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by Sam Dehné

lGood National Government starts at the Local Grassroots level.
lNational Government can be no better than the governments in the Cities and the Counties.

lIt is time for an honest Federal investigation into (bad) government in Reno and Northern Nevada.
lCitizens are sickened that their precious taxes are wasted defending the shameless perversion of local government officials.
lThe vast majority of government employees are honest and detest having to work under bureaucrats they despise and cannot trust.
lNorthern Nevada needs a protected watchdog whistleblower program to weed out corruption, kickbacks, collusion, and cronyism. As Senator, I plan to spend as much time as possible in Nevada trying to "weed" repulsive noodleheads out of the "grassroots".
lI have attended virtually every meeting of northern Nevada government bodies for the last 4 years. I thus have a perspective that no other citizen or public official has. I have seen bad government (lots of it) in action and plan to refrain from similar perversions and mendacities.
lToo much money from Washington is spent in too many wrong places. It is time to redistribute those much-needed dollars to the regular citizens who deserve them... away from the bloated coffers of greedy Special Interests who waste them on feebleminded projects.
I will use the internet and email as a means of staying in contact with Washington to the maximum extent possible.
lI will spend my time in Nevada... so I will know what is irritating the citizens of Nevada.
lI will spend as little time as possible hobnobbing and wining and dining in Washington... and stay as far away from sleazy Special Interest mouthpiece lobbyists as possible.
lMy 4 years as publisher, editor, investigator, and reporter for the free Reno Citizen internet magazine have provided me with extensive background relative to the terrible problems within Nevada government.
lThere will be no solicitation of a gigantic "pre-bribe" political slush fund. Thus, I will owe my allegiance to nobody... except the citizenry... and can therefore tell the TRUTH.... as opposed to having to speak out of 5 different sides of my mouth at the same time... as is the norm for most other politicians.
lI have not made any fat cat friends --- preferring to point out corruption... rather than kiss up to it.
PUT UP... not KISS UP!

lNo entourage. No caviar. No corporate jets.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

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[Sam has been instrumental in overseeing and often correcting local
politicos on the following Issues. He has kept them straight. He
can do the same thing at the State level and at the National level.]

The Reno Airport is an integral part of Reno... period! The Airport Board serves at City Council's pleasure, but mayor Griffin and city hall refuse to take responsibility for its abusive and moronic actions. The hideous Rewana Farms landgrab scheme, which has played a role in the deaths of 11 of its innocent citizens, is an insult to democracy.
One of my first acts as Senator will be to demand a full-blown federal investigation of the Reno Airport and the misappropriation of $$$millions and $$$millions of tax dollars. Cargo hubbing in Reno is asinine.
Relocation of the Airport should be publicly discussed and voted upon. Growth at the Airport is cancerous... with ever-increasing noise, danger, blight, and pollution. A real Senator would protect citizens against local diabolical self-serving government bureaucrats.
Soliciting and subsidizing Cargo and Postal operations in Reno is flat stupid!
Citizens should be able to trust Public Servants to decide controversial issues in a manner that protects all the citizens... not just powerful Special Interests... but this is too often not the reality.
Public referendum votes must be used more often so that the "bosses" (the citizens) can give direction to their Public Servant "employees" when they are deciding controversial issues.
Citizens can understand public issues IF they are properly informed about the pros and cons of each issue.
The Public Servant has the responsibility to fully inform the public about complex issues. It is reprehensible to intentionally distort the facts.
The Railroad is an integral part of Reno, Nevada. Current city hall's plot to waste over $200,000,000 tax dollars on their beloved Trenching Scheme is abhorrent. There are better solutions that are fair to the citizens of Reno. Building a trench will expose the town to construction blight for years. Some underpasses and protective fences should be considered. Reno must work WITH the Railroad... not AGAINST it!
See the report on this ridiculous scheme by clicking here.
It must not be allowed to be Cancerous. It must pay its way through impact fees. Taxpayers should not have to pay for negative growth impacts such as schools, roads, police, etc. The people should vote to approve or disapprove all major proposed projects throughout Nevada and America. Growth should not be decided by the entities that profit from such growth.
There's not enough! (See GROWTH)
There's too much! (See GROWTH)
It is nothing short of outrageous for citizens to fund a million dollar city hall propaganda machine. "Actions speak louder than words." Any public funds that are used to "inform" the citizens should be distributed throughout the entire media of Reno. Reports originating from city hall should be balanced and objective, not slanted to serve the agenda of those city officials who are subservient to powerful Special Interests.
Economic development in the Truckee Meadows should be carefully evaluated. New companies should be discouraged from coming here unless they offer ONLY quality jobs which will not require public subsidies for their workers. ALL companies should have to pay taxes at the same % rate as the casinos. Corporate Welfare should be outlawed. Soliciting and subsidizing Cargo and Postal operations in Reno is flat stupid!
The road situation in Reno is an insult to its citizens. City Hall must prioritize its financial resources. Propaganda machines must be scaled back and roads fixed. The people have had to complain for too long.
The Open Meeting Law should be strictly enforced. The attorney general must start taking action against Public Officials who continuously violate this law and the spirit of this law.
Unless the so-called state ethics commission soon cleans up its act, it should be disbanded for conduct undeserving of public confidence. The EthComm was created to protect innocent citizens against corruption by Public Officials. It has been doing just the opposite.
We have to stop the big boys from making the decisions. Casinos and developers are important in the local economy, but they should not be permitted to undermine democratic due process and decision-making.

