’t look to any court to help
him -- Everyman can’t afford a lawyer because he had a job (tell me this makes sense). Heaven help
him if he appears pro per. Even those distinguished, wise and impeccably honest Supreme Court
justices refuse to hear Everyman’s feeble squeak for fairness and right; because he is not a lawyer, he
is forbidden to speak before the Supreme Court. Of course, our ultimate source of justice is supposed
to be the U.S. Constitution, where Everyman is guaranteed the right to defend, enforce and protect his
rights . . . but I digress.
If Miriam Shearing worked for a Nevada business and intentionally falsified records to steal $170,000
from her employer, she would be guilty of a felony. Period. Go to jail, not to Park Place. It would not
matter to a judge that Mimi doesn’t think she’s getting paid enough to support the standard of living to
which she wishes to become accustomed. Let’s face it, ladies, $85,000 per year is just not enough for a
single gal to make it from month to month. If Mimi doesn’t like her salary, she should not steal to
make up the perceived difference in what she thinks she’s worth. Mimi has the same recourse
Everyman has -- the street. Come to think of it, perhaps that what ol’ cash-poor Mimi should do:
march right across the street to Frankie Sue’s office and say "Excuse me, but I was thinking of
applying for your job . . . since you’re leaving . . . ?"
Refresh my memory, please. Who writes the laws? The lawyers do. Who lives by the laws? We do; we
must, else we rot in jail. Who applies and enforces the laws? The judges do . . . I mean, the lawyers
who are temporarily judges, and evidently only against us because you can’t expect . . . surely you
don’t think . . . well, yes I do think. I think that a person who lies cannot be trusted. I think that a
person who steals cannot be allowed to hold a position of power and potential of injury over me. I think
that a person who attempts a weak transparent argument of convenience to justify her larceny is not
only unethical, but gutless.
This is our hero, our champion, our best? Time for some ethics and guts, Nevada. Off with their heads!
Jeanne Kingsley
Sparks, Nevada
My wife and I have been reading your magazine for about 6 months now. Thank you for putting us on the mailing list. It is more fun on the WWW internet. We have lived in 4 cities, and nowhere is the government as self-serving and irresponsible as here in Reno. Our friends all agree. Felix and Melisa Seersucker.
What is the difference between the noise and blight of the railroad traffic downtown (that Reno officials are fighting tooth and nail) and the noise and blight of the Airport? Actually, the Airport is far worse in that there are now more than 200 incidents everyday. Tom Beezeley
(Editor's comment: See feature article in The Reno Citizen. Get your friends to call 328-6468 and voice your complaints to the Airport.)
You know you are in trouble when you start sending Email to... yourself!
Dear Reno Citizen;
Keep the fat cats on their toes. Did you know that Reno Air sometimes uses what they call Flex Takeoff. It is basically a reduced power takeoff, and then they even reduce power a little more (sometimes) after they get to about 1,000 feet. This isn't much. But it seems to be a step in the right direction. I think we can thank your efforts for this little respite. Charlie Wacker
(Editor's note: All of the airlines should use this technique. And the Reno-Casino Airport should put more pressure on to get rid of the main culprits... the 727s.)
We think the staff of The Reno Citizen and your Gadfly should be commended for the excellent work they have done trying to keep Reno government on its toes. We wish there were more watchdogs like you around. Your investigative work and the questions you ask about the airport and the Air Guard are especially cognitive. Keep it up. Please accept the small donation to supplement the work and cost of your free magazine. We love it! The Funderberks, Cedric and Olivia
(Editor's note: We appreciated the thoughts behind the donation, but we returned it.)
Dear Reno Citizen; Thank God for your presence. I have been looking far and wide for a place find the truth. And your magazine seems to be the place. Please keep up the good work. I have listened to the local radio talk shows and they all seem as if they are being paid for by the casinos and other big business interests. You hit the nail right on the head. It is nothing but corporate welfare. How can people be so stupid and continue to gamble their savings away. Everybody with any sense knows the casinos win. My Lord, they even advertise it! Who do gamblers think pay for all that extravaganza? Melissa Thornquis PS, My friends all agree. I am telling everybody about your magazine.
Dear Reno Citizen, You ask, will the Internet make it? Yes, yes and yes! Of course it'll make it! I believe it has arrived and will only get bigger and better. The sad part is that the bigger it gets, the more "laws" "censorship" and government controls will be put
in place. Copyright infringement.. trademark violations... harrassment, fraudulent email... I see lawyers getting rich from all the future lawsuits. kaye@mich.com
More Nevada Subsidies
By Ann Reynolds
Thanks for a sampling of what people are thinking up there (in Reno). Although I have always been aware of it, I was especially intrigued by the competition that the casinos provide for many businesses, like airport busses and (down here, anyway), bowling centers, movie theaters, and ice-skating rinks.
I know that ice-rinks are expensive businesses, but they could be subsidized by tax dollars if we taxed the casinos. It would have the same effect, except that kids wouldn't have to go into a casino to learn how to skate.
The big push down here is to implement the monorail, which will further impact the taxis, and totally serve the interests of the Strip. Much of it is being paid for by casino money, but that's only appropriate. I will be interested to know who is going to run it, the city, or the casinos, and if it's the casinos, will it be free? Or if it is the city, will it be free?
And if it isn't free, who gets the money? The locals that work on the strip may benefit, but that's about it. The casinos should re-imburse the county over time for any tax dollars that are spent on the monorail.
Breaking up this monopoly government sponsored activity could be a kind of trust-busting, it is a case of unfair competition.
How are we supposed to become less dependent on the casino industry under circumstances like this? Is it any wonder that they dominate forty percent of our budget?
(Reynolds is a free-lance activist writer who grew up in Northern Nevada but now resides in Las Vegas.)
Dear Reno Citizen
The railroad could be a REAL asset to the city of Reno, if they would just try and make it PART of the HISTORY that tourists WANT to know about in RENO. When I was in the sightseeing business in Reno, all the tourists who took our tours LOVED the history of the railroad and how it helped WIN the WEST. In Sacramento there is a GREAT museum on the history of the railroads which Reno should LEARN how to work into their town history.
Show the town off & tell about it's GREAT past to these tourist so they go home and tell their friends about the the things they LEARNED while they were in Reno GAMBLING ! ! ! Make things work for YOU, these downtown railroad tracks could be JUST the start of a TRANSPORTATION museum in Reno ! ! !
With the Air Races, Car Races, Hot August Nights & Reno's Car Museum ALREADY there in place, make the railroad PART of these things to come and see in Reno Nevada ! ! !
Take Care, Gary Pierce, Orange County, CALIFORNIA

