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Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)


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 Sam Dehne graduated from the United Sates Air Force Academy in 1962.
Sam went on to fly nuclear bombers, and fighters.

Sam Dehne has lived in Nevada for 
more than 45 years. He graduated from the United States Air Force 
Academy in 1962. Dehne spent 5 years flying B-52 bombers in the 
Air Force before becoming a pilot with Pan American World Airways 
in 1967 ~ while also flying F-101 and F-4 fighters in the Air National Guard. 

Dehne retired from the military and has spent the last 20 years as the
most by far the most vocal political Watchdog of Reno,  Nevada.

Dehne's ubiquitous presence at government podiums throughout 
northern Nevada has made him a household name and has 
endeared him to the citizenry... but not to the bureaucrats. 
The public officials he oversees dare not try to stop a man with Sam's 
outstanding credentials from speaking (or singing) his mind.

Who is Sam?
Here's Sam trying to save Nevada and excoriating
the media ubiquitously.. and justifiably (click)

DISCLOSURE: Sam is not a lawyer!

We, the People of the United States of America,
must take strong steps to re-establish republican democracy
as our noble form of government! We must identify
and harness those powerful special interests that now
control our politicians and throw our elections.

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People
~ with liberty and justice for all ~ must be made the reality.

As a citizen Watchdog, Dehne has spoken at more 
than 2 thousand public meetings to expose wrongful actions 
perpetrated by public officials. 

As a cadet at the Air Force Academy, Dehne swore to support and
defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Dehne took this oath to heart and has never forgotten it.
He states that he has run into more domestic enemies than foreign. 

You used to be able to watch Dehne overseeing government
meetings on his cable television shows on Friday nights in Reno. 
And you could video stream these shows on your computer. 
But the bureaucrats did not like what he was saying and shut
the television station down.

Instead you can read about Sam at the
( ) magazine website that he created in 1995. 
And you can see more of Sam at YouTube (
or at Google ( ).
Just type “Sam Dehne Reno” for over 376,000 "hits".

Dehne's well-thought-out ideas and proposals have saved Nevada 
and America many dozens of millions of dollars. His B-52 fuel-saving
suggestion in 1967 has
saved U.S. taxpayers over a billion dollars. 

Dehne is also a long-time, world class, volunteer entertainer. 
He has performed over 1,500 Philanthropic Concerts for seniors and veterans. 

Campaign Financial Objective:

Sam Dehne doesn't want your money; he wants your votes...
AND an Honest election.
Sam plans to initiate his Grassroots Campaign with some 
of his own money and maybe small donations from close supporters. 
Dehne will not ask for,  nor accept, any contributions.
Any checks sent will be torn up. And any cash sent will
be put in the church collection plate... anonymously.
In other words... DO NOT send money unless
otherwise and subsequently officially advised.

Sam says that every penny will be spent dearly... 
as if it was his own money... which most of it is.  
After his victory, Dehne plans to dedicate even more of his life 
to trying to make things better for Nevada and for America. 

Sam Dehne: 
A humble father, writer, boxer, fighter pilot, bomber pilot...
airline pilot, union leader, philanthropist orator, watchdog...
philosopher, newspaper editor, newspaper reporter... 
song writer, musician, singer, television 
announcer, and entertainer... 

Nevada District 2 (weblink)


Uncle Sam's Platform Goals

Implement a national, fail-safe, trustworthy voting system that does not employ machines with secret codes that can be rigged to throw elections. (Use hand-marked, paper ballots that are eyeball tabulated at precinct level before being transported to any other location.)

It will be my goal to help Democrats get elected. I will offer my services in hopes of providing them with the benefits of my knowledge of the things that Nevada needs.

There are 10 very rich men in Nevada who made their massive fortunes thanks to Nevada. An argument can be made that they are at least partially responsible for the disrepair of the state's budget and should contribute heavily to repairing it.

Nevada mining should be taxed at least at the rate that citizens are taxed for the things they buy. The mines are taking advantage of the graciousness of Nevada and are removing precious commodities from our state that can never be replaced.

Humane health care should be provided to all Nevadans... via a strong health care program. Professionals in the health care industry should freeze their fees for at least two years.

I will do all in my power to make sure that school teachers get the respect and help they need and deserve. Many of society's problems display in the nation's classrooms and teachers are unfairly called upon to cope with these problems as best they can.

