GADFLY ASKS: As often as possible...
(Gadfly: A Citizen who reports on things for other citizens in order to arouse them from complacency.) By Sam Dehné, Flapdoodle Evaluator (Note: It is all-right to be redundant... about important things. And if you are confused by the numbering system, so are we.)
29. From the era of "Believe It Or Not!"... a man with a secure government job paying $75,000... with a known stash of $35,000 cash in a private account... had a $6,000 loan he owed discharged (canceled) in the most bizarre court in America... the bankruptcy court. The judge opined he did not have the ability to pay. The court of "fresh starts"... Yesireebob!
29a. But then... the rules HAVE changed... when an "ethics" committee says a mayor can have kickback contracts with government agencies.
28. People ask why we call Michael Lee Smith (the young man who attacked the Reno Airport in his '97 Cadillac on 11 May) an "amateur terrorist". Because the goal of a "terrorist" is to wreak havoc. And that is what Smith did that night... endangering himself, all those around him, and hundreds of airline passengers.
27. Did you know that when a stock (or the market) drops 50%... it takes a gain of 100% to get back to where it started? Check it out... works similarly with smaller loss and attempt to regain previous value... always takes a higher percentage to get back where it started. Is that fair?
26. Colorado is contemplating a law banning adult smoking in cars... when children are with them. Studies indicate that up to 50% of addiction is caused by little children being forced to suck in the smoke of their parents. Great law!
26a. You would think in this day and age parents would realize the horrible effect the nasty smoke has on their very own children. But they don't. This law will protect the health and safety of millions of innocent children... and save taxpayers $$billions in Medicare/Medicaid taxes.
25. Reno's downtown Parking Meters continue to gouge citizens (max potential) some $75,000/Mon.. since rates were unilaterally doubled in August.
24. Why aren't there more complaints about the fact that to get from the West side of Reno to the East side (or vice versa)... a distance of about 1 mile... a citizen has to drive about 10 to 12 miles? What should be a 3 minute drive is turned into a 30 minute waste of precious time. Why? Because Reno's Un-american airport is right smack in the middle. Can anybody think of anything more "stupider"?
23. Who was that man the TV's showed (the bottom half of) playing the guitar at the Rewana Farms wake ceremony? The other half of Elvis? No! It was none other than Citizen Gadfly, and protest-musical performer, Sam Dehné... Why didn't the TV's want people to see his head?
22. Now the Reno brass wants to put a huge portable "dam" (inflatable water bladder) around the airport... to further divert flood waters... to homes of innocent citizens! WHO gives them that right?
21. Why has the Reno Gazette's normally astute reporter, John Stearns, suddenly become that newspaper's propaganda minister... when it comes to Reno Un-american Airport brainwashing flapdoodle? Does he know that the airport brass continues to have as one of their goals the ignorance of the "welfare and safety of Reno citizens". Is there any particular reason he hasn't reported on that... as opposed to continuously espousing their cancerous growth schemes? Why does he rely mainly on Fat Cats when asking for quotes about airport policies?
21a. Why doesn't Mr Stearns report about, for instance;
@ The illegal $$multi-million landgrab scheme concocted between the airport and the FAA to confiscate land from innocent citizens... and the subsequent deaths of 7 of those landowners?
@ The airport's refusal to adopt any reasonable and safe noise mitigation policies?
@ The stupidity of building a huge military complex in the middle of what his Fat Cats want to be the "gaming capital of the country"?
@ The Reno mayor's kickback contracts from his political subordinates at the airport???
@ The fact that the airport is continuously displacing the "flood plain" and flooding thousands of innocent citizens... who otherwise would be living in peace?
@ And so on and so on and so on?
20. Isn't it about time to bring the boys back from Bosnia... and station them on America's southern borders?
19. Are other citizens tired of the way the local news media tries to spin the truth away from stories... and brainwash the masses... with its misleading headlines and inculcating comments... like "the Reno airport has to grow"? Local media is a classic example of Fat Cats having control of the resources that control the thought processes of citizens.
