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Hallelujah, JR's Back! Sam Dehné
You can find JR Reynolds, one of Reno's best and most objective Radio Talk show hosts, at 92.1 FM each weekday night between 7 and 10 PM.
JR, known now as the Night Hawk, has very intelligent and articulate conversations about the real issues; and some maybe not so real... Whether you agree or not, he is always interesting. A very user-friendly host. So be sure to listen, call in, and voice your opinion on any subject that piques your interest. Thousands of Reno citizens can thank KSRN for its forthright intelligence.
What is happening to Reno news media? Has Reno ever been inundated with anything as silly as this birdbrained Pruett recall brouhaha? Why are these supposed keepers (reporters?) of the public trust twisting the truth beyond perception? Their obvious bias is even an embarrassment to the police...Fact: Judy Pruett is THE City Council spokesperson for citizens.
Fact: Judy Pruett is a person of honesty, integrity, and courage.
Fact: Judy Pruett has done nothing to warrant a recall... or the severe attacks against her by the Reno news media, especially the Gazette newspaper and channel 4 TV.
Fact: There must be a line drawn to limit the nasty things a newspaper is allowed to print. Especially when the insults are known to be coming from the "enemy camp".
Fact: A recall of Judy Pruett is just plain hooey. In the few weeks since she called some police "thugs", many of them have acted in a manner to corroborate her description. (Just one item; the jailing of Reno cops at Lake Tahoe... which you don't hear about because reports on that brawl have been squelched.)
Fact: Citizens no longer believe the media - especially when they are "reporting" their twisted editorials on the Pruett affair.
Why the conspiracy to denigrate Pruett?
1. Her call for a Police Commission has top brass in Reno petrified. Anybody who thinks that an honestly impaneled Police Commission would not uncover skullduggery, has been living in a cave.
2. The Fat Cats previously used their control of the news media to help get rid of the only other citizens' advocate on the City Council, Jan Dalski. They thought that would give them free reign to run roughshod over citizens' rights. But with Pruett's steadfast courage, they were still short of their goal.
2a. On an even playing field this might be an interesting plot. But with the news media, the police/sheriff departments, and most the rest of the City Council and Manager ganging up against Pruett, fair-minded citizens should be very concerned.
3. The biggest joke in this charade is the bizarre proposition that Pruett is culpable because she does not abide by the City Charter. If that was a viable concern, they could impeach the entire City Council!! It has been ignoring the charter, especially section 2.020.2, for more years than anybody can calculate.
(For those who don't know, section 2.020.2 says that council members cannot have any direct or indirect interest in leases, contracts, or agreements with the city of Reno.)
We could go on and on, folks, but the truth of the matter is that there is a concerted effort at the highest levels to deprive citizens of this forthright lady's expertise and downright outspokenness against corruption and big city government.
Since when did the police become so thin skinned that they now claim to take serious offense to being called thugs? A knarly insult? It isn't as if she called them jack-booted thugs... Remember when they were called "pigs"?
Once again, citizens are reminded that there are lots of good cops. They play an important role in society - when they stick to their job and protect lives and property. They have done many fine things for Reno. But for the news media to blatantly jump into bed with a few who are way off base is a disservice... even to the majority of good cops, themselves.
If it should ever get that far, every freedom loving person should use common sense and vote to reaffirm Pruett. If the polling isn't rigged, she will be "re-elected" in a landslide.

Did you know the Reno Casino Airport has given its okay to the building of 89 new Laurel Park homes in the exact same supposedly noise affected area in which they are forcing innocent citizens off their land? The decibel (noise level) reading at the site of the new homes is 65 dbs - just like in the Rewana Farms landgrab area!
The Airport said that Laurel Park has to add insulation and give away the airspace over the project. Why didn't they offer this to Rewana Farms?

ACCIDENTS LOOKING TO HAPPEN? By Sam Dehne, former airline pilot
If you are wondering why more and more of those little planes have been flying low over your houses, here are a few suggestions:
1. The Airport Authority and staff does not take proper steps to mitigate this nuisance and danger... so that hopefully there will be more "noise" complaints... so they can confiscate more "Noise Money" taxes from Washington.
2. The Airport is not only allowing early turns, but encouraging them - to accommodate airliners that are in a hurry to take off behind these little planes.
