Reno Gazette's Sizerbel Peckernecks

Reno Gazette Continues its Perverted Quibbling and Distortions of the Truth
"The RG-Jester is a disgraceful excuse for a (Freedom-of-the-Press-Be-Damned) newspaper!"
"This is arguably the most perverted pack of propaganda ever perpetrated against the citizens of Reno... and that is saying a lot... considering the history of this treachurous excuse for a rag!"
"Once again the authors of this trash are afraid to put their names on it."

Sam Dehne

Include Neil Road in impact study [The Reno Citizen note: for Griffin Gang's Cargo Mecca]
Reno Gazette-Journal
Friday December 1st, 2000
(The Truth About These Scams In Red)
As it plans to move cargo operations to the southwest corner of Reno/Tahoe International Airport, the Airport Authority of Washoe County must take into consideration the potential impact of the plan on
the Neil Road-area community.
(The Airport aviation amateurs who are poisoning Reno should not be allowed to have a "plan" period. Those citizen molesters stole that land from innocent senior citizens. Those ayatollahs and the FAA decreed that it was too noisy for the poor senior citizens... despite the fact there had never been a complaint. They must never be allowed to create a cargo Mecca that will be massively noisier than the area was in the beginning!)
The authority will hold a public meeting 4 to 8 p.m. Dec. 7 at the Airport Plaza Hotel on its environmental assessment of the plan to move air-cargo facilities from their present location just north of the airport’s passenger terminal. It’s unfortunate that the assessment did not include a look at the impact on the airport’s neighbors. That oversight should be corrected in the final version of the report.
(Dec 7 is an appropriate date. Reno citizens being attacked by airport traitors. "Remember Rewana Farms" - Reno airport's answer to Pearl Harbor.
So what will the Reno airport's "oversight correction" say? "Sorry, you stupid citizens... we're raping you, AGAIN.")
The airport’s plan does make sense, however. Current cargo facilities are at or near capacity, and there is little room for expansion in their current location. With the controversial purchase completed of homes in the Rewana Farms area, there is plenty of room in the southwest for the air cargo companies’ jumbo jets, with easy access to taxiways for the planes and quick access to the U.S. 395 freeway for their trucks.
(The airport's plan for the land they STOLE from innocent citizens ONLY "makes sense" to the greedy Griffin Gang. There is no benefit to the community. This land was stolen from innocent citizens in a yellow bellied cowardly manner... stolen mostly from elderly citizens without the means to protect themselves against this onslaught from the evil rotten airport and FAA bureaucrats. And it is now being handed over to PRIVATE Cargo Airlines like FedEx, UPS, bankrupt Kitty Hawk, and the like... in a massive pork barrel/corporate welfare scheme. RG-Jester, you're smelling up the joint. When will you start telling the truth!)

Yet, the project undoubtedly will affect the neighboring residential areas in the vicinity of Neil Road, among the densest areas of development in the Truckee Meadows. It’s a fact of life that Reno/Tahoe is an urban airport. To their credit, current officials appear to well understand the airport’s responsibility to be a good neighbor and should be amenable to expanding the assessment. The neighbors in the Neil Road area are right to expect nothing less.
(The current Reno airport officials are a mob of diabolical self-serving crooks who could care less about the community. The entire grotesque scheme has to be CANCELED, and those innocent citizens who were ethnically cleansed from their homes should be made whole again. Anybody with an ounce of sense knows that the noise, danger, blight, and pollution of this Cargo operation are geared to mutilate the citizens. There is no benefit except to the elitists who live up on the hills above the blight they create. Freedom of the press pitooee! May a pox be on the RG-Jester until it starts fulfilling its obligations to print the truth. It is their sacred duty to protect the innocent citizens from these nazi-style totalitarians. Instead they are protecting these perverts.)
Though the effects of moving the cargo facilities would appear to be minimal, there will certainly be some extra noise from the jets as they taxi into and out of the cargo facilities; there also will be jet fumes, and additional truck traffic will increase congestion on residential streets such as Neil Road and Peckham Lane. All of those impacts on the neighborhood must be looked at, and whatever steps are necessary to minimize them must be taken.
(These lies are without a doubt some of the most inane disconjerkutigulated bunch of contradictory horse manure ever printed by the RG-Jester. And THAT is saying a lot! They are so ludicrous that they defy viable comment.)
On the other hand, the continuing controversy over a plan to move the U.S. Postal Service’s Western region sorting hub to Reno shouldn’t be allowed to derail the move. The sorting hub is not dependent on the new cargo center, and the cargo center is not dependent on sorting hub. The Postal Service project will have to rise or fall on its own merits.
(The Griffin Gang's new Cargo Center was stolen from innocent citizens and should be given back to them. This is no way to run an airport... or a newspaper. Starting sentences out with lies and then proceeding as if those lies are the truth, is a tactic that Hitler's nazi Germany used to the extreme in the 1930's, and we all know what the nazis got away with.
Regardless of what happens with the USPS, however, air cargo will continue to grow at Reno/Tahoe. Speed is the hallmark of 21st century business, and the diversification of our economy is largely dependent on those jumbo jets with bellies full of cargo. The airport is obligated to provide the facilities that the cargo
carriers need to conduct their business. As long as the neighbors can be protected, the project should move ahead.
(Lies printed as if they were the truth. The airport was never ever ever "obligated" to steal land from the innocent elderly. What would Robin Hood say; Stealing from the poor to give to the rich! And the airport thugs are certainly not "obligated" to continue molesting Reno's citizens. No other business could possibly be as devastating to this extremely environmentally-sensitive community.
These criminals will continue to get away with their crimes against humanity as long as the citizens let them... and especially as long as the RG-Jester is allowed to get away with printing blatant premeditated bald-faced prevarications, quibblings, and half-truths.
Once again the RG-Jester has proven they are nothing but a bunch of Sizerbel Peckernecks.)
Included with the 'Truck Stop Future' that the greedy self-indulgent Air Cargo guys want... Reno also will get a lot of low-wage fork lift jobs coming into the town along with that Air Cargo. And Reno will also get drugs, drug criminal organizations, parasites, pests, pollution, disease & who-knows-what!

Any town can prostitute itself to corporate welfare Air Cargo... as long as it is willing to degrade itself enough!
...................Rewana Farms - Post Ethnic Cleansing - Now A Massive Cargo Scam

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