Chad Dehne, Marine Corps Veteran
Family Man
53 Years of Age
(775) 420-7250


I am ready and anxious to take on any acceptable job in ANY Career Field
that is appropriate to my God-given talents and ability to learn.
Below is information about myriad areas of Transport and Storage and Logistics in
which I have extensive knowledge and on-the-job expertise.

* Enlisted in United States Marine Corps.
* Honorable Graduate Marine Boot Camp with meritorious promotion,
* Among highest scoring on physical and mental aptitude testing.
* Maximum Score achieved on Marine Corps physical fitness tests.
* Qualified as Sharpshooter, M-1 Rifle.
* Trained as Driver M-1 Tank, 2nd Tank Battalion, North Carolina.
* Received Mark of Excellence in Marine Survival Training, Jungle and Water Survival (Night jumps from helicopter to 3-man rafts).
* Trained in Amphibious Beach Assaults.
* Maximum score on Marine physical fitness test.
* Qualified Expert with M-16 Rifle.
* Transferred 3rd Marine Aircraft Squadron, (VMA 121 All-Weather Attack Squadron) El Toro, California.
* Graduated in Top 5% - Marine Corps Fire-Fighting School.
* Participated in Assembly of Temporary Airstrip and Maintenance of usability - Twenty Nine Palms, California.
* Full term deployment aboard Aircraft Carrier, USS Ranger. Worked directly with Japanese, Canadian, British, and Australian sailors.
* Maximum score on Marine physical fitness test.
* Qualified Marksman with M-16 Rifle.
1987 & 1988
* Participated in Team Spirit '87 with Operations off Korean Coast.
* Received Humanitarian Medal for assistance in North Pacific rescue of Japanese sailors aboard burning vessels.
* West Pac '87 - Six month deployment to Indian Ocean. Included Convoy Assistance to Re-flagged Kuwaiti tankers in Persian Gulf. (Battle Group November/Echo - Largest assembly of U.S. Warships since WW II.
* Trained in Aircraft Catapult operations, receiving Meritorious Unit Citation for continuous Flight Deck work in plus 110 degree temperatures. Established new criteria of quality by keeping aircraft free from FOD (Foreign Object Damage) for 116 continuous days.
* Continually trained in Fire-Fighting and First Aide to be implemented in case of damage to Carrier.
* Trained in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare.
* Assigned for 60 days, with special training as butcher (no pun),
to the Food Services Division - responsible for helping in the coordination of provisions for 3000 Marines and Sailors three times daily.
* Received Battle "E" for most efficient Battle-Ready Carrier
* Received Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for involvement in catapulting aircraft and loading of ordinance aboard aircraft involved in air strikes on targets in Persian Gulf.
* Deployment to Fallon NAS, Nevada and deployment aboard USS Ranger.
* Worked in Food Service warehouse - receiving and issuing large bulk amounts of foodstuffs. Trained in fueling of aircraft.
* Marine Corps Training for Disaster Crash and Fire Rescue preparatory for Marine/Naval Air Show and Demonstration, El Toro Marine Air Station, California.

1989  Honorable Discharge from United States Marine Corps.


1. Worked as apprentice in all phases of Home construction (Hawaii and Reno). To include: foundation, joists, floor coverings, plumbing, framing, dry wall, electrical, roofing, shingling, and painting. Also some background in architectural design.
Constructed many high-quality decks in Reno and Tahoe area. Majority of work in cooperation with Joe Mark Construction (Now Mark Home Designs) - now located in California, (949) 413-9057
2. Flying Record: As Student Pilot, passed First Class Physical and accumulated approximately 40 hours of Flight Time (15 hours solo). Preparing to take examination for Private License at time of entry into Marine Corps.

SEPT, 1989 - 1991
* Hired for employment by Bender Warehouse Company to work with Sherwood Medical account.
* Trained in all aspects of warehouse work, i.e. order pulling, checking, truck receiving, inventory, and various other extra labor such as rack construction and repair, and practice in safety procedures.
* Trained and worked with U.P.S. Shipping Computer Tagging System.
* Forklift Certified.
AUG, 1991 - 1992
(Transfer to Bender Warehouse #5, 205 Parr Blvd.)
* Trained in I.C.I. Pharmaceutical to include:
1. Specialization in "REMOVALS"
2. Order Filling and Repack (U.P.S. & R.P.S.)
* Placed in charge - I.C.I. Pharmaceutical, taking on tasks such as inventory control, allotting RUSH Air Freight inbound product to orders for immediate shipment via MediQuick.
* Trained numerous other employees in basic operations, lot identification, and damage handling procedures.