Those little planes (some of them with pilots with as few as 40 hours flight experience) should not be making early turns at extremely low altitude - over heavily populated residential areas. Doesn't this show extremely poor judgment on the parts of the authorities? The potential for disaster is just lurking out there...
What is the Reno Casino airport going to do when the accident investigation points the finger at the Airport Authority as the entity that refused to listen to citizens' pleadings?
The Airport says it is mailing out 1200 brochures to small plane pilots that advises them (with pictures) to takeoff straight ahead and not turn until well past the end of the runway. The big question though will be the mindset of the FAA and ATC controllers... who appear to have a goal of appeasing the airlines' desire for rapid departures.
Didn't the Valujet fiasco point out that the FAA is supposed to be "in between" the airlines and the safety of citizens? Allowing carte blanche airline operations to the detriment of livability and safety of thousands of citizens living around the Airport is a contradiction of what the FAA was created for.
That fancy Airport brochure will only be as good as the cooperation it receives from the Airport, itself.
In one of the strangest twists of justice, the Reno Casino Airport Authority is planning to close down the Airport golf course. Obviously there will be many unhappy (mostly elderly) golfers.
But is there good news? You figure. The Airport plans to build a new golf course... directly off the end of the main runway. That is, golfers will be as close as 200 feet to excruciatingly noisy (and dangerous) airliners taking off directly over them.
It gets better. It turns out that the land where the 18 hole golf course might be built was purchased with federal money that was confiscated under the guise that the area (known as Home Gardens) was too noisy for habitation by humans. Not too noisy for golfers though. What's that you say... can't hear?
Will the insanity never end? Look for more reports on this bizarre episode of misguided government bureaucracy running around rampantly wasting your American taxes...
Oct. 29, 1996
PO BOX 5339 (702) 827-4200
RENO, NV. 89513
In the face of the airport's bulldozers, residents of Rewana Farms, opposed to the acquisition of their homes by the Airport Authority of Washoe County (AAWC), share their resolve to "stay put" by hosting an event at the Karen St. demolition site.
The "First Annual Grand Opening of the Rewana Farms Landgrab Cemetery" has been organized to raise awareness of the problem of [unchecked] airport growth and how the stress of condemnation has caused the death of several elderly residents.
"If the airport is going to continue to expand for the supposed health of our local economy, more and more communities are going to be displaced," said Jackie Decker. "Today it is us, tomorrow you!" For well over a year, the AAWC threatened condemnation of residents unwilling to sell their properties, citing at first noise, then safety, and then need for land by the AAWC and the Nevada Air Guard (NAG).
The recent decision by U.S. District Court Judge Reed on the lawsuit filed by Rewana residents asking for an injunction against the acquisition of their homes, did little to help the residents; the judge ruling that their main cause of action does not pertain because [he felt] the AAWC has not made plans to relocate the NAG into Rewana Farms.
Despite the fact that the airport is not saying what the property would be used for, the airport hired a company to begin the demolition of the airport's properties in Rewana Farms.
Residents, neighbors, and concerned citizens see the airport's introduction of bulldozers as an act of intimidation to force them out, based on a statement made last month t the Reno Gazette Journal's Editorial Board by the airport's executive director that once the bulldozers fire up, few of the residents would want to stay.
"The airport does not need this property now," said Michele Jackson. "This act like many others is just another way to intimidate us; but at this point, it only serves to inspire us to stay."
"One way to not be intimidated, is to fight back," said Rewana Farms resident Mona Barnett. "We are fighting back using humor and theater to educate the public that property doesn't exist in America as long as any [appointed in this case] authority wielding eminent domain can take it away!"
While residents wait an appeal of Judge Reed's decision being submitted to the 9th District Court of Appeals, they are coordinating with Citizen Alert and concerned citizens; hosting educational events to alert the public about [uncontrolled] airport growth.
"We were here first, before the airport," said La Verna Decker standing with her neighbor, Louise Walters. "Never in my wildest dreams did I dream this could happen!"
For more Internet information on this subject, click on red below:

By Sam Dehné
1. Have you noticed that there is a clique in Reno government? If you find a person in one government position, you will also find that same person in two or three other bureaucratic positions...
2. "Growth should pay for growth." And the payments should start at the casinos and other big business that are the magnets (magnates) drawing people to town - with children who eventually overcrowd our schools.
