What Part of Conflict of Ethics-Interest Don't You Understand?
What Part of Cronyism Don't You Understand?

By Sam Dehné, FlapDoodle Evaluator

The Reno Airport has awarded Reno's mayor a clandestinely concocted $27,500 taxpayer financed contract under the haziest of circumstances... and in direct violation of Section 2.020.2 of the Reno City Charter... arguably the most important statement in the Charter.
One simple question: Did the mayor ask the City Attorney if there was a "conflict of interest"... prior to entering into this extremely dubious contract? If not, why didn't he? Wouldn't a "reasonable public officer" be concerned? Was he hoping (along with his new "bosses" down at the airport) to slip another one by the citizens?
And while he has been busily feathering his own personal nest with plush contracts with his new "bosses" down at the Reno-Casino Airport, most of the Reno-Casino council and Reno news media have been busily alibiing for him. Laws of honorable government have been created to expose, nab, and punish public people who try to bilk the citizenry. Review a few of the pertinent laws of the Nevada Revised Statutes... and see if you qualify as a rocket scientist:
ETHICS IN GOVERNMENT, General Provisions, Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)
CHAPTER 281.411
"Public officer" defined. For purposes of Nevada Ethics in Government Law, the term "public officer" includes (1) elective officers and (2) persons appointed to positions created by law whose duties are specifically set forth in law and who are made responsible by law, for the direction, supervision, and control of their agencies, including part-time officers and those who serve without compensation.
281.421 Legislative declaration and findings.
1 (b) A public officer or employee must commit himself to avoid conflicts between his private business interests and those of the general public whom he serves.
281.481 (with highliting)
1. A public officer or employee shall not seek or accept any gift, service, favor, employment, engagement, emolument or economic opportunity which would tend to improperly influence a reasonable person in his position to depart from faithful and impartial discharge of his public duties.
2. A public officer or employee shall not use his position in government to secure or grant unwarranted privileges, preferences, exemptions or advantages for himself, any member of his household, and business entity in which he has a significant pecuniary interest, or any other person.
3. A public officer or employee shall not participate as an agent of government in the negotiation or execution of a contract between the government and any private business in which he has a significant pecuniary interest.
CHAPTER 281.551
5. If the commission finds that a violation of a provision of this chapter has been committed by a public officer removable from office by impeachment only, it shall file a report with the appropriate person responsible for commencing impeachment proceedings as to its finding. The report must contain a statement of facts alleged to constitute the violation.
ETHICS IN GOVERNMENT? An oxymoron? There is an Ethics Commission down in Carson City. If something is not done to correct this scheme between Reno's mayor and the airport brass, then, folks, isn't it time for that Commission to pack its bags? And where are the Nevada Attorney General, and the District Attorney, and the Reno City Attorney... while this mess is going on? And where is the United States Attorney General? The airport receives $$millions of federal dollars to operate every year.
Air Guard move to Rewana Farms? Any and all airport issues? Notwithstanding the schemes outlined above, that demand correcting... the mayor can never vote on an airport issue... ever again!
Furthermore, he admits he has been negotiating on this for 5 years. Every decision he has been involved with PREVIOUSLY has to be overturned... including his recent vote for members to the Airport Board.
What a greasy can of worms this web has woven...


27 August, 1997
Dear Mrs Lynch,
Per 2.020.2 of the city charter, and Chapters 281.411 and 281.421 and 281.481
of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Mr. Griffin has engaged in a violation so serious
that he should be required to resign as mayor: accepting a plush business
contract from political subordinates.
Per 2.020.2 of the city charter, and Chapters 281.411 and 281.421 and 281.481
of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Reno's appointed members at the Airport
Authority, and several of their subordinates have engaged in violations so serious
as to require their removal: granting a plush contract to a political boss.
If these "Public Officers" are permitted to remain in office, you and the city
council should issue a notice to the effect that the city charter is no longer
in effect., and that the city of Reno is no longer abiding by the statutes of the
State of Nevada. Citizens can have no confidence in government officials
who disregard "inconvenient" regulations when it is to their benefit to do so.
No public relations budget of any amount can restore public
confidence in Reno government when public officials are permitted to
arrogantly disregard the law. Mrs. Lynch, your integrity and competence
are clearly on the line. A conspiracy of silence will not make these
outrageous acts go away.

Sam Dehne, A Reno Citizen
cc Nevada Attorney General
Nevada Ethics Commission
Washoe County District Attorney
Nevada Senators Bryan and Reid (via FAX and email)
Reno city council
Reno Gazette Journal (via FAX and email)
Reno News & Review (via FAX and email)

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