Lobbyists should not be permitted to run amok anywhere...Period.
Assistance for home purchases by the downtrodden is important. But paying $150,000 per home is an insult to the process. Affordable homes should be just that... affordable. Housing specialists should be hired to create housing units that sell for $50,000 or less.
Super-secret tax-funded government organizations like the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada should not receive taxdollar support in any amount as long as their meetings are closed to the public. The man posing as Reno mayor has a private company that has huge monopolistic contracts with EDAWN. In other words, this super secret agency is his employer... and he has (wrongly) voted to funnel large sums of citizens' tax money to his own employer.
Reno can not compete with Las Vegas. We must promote our other local resources as well. Other businesses must pay taxes under similar guidelines that the casinos have to follow. No free rides! We should have widescope public discussion of the future of gaming in the Truckee Meadows. However, soliciting and subsidizing Cargo and Postal operations in Reno is flat stupid!

Public servants should not be paid more than the average salary of the constituents they represent.
All senators and other Public Officials should be expected to abstain from voting on any issue that benefits his or her major campaign contributors... and/or especially HIS PRIVATE COMPANY AND CRONIES.
Water is scarce in Nevada. Citizens should be asked to use water wisely. However, water saved should not then go to further development... unless specific projects are approved by the citizens. During periods when water is plentiful, good judgement as to water use should be the order of the day.
Citizens should be permitted to discuss and decide major issues. Major decisions should NOT be made by the big boys. Hard questions asked by citizens should be given straight, honest answers by government officials. Immediate neighborhoods (a few streets or blocks) should be permitted self-determination. Cancerous growth projects should not be forced upon them by outsiders.
Key issues should be discussed at public meetings. They should NOT be discussed in secret meetings prior to public meetings... using telephone conferences, serial or chain meetings, less-than-quorum "briefings", email, memos, directives from special interest groups, or directives from lobbyists. The current shameless Reno city council has adopted this technique of "secret briefings" away from the citizens as a modus operandi. THIS IS WRONG!