2a. The State Legislature claims that there should not be impact fees. Sure, put the burden on the homeowner... AGAIN.
3. New York City has an elected Public Advocate. Reno should have one of these. Does Reno have ANYBODY who protects the public specifically? Gadfly's suggestion for the position - Citizen Gadfly.
3a. Guess who will not be a nominee...
4. What's the big deal about downtown Reno street ownership? The other paper jumped on this issue because it involves casinos. What about the Airport? Isn't that where the real misuse of taxes is taking place? Not $thousands. $millions.
5. To repeat ourselves, again - Aren't Reno city council caucus meetings basically defacto secret meetings? Members attend these meetings that citizens don't have time to attend and decide how they are going to act at the "real" meetings that citizens might have a chance to attend or watch on TV.
6. How can Reno government continue operating... while ignoring the vital parts of the City Charter?
7. Still looking for some nice things to say about Reno government? It is very difficult as long as their ultimate focus is on the Fat Cats.. with only token handouts to citizens. Didn't they recently say they had "dusted off" the City Charter? Then use it!
8. Police Road Blocks: If police can use road blocks to stop cars (after football games) to see if people are drinking, why can't they stop cars to see if people are legally in America? How about a drinking road block after the Air Races or Hot August Nights?
9. How would you like to be annointed to the Reno Casino Rubberstamp Airport Board? Know anybody on the city council with lots of pull? Willing to sell your soul? Here are just a few amazing perks that you get: free airline tickets, $85 dollars a meeting, medical insurance, golf tournaments. No strings attached. Just keep the rubberstamp well oiled...
10. Record traffic at the Reno Airport? Who pays for the negative impact to Reno. Crime, damaged roads, overcrowded schools... You, the taxpayer, that's who...
11. If more people are visiting Reno, why are gaming profits down? Could they be doing something besides gambling?
12. How many sweetheart construction deals lurk beneath the surface of the Rewana Farms debacle? They should have been exposed by the Grand Jury. Maybe they will be exposed in the pending Federal lawsuit...
12a. The lawsuit against the landgrab was sent back because of improper venue and some other "technicalities". Thus innocent civilians are still searching for justice... and trying to save their homes.
12b. As soon as Rewanianites can figure out how the judge wants the injustices enumerated and stipulated, the lawsuit will be refiled.
13. That notorious tough-guy chain gang sheriff in Arizona should do something about himself. He must be breaking dozens of department regs with that huge gut he has hanging over his pants... and his generally slovenly appearance and demeanor. Could he track down a crook in a 50 yard chase? Maybe he should get some of that chain gang exercise...
14. Didn't Reno's Great America Airlines bid for a hanger several years ago - at a higher price than Reno Air? Why was Reno Air given priority?
15. Little wonder that there is such a pittance of faith in Reno government; when you find a front-line employee of one government bureaucracy (the Airport Authority) serving as commissioner for both Sparks and the Region. The ramifications of conflict of interest boggle the mind...
15a. How do you spell cronyism?
16. The good news about the recent City Council election... it only took candidate, Sam Dehne, 15 minutes to take down his eleven small campaign signs. Each vote cost him 11 cents versus opponents paying as high as $40,00 per vote...
16a. With the puny voter turnout, isn't it time to look at Australia's voting rules? There, if a citizen doesn't vote, she/he faces sanctions from local government...
17. In Reno government, Federal money is considered "free money". Never turn it down. Even if it is for something that isn't needed... or wanted... or maybe even legal.
18. Why is the Valujet crash, in which 110 people died, always called the "deadly" crash? Many more more people (180) died in the American Airlines crash earlier this year, and nobody calls it a "deadly" crash. In fact the news media doesn't even talk about it... why?
19. So Reno is high up in job growth... at $4.50/hr, it is little wonder. Somebody is going to pay for the problems. Guess who?
19a. If a survey was taken of the cities relative to salaries paid, Reno would again place near the top... with the LOWEST average wage per worker. This is something to be proud of?
20. More and more, Reno is experiencing an ever-increasing struggle between the Proletariat and the Bureaucracy. The Citizens and the Fat Cats.
21. Won't Reno have to change its name soon... if the Casinos import any more folks from south of the border - to Ciudad Reno?