REHABILITATE RENO'S LOUSY MEDIA: This is one of Reno's "A" Number 1 correctable problems.
Nevada can no longer condone the Reno area media that consists mostly of shills  that Big Money can buy and control.  Sam has challenged the media time and again to tell the Truth. BUT THEY REFUSE.
The store-bought Reno area media is too jealous and afraid of Sam the Watchdog to report his prolific and erudite words. 
And they are too cowardly to even try to debate his ubiquitous Public Testimony.
[Webmaster's note: Click here for dictionary]
Sam should be the Go-To Media Darling when it comes to ALL things Reno Politics and Government.  Instead the media are pathetically perfidious with their fear.
As your Councilman, Sam will do everything in his power to make sure the potentates who sign the checks and pull the strings are not able to buy the Reno media anymore. 

Create and fund a Designated Driver Corps. Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the worst and most common crimes in America. It must be stopped. Support for this Corps is in NO WAY meant to condone over-indulging in alcohol or drugs.

Sam vows to do his best to cut the exorbitant Reno Council pay by at least 25%.  THESE ARE HARD TIMES. AMERICANS ARE MAD AT BUREAUCRATS ... AND JUSTIFIABLY SO!  Sam agrees to not become one of the "Usual Suspects"... trying to exploit the government trough.  He promises to serve a single two-year term. And then turn business over to new blood.

Take action necessary to see to it that members of Reno Council have health benefits that are NO better than those of average citizens. Hired help should not give themselves benefits that are better than those received by their employers.

Sam's Sweet Dog Approves These Messages

Make it a capital crime to tamper with the outcome of any election.

Decide all controversial, non-emergency issues by public referendums.  

Recognize and honor the sovereignty of the people in no-nonsense terms. (Re-write the oath of office for public servants accordingly ~ and prosecute violators of the oath.)
(If there's any question about an issue being controversial, it is.)

Cause all public servants to understand that they are obligated to facilitate the democratic process and that it is just plain wrong to condescend the sovereign people in any way at any time.

Invite suggestions from the general public regarding ways to create and implement a true justice system. Display ALL suggestions on a number of websites. Hold national public referendums to adopt changes in keeping with the will of the sovereign people.

Create and maintain a National Ombudsman Office to solicit and evaluate complaints against public employees at all levels. Such office to be fully independent and have branches in all states. Chief Ombudsman to be elected every two years by national public vote. Ombudsman personnel to refrain from fraternizing with other government employees whom they must monitor and take to court, as required.

Exert maximum effort to establish a hydrogen/alternative energy economy at the earliest possible time. (Reduce air pollution, climate change, America's dependence on oil, and America's role in oil politics.)

Determine and implement a simple, sane, replacement taxation system. Elect the chief executive of the new system to make him or her directly accountable to the sovereign people. (The United States is NOT a free country as long as every American is under the heavy thumb of the IRS!)

Do whatever it takes to eliminate the culture of corruption which permeates American government at all levels. Nationalize any corporation that engages in treasonous activities as proved in a court of law incorporating trial by jury.

Recognize government as the people's business in meaningful, no-nonsense ways. Emphasize openness so that the sovereign people are kept fully-informed regarding public issues in order for them to accurately judge the integrity and competence of public servants. (Public servants who attempt to cover-up stupid or corrupt happenings within their ranks to be tried for felony fraud and, if found guilty, incarcerated for a minimum of ten years.)

Require elected officials to answer questions regarding the people's business in a responsible and timely manner. (Non- cooperative officials to lose their positions of public trust.)

Sam will try to restore badly needed funding to the northern Nevada government television oversight operation that was created several years ago to televise government meetings live so citizens could see what their government was doing for (to) them. The elimination of SNCAT television has thus left Reno and Washoe with the taxpayer-funded "power" to "oversee" themselves. A cursory view of their television channels plainly portrays that they are a self-promoting propaganda machine. This is wrong!

Require all public employees to conduct themselves with humility in keeping with the concept of servant. (Members of the sovereign people should bleeping well be treated by their servants as owners of government, not as customers.)

Amend the Constitution to require direct election of the President and the Vice-President. (Eliminate the Electoral College.)

Amend the Constitution to elect all federal judges including members of the United States Supreme Court. (All public officials must be made accountable to the sovereign people.)

Prohibit public officials promoting or voting on issues that would benefit their major campaign contributors. (Any single or collective amount over $5000.)

Identify those interests that have bought politicians in past and take harsh measures to prevent this in future. 

Make it a crime to attempt bribing any elected official. Define any "campaign contribution" over $5000 ~ or any gift or gifts worth more than $5000 gross annually from a single, primary source ~ as a willful attempt to buy political influence, thereby circumventing and undermining the principle of government of, by, and for the people.)

