To What Depth Will Cronyism Be Allowed to Sink in Reno's Carpetbagger Government?
By Sam Dehné
The specter of cronyism, nepotism, and just plain good 'ol boyism at the mayoral level of Reno's city council is sinking ignorance of the Reno City Charter to new depths. To describe the mess as "flapdoodle" is far too kind. Potentially scandalous reports have the mayor at the government trough receiving huge contracts... contracts being paid for with public funds - citizens' taxes.
(Confirmed) On 14 August, 1997, the company owned by, and named after, Reno's mayor was "awarded" a contract by Reno's Airport Board of Trustees. The full-page clandestinely concocted Board Memo contained no disclosure statements and referred only to a "front" company... in obvious attempts to hide the truth about just whom the contract was really intended for. Is this not a blatant insult to the citizens of Reno and a gross conflict of interest and ethics? Note:
a. Jeff Griffin is a member of the Reno city council.
b. The Reno city council appoints 4 of the 8 members of the Airport Authority Board; who "serve at the city council's pleasure".
c. That Airport Board voted unanimously to give $27,500 of Public Funds to the company that Griffin owns. (Folks, the bottom line, after flapdoodle is removed, is that the mayor is using citizens' taxes to operate his private company.)
d. The Reno city attorney has not reported on conflict of interest yet... but, in actuality, schemes like this are what conflict of interest is all about.
e. As an added insult, no competing bids were allowed.
Most members of the Reno city council are sitting idly by, watching and ignoring these self-indulgent travesties unfold. Citizens hope that the city attorney will not alibi for Griffin... she will not defy Section 2.020.2 of the city Charter... and she will not defy the simplest code of ethics. WRONG!
The Reno City Charter, SECTION 2.020.2 reads, "Reno city council members shall have no interest, direct or indirect, in any lease, contract, or other agreement entered into with the city of Reno."
The Nevada Ethics Commission has Statutes that outlaw "nest-feathering" outrages by "public figures" (elected officials).

As Reno Citizens, ask yourselves:
Is Reno government honest?
Is it out of control?
What will you do to correct it?
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