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Reno Airport Environmental Assessment (EA) Cannot be Trusted: The Reno Airport's EA is so bogus and feebleminded that one of the recommendations the airport-funded study team made... was to convert the Air Guard to a quieter airplane (such as RF-4 to C-130). Folks, Sam Dehne pushed that through 7 years ago!! Did these critters do anything right?!? They aren't even licensed in Nevada... so doesn't that make the bogus study null and void and illegal? A boneheaded scheme to Go Postal; that will have this much negative impact to Reno citizens DEMANDS a full EIS... with citizen input. A "Request" for a full Environmental Impact Study has been DEMANDED by Reno (twice), Washoe (twice), and Sparks governing bodies. The Reno airport aviation amateurs continue to thumb their noses, and their "bosses" at the governing bodies allow them to get away with it. What is going on in those secret smoke-filled meetings? Duh!

It is Griffin Who Wastes Taxes: Reno mayoral-imposter Griffin "complains" that Sam costs the taxpayers thousands of dollars (a bunch of hooey)... while he just came back from a 5 day taxpayer-financed luxury junket ($369/day rooms, etc) to London... wife included (the truth)! This person has cost the citizens so many $$$millions of wasted and embezzled taxes... that it is impossible to keep track anymore.
Reno Airport Recruits Foxes to Decide the Future of the Chickens: Once again the true color of the Reno Airport's feathers become apparent. They are yellow. These cowardly bullies (who are directly responsible for the devastation of Rewana Farms and the ruining of the lives of those citizens) are now diverting some of their attention toward a bogus Environmental Assessment (EA) whereby they have gone to the people who want to bring their blight to Reno... and have asked those people to conduct a study explaining why they should be allowed to drop their crap on Reno. Do you think their findings will be honest? Not! It is way past time for citizens to rise up against these tyrants. King George would have been jealous of the Reno Airport aviation amateurs... and Jeff Griffin and his cargo gang.
Note: After all the brouhaha (and waste/embezzlement of $$$millions of citizens' taxes), the Post Office has changed its mind about coming to Reno.
Reno City Hall Takes "Crime" to a New Level Not Satisfied with its normal on-going violations of the U. S. Constitution's 1st and 14th Amendments, city council, with the support of the city attorney and police department, socked it to a 62 year old Senior Citizen. In its most craven display of cowardly bullyism, they ordered this courageous citizen thrown into the slammer and held incommunicado. He was finally allowed out after the bail they ordered was paid. His crime? Pointing out city hall's crimes.
Biggest Convention Shuns Reno Sometimes just one or 2 voices telling the truth can convince large companies to stay away from Reno. A few letters were written to the Outdoor Retailers advising them in detail that Reno is not a good place to stage their shows. What part did the informational letters play? Who knows... the point is that this huge convention will not be bringing its blight to Reno's neighborhoods.

Pork Barrels In the Reno River Theater
Should citizens boycott the taxpayer-funded River Theater in downtown Reno? The simple answer is a resounding "Yes!". This project is yet another example of the rotten government trying to run Reno. This theater cannot help but damage the financial results for other honestly run theaters around the area... and that is not fair. The real dilemma, however, is that if the river theater is a bust, Reno city hall will, once again, find ways to divert your taxes to prop up the fiasco... further depleting our tax coffers and causing needy projects (street repair, police and fire protection, etc) to go further into disrepair.

Today's (10/22/99) RGJ editorial is off the mark... and borders on the non-sequitur.
While on the one hand, it acknowledges the Reno Airport destroyed a well-established neighborhood, it then goes on to agree with an airport report that says the Reno Airport brass is being too generous (and sloppy) in their takeover of Rewana Farms.
It missed the main point that is; how can the airport be "too generous" when they are stealing homes from innocent citizens?!? Those people did not want their homes taken away and their lives ruined in the first place!
The Reno Airport goes in and tears down the trees, destroys the land, bulldozes or boards up (stolen) homes, devastates the roads, pollutes the water and infrastructure... and then lies to the public by calling these victims of their aggression "willing sellers".