The Following Letter was Received from Ms Christine Shields and Responded to by Editor:
>When does the bs end and the good come out of these people who complain
>about the airport, casinos, buses, etc.? Expend some of that energy for
>the good of the city, county, and it's citizenry.
The city and county ARE the citizenry. City and county government (especially the airport "authority") have forgotten that. The Reno-Casino airport is only concerned about tourists (and their own bloated salaries and bonuses) to feed to the casinos.
Where do you get off
>expounding that government is paying for everything and the casinos do
Government isn't paying for everything. They pay nothing out of their pockets. It is the over-taxed citizenry who pay... and pay... and suffer.
Casinos rarely pay their share of the blight and sprawl that their policies create... although they are certainly not the only culprits.
Why don't you involve yourselves in helping others or are you the
>ones that complain about Asians and Hispanics doing work in this city that
>neither you or your families would do?
We have nothing against (legal immigrant) Asians and Hispanics working in Reno. We do object to the low wages that force most of them to work 2 -3 jobs... leaving kids to grow up without proper guidance. It is a weird society that has the police department raising hundreds of kids.

Are you the men who go out, get
>drunk, throw up all over the floors of those casinos expecting someone else
>to clean up after you? Or are you just the bigots who think everything is
>just for them? SHAME ON YOU.
Some medical studies indicate that a drink each day may be good for one's health. Puking is not good. Unless there is something in the stomach that does not belong there...
Do something to help your fellow citizens,
>quit your bitching. Government isn't the best form of democracy but it's
>the best we've got, so let's help.
You hit the nail right on the head... but missed again. WE (EVEN YOU) ARE THE GOVERNMENT. We are trying to help. One Example:
Through our efforts we corrected the Nevada Air Guard (which you probably identify as the "government") mission from one that was wasting $35,000,000 of USA taxes every year... to one that has the potential of helping citizens sometimes.
Now that $35,000,000 can be used on a different pork barrel project!
>Reno Citizen, Fight it. Do something worthwhile!
>Contribute that energy to some volunteer effort. Do it now!
Christine Shields
Maybe you have been doing too much volunteering and haven't kept up with the real mess this city is getting into.
We note thay you use your own server. (Congratulations!) We highly recommend that you read the last several issues of The Reno Citizen at
Thank you for at least being concerned... even if misguided... at least on the above mentioned subjects.
You should be proud... for at least taking a stance.
Keep in touch,
Sam Dehne, editor The Reno Citizen Internet Magazine.