FEB, 1992- 1997
(Applied for and accepted as Lead Person in charge of Receiving, Bender Warehouse #5)

* Duties including - responsible for Standard Receiving practices, unloading, inspection of freight, damage control, checking, write up, and put away coordination of more than a dozen accounts at times.
* Also trained for shipping arrangements and organization and Inbound Scheduling.
* Capable of performing office duties such as phone operation and coordination and other personal skills. It is always my goal to
establish a friendly, but businesslike, working atmosphere with fellow employees, as well as with Customer Service Representatives and Customers.

1997 thru 2004 - various job positions.

JAN 2004 to 2006
Obtained CDL delivery license (with privileges) for Southern Wine and Spirits. Delivering goods to all parts of Northern
Nevada (from Washoe to Carson City to Lake Tahoe).
Maintained a Perfect Safety Record during entire period.. despite myriad tenuous conditions.

Washoe County School Bus Driver with perfect driving record.
Developed excellent report with all ages of children... and their parents.
Trained extensively in caring for and the safe arrival to and from school of Special Needs
children... often without the help of an aide due to personnel shortages.
(Note: Left in the summer 2007 due to lack of work available.)

Helped various Special Needs Organizations - monitoring, taking care of, and befriending Special Needs
Citizens of all ages and degrees... from mild learning disabilities to profound mental and physical retardation
He was a brother, father, and mentor to hundreds of people. The bonding between Chad and his new
friends was instantaneous and long lasting.
Chad was one of the Primary "Go To Guys" taking care of dozens of various jobs. 
Chad immediately bonded with and became "best friends" with virtually every person he assisted.

Dehne was THE Challenger for Reno mayor.  In one of the cleanest political campaigns in recent
history... received 21,180 votes despite spending very little money on the campaign.

(Dehne, THE Challenger for Reno Mayor in the 2010 General Election against Incumbent
Bob Cashell, almost won. He was just few 1,000 votes shy of being Reno's Mayor.)

September, 2013 to July, 2016
Employed with Western Nevada Supply as Route Specialist with oversight for Truckee, California and Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada. Responsible for delivery of myriad types of equipment and furnishings for homes, businesses, and other establishments.
Received Outstanding Work-Performance Ratings during every quarter of his exemplary career.  No accidents of consequence in sometimes extreme hazardous mountain and severe weather driving conditions.  His fine-tuned people skills are generated from his humble desire to always try to do the right thing.


a. Able to learn quickly with minimum training required,
b. Worked with Computerized Job Tracking Systems,
c. Worked with Computer Locating Systems,
d. Experienced in handling of Hazardous Materials,
e. Helped oversee movement of Complete Accounts and setting up of Complete New Accounts.
f. Work at these various types of jobs has resulted in ability to relate to and get along with all kinds of people... and still remain very professional.
g. Musician/Entertainer ["The Chadillac"] who has performed before large and small audiences... for charity and for fun. Singing "Holiday" (click)


* Born - 13 Nov, 1964 Robins Air Force Base, Georgia
* Raised - Reno, Nevada from age of 3.
* Civilian Education - High School diploma, 1982, Reno, Nevada
* Physical Condition - Excellent (Non-Smoker)
* Height and Weight - 5'10", 195#
* Married - Hilda Dehne, 16 May, 1986
* Children - Vance Chad Dehne (age 30)
* Nathan Blade Dehne (age 28)
* Thomas Dakota Dehne (age 16)
* Excellent Military Heritage to go along with his being a Marine Corps Veteran
HOBBIES:  Weightlifting, Softball, Guitar/Singing/Entertaining, Boxing, Cooking.

My objective is to work with the firm that is best able to fulfill my desires of job satisfaction, security, and economic return. My background, training, and expertise in a wide variety of fields constitutes an asset to any company that employs me. I am available to begin work and training on a mutually agreeable timetable.
I am a quick learn, fast on my feet, as well as being a skillful Writer and Speaker (extemporaneous and prepared). References available upon Request.

Chad Dehne Has Some Pretty Up and Walking Great Blood Lines (click here)

Contact: 775  420-7250



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