Reno Airport Security Breach and cover-up

18. This is month 4 of the cover-up of the attack on the Reno Airport (our on-going front page headline story). The suppression of the truth is being sanctioned by at least the following entities... the Airport Director, the Airport Authority, most of the Reno city council, the FAA, most of the northern Nevada newspapers, the Air National Guard...
18a. These entities have now been told of the break-in and the subsequent cover-up and have chosen to make no apparent attempt to conduct an honest investigation and punish the guilty... or just as importantly, to let the citizens know that their lives could be in danger whenever they go to the Reno Airport. This is serious stuff, folks, and a bunch of cowboys have no right to play God with your lives... she would not be happy.
18aa. When the local FBI was informed of this near-tragedy and attempted cover-up (we are now saying "attempted"; because it WILL be exposed), the agent dropped everything... and went on a two week vacation! Didn't even tell anybody else about the break-ins. What?
18aaa. Even the district FAA in California allegedly told a Sparks reporter to keep her nose out of it...
18aaaa. Right now details of the attempted cover-up are being released to the senators and congressmen. They also were not aware of the breaches of security. Let's see if THEY think it is important...
18b. The fact that the attack had possible terrorist fingerprints all over it (car crashing onto the Air Guard base and then the Airport, in the dark... causing havoc) and that hundreds of lives were in danger does not seem to interest them. It is far too late for them to now come forward and try to uncover the cover-up... now that they have been exposed. Do you want these types of clandestine airport bureaucrats running your life?
17. The local FAA claimed... not to know about the dangerous breach of security at the Nevada Air Guard and the Reno Airport (full report on our front page). How can that be? The duplicitous FAA grounds airlines (local Great American Air) for missing pieces of paper, but they don't know that a (what turned out to be novice) terrorist broke through their expensive security systems and caused havoc???
17a. Just as importantly, their agent arrogantly stated that the public doesn't have a need or right to know how dangerous the Reno Airport is...
17b. By his reasoning it would be like this: The wife is away at work, and while she is gone, her husband and kids are kidnapped... the house is robbed and ransacked... their investments plummet... and the dog runs away...
But the husband and kids escape... the house is cleaned up... the stock market recovers... and the dog comes home. Should the wife be told of these events when she comes home from work? By the FAA's bizarre thinking, she wouldn't have a need or right to know.
53. Anybody who attends a "professional"(?) boxing match is an idiot. If people can't find better things to do with their time, they deserve what they get. They should be surfing the net. Boxing should be... Canceled.
53a. Many months ago this space recommended that "professional"(?) boxers be ordered to wear head gear. Our suggestion would have prevented the damage inflicted by... the terrible head-butts by Holyfield... AND the ear-bites by Tyson. However... please re-read #53 for further instructions.
52. When will Californians come to their senses and legalize more gambling? Some estimates suggest that $$9.5 billion is pumped into the Nevada economy one way or another. Sooner or later, they will realize the intelligence of keeping that money "in-state". And now that most big casinos are corporate-directed, they would flee Nevada at the drop of a bowling ball.
51. The Reno Gazette's weekly "Under Construction" page is a real eye-opener. 100's of housing and commercial/industrial developments... some of which include over a 1000 houses. Where are they going to find water... and air for all those projects? Heaven forbid an economic downturn. But the gurus say that won't happen again. Sure...
50. Was it a Freudian slip for the Reno Gazette to say the Reno Arts Festival is cosponsored by several entities; including government... Nevada Bell?!?
49. One of the Reno-Casino Airport propaganda assistants appeared before the Reno-Casino city council and attempted to cover-up the cover-up of the airport break-in. The true story about the dangerous police chase on Reno's main runway has still not been told. The airport czar would not even mention it in his monthly director's report to the Airport "trustee" critters... Why? Do you think they want the gambling tourists to know how dangerous the airport can be?
48. Why doesn't the Reno/Tahoe Airport take a pro-active interest in the commercial airport at South Lake Tahoe? A small influx of investment financing could pay big dividends...