Dear Reno Citizen;
What legal action was taken against the Army representative who disabled
the safety device on Officer Hashimoto's parachute? Has he been
convicted of voluntary manslaughter? Or are they deferring to a civil
suit by surviving family members against the individual and the Army?
The Reno G-J has not addressed these questions at any time that I have
noticed. Would someone please report on this?

Joanne in Reno <joannem@reno.quik.com>
Dear Joanne, 2/26/97
Thank you for contacting us for guidance.
You will find comments about, and answers to, many of your concerns about the parachuting fiasco (and other Reno fiascos) in
The Reno Citizen magazines.
I agree that the military should be responsible for disconnecting the safety device. Whoever did it should be punished severely.
But sometimes people have to be responsible for their own premeditated actions.
Why did the policeman allow the safety device to be disconnected? Would you have made a jump under those conditions?
If you knew somebody disconnected the brakes on your car, would you drive it down the mountain?
Sometimes accidents happen... but this was not an accident. It was a guaranteed accident looking for a place to happen. And it did!
Most insurance companies will not pay for suicide induced death. Disconnecting a parachute safety back-up device under those conditions is as close to suicide as we can think of... but then I, personally, am deathly afraid of heights, anyway.
Please do not think we are not sympathetic. This was a terrible loss... to the policeman's family, friends, the police force, and the community. But why did he jump out of an airplane knowing there was a problem with his chute, and that the safety device was disconnected?
If you have other concerns, please keep in touch.

Sam Dehne, editor, the Reno Citizen
*This issue is continued below with a response to Reno's Gazette Journal City Editor*
Thanks for the note:
You should know that the Reno Gazette-Journal has been
fighting harder than any other news organization out there
to get to the truth behind the Hashimoto death.
We have broken all the stories published on the accident and continue to
battle the U.S. Navy for its investigation reports.

Mark Lundahl
City Editor
Hi Mark, 2/27/97
Thank you for reminding me of that point. We think that readers sometimes forget the excellent job the Reno Gazette Journal (Click to see) does reporting some issues; because some other issues have been reported unfairly - such as the handling of the Pruett recall and the Rewana Farms landgrab...
I, personally, think the RGJ does an excellent job most of the time. However, oftentimes it appears as if your crack reporters are worried about what the "boss", the casinos, or/and the airport czar might have to say about how their stories are reported/printed.
That is why Reno is fortunate to have The Reno Citizen internet magazine. (http://www.renocitizen.com)
By the way, please relay my thanks to Guy Richardson for the "nice" comments he had about us in his column in your initial issue of CALENDAR.
We try to be as objective as possible. Lately we have had to concentrate heavily on the Reno-Casino airport fiasco... as they continue to attempt to waste $$million of USA taxes on a bogus landgrab/Air Guard move to private property... so that THEY can continue their uncontrolled cancerous expansion. Please forgive us, but we feel the RGJ has been extremely lax in its reporting (non-reporting) of this atrocity. Mark, there is a REAL story (several stories) there. It seems an objective newspaper would be interested
Thanks again for your expose of the police parachutist's death. And this continues to highlight the need for a police commission in Reno... another good story for your paper. Thus far only Webitor World (http://webitor.com/felcol.htm) (Click to read) and The Reno Citizen have been reporting on this critical issue.
Sam Dehne, editor, The Reno Citizen
We are VERY impressed with your newspaper's graphics department. Beautiful work!

Reno Government and Things:
Dear Councilperson Pruett, 4 March, 1997
Citizens should appreciate your pertinent questions at city council today.
There are so many problems related to the police parachutist's death that they defy logic. Although what we see happening would seem to be standard when any large (trusted) group is trying to cover-up an arrogant act.
Who could ever conceive of someone, supposedly intelligent, filling out a time card... saying a person was at work - when he had actually been dead for several hours?
Did you know that NRS 239.300 states that it is a felony crime to falsify documents (up to 10 yrs and $10,000)? So the AG investigator says the police have been committing this crime so long that we can no longer consider it a crime! Or words to that effect.
Patty Lynch is obviously frustrated with mayor McNeely giving in to the pressure put on by the police wives' coalition.