21a. Reno's Casinos (and probably Nevada government) is spending lots of money supporting Washington State's opposition to gambling THERE! Gambling is good for Nevadans... but not good for Washingtonians?
21b. What is going on here? Reno Gazette articles critical of the Reno Casino industry? Maybe, just maybe, somebody is recognizing the terrible effect "legal" "gambling" has on so many lives...
22. Do you know what Teddy Roosevelt's first real job was? He was Police Commissioner of New York city. They needed him! Reno could use him now. Ask Judy Pruett...
23. Are there any doubts that the Reno Airport "noise" studies are fake? The bogus studies are, even now, projecting 6,000 noisy fighter jet flights for the Nevada Air Guard in the year 2002. Those fighter jets have been gone (thank the Lord) for over a year now. Compare this to the truth... 1,200 quieter C- 130 cargo plane flights per year.
23a. The Reno Casino Airport "claims" it did a noise study at Rewana Farms. Why was one of 3 measuring gadgets put right on the airport? Intelligent citizens are well aware that there was a concerted effort by the airport to generate as much noise as possible. Until the actual data is made available to Reno citizens, they must be skeptical of the integrity of this contrived "analysis".
What about Donner Springs? What about Huffaker Homes? It is much noisier in those areas. No landgrabs there though...
24. Reporters have found that reports on Rewana Farms that appear critical of the Reno Casino Airport can be hazardous to their careers. Already 2 crack female journalists (maybe more) have left their jobs under strange conditions - immediately after reporting facts favorable to the Rewanianites' plight.
25. The Reno Casino Airport now has 3 (known) full-time Public Relations people... How long before their combined salaries reach $250,000?
What dire happenings are taking place that requires such a huge brainwashing crew? Don't forget... they wasted your taxes hiring an investigator because they thought people might be suspicous that they were acting in a bogus manner.
25a. Did you know that the Airport also has a local radio station at its disposal for more of its propaganda?
26. Police are a badly needed part of any society - when they protect life and property. Scuffles like the one several of them were involved in at Lake Tahoe are most grievous in nature. Did any of those cops in the off-duty altercations have guns on them? Did they have a designated driver?
27. Will citizens find out the facts from the internal investigation of the 4 cops in that Tahoe altercation?
27a. Isn't it just plain silly for the police to continue their recall of councilperson Judy Pruett? She is the only citizen advocate left on the Reno Casino council. And how far off the mark does her one-time comment appear in retrospect? Citizens should ask themselves, "Are there any thugs on the Reno police force?".
28. Why doesn't the Reno Casino Airport Authority use proxies; so that when members are absent, they can have another member vote in their place? If a proxy system isn't in the bylaws right now, it should be added... now.
28a. At the October Airport meeting, one of the "Honest 3" was absent. If she had left her proxy with one of the other Honest 3, they could have thwarted the most recent misuse of USA tax dollars and the further illicit confiscation of private land.
29. Did you ever wonder who writes the "explanations" of those ballot initiatives? They are not as objective as you think. The author usually has an agenda. Consider this the next time you read one. Whatever advice is given, vote the other way, and you will probably be right...
30. Can you imagine using federal taxes to drive a citizen out of his home because it is too noisy, and then having the audacity to rent out that same house to other people? That is what the Reno Casino Airport wants to do to make some more money for themselves...
31. The Airport decided that it is too noisy for people to live in Home Gardens. But not too noisy to play golf there. If they have their way, airplanes will be flying 200 feet over the heads of golfers. How loud will that be? How dangerous will that be?
32. The Airport continues to refuse to come up with public documents they have - so citizens can see for themselves the tremendous perks the trustees are motivated with.
33. Some developers think they are being good guys by donating $20,000 toward the Neil Road Community Center. Who is going to pay the other $2,980,000?
33a. These developers, Atlantis Casino, and other Fat Cats should pay the vast majority; because they are the ones who will benefit from the imported cheap labor living there. They, and others like them, are the businesses causing the tremendous blight that is permeating Southeast Reno.
34. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Glenn Carano, has a quaint label for airline takeoffs and landings. They are, he says, "transactions".
35. Guess what America's real number one sport is... Shopping!
36. Reno's number one correctable problem is... the Airport's landgrab of Southeast Reno. That is why The Reno Citizen has focused on it so much. Does the other News Media care? Condemnation, blight, wasted and misused taxes, offenses against innocent civilians, bureaucratic indifference, arrogance, brainwashing. These the exact types of outrages that are turning Americans against government.