47. We are not against Legal Immigration... but when some illegal aliens try to sneak into America and provoke law enforcement officers during a dangerous escape attempt... and then receive a $740,000 payoff, things are out of control.
46. June 28th, 1997 was Day 57 of the On-going Cover-up of the Break-in at the Reno Airport AND the Nevada Air National Guard. (Read more below and in Front Page Feature.)
45. Reno government thrusts its hands out for mucho FEMA Corporate Welfare Moola. But when the Homeless need a little oft-deserved help, what happens? Nada.
44. Super Inflation is about to hit downtown Reno in a BIG way. On 1 July, all citizens will be subjected to more than 100% increases in parking meter costs. 25 cents/hour explodes to 50 cents/hour. And it is in effect basically 7 days/week. That will keep visitors returning to downtown... Not! So that is how they "Build a Better Reno"...
44a. Huge money items like this should be voted on by the public. Did the Reno-Casino council even vote on it? Of course not... they didn't even know about it! This multi-million dollar decision was handed over to engineers.
43. A comment on whether or not the San Fran 49ers should come to Reno... Not!
42. The Reno Gazette's "WINNERS" editorials on Saturdays are something they can be rightfully proud of... giving kudos to individuals and organizations that do good things for the community. Kudos to the Gazette for this program...
41. At city council meeting the other day, councilperson Pearce said that a constituent was concerned about navy jets flying over her home. The lady had called the navy and was told that the Reno city council had requested the buzz-job. Rather than doing something, the council giggled a little and let the matter drop. It appears that somebody is fibbing...
40. "THE BATTLE LINES ARE DRAWN!" SENATOR HARRY REID VERSUS THE RENO-CASINO AIRPORT... AND NOW THE RSCVA... (and lets not forget the RTC) Senator Reid bravely trying to protect USA taxes against the Pork-Meisters. Folks... of course the notorious RSCVA supports cancerous Reno-Casino Airport growth. Those Casino-Surrogate Fat Cats do not live near the terrible airport noise, danger, and blight that dozens of thousands of citizens are subjected to every day. Isn't their greed superceded only by their wanton willingness to confiscate and waste citizens' taxes?
40a. That RSCVA is still in violation of the law by, among other things, not paying the $1,300,000 bonds they owe... and paying their own salaries instead. Corruption chases Corruption. [Read D. Brian Burghart's scathing examination of the RSCVA in the June 4, 1997 issue of Reno News & Review. It's a masterpiece.]
40b. The RSCVA promises to start obeying the law and will pay the bonds as soon as they have enough money...
39. Reno's brand new assistant city manager is from Santa Cruz... a town... called by a local radio talk show host... the Cesspool of Liberalism. What lies ahead? Is this another of those recommendations from that nepotistic panel of cronies who are hand picked by the Power Club?
38. According to the Reno Gazette editorial of 19 June, "today's travelers expect jet ways, somewhat comfortable lounges, and gourmet coffee." Confiscating federal funds to steal land from innocent elderly homeowners in Rewana Farms so that travelers can have "gourmet coffee"? Preposterous!!!
37. How about this fellow, W. Thornton, who "has served on SEVERAL community panels who have interviewed candidates". How many of these panels have you been invited to serve on? Is there ever a "Joe Beerpack" on any of those panels? Not! These "diverse groups of citizens" are made up of the same old faces... who just change hats and chairs. Nepotism and cronyism reign in Reno.
36. Hasn't it been immediately apparent at every Reno-Casino Airport meeting that the board of "trustees" has not had a clue what is going on... with important items... as czar White continues to insultingly lead them around by the bellybuttons?
36a. The "trustees" should have been incensed at czar White's continuous non-reporting of critical items; such as his important meeting with Nevada Senator Reid. (Click here to read about that meeting) But No, just more - yes sir, yes sir, Mr Airport Director... whatever you want... just tell us how to vote... where to sign.
36b. The notorious RSCVA can't hold a candle to the Reno-Casino Airport when it comes to ignoring corruption... Corruption? Why even their Huff & Fluff Nevada Air Guard Relocation committee was stacked with a high-ranking NAG officer who owns land in the area where they want to move the NAG. No conflict there? No corruption there? But that is just peanuts in their expensive tax-payer financed behind-the-doors machinations...
