Below Is The  "Too Wild Yankee Band" CD Collection
(As of August, 2006)
It's PROZAC on a CD (some say VIAGRA)!

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(Sam Dehne and Indiana Tommy Clark entertain children and Senior Citizens in the Northern Nevada area with
their Rockabilly sounds, and now you can hear some of The Two Wild Yankees Band music on

This critically acclaimed band entertains audiences with high-fallutin' rootin' tootin' singalong numbers that have a rockabilly sound all their own... like very few other entertainers. From the unique Rockabilly Semi-Twang Elvis Presley/Bing Crosby/Jimmy Buffet vocal-stylings of lead singer and guitar player "Singing" Sammy to the equally talented heart-throbbing beat of world famous "Indiana" Tommy Clark's harmonica, whistling, and drum sticks... you will hear more old-timey Americana songs in 55 minutes than you ever dreamed possible. These two entertainment virtuosos take the audience on a ride from Country... to Rock n Roll... to Patriotic... to Sunday Go to Meeting songs... that literally force young and old audiences to sing along, tap their toes, and snap their fingers.

"It's The Singing Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation"
(Here Are Their Albums - CDs at Top & DVDs at Bottom)
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Reno Plaza - "Random Act of Kindness" Tour Concert, June, 2008

Sammy's Solo Video with 22 Songs



Too Wild Yankees Band's 11th Album

Each of These Albums Entertain Everybody with:
Rockabilly, Semi-Twang, Toe Tapping, Finger Snapping, Hand Clapping, Sunday Go To Meeting Gospel,
Jimmy Buffet, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Swing Blues, Rock n Roll, Country Western, Motherhood,
Apple Pie, American Flag, Rap With Rhythm, and Extemporaneously Semanticistcal Jolly Repartee

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The Art Work depicting these 2 Jets that Sam flew was
created by Lance Dehne (weblink)

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Click on CD to read about the Historic Reno Rodeo Silver Saddle

Sammy Takes his Rockabilly Semi-Twang Style Solo


And Another VIDEO DVD (Watch The Too Wild Yankees Band play 15 songs)

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