Fat cat-dominated Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada strikes again
Dear Citizens of Reno,
Yet another big company is setting up shop in Reno... recruited by EDAWN, that taxpayer financed, semi-secret, private club. Yippee?
Mayor Griffin (who oversees donating taxpayer money to EDAWN, which then gives money to Griffin's private company) takes credit for recruiting this company even though its jobs will pay an average of about $360 per week!
Folks, $360/week causes financial hardship for a family.
Why do EDAWN fat cats bring these kinds of jobs to this already over-crowded area?
Who knows for sure? But they certainly aren't doing the rest of Reno any favors.
Negative impacts? Lot's of them indeed. Who will pay for:
a. schools for workers' kids?
b. medical care for workers and their kids?
c. community services that will be needed?
d. police to ride herd on un-monitored children?
e. subsidized housing that might be needed?
Who? Who? Who? "You" that's "Who"!
Let's not give "credit"... where "blame" is due.

Sam Dehné

Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

5190 Neil Road, Suite 111
Reno, Nevada 89502
Subject: Questionable EDAWN Operating Procedures
Board of Trustees,
There are numerous questions that citizens want answered... concerning the methods of operation at the EDAWN "Authority":
1. Do any public funds pay for the operation of EDAWN? That is, do citizens' taxes contribute to the operation of this organization?
2. If this is a publicly funded organization, why are its meetings closed to the public? If they are not closed, why are the dates and venue not published... as per Nevada Law? Why is it necessary to obtain a personal invitation to attend meetings? And where can citizens find the minutes of meetings?
3. Shouldn't EDAWN consider it a gross Conflict of Interest and violation of State law for Reno's mayor to be employed by EDAWN... while at the same time voting to provide public taxes to the organization that is... his boss?
4. How was it determined to hire Phil Miller as the interim president? Why wasn't this publicly-funded job published openly so that all qualified citizens could apply? What is the salary?
5. What kind of voodoo economics is Mr. Miller using that causes him to say that an $11 million payroll (of the recently recruited Telemarketing business) will inject $60 million into Reno's economy? What are the specifics?
5a. (What special "deals" were cut to entice this company to Reno? Why wasn't there any citizen input?)
6. Do questionable economic forecasts like Mr. Miller's take into account the negative financial consequences of additional services (schools, teachers, police, street repair, medical care, community services, etc, etc.) that will be needed?
Citizens of Reno are very interested in attending the meetings... of what appears to be a publicly funded organization. Your prompt response to these questions and correction of procedures, where appropriate, is anticipated.
Sam Dehné
Reno, Nevada
cc Nevada Attorney General
Senator Richard Bryan
Senator Harry Reid
Governor Bob Miller
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