36c. From the Reno Gazette Sounding Board: "THE MOST DISGUSTING thing that happens in Reno on a daily basis is the terrible, unjustified, unfair assault and battery by the airplanes and airlines upon Reno citizens. It has got to stop!"
36d. Dear elected Reno city council member,
Do you think it is your responsibility to do something to correct the danger, noise, and nuisance of the Army helicopter that hovers over Reno at about 2,000 feet every other day or so... for hours at a time? What is it doing? Why is it doing... whatever it is doing? How can it be stopped?
If you can't correct it, who can correct this problem?
The AAWC and staff have done nothing to eliminate this noisy hazard despite protests and objections.
This is just another example of why Reno citizens need honest CITIZEN-ORIENTED representation at the airport...
35. Beleagured and maligned Reno Rewanian, Jackie Decker, had an interesting observation at city council. She asked which government entity she and other beleagured Rewanians should pay their taxes to. It is a fact that Reno Airport blight campaigns are destroying Rewana Farms. The "leaders" at the airport are appointed by the Reno city council, and therefore should be held accountable. But the city council is wiping its feet of the matter... refusing to get involved. Why then should Rewanians pay Reno taxes; since representation and protection are being denied? Makes sense to us. No taxation without representation, or something like that...
34. Government critic, Joe Mark of Orange County, California, asks... if the government executes McVeigh in the next 3 months, how many buildings will be blown up?
32. From which side of its mouth is the Nevada Air Guard talking now? During the brouhaha between citizens and the arrogant Reno-Casino Airport, the NAG leaders have continuously said they are "good neighbors and perfectly happy where they are...". Now that Senator Reid has spoken adamentaly against a NAG move, their leader is suddenly trying to politic the Senator into giving credibility to the bogus "NAG Relocation" study... a study that is fraught with deception and hell-bent on wasting $$millions of USA taxes. The simple solution is to leave the NAG where it is.
31. The Reno-Casino mayor, city manager, and the downtown Power Club think that the railroad should pay for supposed danger and blight they might create on their own (the railroad's) land. Why do they continue to ignore the far worse noise, danger, and blight created by the Reno-Casino Airport? AND THEY DON'T OWN THE LAND THEY ARE DEVASTING! No wonder there is little sympathy for their typically (for them) hypocritical attitude...
30. First, contempt of citizens, then contempt of Reno-Casino Airport Trustees, and now contempt of U.S. Senator Harry Reid. How far is the airport czar allowed to go? Citizens' taxes pay his salary, and it is way past time for them to be mad...
29. We are glad to see that the DA's office took our advice and removed the Coors beer advertisements from their front office... after we tried to see if they would sell us 2 six-packs. Promoting drugs and alcohol flies in the face of what they are supposed to be standing for.
28. Why (if true) would Frank Gifford be fooling around with someone who is far less attractive than his own wife? Why (if true) would Bill Clinton be fooling around with someone who is far less attractive than his own wife?
27. UNR All-American 3rd baseman, Andy Dominique, wasn't picked until the 25th round of the baseball draft. How can this be justified? He had phenomenal statistics... against top-notch competition...
27a. And speaking of athletes, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Glenn Carano, just completed his tour as chairman of the Reno-Casino Airport Board of Trustees. This gentleman deserves kudos for his ability to organize and conduct very public-friendly meetings. He almost always ran his operation in an interesting (sometimes amusing) and friendly manner. And his familiarity with Robert's Rules of Order was a pleasant surprise... not because he always forced the "i's" to be dotted and the "t's" to be crossed...
27b. It is unfortunate that his philosophical tendencies appear to lean toward Reno's standard cancerous growth agenda. At any rate, he is the kind of guy you want on your side...
26. Should high speed highway motorcycle chases be allowed by law enforcement officers? To try and capture a man who was looking for a place to jog? What a shame. If a suspect is endangering lives, there might be justification. Other than that, why not capture him/her under safer conditions?