"Eminent domain" is taking of private property for the public good. The Reno Airport is confiscating homes for PRIVATE good (click) ... and in this case the "good" will be "bad" as FedEx, UPS, Griffin et al innundate the community with 100s of cargo flights based out of the ethnically cleansed Rewana Farms, Reno.
But what can we expect when that airport is being run by aviation amateurs and a carpetbagger?
Those with any brains know who is pulling the strings... Griffin's cargo-corruptors and the gambling saloons...
The RGJ should have (for a change) demanded that the Reno Airport:
3. STOP LAUNDERING TAX DOLLARS ($6 million +++of them) INTO
How long will these perversions be tolerated?
Who's paying you how much to divide and conquer David
Farside and myself, Sam Dehne? October, 1999
(In response to Sparks Tribune editorial charging "headline grabbing")
Who's paying you how much to divert public attention from stupidity and
corruption in local government ~ to the voices that are attempting to deal
with rotten government at the county level, City of Reno level, and airport level?
Farside is a person I respect. We're fortunate to have his talents and knowledge
bank on the side of truth, justice, and the American Way. Our styles are different,
therefore we have a chance to complement and balance each other.
The Daily Sparks Tribune was once a great newspaper ~ especially considering
its limited resources over the years. Unfortunately it is now going downhill at
a serious angle according to some insider sources. Readers, the few that are
left, can judge for themselves why the Sparks paper will be lucky to stay in
business another year ~ even with heavy subsidies from the Big Nickel.
Editorials such as yours of 15 October are proof that nincompoops are now in
charge at The Trib. Subject editorial deviously compared me to the Devil.
It also smeared parents of Manogue students for "want(ing) to see their kids'
names in print." Since when does the Devil fight against rotten government?
Since when is it a sin for parents to take healthy pride in the athletic and/or
scholastic accomplishments of their offspring?
The Truckee Meadows needs more advocates for the rights of all citizens
to be served by governmental entities that are not staffed by fools,
liars, and self-serving wheeler-dealers. Your editorial was 180 degrees
off target. You should encourage citizen involvement in speaking out
against garbage government ~ not discourage this. It is clear that
owners of the Tribune would be wise to replace current management with
competent, honorable and unbiased professionals ~ before they lose their
When any newspaper attempts to shoot down the good guys instead of the
bad guys, it loses its reason for being. The Sparks Tribune was once a
champion of justice and good government. It is now something far less.
Is the "watchdogging" of people like Sam Dehne feared so much ~ that
you have to distort truth beyond recognition ~ and resort to Yellow Journalism?
By the way, did you write the editorial... or did the Airport's taxpayer
funded propaganda machine?
by Sam Dehne (A retired Air Force officer and a watchdog for citizens)
Public Comment Restored at Reno Airport It is bizarre to be declaring a victory about forcing our government to have to obey the law. The aviation amateurs were forced to revert back to abiding by the U. S. Constitution and the Nevada Open (Anti-Secret) Meeting Law and allow the public to comment during the meetings. Which by the way, makes the airport's previous decisions while operating against the law, null and void. It says so right in the Nevada Law. This was a significant victory for the citizenry. And, by the way, a "Thank You" is not due to this board. That would be like thanking a wife-beater for having stopped whipping up on his spouse. All they are doing is stopping "disobeyment" of the law... which they are supposed to.
Reno Gazette Reports Less Than the Whole Truth Activist-of-Choice for the Reno Gazette is Mr Farside. But that paper should have to tell the truth about who is really responsible for correcting the Reno Airport's perverted ways. Although appreciated by the citizens, Farside attended only 2 airport meetings. The significant "activism" was by the regular handfull of dedicated and courageous citizens who are hell-bent to expose the airport brass for the corrupt nincompoops they are. These are the citizens who are directly affected by the dimwitted and self-serving actions of the aviation amateurs at the airport.