More and more citizens are becoming brave... because of you.
RGJ reporter, S. Voyles,seemed upset by my words at the council... about the RGJ. I told her that the "pot-shot" paragraph should never have been included in a news report... without at least a specific explanation. She probably has lots of pressure coming from her bosses... who are trying like hell to protect the police and the mayor on those (and other) issues.
Keep up the good work. We appreciated your questions of the lobbyist-correlating lady today. People could see she did not like some of your questions. How can a top policeman be the lobbyist for a law that will "tie their hands"? How can he be unbiased? Does he put on a different hat when he lobbies? How much extra is he paid? How can I get one of those jobs?

Try to have a sense of humor and don't get too "consumed"... like I do sometimes.
Sam Dehne
PS That is interesting about your email theft... which this email might possibly be - being read by someone (people?) to whom it wasn't intended for...
(As a school teacher, you have to admire the grammar in that sentence!)
Sam Dehne

Dear Reno Citizen,
I think you are going in the right direction,
by going in REVERSE.
This is how ALL things are DONE in Reno.
If you WANT something, SAY you DON'T.
If you DON'T, say you DO ! ! !
Now lets GET something DONE, Sam ! ! !
Later, Gary Pierce, Newport Beach, CAL
Or... "The more backward you go, the further ahead you get!" Editor

Subject: Alleged False Information, re - Sam Dehne 10 March, 1997
To: Reno/Sparks Chamber of Commerce
405 Marsh Ave
Reno, Nevada 89509
Attn: Executive Director, Harry York
Dear Mr.York,
I am writing concerning the matter of questionable statements you have been alleged to have made... about my involvement in Reno citizens' attempts to thwart the landgrab of their homes and properties by the Reno Airport and the Nevada Air Guard.
I have been informed that you have said words to the effect that certain citizens should not associate with me because I am not who you say I claim to be. In other words, if what I have been told is true, you are saying that I am an impostor.
I have been informed that you have accused me of lying about my background... specifically stating that I was never a pilot and that my claim to such experience on my resumé is "just a piece of paper". I can assure you that the record proves that I was both an Air Force military pilot and a commercial pilot for over 20 years; with a perfect flying safety record in fighters, bombers, and airliners.
I am enclosing an editorial from the Las Vegas Sun (click here), an excerpt from the United States Claims Court Reporter, and a brief resumé (click here) to maybe jog your mind into accepting these facts.
If you still question my background, I suggest that you contact former governor Mike O'Callaghan at The Las Vegas Sun newspaper.
I have my suspicions as to where you received your false information, and I suggest that you should have contacted me before spreading untrue rumors.
If you have made such false statements elsewhere (as the Director of such a pristine organization as the Chamber of Commerce), I hereby demand that you publicly retract them.
You have my approval to provide this letter and the attached documents to the rest of your associates and staff who might also have been falsely informed about my background... and to anybody else you deem appropriate in your obligation to reveal the truth of this matter.
Notwithstanding the above, the terrible issue here is the dastardly confiscation of citizens' homes... not my background. If you have any questions that you think might help you get back to the truth, you should contact me as indicated below... or my attorney, Terri Keyser-Cooper.
Sam D. Dehne
Subject: Reno Citizen - YES!
I want you to know how much I enjoy and am informed by
your Reno Citizen website. The government here is truly a disgrace
and any info you (Reno Citizen) can get out is of great benefit to the
Our non-profit (free) publication thanks you (we have put your letter on at The Reno Citizen http://www.renocitizen.com/new.htm) for the kudos.
I heard about your website from the community's only other true
voice - Reno News & Review.
That is a very well conceived, and written, publication.
Although it reduces my info
feed, I fully boycott the Reno GJ. Although 5% of what you
read there is informative, I refuse to support this disgraceful
piece of casino-owned crap.
I know exactly what you mean... although sometimes there are good articles in the Reno Gazette. (They do have some good reporters/writers... except they have a very tight leash from the top.) Sometimes when I attend assemblies where their reporters are present (and later read their reports), I wonder if we were at the same meetings.
Their Calendar insert is a pathetic
attempt to shut down the Reno N&R & should be boycotted & ignored.

This will not happen.
Thank you again for publishing so much useful info.

P.S. How about a story on the Alturas Power Line sellout?
Washoe County got $3mm from
Sierra Pacific to buy up homes, Reno got zilch. The city
says it doesn't harm Reno city residents but how about Stead?
The towers are huge & unsightly
and the power can cause health risks. How much does it hurt your
property value if your home is within a few blocks of this
March's Reno Citizen had an article that speculated that Stead should remove itself from Reno and create its own city... and the arrogantly and heavily-handled Alturas Power line fiasco could be the catalyst that just might eventually cause this to happen...
Thanks again for your intelligent, insightful, and empathetic comments.

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