Here are a few recent crimes (in no order of hideousness) that the Reno Gazette left off its list:
1. The deaths of eleven (14) citizens in Rewana Farms, Reno during the last 3 years as the Reno Airport perpetrated its cowardly ethnic cleansing scheme. These innocent citizens only want to be left alone... they don't want their homes illegally confiscated from them.
2. The creating of the Reno Bowling Stadium to the benefit of Special Interests... with an increased of cost from some $20,000,000 to over $50,000,000... and it's still climbing. The massive perversions behind that fiasco will never be known... with the embezzling, nest feathering, and commingling of wasted tax dollars... mostly to the benefit of fat cats.
3. The Reno Railroad Trench scheme whereby Reno city hall and a lame duck county commission perpetrated fraud upon the community... extorting $millions and $millions in tax dollars for a scheme that (as usual) will only benefit a few. One more example of "Trickle Up" economics at its worst.
4. Clandestine contracts from cronies at the Reno Airport to the person posing as mayor so that he can gain monopolistic control of a giant Foreign Trade Zone at the airport. The eventual plan to "Go Postal and Cargo" will devastate the environment of the community... while at the same time feathering the nests of this person and his cargo-warehouse pals.
5. Never-ending secret meetings by Reno city hall wherein council critters meet in small "briefings" that are specifically scheduled so as to circumvent Nevada's Open Meeting Law. What citizens eventually see at public meetings is pure staged window-dressing.
6. Commingling of federal "runway improvement" taxes to instead build a one-time special beefed-up parking ramp specifically for the Postal Service. As illegal as this waste of money is... it is being done without even having a contract with anybody. We are talking about $6,000,000 (known funneling of tax dollars) into this scheme.
7. Stacking the Reno Airport Board with aviation amateur cronies of the "big boys"; so they can bring the common folk of the community to their knees.
8. Allowing EDAWN (Economic Devastating Authority of Western Nevada) to conduct secret meetings even though it is heavily subsidized by citizens' taxes. Elitist-infested EDAWN does as much to damage the community as any other single entity.
These are but a few of the crimes wherein citizens continue to be bilked of huge sums of money and citizens have died. These reports deserve at least honorable mention in your report on crimes of the century. Surprise!
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