Nevada Boxing Commission Guilty of A Low Blow

by Sam Dehné
1. Two healthy, consenting, male adults decided to put on a boxing exhibition... to raise campaign funds for Sam Dehne's bid to be elected Reno mayor.
2. Plans were formalized with safety and decorum receiving high priority.
3. A major casino was interested in sponsoring the event and negotiations were in progress.
4. In a random poll every citizen questioned said he/she was looking forward to Sam Dehne and Mills Lane stepping into the ring for a boxing exhibition match.
5. On 12 May, 1998, Sam submitted a curtesy letter to the Nevada Athletic Commission informing them in detail that he and Lane had agreed to put on a publicity event to raise funds for Sam's campaign for Reno mayor.
This is where the joint starts stinking.
Despite overwhelming community support for Sam's original idea, mayor Griffin's close friend and political accomplice, Luther Mack, used his "juice" to pull the plug. Sam was never even allowed to present his "case" as required by the dictates, as well as the spirit, of Nevada law.
Mack (a government appointee, subject to the rules and laws of Nevada) failed to disclose, among numerous flagrant improprieties, that he:
1. is a close friend of current mayor, Jeff Griffin... Sam's opponent in the current election,
2. received a plush political promotion to the Reno Airport Board of trustees from his friend, the current mayor,
3. has been a notable financial contributor to the current mayor's campaigns,
4. has exchanged numerous other political favors with the current mayor.
If Mack were an honorable government official, he would have disqualified himself from voting on this matter. Instead, Mack led the charge to squelch an event that would have promoted Dehne's candidacy against Mack's friend, Reno's current mayor.
Political chicanery, cronyism, and collusion in Northern Nevada continue to be alive and well.
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