(Gadfly: "A Citizen who explains things to other citizens and attempts to arouse them from ignorance and complacency.") ** Sam Dehné

64. Finally... after months of Sam Dehne's prodding (again) the Reno-Casino Airport is sending letters to the appropriately guilty airlines... telling them to keep those noisy old 727s out of town. But do they give The Reno Citizen any credit for this innovative no-brainer suggestion? Of course not. Why do you think they have three highly-paid plagiaristic propaganda ministers?
64a. 75% of the very few half-way decent ideas that come out of the Reno-Casino Airport are as a result of verbal and printed prodding from The Reno Citizen. Not only did they not give credit where credit was due (again) they didn't even have the courtesy of copying Dehne on the letters...
64b. Results are what count though. But sometimes too much is... well, just too much...
63. A "LIAR" is someone who distorts, or withholds, truth with intent to deceive. Being a "LIAR" - goes way beyond just saying something that isn't true...
62. How is that Air Guard Relocation Huff & Fluff company going to react when they find out they won't be paid... when the Reno-Casino Airport is eventually investigated... by the IRS... the FBI... the Secret Service? (Click here for expose on a few recent H & F schemes)
61. So the Reno-Casino city council is permitting the mayor to go to Harvard business school to find out how to solve Reno's problems. Who is paying for this he then continues to some sort of donnybrook in Spain? And isn't this the ultimate slap in the face of UNR's Nevada business gurus?
61a. Mayor Griffin owns Griffin Transportation (an export air and ocean freight forwarder). How can he be allowed to appoint himself to the Air Service Task Force for the Reno-Casino Airport? How do you spell "conflict of interest violation"? And, in case you didn't know it, he is also a member of the notorious RSCVA that allowed $1,300,000.00 of Bond taxes to be mis-spent on salaries... citizens' Bonds be damned! Only in Reno, Nevada, folks...
61b. Why are cronyism and good 'ol boyism allowed to run rampant in Reno, Nevada?
60."Doctor" Frank Partlow had an excellent analysis of the electrical defibrillator for "shocking" your heart back into operation when it malfunctions. You can buy your own for about $3,000, and the price should be coming down as they become mass-produced. For now, it is still a luxury for the rich. What's new?
59. Here is only one of more than 17 allegations of wrong-doing against the Reno-Casino Airport critters. "The Airport Authority purchased tickets to the Reno Air Races and gave them to FAA and other officials. Total amount of public funds (YOUR TAXES) spent on this was approximately $10,000." Folks, the D.A. and Grand Jury found nothing wrong?? ISN'T THIS BRIBARY... PURE AND SIMPLE? Who is on that bogus squad? How did they get selected? Have you ever been invited to participate on that squad? Probably not...
59a. Once those FAA critters accepted those bribe-tickets, the Airport had them in their back pockets. Subsequently the FAA has literally thrown $$$millions of Federal tax dollars at the Airport - for obviously bogus schemes (like confiscating land from innocent citizens).
59b. Folks, this is exactly the kind of stuff that we have been exposing in The Reno Citizen... for the last two years, monthly in print and daily on the World Wide Web Internet. Become computer literate... tell your friends to read the truth.
59c. The big news media is finally getting on the bandwagon... as they smell the slippery meat.
58. Did you know that Reno is still the only City with an airline named after it?
58a. On the other hand, Nevada is the only State with no airline service to its capital city...
57. Have those coffee lovers ever smelled the after-brewed coffee grounds? Why do they smell like old cigarette butts? This is not to criticize coffee. I love it. AND even if there might be something unhealthy about it (as many pundants say), it is only an offense against one's-self... unlike cigarette smoke... that is a crime against humanity.
56. Is there any limit on how big they can build those Suburban type vehicles? What's next? A Hum-Burban? Or a Sub-Bummer?
55. What is this silly-looking fad(?) with fellows walking around with their sweaters tied around their waists... looking like they are wearing skirts? How do you spell "dorky"?
54. Rush calls them "anti-smoking Nazis". Does that makes HIM a "pro-smoking Nazi"?
53. Where did you first read about RenoAir flight attendants joining the union? In The Reno Citizen, folks (July 1, 1996 issue). You heard this hear first too... their pilots are next!
52. Have you said your prayers today? Help save your city... say this one (click).
51. Reno is a perfect city for a reporter. Scandals and corruption abound to the degree that a writer is rarely left speechless...
50. If you are looking for things to be thankful about... be glad your loved ones are healthy! Good Mental Health comes from reading The Reno Citizen every day.
49. Is there any difference between residents of Reno/Sparks who accept Airport noise pollution... and women who put up with spousal abuse? Who gave the airport the right to commit Assault and Battery? Stop spousal abuse! Stop airport abuse!
