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What is WhyReno.org (click)?

 Medical Marijuana as cancer cure. (click)

Resources and Information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors (click)  

Famous Fingers in History

Sam says "Goodbye".. sort of.  Watch Sam's Sabbatical Speech to the Reno city council.. and to Reno (click).

Sam Talks about Reno Media and Swimming Pools.   (And then he talks some more.. again.)

The Las Vegas Gleaner Keeps Tabs on lots of things about Nevada

The Too Wild Yankees Band Now at Soundclick.com (click)

One of The World's Greatest and Most Unique Artists - Lance Dehne ("Artineering") 

Invention & Possible Stock Investment of a lifetime. (click)
"The Miller Report" - from Steve Miller (the Sam Dehne of Las Vegas) Reports
City News by Giles Rider. Reno's FREE Classified Ad and Auction Arena - and lots of other great stuff
Nevada Senior

The US Air Force Academy Class of 1962 ("RTB's" - Red Tag Bastards)

Nevada Policy Research Inst. (Analysis of Nevada Politics)

BE WELL, RAISE HELL... Andy "Barbwire" Barbano
Bob Felts's Medical NUTRIBODY




Citizen Watchdog Reports (click) .....See Sam's Live Music (click)


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MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CENTER (click) "Dedicated to providing vital information to individuals affected by medical negligence." (888-906-3651)

(DEHNE talks Marijuana) Prescription Drugs are what can be very dangerous! (www.Drugdangers.com) (click)

"War of the Aeronauts"
(click) This colorful and entertaining book details the American Civil War's counterpart to the modern day U-2, SR-71 and RF-4 reconnaissance spy planes. Author Charles Evans' epic novel describes in exciting detail how Civil War patriot Thaddeous Lowe "flew" his extremely vulnerable reconnaissance balloon over enemy lines time and time and again. This remarkable pioneer aviator has been accurately described as the most "shot at" warrior in history... deserving of several Medals of Honor. A wonderful read!

This Fantastic book was also made into a marvelous Video (click): http://www.renocitizen.com/war.htm

Watch Sam criticize the Reno Budget (click)

NEW VIDEO - Watch Sam criticize the Reno Budget MORE (click)

Sam Says Vote for Harry. Again. (click)

Sam Repeats His Bet that Senator Reid will Win... and Predicts that UNR will beat Boise in Football.

Sam makes The Bet.. about Senator Reid's Re-election (click)

What was the Flapdoodle in the Reno mayor's message to Sam? (click)

Reno council critter tells Sam to Kiss My Derriere (he used a different word). click

Sam takes his Decoder Ring to Reno city council meeting and talks about it. (click)

Sam Speaks - only Stupid People don't Listen (click)

More boxing with Nate... and some Great Rockabilly music.. to dance and fight by.

Sam says; "Don't layoff Reno workers and police and firefighters".

Sam Castigates the Media (BURP!) Again (click)

Sam says "Lay Off" the media.

Watch one of Sam's favorite exercises (click)

Sam tells Reno city council about some of the good things in Reno... and Nevada.

Resources and Information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors (click)  


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