I, personally, don't care if I don't get credit for successfully confronting the local bad government that permeates the area. But it is disconcerting when the wrong people are wrongfully given credit. The Gazette, once again had it wrong. When is that airport mouthpiece going to report the whole truth about the hideous Reno Airport? Aren't there some ethics laws for newspaper journalism? It also turns out that the Sparks Tribune is not without sin when it comes to fouling up a story.
Reno Airport Meetings to be on Public TV Finally... after years of prodding... the aviation amateurs followed my advice and forced themselves to back away from their cowardly stance of trying to conduct meetings in a semi-secret atmosphere. They know most citizens cannot make it to meetings, and they have for years refused to allow themselves to be monitored by SNCAT TV. That is changing. This was a significant victory for the citizenry.
Reno Airport Double and Triple Dips The dirty, rotten, paralysis of habit infested FAA continues to throw your taxes at the Reno Airport and its perverted operations. The airport put all that concrete out there and exacerbated a bad flood a few years ago... severely damaging hundreds of homes that got only a pittance of insurance recompense. Now the FAA is giving the double-dealing airport millions and millions of tax dollars to repair the East/West runway... to repair it far beyond the shape it had been in before the flood. And when the insurance money comes in, the airport gets to keep it!!! Classic corporate welfare. If a regular citizen tried this, it would be called fraud and she/he would go to prison.
Inmates Get to Run the Asylums Rookie aviation amateur Reno Airport chairman Menchetti calls citizen input; "Inmates running the asylum.". He is partially right in that the airport upper echelon of elitists is an asylum of shameless perverts... as poignantly portrayed in the 2 examples above.
City Hall Ice Rink is Too Dangerous City hall voted to place the "temporary" ice rink in one of the most hazardous areas of town. It will be almost impossible for cars coming down that icy hill and around a sharp corner to see skaters crossing at an already very dangerous intersection. Any skaters with sense will not go back a second time... at least those who survive the first visit. Further exacerbating this mess is that the whole project is another tax-wasting pork barrel corporate welfare scheme for downtown. A scheme that is flirting with disaster. But what's another death or two to them... they have sat by and watched 12 people die in Rewana Farms... as a direct or indirect result of their diabolical airport landgrab schemes.
Mayor and Wife Pray for Sam Dehne Jeff Griffin, the man masquerading as Reno mayor, publicly admitted that he and his wife pray for Sam Dehne every day. The question is what god does he pray to?
Airport Violations Void Last 3 Months Decisions Now that the aviation amateurs at the Reno Airport have confessed that they have been conducting the public meetings in violation of the Law, each of their decisions at those meetings must be voided. There are laws that demand this. The Nevada Attorney General's office has been informed of this fact and must now investigate the matter. A further question that demands an answer is whether there was a "conspiracy" to violate the open meeting law. This would be a crime. And conspiracy is usually a more serious offense than the crime itself. Furthermore, conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is usually a felony.
Griffin Lies About Airport Condemnation Jeff Griffin went on public radio and premeditatedly announced that there is no condemnation going on down at the airport in Rewana Farms. He further said that the company that threatened condemnation several years ago was fired by the airport. Both of these statements are lies.
Reno City Hall Does Not Know Who Their "Bosses" Are Reno city hall and the council of clowns have everything backwards. That is probably because they even have the premise of their own existence bass-ackwards. Because of some disjointed logic, they think citizens are their "customers". Wrong! The citizens are their "bosses"... citizens' taxes pay council's bloated salaries.
Road Kill With very little fanfare (a 3 by 3 inch insert in the Gazette describing the tragedy) another person was killed on Peckham Lane. City hall has been warned over and over that Peckham Lane is becoming a breeding spot for grid lock... and road rage. The speed limit is too high... considering that hundreds of little children cross Peckham mostly unattended. The speed limit should be reduced to 25... AND ENFORCED. The fact that there was basically no report on circumstances of this poor lady's death, and the near-death of her little child, is not surpassing. The death of cows made the headlines for days.
