Airport Authority of Washoe County
PO Box 12490
Reno, NV 89510-9827
Re: Citizens Committee
Dear Airport Authority;
In response to your undated "Special Notice to All Property Owners/Tenants in the Southwest Acquisition Area and Surrounding Property Owners". Please be advised as follows:
Your introductory information is inaccurate and misleading. The Authority began purchasing the area on both sides of Pamela Avenue in 1979. The plan at that time was to extend Moana Lane along or near the Pamela right-of-way. These acquisitions were completed within a few years. When that acquisition was completed the authority ceased acquisitions until your recent push to create an area for relocation f the NANG. Accordingly, it is disingenuous to suggest that you have acquired all but 44 of 97 parcels "originally identified" for the NANG relocation.
Your statement that this neighborhood lies under the 65-70 dnl noise level only tells half the truth. The fact is the noise level substantially decreased with the departure of the F-4s. the current noise level is well below that experienced by this neighborhood for the last fifteen years. No effort was made during that period to reduce impacts on this neighborhood in any way. Now that the F-4s are gone, the current residents are not complaining and are happy with the situation. Indeed, your own expert witness in the Hopperstead case has testified in deposition that Reno-Tahoe Airport noise peaked ;in 1987.
On the other hand, there are property owners on the north end of the airport under the same or greater noise levels who are begging to be condemned and whom the Authority refuses to address. In fact, the City of Reno just approved a new residential development within the same noise contours as Rewana Farms with your blessing. Accordingly, your invocation of Federal Aviation Administration recommendations as justification for acquisitions in the Neil Road Neighborhood do not reflect the clear motives for the actions you are taking.
The Authority's recent studies were unscientific and probably rigged. Anecdotal evidence abounds to support this conclusion.
The Authority's claim that the proposed committee will attempt to address our concerns and clear up misunderstandings is laughable. Our concerns have been consistently and repeatedly expressed over the last year. The Authority's only response to our concerns has been a costly and deceitful public relations and propaganda campaign to discredit us and to spread misinformation such as that referred to above. Any misunderstanding about theAuthority's rue intentions with regard to our neighborhood are the result of that campaign of deceit and misinformation. No committee is going to clear up this misinformation while the Authority continues that campaign.
We see your effort to create a committee as an attempt to absorb our energies and to create a false image of concern on your part for out interests.
In short, to those paying attention, it is abundantly clear that the intention of the Authority is to take our property so that the NANG can be relocated to our neighborhood so that "Terminal A" can be built in the area now under lease to the NANG. The Authority is doing so under the guise of reducing noise impacts. The true effect of such relocation will be to relocate the noise impacts onto the remaining Neil road Neighborhood, the most densely populated area of the City of Reno.
Our interest is in keeping the homes we have owned and the area we have lived in for many years. We have a larger interest in seeing that government entities comply with law and respect the rights guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States of America and The State of Nevada. We believe that government entities should tell the truth at all times about what they are doing and why they are doing it.
Accordingly, our concerns and the goals and methods of the Airport Authority of Washoe County, and all those who support them, (formally and informally) are irreconcilably incompatible. We have no intention of being sucked into some committee designed to further the goals and facilitate the methods of this entity.
The Citizens of Rewana Farms and of Reno, Nevada, United States

This document was signed by "Honest Rewanian Farmers", Concerned Residents who object to Blight, and other various Patriotic Americans for distribution to the Reno Airport.

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