18. If this city council (with exception of Judy Herman) had its way, section 2.020.2 of the City Charter law would read; "Reno city council members shall have no, direct or indirect, contracts, leases, or agreements with Reno... unless they can get away with it."
17. The Reno Gazette reported that "citizen activist" Sam Dehne "admitted" he had no evidence to offer in his testimony before the ethics commission on 17 October. They could not have been further off the mark. The transcript will portray that reams of evidence were presented to those deaf ears... as they continued the whitewashing of the mayor's plush kickback contracts. (To read a more accurate portrayal of that hearing, click here.)
16. Now that the Hilton car races are finished with their attack on Reno's ambiance, "scroll" back up top and check on the REAL race at Reno earlier this year... on the airport runway.
15. The flapdoodle that emanates from Reno city hall never ceases to amaze... especially when it comes to their views about government operations. Please click here but read while seated.
15a.For more questions about city hall gibberish, click right here with your mouse button.
14. City hall agenda item of 14 Oct; "Proposal for Reno Intl. Resources Center". What happened was city council voted to give local businesses $41,600 (as a starter) of Corporate Welfare money... from local tax coffers... to increase their businesses. These businesses couldn't even say for sure that this scheme might benefit the city of Reno...
14a. Shades of the Parking Meter fiasco... which, in case you forgot is still gouging citizens up to $87,000 every month. Staff admitted to council back then that they didn't know why they did that either... council approved the gouging anyway... with a 3 month "look see".
14b. City Hall also voted to include Guadalupe as a "sister city". Do you wonder how much $$$ that is going to cost citizens? As council takes those "fact finding trips" down there... to test the Margueritas?
13. Erstwhile Reno Gazette columnist, Frank Partlow, rode flapdoodle to a new level with, albeit articulate, verbiage... that readjusted the truth. You are directed to an honorable response... Click here with your mouse button.
13a. And then there is erstwhile city council kritter, Herndon. His new-found writing skills are portrayed... with honest answers to his flapdoodle by cyber-linking here... Click with your mouse. (Please don't miss this.)
13b. More Herndon sponsored flapdoodle can be found at this location... click here.
12. Will the city government EVER make developers pay the impact fees for the negative things that happen because of their often blightful over expansion? Why not? Is it because these Fat Cats provide the vast amount of funds for re-election campaigns? Spanish Springs, Double Diamond... a few of the 480 developments (at last count) that are invading the area... AND THEY DO NOT PAY THEIR SHARE FOR THE PROBLEMS THEY CREATE.
12a. Need for schools, roads, cleanup, policing, air, water, jobs... to name just a few of the terrible problems that are neglected by local government... as they pander to their special interest cronies...
11. It was amusing to watch the Un-American Reno city council whining about the railroad. Truly a taste of their own medicine... as the tables are turned. They would not listen to the pleading of their own citizens. Why should they expect the railroad to listen to their hypocritical whining?
[Football: watching grown men (huge ones) chasing the leftovers from a dead pig around... bumping into each other with great force and animosity....]
10. Why does the airport use ill-gotten FAA tax dollars to steal land from citizens who are not complaining about noise... and refuse to listen to those who are complaining?
9. The Reno Airport IS part of the city of Reno! To state otherwise is just plain stupid... Not one important move can be made down there without the okay of Reno government.
8. Contrary to airline and airport brainwashing propaganda attempts, stage III jets are not quiet... not even close.
7. Sometimes Flapdoodle is impossible to evaluate... especially when it originates at Reno's Un-American city council. [Click here for an example.]
6. The Fat Cats' new buzzphrase is "economic engine". RenoAir's Airport rep has an interesting way of explaining the Reno Airport "corporate welfare" program... of which RenoAir is one of many recipients... most recently to the tune of $400,000. He claims that RenoAir is an "economic engine"... as if that justifies wasting more public funds to support its operation. NOT! If such is the case, then let's all declare ourselves "economic engines" and get in line for some of that Airport money. The Reno Citizen wants about $30,000 for advertising. What is on YOUR wish list?
