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9. The Reno Airport could use a "Millennium Plan"... a 20 year strategy to replace the Airport with a vibrant urban center that will enhance the quality of life for all Reno citizens. (Move the current airport operations 10 miles north to Stead.)
It would emphasize high technology businesses with education and technology surrounded by open space, parks, recreation, sports and cultural uses. It could include, among many other things... Education, Research & Technology, Arts & Culture, Sports & Entertainment.
Pollution, noise, danger and blight would be drastically reduced.
For starters maybe a world class zoo... and a casino???
It would certainly make it easier to get from the east side of Reno to the west side Reno...
8. The Reno Airport is digging itself a shallow grave... as it tries to expand... while, at the same time RenoAir is retrenching. This is a dangerous financial scheme that could leave the Airport bankrupt. But then, what do they care? It is the citizens who will pay; not the aviation amateurs...
7. Should a $1,500 campaign donation from a political crony demand that the current mayor "disclose" it... before voting to rubberstamp an Atlantis Casino expansion for his friendly "donator? YES! The word "disclose" is not in the current mayor's vocabulary. Why doesn't the defacto city hall mouthpiece report violations like this?
7a. This current mayor has rarely met a scheme involving his private company or his cronies and tax funds... that he would "disclose" to the public.
6. Reno city hall funnels $$$thousands of YOUR tax dollars to that notorious publicly funded EDAWN (the "A" stands for "Authority"). And guess what? You can't even attend an EDAWN "secret" meeting without a personal invite from one of the "who's who" of fat cats... who run the blight creating operation... What ever happened to Nevada's Open Meeting law?
5. Isn't it time for the casinos to take a serious look at doing something about the smoking in their buildings... before the authorities have to step in? There are at least 2 ways to mitigate the problem:
a. Seal off Smoking and No Smoking gambling rooms.
b. Order all smoker-gamblers to use those new self-contained internal filter doodads that the tobacco companies have invented.
4. What happened to once local "darling" RenoAir? It is suddenly being attacked vociferously... even by the Gazette. With cutbacks and maybe even a buyout, the Reno Airport's diabolical landgrab is looking dumber everyday...
3. Communications problems at EDAWN??? You bet! This 40% Publicly Funded Good 'Ol Boys Club has defacto "secret" meetings... that citizens cannot attend without a special invite. Even though the majority of funding for this "authority" comes from the public coffers, elections are internal. This entire operation demands an investigation by the state Attorney General... of the Federal government.
3a. They say they havae created a "citizens' committee" to find a new presidential propaganda czar for this gang. Same old "usual suspects"... not a working stiff in the group. Only presidents, CEOs... kings, queens, and potentates accepted...
2. FAA is running AMOK. The Noise Funding Program (insulation and property purchasing) was created to respond to citizens who were complaining. It was never intended to force un-complaining citizens off their land. The citizens of Rewana Farms are not complaining about the noise. Leave them alone.
2a. Purchase property in the areas where citizens are complaining... as the Program was designed.
2b. In Las Vegas the Airport folks are more citizen friendly. There the land purchases give "residents the option to sell homes".
1. Why are airlines exempt from NOISE rules? Every other mode of private (and most government) transportation has to abide by guidelines... buses, taxis, trains, etc? Why not the noisiest of all... the airlines? Citizens are irate... now battling each other to try and force the airline noise off of their homes onto those of neighbors and vice versa....

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