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Stormy Weather Song

High Flight Song 

Rockabye baby in B-52 

Mom and Dad's Lives

Ballad of "Cow Girl Up!"

Cow Girl Up! Written by Kim Dawson. Performed by Too Wild Yankees Band

Kim Dawson performs "Cow Girl Up!" with 12 String Guitar

"Cow Girl Up!" Written by Kim Dawson. Performed by Kim Dawson. Copyright 2004

"Music Into Gold"

"Music Into Gold" Kim Dawson singing and Sam DEHNE on Guitar.

Sam Sings "Love From Nothing"

One of 28 Great Songs from Sam Dehne Garage Days 3 Album -Love from Nothing

Bang A Drum!

Bang A Drum - Sunday Go To Meeting Music Like Our Mothers Sang - Two Yankees

Cow Girl Up!

"Cow Girl Up!" words and music by Kim Dawson on 12 string guitar (cowgirl)

Listen To the Mockingbird

Listen to the Mockingbird - Indiana Tommy Clark and Reno's Yankees

"Music Into Gold"

New/Additional UNIQUE Version of "Music Into Gold". Kim on vocals, Sam on Guitar