6a. Reno's Un-American Airport is an expert at both receiving ($$$millions) and handing out ($$$hundreds of thousands) "corporate welfare". If citizens attended the rubberstamp meetings (caucus and regular) they would begin to wonder if the "trustees" really have a handle on where this $$$money is coming from... OR where this $$$money is going.
6b. And isn't it time to eliminate that word "trustee"? There is something nasty about the sound of it... when it refers to political subordinates who vote to provide kickback contracts to their Reno city hall benefactors. Sparks' city hall removed an Airport "trustee" for violations that were far less obvious... and severe.
5. Once again the Reno city attorney is trying to close the barn door after the pigs are out. Ordering the mayor [NOW THAT HE HAS A KICKBACK CONTRACT WITH HIS SUBORDINATES AT THE RENO AIRPORT] to NOW ABSTAIN FROM AIRPORT ISSUES... is pure evidence and proof that she considers the airport to be part of Reno government. Where was she when the mayor was NOT ABSTAINING from appointing his subordinates... subordinates who immediately paid him back with a lucrative kickback $$$contract for his private company... subordinates who are now his bosses?
5a. Does anybody doubt that numerous laws have been violated by the Un-American Airport and the mayor? Try this one: Nevada Revised Statute 281.481, 2. "A public officer or employee shall not participate as an agent of government in the negotiation or execution of a contract between the government and any private business in which he has a pecuniary interest." If you want more, just pull out that section of the NRS and browse through it... then ask the city attorney to dust off the Reno city charter and read it to you... Section 2.02.02.
5b.We, the People, have met the enemy... and the enemy is the Reno City Council! Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Why is it standard policy for the Reno council to ignore the will of the people and force unpopular
policies on Reno citizens?
5c. Reno's mayor has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar... taking airport government kickbacks by misusing his authority as their "boss". Shouldn't he resign in shame? Why the on-going conspiracy of silence by the rest of city council concerning this violation of city and state laws?
4. Reno's Great American Airlines was shafted by the lethargic and monolithic FAA... the same Reno FAA that did not know about the attack on Reno's Airport by an amateur terrorist on the night of May 11th. No wonder they didn't know about it. They were too busy destroying little Great American. Isn't it time for the FAA to stop its cowardly bullying... to stop playing the part of the unwelcome government bureaucratic yokel?
3. Readers ask, "What is Flapdoodle?" Try this... the primary finding of the Reno Airport Huff & Fluff audit was that the Board of "trustees" should reach a consensus on issues. How can there be a consensus when some members are crooks and some members are not crooks? Participating in an illegal tax-financed kickback scheme with the mayor's private company is crooked. Can you imagine an elected official in the United States not knowing, or pretending not to know, right from wrong? That is nasty flapdoodle. (Please click here for details)
3a. If Reno's Un-American Airport had honorable people running it, there would be no need to pay for $2,700,000 worth of taxpayer-funded lawyer help. The Airport's premeditated participation in violation of Nevada Law... is built-in job security for those lawyers protecting the Airport. But, folks, isn't there something basically unethical about defending law-breakers?
2. Has anybody heard even one more word about the near-tragic airplane crash into the Pine Middle schoolyard? Local media spent more time reporting the local weather than that airport blunder. You can bet that the FAA will not place any of the blame on Reno's Un-American Airport... even though it was the Airport that told the pilot to fly his emergency airplane over the densely populated neighborhood.
2a. Do you think the U-A Airport learned anything? Nope! Day after day, dozens of amateur pilots are directed to fly over those schools, churches, and homes at extremely low altitudes.
1. Recently we reported that RenoAir "owns" one airplane. Well, they just bought another... bringing the total to 3 "owned" versus 27 leased. This should still make employees nervous...
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