Require candidates for public office to pass an IQ test. (Passing grade to be determined.)

Require candidates for public office to have a more-than-casual knowledge of the Constitution ~ and the Spirit of the Constitution ~ with emphasis on the Bill of Rights. (A preparation/study program to be placed on the Internet.)

Redefine "treason" to include any attempt by any public official to ignore or restrict the principle of uninhibited, robust, and wide-open free speech during meetings of public bodies. (Free speech is our first defense against arrogant, stupid, and corrupt public servants. Government of, by, and for the people can NOT exist without totally-unrestricted free speech.)

Require every public body to post a sign, in English, at least four feet by eight feet, in its meeting chamber saying: "[As Americans we have] a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials." ~ U.S. Supreme Court, Times v. Sullivan (1964)

Require every public body to post a sign, in English, at least four feet by eight feet, in its meeting chamber saying: "Decorum does not trump freedom of speech. Decorum is not mentioned even once in the Constitution of the United States ~ although the supreme law of the land guarantees freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is our first defense against stupid and corrupt public officials."

Require elected officials to take credible polygraph examinations every six months. (Non-cooperative officials to forfeit their positions of public trust.)

Reduce the term of office for each member of the US Senate to four years.

Reduce to 8 years the total time any citizen may serve in Council.

Determine compensation of all federal officials, including benefits and retirement plans, by national public referendums.

Determine commitment to any war or police action ~ except when the nation is attacked or clearly faces imminent attack ~ by national public referendums. (War is too serious to leave to politicians who may be intellectually-challenged, sanity-challenged, or owned by powerful special interests such as the military-industrial complex).

Require all citizens to have practical fluency in the English language. Limit voting to persons having such fluency. (Voting ballots and related information to be printed in English only.)

Protect the rights of citizens and legal aliens by not granting any financial benefits to illegal aliens and their children ~  whether or not the latter are born in the United States. The outlandish "Anchor Baby" scheme (whereby the babies of foreigners who are born in America are somehow automatically made Americans) must be canceled immediately. (The United States can not be all things to all persons. Persons entering the country illegally are criminals.)

Establish and maintain a National College for Constitutional Law Enforcement. Phase in a requirement that all command-level law enforcement professionals across the country attend periodic training sessions.

Treat as kidnapping any arrest of any citizen whose non-crime is speaking out against any violation of the U.S. Constitution by any public servant. (It is an obligation of citizenship to support and defend the supreme law of the land.)

Require each state legislature to pass no law without credible consideration of whether that law complies with the U.S. Constitution. (Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.)

Enact and enforce whistle-blower laws that fully and justly protect such persons from retribution of any kind. (Public officials who would punish whistle-blowers would lose their positions of public trust.)

Regarding workers' compensation insurance: Dehne vows to revamp this insurance program nationwide so that workers injured on the job will not be treated as second-class citizens.

End homelessness.

Establish and implement national health care for all Americans.

Severely limit violence on broadcast and cable television. (Credible studies demonstrate serious, unacceptable, negative effects on our society caused by TV violence.)

Encourage healthy parenting and healthy, interpersonal relationships. (Training courses to be presented on television and on the Internet.)

Encourage corporations and other businesses to practice enlightened capitalism. (Supportive websites to be put online.)

Treat trafficking in illegal, hard drugs as a capital crime for persons holding positions of public trust.

Conduct an in-depth investigation into government corruption in Nevada ~ and other states as requested.

By national referendum, re-establish legal dueling. This will reduce the numbers of corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges, corrupt publishers, and corrupt broadcast persons, etc. (Dueling was once a fixture in our culture. A seated vice-president was once involved in a duel. Abraham Lincoln was once challenged to a duel -- but he apologized to the challenger and it was called off. Yes, this might mean having to replace many or all elected representatives.) 

Create and maintain a "United States Honor Roll" on the Internet to recognize all Americans ~ citizens and legal aliens ~ who make good things happen in their communities. (As paid workers and as volunteers.) 

Sam vows to do all in his power to eliminate those "3 minute clocks" that permeate government meetings and make a mockery of Freedom of Speech.

There will be those who will see some of the above goals as insane. However, the real insanity is what we're doing ~ or not doing ~ at the present time.

Let us define "Cloud Nine" and ask, "Why not?"

Sam Dehne graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1962.
Sam went on to fly nuclear bombers, and fighters.

Sam's Reno Citizen Magazine All About Reno and Nevada (click)


  Chad Dehne, will make a Great Reno CouncilMan (click)


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