"Design Build" Schemes This bizarre corporate welfare program for local city councils, RSCVAs, Airports, and the like is more appropriately named "Blank Check" Build. All these agencies have to do anymore is come up with more gargantuan Public Works Pork Barrel projects, make sure the citizens don't get to vote on them, and then stand in line for the tax dollars that are thrown at them. It is bad enough that the projects slither through in the first place... but to give out blank checks is the ultimate in arrogant disrespect for the citizenry who pay the bills.
UNR Football As a city's football team goes... so goes its city. Is the Reno college football team's lousy record a portend of things to come?
Why do Cities Exist? Reno city hall seems to think that Reno exists to provide a source of revenue (tax) collection and as a place to create jobs and to promote (usually cancerous) growth. Those critters think that if you don't grow you die. This precept is not necessarily true. Reno would be a very pleasant place to live... even if not one new person moved here or not one new store, warehouse, airline flight, truck, convention center, casino, or house was introduced.
Reno Airport Losing Its St Louis Flight TWA is pulling out of one of its 2 St Louis flights and the Reno Airport is (surprise!) talking about providing "inducements"... another word for subsidies. And when citizens' federal dollars are involved, the term is "corporate welfare". Per capita, the Reno Airport ranks right at the top of corporate welfare handouts... to the tune of $$$dozens of millions over the past few decades.
Marijuana Maybe it is time to let all those marijuana-smoking "criminals" out of jail so they can start over. With all the real corruption abounding in Nevada, let's get a life about priorities. When land is stolen from innocent citizens (such as in Rewana Farms, Reno), those thieves are the ones who should be in prison... not somebody who wants to smoke a naturally occurring substance in his/her home. If it is a crime, at least it is a crime against oneself... and not against humanity. Very few government officials have never used it.
Soothsayers and Such Sam Dehne has officially declared himself to be a "soothsayer"... when it comes to predicting the outcome of important Reno city council votes. For someone who has attended virtually all public meetings, this is not hard to be. The record plainly portrays the fact that most decisions are made behind closed doors in private "briefings"... to, from, and between council members. The public council meetings are mainly window-dressing to dupe the public into thinking their government is "open". Once again, we have taxpayer dollars being wasted on another downtown pork barrel boondoggle.
Griffin's Airport Kickback Contract Nevada Law (NRS 281.230, 1) says very plainly:
"... the following persons (which includes city council officers) shall not, in any manner, directly or indirectly, receive any commission, personal profit or compensation of any kind resulting from any contract or other transaction in which the employing... county or municipality... is in any way interested or affected."
At the other end, the Reno city charter (law) says:
"Council members can have no direct or indirect contracts, leases, or agreements with Reno."

This is as plain and simple as laws can get. Nest-Feathering by public officials at the government trough is not allowed. The terms "directly or indirectly" mean that Griffin cannot once again distort the truth and try to hide this law-breaking underneath his bosses at super-secret government agency EDAWN. His contract with the Reno Airport (and Washoe County Airport Authority) is against the laws of Nevada. And it is only one of a laundry list of similar violations by this man posing as Reno mayor. (See http: http// for more.)
September, 1999
Kitty Litter Some are beginning to call Reno the "Biggest Litter City". Why? Because there are now so many Fat Cats in Reno that the shameless regime has found it necessary to attempt to subsidize a Kitty Litter plant on the northern edge of town... just to process all the crap. Forked-tongued "leaders" are doing this despite the fact that the ugly gargantuan facility will render even further blight upon the community... especially the Indian community located right next to it.
Ground Traffic Gridlock and roadrage continue to demolish the livability and safety of citizens of Reno. The primary cause for this horrible situation is the out-of-control cancerous growth being promulgated by the fat cats. The fact that city hall just changed virtually all streets to primary truck routes doesn't help either.