49a. The Reno-Casino Airport has no right to commit Assault and Battery against your body... against your ears... against your fears.
49b. Remember, if there are any "bad guys", it is the Airport. Don't let them brain-wash you otherwise. Do you like the noisy sound of that airliner almost flying into your bedroom at 1:30 AM? Will it one of these nights?
49c. And why do buses and trains have to follow some noise rules? And the airport gets off basically Scott free?
48. With millions of children going hungry, doesn't it seem kind of silly to waste $$millions of USA taxes... so some military pilots can shine their ass-ets? The Fallon Air Show-Off... the best boondoggle your taxes can buy. Beautiful, but terribly useless and wasteful.
47. What a shame! All of these new businesses and casinos... and soon there will be no way to get to them. Has the planning/approval commission checked the area's roads lately?
47a. And to add stupidity to ignorance, Virginia Street (one of the few still-driveable streets left in Reno) is being torn apart and rebuilt... at a tax-cost of about $$6,000,000! And danger zones like Longley Lane are left to rot.
46. The Airport spent $$millions of USA tax $$dollars to confiscate land off the south end of the runway... supposedly for safety and noise mitigation. WHY then, won't they order light planes to climb over this "safe" area, INSTEAD of allowing them to turn early and fly dangerously low over thousands of innocent citizens to the east and west of the airport? This one is just common sense. But why should citizens S expect anything else at the Airport?
46a. Why does unpaid civilian Citizen Gadfly have to continuously do the work of the highly paid Reno-Casino Airport staff? On issues of safety, noise, danger, common sense?
45. Those in the audience at the Airport meeting of 17 April were amused to hear some of the Airport Authority casting aspersions on the mess over at their sister "Authority"... the RSCV A. Huey and Looie... that's who we have running Reno's tourist/travel industry.
44. Does this belong under "Fleecing of America"? Sure Bob Dole will lend money to Gingrich. But do you wonder where the loan money came from? Do you remember that his wife, Libby, received all that money for making paid speeches as head of the Red Cross? BUT, she was advised (and agreed) to give the money to charity... after all, the only reason she was able to give those speeches was because she was a government bureaucrat.
44a. Does anybody recall reading that earlier she was caught putting this ill-gotten money in her own savings/retirement account and ordered to give it to the charity... as she had promised earlier. The question still needs an answer: Did she ever give the money back? OR is THIS where Gingrich's "loan" came from?
44b. And some people think she is presidential material?!? [Considering the above machinations, (sadly) she is developing an excellent background for the job... as it seems to exist these days.] Will you vote for her... even if Hilary is the only other choice!
43. Does the photo on the cover of a recent Reno News & Review justify a defamation of character law suit? Anybody who know Lee Dazey, knows she does not look like THAT. Wow!
42. The most recent new downtown development company did its homework. The first thing it did was gain control of Reno's propaganda brain-washing machine... the Reno Gazette.
42a. What will the downtown casinos have to say about the potential competition from all the rigamorro being proposed by these out-of-town developers.
42b. With all of this talk about bringing in ever more and more tourists, it is even more incumbent to correct the terrible Reno-Casino Airport mess. Why not move the airport, bring Disney in, and transfer Reno's downtown menagerie to a real world-class zoo complex?
41. Sam Dehne has recommended that the Reno-Casino Airport continue its policy of making sure that airlines keep engine power at maximum thrust as they blast noisily through the Truckee Meadows. Airport officials refused... ordering airlines to respect the rights of citizens... and reduce thrust as soon as safely airborne. If you had to go back and read this, don't feel badly... it's a backwards scenario... like most everything else that happens at this airport.
40. $300,000,000 dollars to victims of smoking? That doesn't begin to pay for citizens damaged health resulting from their horrible exposure to SECOND HAND Smoke... Every adult citizen should receive at least $10,000 from the greed engorged tobacco companies.
39. To even try to infer that the worst violation by the Reno-Casino Airport "Authority" has been some civil rights violations... is like saying that the worst thing the Titanic operators did was to charge too much for their tickets. Secret-Airport-civil-rights-violation-payoffs are even less than the "tip of the iceburg"...
38. Aren't Reno-Casino Airport czar White and his Washoe County Airport Authority "staff" the one, single worst cause of blight in our town? And the worst source of nefarious, behind closed doors deals? For Reno, that is saying a lot.
38a. Considering all of the secret cover-ups, the secret dealings, the secret money exchanges, and the public brain-washing that take place at this airport, can anybody give a reason why it shouldn't be re-named the Phillip Morris-Airport? Those cigarette tycoon/czars have nothing on this Airport "administration"...