As long as the law requires drug-testing for workers, the bureaucratic "brass" and elected officials should also have to comply. Simply put; that means elected public servants and all top bureaucratic staff should be tested periodically. In Reno, they have continuously refused to do what the city workers have to do.
Let all the citizens decide with a referendum state-wide vote.
The American people can have little trust in, and respect for, a Congress that serves special interests. Heavy campaign contributions buy the loyalties of individual members of Congress. A national public vote (referendum) must be taken to outlaw members of Congress from voting on issues that would benefit their major campaign backers. Major issues should be voted on by citizens. A republic is a form of democracy where leaders are elected by the people to serve the will of the people... not to function as an oligarchy!
The Internet has become a vital communication and systems control tool. People who intentionally attack the Internet with any virus or adversarial program should face a maximum penalty of death. This concern is so important that a new cabinet-level office should be established to monitor and ensure the integrity and health of the Internet.
Questions should be defined and answered regarding all aspects of improving transportation in the 50 states. Equal treatment and consideration must be given to the rights of all citizens; including those who are adversely effected by the noise, danger, and blight of the tremendous transportation explosion in the airline, air freight, and trucking industries. Big private transportation businesses must not be allowed to thrive upon the misery of local residents of our nation's cities.
A public vote (national referendum) should be taken to decide whether there should be a master insurance policy established to cover all U.S. residents and citizens. At present, too many Americans are either poorly insured or not insured at all. Health costs must be put under a microscope. Pharmaceutical companies should be required to reveal production costs of their medicines... to be compared to retail prices. Most companies are subsidized by one form of U. S. taxpayer-funded corporate welfare or another. This fact must be factored into their profit margins.
All research findings relating to social decay and related crime should be made public for comprehensive assessment. All entities wishing to keep the public in the dark about such research findings should be identified and treated accordingly. It is much more cost effective to prevent and deter crime... than it is to punish the perpetrators.
WAR: Senators who vote to go to war (other than in defense of America) must put on battle gear and "lead the charge". There has to be a real powerful and compelling reason to send young men off to sacrifice their lives and limbs.
A national referendum should be held to determine all gun laws. The Constitution says that citizens can have guns, but with that right, comes responsibility.
A federal Website should be established and maintained to display questions asked by citizens regarding the environment and pollution. Answers should be responsibly researched and also displayed on subject Website. The balance continues to be negatively in favor of big businesses that unfairly damage the environment and the health and lifestyles of citizens.
A federal Website should be established and maintained to inform Americans about all companies, foreign and domestic, that receive public subsidies in any form ... including "regular" contracts. Members of Congress who receive campaign donations from any business, large or small, should not be permitted to promote or vote on legislation that would benefit such business. A simple guiding factor would be for all government personnel who handle citizens' money (elected officials and bureaucrats)... to act as if the money they are dispensing is their very own. That is; dispense the taxes the way they would spend their own savings.
Abolish this archaic, top-heavy, and lethargic organization. The only thing worse than taking citizens' money... is wasting it.
Note: Some supporters ask if this platform is an indictment of the present day folly of politics. You decide for yourself. Where do the other candidates stand on these issues? Paid for by folks wanting honest government
Selecting A Candidate
*Vote Against any Incumbent. "Power corrupts" - time to get 'em out of there.
*Vote Against any Lawyer. They don't see the inherent conflict in writing complex laws that they will later charge us to interpret.
*Vote Against any Government Employee - Professor, Cop, Prosecutor. They just have no idea how hard the rest of us have to work to pay for their cushy government jobs, so they have no problem with making us work harder.
Propositions, Amendments, Bond Issues, etc.
*Vote Against any New Tax. (self-explantory).
*Vote Against any New Program (inevitably, it will involve a new tax).
*Vote Against any New Agency, for the same reason.

Your HomeTown Best Person for U. S. Senator

Section 2.02.02 of the Reno City Charter Law (also supported by numerous NRS Laws) orders that:
"Council members will have no direct or indirect leases, contracts, or agreements with the city of Reno." The man posing as Reno mayor flagrantly flaunts this Las. And the current city attorney lets him get away with it:
Is it right for mayor Griffin to vote on the appointments of Airport Authority trustees who then almost immediately vote to give an Airport contract to the mayor's private company? NO!
Is it right for mayor Griffin to give city money to secret taxpayer-funded organization EDAWN which does business with the mayor's private company? NO!
Is it right for mayor Griffin to approve secret backroom meetings to discuss multimillion-dollar decisions such as downtown redevelopment? Is it right to circumvent the Open Meeting law? NO!
Is it right for mayor Griffin to tell any citizen that city business is, quote "None of your business"? NO!
Is it right for mayor Griffin to push the agenda of his powerful, special interest campaign contributors? NO!
Is it right for mayor Griffin to dispense large sums of tax dollars directly to political cronies who were, and are, instrumental in his election campaigns... effectively causing citizens to fund his campaign with tax
dollars? NO!
Is it right for mayor Griffin to think he has a "mandate" when he was elected by only some 18% of the eligible voters? NO!
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