In that Airport trustees are appointed -- and not elected -- they are
insulated from public accountability for almost all intents and purposes.
Here are people entrusted to oversee public resources worth billions of
dollars -- and they are not directly accountable to the owners of government
when they conduct themselves as tyrants, children, and fools.
Richard A. Hill was not chosen as chairman of the Airport Board in a legal
Richard A. Hill was not legally-empowered to serve as Airport chair on 14
September when he denied free expression to Sam Dehne and caused Sam's
criminal abduction.
Richard A. Hill was impersonating a public officer (Airport Board chairman) on
14 September when he caused the criminal abduction of Sam Dehne.
All charges against Sam Dehne should be immediately dropped by local authorities.
The County of Washoe, the City of Sparks, and the City of Reno should fire
their appointees to the Airport Board of Trustees. Such persons have clearly
demonstrated they are not fit to oversee multibillion-dollar public assets,
nor to perform in a Constitutional and legal manner.
Airport trustees have invited one or more Federal lawsuits against themselves,
the Airport Authority, the County of Washoe, the City of Sparks, and the City
of Reno -- stemming from their arrogance, stupidity, and disregard for basic
tenets of government under law.
All Airport Board decisions made under "Chairman" Hill must be declared null and void.
Airport Board issued new rules for public comment -- rules which offend the
First Amendment and at least one Nevada statute -- NRS 241.035(3) -- having to
do with the right of citizens to use electronic equipment for the recording of
public meetings.
During public comment period, Sam spoke against new rules. Sam returned to his
seat in the audience, just a short distance from trustees including Richard A.
Hill who was chairing meeting without legal empowerment.
Shortly thereafter, Hill interrupted meeting to accuse Sam of saying something
he did not say.
It is critically important to note that even if Sam HAD said what Hill accused
him of saying, Sam had clear liberty under the First Amendment to have made
such comment. Hill committed the crime of denying free expression to Sam.
Sam stood up, corrected Hill, and demanded an apology from Hill. Hill refused
to apologize and directed Sam to sit down (i.e. to stop challenging his,
Hill's, mistake).
Sam refused to sit down before receiving apology from Hill.
Hill tyrannically ordered guards to remove Sam from meeting room. Sam resisted
felony abduction. Sam was subsequently arrested.
The Airport Authority Act for Washoe County (Chapter 474, Statutes of Nevada
1977, 1999 printing) Section 7.1, states very clearly, "The board shall choose
ONE of its members as chairman ..." Section 7.1 further states, very clearly,
"The terms of the officers expire on July 1 of each year."
The term of office of immediate-past Airport chair, Geno Menchetti, expired on
1 July 2000.
The Airport Board did NOT choose a successor for Menchetti prior to the
expiration of Menchetti's term.
When Menchetti's term expired in keeping with Nevada law, the Airport Board
had NO legally-selected chairman to preside over the selection of Menchetti's
On 13 July the Airport Board met without a legally-empowered chairman --
although Geno Menchetti was listed on the agenda for that meeting as chairman
without any notice that his term had expired on 1 July.
Menchetti played referee during an argumentative election process that failed
to produce a new chairman due to repeated tie votes going to Richard A. Hill
and Thomas J. Gribben.
Trustees then agreed to permit Hill and Gribben to each serve as chair for six
months -- even though this was clearly an offense against Section 7.1.
To decide whether Hill or Gribben would go ahead of the other as chairman,
trustees resorted to the Hollywood gimmick of cutting a deck of cards.
Airport trustees can be -- and MUST be -- expected to comply with Nevada law
AND with the Constitution.
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