Reno News & Review Speaks Out
If RN&R editor Jimmy Boegle had lived in the 1700s,
he would have likely denounced Patrick Henry, Paul Revere,
and their compatriots... for their "antics".

Ironically he agrees that I (and a very few others) have
exposed nasty stuff at city hall. (He even points out 5
specific instances of rotten government in this week's RN&R.)
But he would prefer that I kiss city hall's little hinees
instead of "ranting and raving".
It doesn't work that way, Jimmy.
I have never seen anybody go to the Reno city hall and
kiss buttafoookoe... while at the same time having the courage
to expose these charlatans for the double-dealers they are.
Unfortunately it is people like me who have to expose the evil
that the RN&R would like to have citizens think it uncovers;
as it claims to be the supposed "alternate newspaper".
Sadly, Jimmy, you have exposed your paper as just another
part of the problem.

That's too bad, because there appeared to be great potential there.
By the way, I haven't seen you at city council meetings.
And I would know if you were there... since
I have attended every meeting for the last 5 years.
If you really care about Reno, you should direct your readers
to The Reno Citizen internet magazine. It exposes more local
rotten government "antics" in a week... than a month's
worth of other local media.
NOTE: On 16 August, 2001 the RN&R started a mitigation process.
Ace reporter, Deidre Pike, put together a tidy little piece about
Citizen Sam Dehne plainly portraying that his "antics" ARE NOT
"antics"! (Click to read)
Keep up this kind of work and Sam will be touting the RN&R at
the Public Comment podium.
Sam Dehne (click)
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