37. Reno attorney Donald Evans wants to know why Reno workers are allowed to have their employee time-cards filled out... even when they are not at work. Click here here for specifics.
36. Another Award: There goes another $$half million of your tax dollars... the Reno-Casino Airport has secretly (again) agreed to pay that amount to some folks who they fired wrongly. Aren't you tired of this baloney? Why don't the guilty people, who committed the atrocities, have to pay out of their pockets? Why the citizens... again?
36a. And there is more to come... more tax waste by the Reno-Casino Airport...
36b. This is the same Reno-Casino Airport that SNUCK a $400,000 budget item onto the 1996-1997 Budget - at the very last minute... after publishing (what turned out to be) a bogus "official" Budget to the public all year.
36c. But the Grand Jury couldn't find any wrongdoing... yeh, right!
36d. So... the Airport "Trustees" and their staffs are getting an independant(?) audit. Are there any citizens on this Huff and Fluff committee? Hint: the Airport has never been involved with a viable committee with citizens on it. Just the usual fat cat suspects... looking for the those questions to the answers they already have.
35. How audacious can Reno government be? They are spending $$6 million of our taxes to rebuild one of Reno's few still driveable streets (in the business district)... while streets, such as Longley Lane, are absolutely dangerous. This mess continues throughout the town.
34. Upside down America... people file bankruptcy. And then Sears is slammed and fined for not letting them keep the frig... for free?
33. Could the source of that unknown Huffaker school smell be... airline pollution?
32. Why is the heavily tax-subsidized Reno-Casino airport allowed to become an entity unto itself? Their only function should be to transport passengers safely. Reno's other non-tax supported businesses should be up in arms against this "corporate welfare".
31. Why shouldn't the airlines be fined everytime they commit Assault & Battery against thousands of Reno citizens? Did they ask you for permission to create all that noise and nuisance... making you a veritable prisoner in your own home?
30. Why is Southwest Air the "least noisy" airline? Better pilots? Better planes?
29. Why did the Reno-Casino Airport destroy all those beautiful trees in Rewana Farms... and then plant hundreds of them all along the perimeter of the rest of the airport?
28. Why not build the Sands Resort on the land that the airport pilfered from innocent citizens at Rewana Farms? If they do, do you think the citizens who had their land "willingly?" taken away will ever see any of the greedy profits? Not!
27. The city of Reno has promised... "No Jackhammering" on Virginia St after midnight. Isn't it time to demand an end to the never-ending, post-midnight "Jackhammering" from the airport and airlines? Day after day? Night after night?
26. No wonder few people trust boxing. At least 20 of Del la Hoya's best punches were illegal... holding and hitting. Where was the ref? Check the tape. Whittaker was robbed.
26a. Del la Hoya is an excellent boxer, but no way does he win... in a fair fight.
25. The Reno-Casino Airport has made citizens prisoners in their own homes... AFRAID to go outdoors because of the danger... the noise... the pollution of its jackhammering airplanes.
24. How can the notorious FAA properly promote and police airlines/airports simultaneously? Promoting and policing are basically opposing types of activities. Doesn't safety have to suffer when profits are the bottom-line goal?
23. You heard this here first (?)... Nevada will become a nuclear waste dump. Why not? Every other kind of garbage is allowed to be dumped here. At least it will won't be mixed with Reno's usual garbage...
22. When will Democratic governor Miller officially annouce that he is going to run for Congress and unseat Republican freshman Gibbons?
21. Who is on these Police Chief selection panels? Any regular citizens? What backroom process was used to secretly create these questionable panels? Were regular citizens invited to apply? Not! Special interest groups only need apply...
21a. Reno could have saved a lot of $$money by selecting current Chief Weston. What talents do these outsiders have that he lacks?
21b. When did the Reno-Casino City Council secretly meet and decide to only hire an interim chief? What about the rumors that they are waiting for consolidation so they can crown Kirkland and his cop-ter as overlord high-commander?
20. The notorious RSCVA is sending out the bill collectors to the Ramada Inn. Shouldn't they send some out after... themselves? When will they be investigated and punished for using $1,300,000 of Bond money to pay their own salaries? Isn't willful pilfering of Bond money a misdemeanor in Nevada?
19. How many unknown personal bankruptcies have been caused by casino gambling? Nobody will ever know...
18. Today's "Slippery Meat" Chutzpah Award goes to... the Reno-Casino Airport personnel. After Sam Dehne prodded them, over and over, and day after day, to keep the military fighter bombers out of Reno, the Airport had the audacity to take full credit for Sam's vigilance! The Airport didn't even know the fighter bombers were in town until he told them...
18a. Did they bother to thank him for doing their job for them... for free? Not!