37. Doesn't Halloween account for and generate at least 25% of Dentists' business?
38. Don't you have the feeling that if New York and Atlanta played 1,000 games, they would each win 500? Two evenly matched baseball teams of the decade.
39. Is there enough air in the Reno valley for the hoards of people moving in? The answer is a resounding, "NO!". The valley has reached its limits. Have you tried going for a run or a walk? The smell of deisel and gasoline permeats through your nose and into your lungs. Dirt blows all around. Noise invades any semblance of privacy. Yes, the Reno valley is full. It is way past time for Fat Cats to put a stop to the insane cancerous growth.
The feature article in July's issue of The Reno Citizen correctly intimated that labor problems lurked in the future of Reno Air; "ALL IS BLISS AT RENO AIR?". The secret is now out that the flight attendants have been discussing unionization with Teamsters union representatives and a vote could take place in the near future. Are their going to be pilots next?
Reno Air's worry is that stock holders will not like the idea of a union at Reno Air. Of course not. Unions usually bargain for fair salaries for workers, and supposedly that will keep profits from rocketing. Maybe not. HAPPY employees who greet the public everyday are bound to enhance Reno's Hometown Airline's image with customers.
The Reno Citizen. Right again. Now if only those stock forecasts would show some fruit...
WILLING SELLERS?? By Ethel Markopoulis
Reno Airport would have you believe that only "willing sellers" are relinquishing their properties in Rewana Farms. This is not true:
When scores of beautiful big trees are chopped down for no good reason.
When an obvious concerted effort is made to increase noise and blight.
When Airport cars and trucks drive by continuously, or just park and stare at peoples' homes.
When houses are torn down...
When actions like these are taken to reduce quality of life, they just might create some "willing sellers". Yes, they just might be able to convince/coerce some families to throw in the towel.
What can be done? Rumor has it that pictures have been taken of some of the Airport Fat Cat homes and will be placed on the World Wide Web Internet. Citizens can then find their addresses and drive by or park in front and stare into their windows. See how THEY like it.
"Willing sellers"? No! The truth is, that it's just not fair. It is an atrocity against American citizens.
By Guy Felton
Imagine for a moment this worst-case scenario:
Gambling has been legalized in all 50 states.
Major casinos have formed a lobby at all levels of government. All politicians are bought and paid for by the gambling lobby, the country's strongest and best-funded.
Countless dollars, lost to casinos due to "house advantage" and card mechanics, etc., are used to bribe key public officials at all levels of governmental
All issues affecting gambling at all levels of government are always decided in favor of gambling barons and casino profits.
Television stations, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines are totally dominated by the gambling industry.
Gambling issues are consistently reported in favor of gambling. The term "gaming" is used, rather than "gambling," as if it's a game to lose one's life-savings, self-respect, mortage payment, childrens' college fund, etc.
It becomes a common practice for millions of workers to cash their paychecks at casinos ... which then become paychecks for the casinos.
Persons of influence are compromised when they lose heavily at casinos ... and are "permitted" to pay their debts by serving the gambling industry in a multitude of devious ways. (continued on Internet)

The Reno Citizen thinks that this lead-in to Guy Felton's Exposé on Gambling will pique readers' interest enough so that they will read the conclusion at the following Internet Website address: HTTP://WEBITOR.COM/USA.HTM

A FEW of YOUR LETTERS: (55 words max.)
Dear Reno Citizen;
We loved your article on the Reno police and their attempt at recalling Judy Pruett. With crime all over Reno, don't they have something better to do? What do they talk about in their patrol cars? More ways to bully her? Sylvester & Tammy Crumbrye (Reno)
Reno Air pilots will never unionize. They learned their lesson at Midway, and from the collapse of Pan Am/Eastern Airlines. Fred Skowinski (Reno)
(Editor's note: Wanna bet?)
Help! Can anybody help us at Mt Rose? The airplane noise is becoming unbearable. We heard The Reno Citizen has been very active in trying to get the airlines to be quieter. We have taken a survey and everyone agrees. There is too much wanton growth, and the airport just doesn't care.
The Maheebas, Guy & Florence (South Reno)
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