Mapes In yet another "done deal" city hall imported a carpetbagger to honcho the removal of the Mapes. Nobody seems to care that the decision was made in illegal "briefings" away from the scrutiny of the citizens... and that $millions of unrecoverable taxes will once again be wasted. City hall has encumbered that property to a degree far beyond what can ever be recaptured. This BIG issue should be put to a citizens' referendum vote... along with a plethora of other problems that city hall unilaterally perpetrates.
Reno Airport The rookie czar and the rest of the "trustees" at the Reno Airport continue their assault on good government as they pick and choose who they want to listen to. Four of these aviation amateurs were ordered by their appointors to demand an Environmental Impact Study prior to "Going Postal". Reno appointee Larry Martin showed courage in a 4 to 3 decision to do just that. Look for Martin to take a lot of flack from Griffin and his cargo-warehouse gang... as they try to force a new vote.
Noise Reno enacted new noise ordinances designed to give the police the power to crack down on the outlandish and nerve-wracking (premeditated) noise generated by vehicles from big rig 18 wheelers... to diesel SUVs... to cars with bad/no mufflers. The noise, danger, and blight created by the traffic in Reno is an insult to its citizens.
Convention Center Cancerous Growth Washoe county voted to further jeopardize the citizens' bond capacity by supporting the RSCVA $105,000,000 convention center expansion. They did this despite the fact the notorious "Design Build" scheme will be used; which means there is virtually no financial accountability. Design Build is corporate welfare on top of corporate welfare and gives the RSCVA a blank check book. Some sort of a guess is made, and then more of your taxes are thrown at the project. This noodleheaded vote passed even though they were told that there the parking problem has not been addressed. That is, there will be a doubling in need for parking with no parking available. When they get to this problem, more taxes will be wasted... a la "Design Build". Few things could be dumber.
EDAWN The Economic Devastating Authority of Western Nevada continues to hold secret meetings in violation of the spirit of Nevada's Open Meeting Law. The most recent "recruit" is a gargantuan Barnes & Noble warehouse distribution center that will employ low and minimum wage workers. Soliciting and subsidizing this type of business is noodleheaded government at its moronic and diabolical worst. The only people who will benefit are the fat cats at the top. Citizens will pay for the negative impacts by having their taxes (once again) raised.
Reno Air Race Crashes The deadly crash this year that miraculously just missed killing a multitude of citizens proves that it is way past time to move the Reno Air Race to another place. Somewhere where thousands of citizens are not negatively effected and endangered. Reno and Washoe have plans to develop thousands of acres of land at Stead and the danger will only get worse. Move the race to... Tonopah, Nevada... anywhere... but not over innocent civilians. And bringing in all those expensive military jets is just another form of corporate welfare... citizens taxes being mis-spent on what are supposed to be private functions. Cancel the Kitty Litter fiasco and move the Air Races there... or put them on the Burning Man complex.
Ethics Commission The EthComm is continuing to build its juggernaut in order to be even better able to defend elected Public Officials against charges of impropriety. This body of mostly appointed friends of people in high places has time and again proven that it does not live up to its name. $5,000 fines designed to stifle citizens who might want to expose corruption are becoming more commonplace with each prostituted hearing. It recently hired an attorney and an executive director at some $75,000 (each) cost to the taxpayer. What are the chances that they will be more honorable than the convicted DUI ramrodding the mess for the last several years?
More Crazy Airport Rules The Reno Airport dictators say that one of the rules for deciding if airplanes are noisy is that citizens MUST call in to their Noise Complaint hotline. Their disjointed logic: if no phone complaints come in, it must not be noisy and citizens must not be irritated. NOT! Nothing could be more stupid. (This does not take into account factors like access to phones, loathing of airport bureaucrats, frustration with the system, revulsion to talk to anybody there, etc, etc, etc.) Unfortunately the idiots at the airport, and at the FAA, make the rules. Citizens therefore must try to call in every time they hear an airplane that irritates them. The number is 328-6468. (Dumb rule: dumber rulers) Call morning, noon, and night.
Crimes of the Century The Reno Gazette considered some crimes... but left these out (click here).
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