17. Reno city council is trying to raise business taxes. (Possibly justified from the view point that they haven't been raised in many many years.) BUT, shouldn't they get a better handle on how they waste the taxes they are getting now... first?
17a. Businesmen were justifiably outraged that new-comer city manager, McNeely, was voted a huge bonus/payraise... for what? They should have pointed out more city waste, and they would have gotten more sympathy from citizens. Isn't that what it is all about in Reno? WASTE.
17b. The city is creating/hiring a bogus ombudsman at some $75,000 cost to citizens. Your Citizen Gadfly offered to take the job for 1/2 the salary. And he promised to perform according to Webster's definition of the position... not the backwards way the city wants it done.
16. Vigilance often helps prevent the problems the "vigilantees" predict. Thus citizens might not recognize that there was a problem in the first place... Wow!
15. Could a citizen activist be defined as a person whose followers act as if they don't know him/her when out in public... until his/her issues gain popularity?
14. Speaking of "Authorities", citizens continue to wonder how the Airport "Authority" actions of the last 4 years can be legal when there are two illegal "aliens" (non-Reno citizens) on the Reno-appointed portion of that Board...
13. From the land of can you believe this... can you top this? Not only did the notorious RSCVA staff use some $$1.3 million TAX dollars intended for citizens' mandatory Bond payment (a violation of the law) to pay their salaries, they didn't pay the venders either... or their "bosses" the RSCV "Authority"!
13a. By the way, in case you didn't know it, those Authority "volunteers" are paid some $80 bucks every time they attend one of those meetings. With big bucks like that, it is no wonder they weren't minding the shop. Should they be allowed to pass the buck on this one? With "Authority" comes "Responsibility"...
13b. If lots of heads don't roll on this one, isn't it time to pack up the bags and move out?
12. At what Meeting did the Reno-Casino city council agree to not take a position on the two Police Commission Bills (Sen. Bill 39 & Assem. Bill 112) being voted on in Carson City? Why was this extremely important issue never discussed extensively at City Hall?
12a. If you have been to any council meetings this year (or watched them on SNCAT - Ch 13), you know they have been discussing their lobbyists' positions on various Legislature Bills, ad nauseam. But - why not more about the critical Police Commission Bills?
12b. And why won't they take a position... in favor of this citizen-friendly idea
11. There just is not enough room for any more people in Reno! Not enough air, water... or patience.
10. How can the Nevada Attorney General purport to have an investigation of a policeman's death... when she doesn't even interview the one key eye-witness to the entire episode leading up to, and including, his death? How can the AG allow this key government-paid person to refuse to be questioned? What does it say for the AG's subpoena authority? That she has NONE?
10a. Why was this government employee give a promotion to lieutenant in the Police force?
9. When you have control of the media, you have control of people's minds. Please tell your friends about the FREE Internet Reno Citizen.
8. Interesting statement about "Public Comment" section of the city council agenda by councilman, Tom Herndon, at meeting of 4/1/97; "Let's get it (Public Comment) out of the way." What do you think he meant by that?
7. Priorities: Front page Reno Gazette news article about McDonald's 55 cent breakfast. Nowhere in the paper is there a report about the, Corporate Welfare receiving, Reno-Casino Airport's confiscation of land from innocent citizens... and the diabolical plot to build a huge tax-payer financed military complex in the middle of Reno...
6. With all the things to do on the internet, can't people find enough to do... and stay away from those silly baseball games where men with no more talent than the ability to throw or hit a little ball make up to $10,000,000 each year. The rule is... anybody who goes to more than one game a year, has no right to complain about obnoxious salaries...
5. Gamblers should love internet double-gambling. First you gamble to win your bet. Then there is the gamble... will you get paid?
4. Any city manager, worth big bonuses and pay raises, would not have allowed a $million dollar tax-payment... for a death resulting from supposed training... for a job that doesn't exist.
3. Reno Gazette headline: Reno must fix police record-keeping... DUH! Reno must fix Reno.
2. Senator Reid invited citizens to go down to Walker Lake to see the Loons. No need to... plenty of Loons right here in town.
1. We are still looking for some positive stuff to print... Any suggestions?
XXX. 1 April... After careful consideration (and considering that most of Reno's terrible problems with blight, sprawl, gangs, potholes, corruption and graft, etc, etc, have been corrected. Well, haven't they?), The Reno Citizen has decided that it was appropriate for the Reno-Casino city council to vote a pay raise and bonus for the City Manager. They probably should have voted themselves pay raises... April Fools!

37. The United States Constitution Bill of Rights' Third Amendment states; "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner..." In Rewana Farms, Reno, Nevada, USA, houses are being confiscated away from owners... so that a huge military complex can be built for Air National Guard soldiers. TO READ the BILL OF RIGHTS, CLICK HERE
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