25. Our large-vehicle warnings from a previous issue proved correct. Statistics show that when large Surburban/Humvee type trucks crash with regular cars, 80% of the dead people are in the small cars! The reasons are obvious... Why shouldn't people driving those large vehicles have to obtain special large-vehicle drivers' licenses? Some of them are as hard to maneuver as a tracker trailer.And their bumpers are so high that in a head on collision the occupants of any regular car is likely to be de-capitated!
25a. The popular Volks Beetles died out because they were at such a disadvantage in collisions with "normal" cars. Now the normal cars are at a safety disadvantage with the giant, often hard to maneuver "monster" vehicles.
24. Reno Business gurus bragged last year when Reno was rated the 98th best city. Now that the ranking has dropped to 155th (in between lovely Anchorage and Baltimore, and way below Las Vegas at 86th), they say it's not important... You can bet Reno-Casino Airport blight and the Power Club's cancerous growth agenda had something to do with Reno's huge drop in popularity and livability.
23. The now-annual downtown Pet Parade is an example of something good that Reno bureaucrats could be doing. It was suggested to them in The Reno Citizen several years ago. Here is another suggestion: "Amateur Entertainers' Day". Two Saturdays per month, 10 entertainers get 15 minutes to perform in the downtown amphitheater. (15 minutes, start to finish... including set-up time.) The names of volunteers are placed in a hat, and a citizen in attendance at city council picks the artists for the following Saturday.
23a. Of course this implies that there will be citizens at city council meetings... not a mean feet these days... with the on-going apathy. In the case where no citizens are present, the city council members could be used as emergency backup selectors.
22. It is extremely difficult to figure out which side to take on this police chief selection brouhaha. Let's face it - there were no "ordinary" citizens in the selection process. They were hand picked - either directly or indirectly. So manager McNeely's attitude that the "best person" survived a citizen-driven process is hooey. On the other hand, it is a little worrisome that the Reno Police are so anxious to select their own boss. After weighing evidence, current LAX chief Lewis is the man. After all, he HAS worked with a Police Commission. And just maybe he will be able to convince Reno's city council of the need for such a body.
22a. However, no matter who is offered the contract, current, loyal, competent, long-time acting chief, Jim Weston, should be give a "first right of refusal" shot at the new contract.
21. It is noteful that the Navy and Air Force are sanctioned severely (even by our senator) for 2 or 3 overflights PER YEAR in desolated areas... Yet the Reno-Casino Airport is given carte blanche to wreak havoc and shock dozens of thousands of Reno citizens 200 times EVERY DAY! You go figure...
20. Reno mayor Griffin was on the JR Reynolds (92.1 FM) radio show today (6/4th). He tried to convince citizens [He calls them his "customers" - when they really are his "bosses"] that city manager McNeely has been appointed god... and that city council has no control over him... because the city charter was limiting. The fact is that the city council has violated the city charter so many times - that it is sheer nonsense to use it as an excuse to give McNeely carte blanche with the bogus bureaucratic policies he has thrust upon Reno... secret meetings, caucuses, private settlements, unilateral police chief selection... ad infinitum.
20a. Citizens elected the Reno city council (albeit with a puny and apathetic turnout) to represent them... not a city manager from California.
20b. But then, considering the alternative... having this council in charge, maybe we should keep our mouths shut!
19. It is curious that the FBI responded rapidly, with full force, when THEIR van and military equipment were stolen. Why are they totally ignoring the near-tragedy of a terrorist attack on the Reno Airport and Air National Guard? A local agent reports that the attack on Reno's airport did not "interfere with any airliners" (Hooey - they were forced to abort night time landings and takeoffs) and thus the FEDERAL-BI has no jurisdiction... What? Freedom loving American citizens must read our feature story and decide for themselves!

37. The United States Constitution Bill of Rights' Third Amendment states; "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner..." In Rewana Farms, Reno, Nevada, USA, houses are being confiscated away from owners... so that a huge military complex can be built for Air National Guard soldiers. TO READ the BILL OF RIGHTS, CLICK HERE.
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