Noodlehead Government is Alive and Well in Northern Nevada Sam Dehné [Synopsis of Lots of Noodle-isms... click here]

When public officials indulge themselves in clandestine nest-feathering activities... to the financial detriment of the public... it is the public's business.
Questionable sleazy dealing by and between numerous government bodies... including the Reno Airport, the Reno mayor, the Economic Development Agency of Western Nevada (EDAWN), and most of the rest of Reno City Hall... demands an investigation to determine whether they, for instance:
---* Violated Ethics Laws by not informing authorities that they were doing business with each other and using huge amounts of public funds to pay for operations that financially benefit themselves.
---* Circumvented the "spirit" of State and City Laws by regularly using political cronies and bribes to conduct public business that should have been put out for bid to the general public.
---* Voted on issues when they should have abstained because of direct and indirect personal financial involvement in the matters at hand.
---* Voted on vital public issues in private secret serial meetings... away from honest scrutiny.
A small sampling of the spiritually flawed decisions these agencies were responsible for reveals the following instances of outrageous government:
...1. The sneaky awarding of a plush Reno Airport kickback contract to the mayor... by his subordinate cronies at the Reno Airport.
...2. The funneling of public dollars by the mayor, and others at city hall, to the company of a crony who played a vital financial role in the election campaigns of several city council members.
...3. City Council's appointing of a crony to the Reno Airport Board of "trustees"... even though they all knew he had a plush contract with the Reno Airport.
...4. City hall's funneling of public funds to publicly funded EDAWN... even though the mayor's private company works under EDAWN.
...5. City hall's funneling of huge amounts of public funds to the same person who conducted a fund-raising party for the mayor's next election campaign.
And so on and so forth... ad infinitem... blah, blah, blah... (so what's new, Sam?)
When citizens attempt to monitor their government, they should not be met with air-head alibis.
Only Noodleheads advocate more tourism, more construction, more new business, more influx of new residents... with no attention paid to the terrible negative community impact they are generating... more crime, worse streets, more homeless, more smog, more danger, and general malaise.
The inevitable economic troubles in northern Nevada will only be dealt with when the citizens feel the pain caused by the ineptitude and corruption of their government and business leaders.
Will the New Year bring the rot these Noodleheads are endorsing... with their Noodlehead greed?
--------Happy New Year... to all citizens.

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