By Sam Dehné, a Citizen of America
The Reno Casino Airport Authority propaganda machine continues to roll.
This "Authority" has wanted to move the Nevada Air Guard (NAG) to Rewana Farms for many years. So, another panel of obviously biased Fat Cat representatives has been created (by themselves) to come up with questions to the answers that they arrived at long ago. After that, they say "we will let people know what we're doing."

This self-anointed committee has only numerous representatives from the fat cat community:
1. The Nevada Air Guard,
2. The Reno Casino Airport "Authority",
3. The Reno Casino Airport "Authority" staff,
4. Reno Casino City Planning,
5. And of course, GRW, the company that is being paid some $400,000 to perpetrate this hoax upon the public. (Even the GRW 3-man staff includes 2 men who either are or were Air Guard members, themselves. No preconceived notions there?)
Thus far, this previously highly-regarded investigative company has provided only fluff. And it remains fluff-stuff until they solve REAL citizens' real problems... and take action based on the TRUTH. Here are just a few of the myriad of questions that beg answers:
1. Are there any representatives from the thousands of citizens who live in Reno? From the very people who will be so adversely infected by the proposed huge military buildup in downtown Reno? NO, NOT ONE!
2. Were citizens even notified of the meeting(s)? NO!
3. Was this a violation of the Open Meeting Law? PROBABLY.
4. Are the meetings held on fair and neutral territory? NO!
5. Are Fat Cats paid to attend the meetings? YES!
6. Are Citizens paid to attend (when they can find out about them) the meetings? NO!
7. Is this a Kangaroo Court, a HeeHaw Committee, a Huff & Fluff job... or what?!? ALL OF THE ABOVE!

December, 1996) arrived, they were quickly told they were not allowed to talk. And the They were told that they could not record the meeting... even though the panel, itself, was recording the meeting for its personal edification.
Someone asked, "Now isn't this just the best gol-darned way to get people to trust government?"
The admitted goal of this USA tax-funded Huff & Fluff panel is to have "the Reno Casino airport grow". But who says that real citizens want the airport to "grow"... especially in the cancerous manner it has "grown" so far? All issues of this magnitude must be voted on by ALL of the citizens!
We, the American citizens, are their bosses!
Our taxes pay their salaries!
When the study was first announced two months ago, USA citizens hoped that finally an unbiased agency would expose the on-going deliberate attempt by the Airport to run roughshod over thousands of law-abiding citizens living in Reno. But when they saw the composition of the Huff & Fluff committee that was hired by the Reno Casino Airport, it quickly became obvious that these fat cats and stooges only want to do... what they have long been hell-bent to do. That is... landgrab the homes in Rewana Farms, move the NAG there, expand the airport, and send the stupid slow-witted to the Funny Farm.
Right now thousands of innocent citizens are watching their lives being adversely infected with 210 flights a day... with no end in sight. If you are shocked by the increase in noise and danger... of that armada of airplanes flying over your homes, you ain't seen nothing yet!
If you are reading this on the world wide web internet, you can click here to see the
Ballad of Rewana Farms. Or you can click here to read the
Proclamation of Truth written by citizens who are fed up with the Airport "Authority".



1. Call the following numbers to find out what you can do personally... and make suggestions:
825-1398 825-2540
2. Call these numbers and verbally voice your objections... about airport noise , about airport blight, about airport danger, about your being just fed up with it all.
328-6468 328-6400 328-6402/3 742-5374 686-5750
Ask for the Duty Officer, or the Manager, or the Director. Tell them their "boss" wants to talk to them. Don't take "NO" for an answer. No excuses accepted.
3. Remember that you are among the vast majority... who want this terrible situation corrected. Dedicated and tenacious citizens were able to correct the NAG mission (from the obsolete RF-4 to the C-130 cargo plane).
4. Find an internet connection and read more about some of the other Reno Airport "Authority" schemes at this address:
OR CLICK on the Eagle.
The increase in airport noise, the uncontrolled growth, and the blight must be stopped. Citizens are the bosses and the government financed members of this study "committee" are their employees.
The REAL SOLUTION (that is not even being considered as an option by this study) is to move the entire airport... lock, stock, and barrel.
Where? Anywhere... but away from Reno!
The next Air Guard relocation "study" meeting will be at 2 PM on 15 January, 1997. Location yet to be announced. BE THERE!

Work with your neighbors to gain the strength to stand tall against this onslaught.

To contact Sam Dehne, click here.